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  • Dark...



    Zara just layed still on the bed for a moment, her body left in utter bliss. She could just feel the sparks of pleasure going through her body and her legs were still trembling with joy. "How could just being touched this way make me act as a child" She asked her self. The ceiling seemed to sway as I stared at it, while catching my breath. My heart was beating so loud and fast in the silent room like some one who had been chased that i could swear that Zamiel could hear it. Zamiel was laying on the side next to me, propped upon one elbow with his hand supporting his head. He watched me with satisfaction while I took my time to recover. Zara looked in Zamiel s direction. Her gaze fell on his lips. Zamiel smiled to himself. "Another round?" Zamiel asked teasingly..... "I won't mind that" Zara replied shyly.Then she had the sound of ruffling sheets. When she look in Zamiel's direction it was fast he was untop of her kissing her and she could feel his hard phallus on her thigh and then he was sliding in.......

  • DARK


    A novel about a young teenage girl who became obsessed with her step brother but it was unknown to her because of her mother's hidden past story.This is a fictional but tragic story.

  • DARK...



    This is a story about Leo and Anna, two friends who stumbled upon a mysterious rock that seemed to have some sort of power. Leo had received the rock from a strange man the night before and couldn't stop thinking about it. When he showed it to Anna, they both felt a strange energy emanating from it. After parting ways with their friend Zane, Leo and Anna walked together towards Leo's house. As they entered Leo's room, they were shocked to see that it looked completely different than it had earlier in the day. The room was dark and the rock seemed to be emitting some sort of fog. Leo became concerned about the safety of the rock and decided to place it in a metallic box for protection. As he watched over the box, he eventually fell asleep, only to wake up to a series of strange events that would change their lives forever. The story ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the readers wondering what will happen next.

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  • DArK


    I am weakest of all ! why it's always me ! I am no monster !

  • Dark Salvation

    Dark Salvation


    Hell is empty and all the devils are here. Shakespeare – [The Tempest] As a form of punishment for mistakenly killing an innocent civilian, Song Zhuyu, a priest and part-time exorcist, found himself exiled to the distant shores of Shenci Island, hundreds of miles away from his hometown and the only city he had ever known his whole life. However, unbeknownst to anyone, he harbored a secret agenda— to hunt down the culprit who had turned his life upside down. Fully prepared for meeting danger at every turn, what he encountered instead was a beautiful, serene island, albeit with two strange ironclad rules: First, do not climb the hill after 1 AM. Second, do not interact with Rui Ye. On the first night of his stay, Song Zhuyu broke two of the taboos, only to discover that the infamous Rui Ye was nothing like he had expected. “I am cursed,” the blind, beautiful man told him with a wistful smile. “If you associate yourself with me, the curse will haunt you too.” In response, Song Zhuyu’s lips hooked into a careless smile, “I don’t think you have to worry about that. I, myself, am cursed as well. What’s the big deal about adding another one?” But as inexplicable deaths began to plague the island, Song Zhuyu realized that the island, including the helpless and soft-hearted Rui Ye he had come to know, held a far darker secret than he could've ever imagined. In a race against time, he must navigate the treacherous waters of deceit and betrayal to unravel the island’s sinister truth and achieve his goal before it's too late. *** Pretty, flirtatious yet heartless priest gong x blind, mysterious and cursed shou Additional tags: gong/seme/top protagonist, action, mystery, suspense, horror, psychological, thriller, dark elements, angel and demons, slow romance, murder, crime, beautiful protagonist, older love interest, 1 vs 1, dubcon, supernatural creatures, exorcism, tragedy, past plays a big part Find me on: Instagram: delanasiwarka Discord server: bit.ly/delanadiscord

  • Call Of The Dark

    Call Of The Dark



    Driven by his need for revenge, Lazarus, the Lore’s most ruthless vampire, plots to seize the throne of Wilyra and rule it along with his betrothed, the fae goddess Maeve who thrives in a borrowed body. Lazarus has a perfect plan—until he finds Emmalyn, a young mortal who is the daughter of the rebel leader of blood vassals in his kingdom and an integral part of his plan. He captures the young girl to cast her soul out for Maeve. Emmalyn yearns for a better life to escape from her stepmother and an indifferent father. She never imagined that they would sell her to the royals to save her brother’s life. But there’s only one problem. Emmalyn tempts Lazarus beyond reason. As the time to cast her soul out draws closer, he must choose between his lust for the throne or his irresistible mortal. Will Lazarus succumb to lust for power and crown? Or will he risk it all to have a future with her? ___ This novel is a part of the series of Feral Confessions because of few common characters but is a standalone. Other books are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha, The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince, Ileus: The Dark Prince, Dark Hunger, The Alpha's Temptation Cover belongs to me. Cover artist: Michelle Lee

  • Dark Hunger

    Dark Hunger



    A werewolf who would stop at nothing to claim her… After enduring the torment of his first relationship, Caleb Silver, king of Ixoviya, was enraged to find that he indeed had a mate. When he finally came close to her, the rage within him soothed. But she was on her death-bed. Turned into a vampire, she is on the verge of rejecting her mate… Conditioned to hate the night creatures, Elize Walsh, ran away from her mate. She hated him like fiery pits of hell — until this man starts his slow and wicked games of dark desires. Will Elize succumb to the miseries of her past with him and reject him? Will Caleb be able to win her? Join me in this game of seduction and games of the Lore. --- She watched the sun set through the tinted glass, rays blazing over the water, setting it aflame. Elize looked dreamily at the sea and said, "This looks too beautiful to be real."  "No Liz," said Caleb. Elize turned her gaze to meet him, and he was... mesmerized. In a breathy voice, he said, "You are… surreal. Do you know when I saw you for the first time, I thought I had met an angel?"  Her cheeks became pink like the sky outside. A smile tugged her lips up as his sunstruck eyes held her gaze. "When I first saw you, I was done for my life. Your blond hair, those sharp curves— it all acted like a magnet." His heart thudded in its ribcage and his pulse raced. She took a sip of her wine with trembling hands without realizing that it wasn't blood.  "And that instant I knew you were my mate. And that instant I knew that I could die looking at you."  There was so much intensity in his words that Elize's heart raced for this beautiful man. She wanted to go to him and place a kiss on his lips. Her flute shook on its way to her lips. She drained it absentmindedly and her head became dizzy immediately. Caleb came to her side the next instant. He took the glass from her and placed it on the table. Stroking her back softly, he apologized to her for giving her the champagne. She coughed a little and some tears poured out in response when she felt the burn of the wine in the back of her throat. But Caleb had paled so much by that time that she couldn't help giggling. "Since you didn't remember, it is your punishment that you drink the entire bottle of wine and then next."  ---- Book cover by Micehellwd. Copyrights belong to me. Other books in the series are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (complete) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (complete) Ileus: The Dark Prince (ongoing)

  • The Dark Magus

    The Dark Magus


    Please support with power stones for WPC update: Didn't win. Yeah, I know, it sucks. I'd still take the power stones tho. ---------- "The dark mage, Jason, died a heroic death at the age of thirty. He sacrificed himself bravely to save all the rankers in the tower from the Others and everyone in the tower will always remember him as a hero." That is the story that everyone heard about Jason's death. The truth was very different. In truth, Jason was betrayed by the heavens just before the war ended and he was killed by the angels for his dark magic. But, as fate would have it, Jason was thrown through time after his death and he ended up in the body of his fifteen year old self. And this time, Jason swore that things will be different. ---------- The extended version of the synopsis is in the first auxiliary chapter. Give it a read if you want to know more about the book before you dive in ---------- At the start of the novel, the MC is weak, not so pathetically weak that anyone can just walk over him, but weak enough that he can't make any rash moves in the tower because there are people that are much stronger. Please, keep that in mind as you read. He won't suddenly gain his past skills in one day, neither will he find an SSSSSS+++++ rank skill overnight (That's a joke by the way. What the hell is a skill like that?) He will work for his power and even though he will grow much faster than his past life, he will still have to grow. Thanks. ---------- Maybe I need to write this too. Regressing to the past doesn't make someone an angst-lord. He doesn't have any murderous intention at every little thing that someone does. He is still a normal person, so don't expect a brooding, frowning, chain-murdering demon or something like that. Thanks. ---------- Try to read to at least chapter twenty before deciding to love or despise the book. I'm sure you'll all love the book, but if you don't, then thanks for reading, and it was a pleasure entertaining you. ---------- Can't believe none of you told me about that mistake. ---------- P.S. It's pretty fast-paced for the first arc. Second arc will be a lot more mind boggling and a little slower. Hope y'all enioy. ---------- Release Rate: 10 Chapters a week. Bonus Releases: 1 extra chapter per 20 GT.

  • The Dark Luna

    The Dark Luna



    *Book 1 Completed* *Book 2 Completed* Blanca Vergil, the first of her kind, a young, naive hybrid, met Dimitri Norton, a rich, handsome, and powerful vampire. After a terrible betrayal in his past, he used his powerful abilities to fight against his fate. But when two strangers come together and two lifemates face treacherous schemes and uncover a dark mystery that links them together, you get a story and an adventure no one could have ever foreseen.

  • Dark Descendant

    Dark Descendant


    In the Magic Realm, mana exists as the main component of life. Those born with it are called magic users and they are capable of controlling the godly power known as magic. For centuries, the human race has fought against the demons, a powerful and gruesome race that was born from the Dark Realm; and with the help of the gods, the human magic users were granted gifts known as skills that played a huge role in those wars against the demons. Ash was a product of the first war. And after being discovered as a half-demon, he is killed by a silver-haired mage who held the power of the sky in her hand. But thanks to a twist in fate, he is reincarnated as Arthur Bellrock, an orphaned weak magic user with a brilliant mind and the ability to use incantationless magic. With this second chance, he intends to break through the obstacles in this new life and acquire the power to even defy the gods in order to continue having these luxuries and possibly have his revenge someday. But power comes with a price…. PS: the cover is not mine

  • The Dark Side

    The Dark Side


    Torn Between Good And Bad.Justin is light, safe, good. Alex is dark, dangerous, bad. Ariana is torn between the two. She knows she should head towards the light but the element of darkness has always excited her. Darkness runs through her blood, darkness makes her heart go wild. Darkness attracts her, she's drawn to it like a moth to a burning fire. Which path will she choose?

  • Dark Academy

    Dark Academy


    Reincarnation brings me back to the age of eighteen when everything began. I am aware of what is now awaiting me at this point. I plan to alter my future. __________ Before long, it compelled me to join the Dark Academy, where magical beings of all kinds training to combat interstellar invaders. The Dark academy magical creatures forced the students to enlist in the Human Defense Force. I am Aria Hart, and I am neither a werewolf nor a vampire nor a Fae nor a witch. I am a called Rare a species born once every thousand years and is a hybrid of all the power. Join me for the Adventure of Mystery



    Luciano Knight 'Analise James'. The woman who owns my heart. Romance is not my thing when everyday I have a new girl to warm my bed. She is special and just watching her work in those small dresses serving drinks makes me fall for her deeper than ever. She is my perfect and will become my precious possession. Looking at her gives me peace. I have been keeping an eye on her for two years now. She works as a waitress in my club. And soon she will be mine...................................He gave her everything but stole her freedom and broke her soul.

  • Dark Honor

    Dark Honor



    Screams. Wails. Cries. Sobs.Regrets. Punishments. Sufferings.Pain. Pain. And Pain.Hell reeks of those smells.Scratchy and dark? Emotionless and screeching like nails on a chalkboard? I smirk. You poor little, clueless souls. Tall slender, wearing a red silk suit; his eyes have pure darkness. Stare at me, and I will get you to tell me what you desire; the words spoken in a deep, soft tone make the hair stand up at the back of your neck.He has tried to make people believe that darkness and evil are all myths. That way, he lures them to his dungeon and Grins at their pain and blood splattering all over the floor as the rats feast on the remains of the dead bodies. His dark eyes mislead you into trusting him and make you feel like it's the safest place to be. Lucifer brings fear into others just by the whisper of his name.He walks across the dungeon as his slaves plead for death; the anticipation of the unimaginable makes their hearts race with fear. Lucifer Morningstar turned his son into a demon.”Love has no boundaries.”Joshua and his sister both have secrets, and the only person who knows the secret is buried six feet under. Lucifer's enemies never live long enough to tell the tale, and being the most feared and cruel person on earth makes his family a constant target.“You were a heartless asshole, and now your family will pay dearly for the lives you have ruined.” consequences of his actions will lead to death, and death will bring darkness and chaos, “You took my family; now I will make you all suffer.”Prison has turned him into the monster that he became. The shadows and tales you have heard are all actual; the bedtime stories that were read to him as a child were not just a story but a sign to prepare him for the future.Evil will always follow you wherever you go.”Dwell, but don’t dwell too far and be away for long; my shadow will draw you back to where you belong, “It's either with me, or you are dead.”The more you fight it, the weaker you become; walk carefully and look back. Those shadows aren't ordinary. It's your enemies within you, “I will trail you, I will call you, and I will kill you if you dare to ignore me.”“You feel weak as I watch your blood drip to the concrete ground; there is no giving up, for you have lives to save.“That’s enough, dad; now it's our turn.”“Your turn?”He laughs as his kids are locked in a cell; Joshua and Tiffany have had enough. It's time they go up against their father. At first, he laughs, then realizes he underestimated his own kids.“Who will get the last laugh now? Father.”“Will we love you enough to spare you? Darkness is within us; your suffering will make you heartless and merciless. We have suffered enough; now it's your turn. Father”“You have spilled enough blood, and I will stop you even if it takes everything within me; I am nothing like you.”“Your Perfect life was not so perfect, especially if you had to protect the girl you love against your father.”Welcome to Dark honor. ”A quick death is more pleasurable than being in the presence of Lucifer Morningstar.”

  • Black Dark

    Black Dark



    Arjun, begitulah nama bocah ini. Di usia yang belia, ia harus mengalami banyak kemalangan. Mulai dari seringnya melihat pertengkaran orang tuanya hingga satu per satu orang yang ia sayangi meninggalkan dirinya. Mulai dari meninggalnya ibunya, hingga ia harus dijauhkan dari kakak angkatnya, Agnimaya. Namun, semua kemalangan itu membuat Arjun semakin kuat menjalani garis takdirnya. Ia berjanji untuk selalu berada di jalan kebenaran. Tapi, selalu saja banyak rintangan untuk menjalani niat baik itu. Berbagai macam cobaan, semakin membuat Arjun menjadi sosok yang lebih kuat dari sebelumnya. Ia akan melindungi orang-orang yang tersayangnya yang tersisa. Namun, takdir berkata lain. Seolah takdir tengah mempermainkan dirinya. Hingga sosok dari masa lalu ibunya datang kepada Arjuna. Sosok pria yang baik itu mengulurkan tangannya ketika Arjuna berada di masa tersulitnya karena terus-menerus kehilangan orang yang disayanginya.Sosok itu adalah Hilal, mantan kekasih ibunya Arjuna. Sosok yang masih mencintai Maurasika, ibunya Arjuna, hingga saat ini.Hilal menjadi sosok ayah bagi Arjuna, yang bahkan selama ini Arjuna tidak tahu bagaimana cara sosok ayah selalu bersikap. Dia lupa pada sosok ayah.Ketika Arjuna mulai menjalani hidupnya yang baik-baik saja bersama ayah angkatnya, Hilal, tiba-tiba ada murid baru di sekolahannua yang memiliki nama belakang sama seperti Arjuna. Nama remaja berkacamata itu adalah Angga Ronivanendra.Yudha, sahabatnya Arjuna, mengatakan mungkin saja Arjuna dan Angga adalah saudara jauh. Tapi, Arjuna mengatakan jika tidak mau tahu lagi soal apa pun yang membahas nama keluarga Ronivanendra.Namun, beberapa situasi mempertemukan Arjuna dan Angga secara kebetulan.Apakah Angga memang saudaranya Arjuna? Lalu, apakah Angga juga akan menjadi target Arjuna selanjutnya?Untuk spoiler dan visual, silahkan ikuti IG : @mamathor_joonFB : Zanaka Sofia Maurya

  • Dark King

    Dark King



    Catastrophe erupted, it was the end of the world. Survivors were surrounded by the impregnable wall, a new order was established... The desire for power, faith, and darkness pervaded each other, layer upon layer of brands imprinted in every corner of the heart. The virus wreaked havoc, were these humans' true colors? "I unexpectedly survive, I want to live." –Du Dian

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    Someone had to reveal the secrets of that village,The ghost of darkness is cruel. Nobody meets him and lives.The masked village leader, everyone fears him. Women have no place among theseMonsters, Do they?

  • The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy


    Kidnapped at the age of three, Rain found herself amongst the people who put monsters and devils to shame. Subjected to their torture since young age, she turned out to be the cold-blooded killer with no emotions but was gifted some superhuman abilities. As a result, she began turning into one of those demons herself. But two little angels in the form of her brothers saved her from this eternal damnation and to protect those angels from the fate same as her, she decided to flee from the shackles of those monsters.Rain believed herself to be one of those monsters whose sole goal in this life was only to create a safe world for her brothers. But the interference of a certain pesky man forced her to question her goal. He just barged into her life and made her believe that although she was filled with darkness, she was a fairy. “A Dark Fairy” is what he called her.After marking his presence and establishing his position as the ruthless leader in the underworld, Elliot Harvey finally decided to take over his family business. But before that he had to intern in his own company under a disguise as Kai. It was there that he met Rain. Now gone was the ruthless king of the underworld and what remained was a young puppy in love who just wanted to be noticed by this mysterious girl who had captured his heart with her hypnotizing eyes. ********“Wha… Just what happened here?” his best friend gulped as soon as his gaze landed on a girl standing there like a demon sent by the Hades himself. “Elliot. What in the world happened here? Why does Rain look like thi… like this….”. He wanted to say demon when he heard Elliot say “Fairy.”“Fairy??!!! Are you out if your mind? She’s clearly a Demon, okay?? A DEMON! Straight from the hell!!!” his friend trembled.**********Although she had escaped, she soon realised that she could never be free unless those monsters were annihilated from the face of the Earth.Thus began a secret war. A war to save humanity. This is her journey of redemption. This is his journey to unbound her from the darkness within her. The story of his assistance to her quests, complimenting her where she lacked. He thought that he was lucky enough to get a chance to join her in this war but unknown to him, he had already signed up for this war before he even met her.But what is it that they are fighting? What is it that she is protecting her brothers from? How was Elliot involved in this war before he even knew her? Will she be able to overcome the darkness within her to lead a happy life? Let’s accompany Rain on her excursion to find the answers.(Warning- This story have a BL romance later into the story. Hence those people who are uncomfortable about reading such stories are suggested to re-consider before picking up this story. As for the rest of the readers, Thank you for your support. Happy Reading \\^_^//)Ps- The credit of the picture on the cover goes to the original owner in Pintrest whom I don’t know.

  • A'void dark

    A'void dark



    In a world where power is everything. A young boy named Hayden was rejected by its one and only law. Power. He was the only one blessed with nothing... but what if that weren't the case? He will set out on a path… a path of conquest to scatter the despair created by the world's lack of 'humanity'.