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  • The Employed Empress

    The Employed Empress



    "An empress is employed! While the Imperial noble consort is the true love, ah!" What's so bad being a subordinate? As long as you do your work properly, you'll be paid and still have time to play. Responsibilities? we have our boss for that! if things go wrong they'll hold the sky for you. Don't want to? Ayaya, point your fingers to them and people will hold them responsible for you. If there's something, just say you don't know while redirecting the problem to them. When bad things come, you hold their thighs. Be a good underling and boss will shield you from the rain! Such simple logic! "Luckily the emperor is a good and powerful boss!" Wei Yi Yi happily plans how to make him take all responsibility to her ploys. ----- Tags #femalelead #slowprogression #slowromance #sliceoflife #flawedcharacters #GLpairing #BLpairing #ShounenAI #ShoujoAI ^because I like people guessing multiple shippable chara (evil laugh)

  • My life revolves around you

    My life revolves around you



    Wen Lin is one of the few people born with a mutated gene.As a commander and leading scientist, he has plenty of enemies. However, what happens when the enemy he so wishes to kill and find is his own biological brother?What happens when he finally meets the man who is responsible for his wife being in a coma and being separated from his son?To save his brother from punishment, and get an antidote to save his wife from death, he is forced to embark on a dangerous mission. Wen Lin has to change places with his brother and work for the bad guys. He leaves his brother to take his place in his work and his place as the father of his children and husband to his wife.Will his wife recognize the switch? Will they be able to end the operation successfully with no mishaps?Wen Lin stood by the door leading to the hospital room, where the beautiful woman rested. He softly called out her name, with no intention of walking inside. He could not walk inside, he did not have the courage to say goodbye. PS: cover not mine, from pinterest cover rights to owner.https://patreon.com/user?u=83250134&utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=join_link

  • By your side

    By your side


    Childhood sweethearts? But wait, she ended up getting married to someone else but gave birth to her childhood sweetheart's baby. He was a player, the multi-billionaire CEO of a tech company. The most eligible bachelor in the country. Arnold looked at the miniature version of him staring straight at him and wearing a serious face and said, "I am your son, you are my father, so you ought to bear responsibility for me. My mommy has taken care of me enough, time for her to be taken care of, as for you, it's your turn to take care of me and your wife, and we will be starting by having you stay away from these husband stealers." The little man shooed away the woman that was almost rubbing herself on Arnold. " You, come here take this and drive us to the hospital. Mommy is getting discharged today, we have to be there on time." Little Arnold called forth the dumbfounded bodyguard, gave him his small suitcase, and made his way towards Arnold's car. PS: cover not mine, from pinterest cover rights to owner.

  • Moon Valley's Legendary Farmer

    Moon Valley's Legendary Farmer


    Aya lives a tough life trying to make ends meet in a world that doesn't care. Her only respite is the tiny apartment she can barely afford to pay for with her job as a mailroom delivery girl. However, the arrival of a brand new MMORPG, Moon Valley Online is sure to change that. Deciding to give the game a go Aya decides to play on her run-down little laptop and cheap VR headset. What's the worst that could happen right? ---------- This story is a female lead system/game litrpg Unfortunately, updates might be slow Give it a try, it might be something right up your alley ---------- follow me on my socials https://twitter.com/emotionchilde?s=20 www.tumblr.com/emotionchilde ---------- Support me https://bmc.link/Sunghost https://patreon.com/SunghostWrites ---------- #sliceoflife #farming #femalelead #videogame #levelup #litrpg #poorlead #beautifullead

  • Arkais, The Promised Soul

    Arkais, The Promised Soul

    Iliana Latasha Brainne hidup terkucilkan, tapi berharap dan dikecewakan berkali-kali tidak lantas membuatnya menyerah. Hingga takdir menggiringnya pada jurang keputusasaan.  Seperti apapun dia menyerah, dia tetap harus hidup sekalipun harus berada dalam tubuh lain. Jiwanya menjadi incaran. Memburu atau diburu, adalah takdir yang harus dijalaninya sebagai jiwa terakhir Arkais.  #Fantasy #FemaleLead #Family #Tragedy #Angst #SliceOfLife #Friendship #Mitologi #Reincarnation #SwapSoul #SlowBurn #Romance

  • Deity ¤ Mortal

    Deity ¤ Mortal


    She has hidden herself among the mortals, disguised as a cripple, a man, a child for a thousand millenia Always trying yo find out why a manhunt was on her head.Her experiences with mortals has also led her fate to change.#femalelead#fantasy#creationmyth

  • The Reincarnated Individuals are Catastrophic for the World

    The Reincarnated Individuals are Catastrophic for the World


    This is a joint work by @fallenanimeangel and @mewchan19 **********************************************What if three troublesome people from earth reincarnated into the world of magic.. adventuring alone and meeting by the thread of fate. What changes and catastrophe will they bring on the new world. Join us on their adventure!*********************** #reincarnation #overpower #malelead #femalelead #r18 #transmigrated #kingdombuilding #adventure #comedy #sliceoflife

  • Vampire Chapter

    Vampire Chapter


    "Either get tamed by the monster inside you or tame it and become the monster."

  • Young Miss of the Yao

    Young Miss of the Yao

    I died in the hands of my family members. I was a assassin and doctor. I want to live as how I usually read in novels

  • I Have A New Step Sister?! And She Is A Vampire?!

    I Have A New Step Sister?! And She Is A Vampire?!

    ~{I know it says no one under 17 but just ignore it was just precaution}~ *Content-lgbt* Yuu never knew that vampires existed until the day her new step sister moves in with her. "Mom, you never told me you were engaged?!" "I didn't know how to tell you sweetie," ~I could feel someone's eyes on me~ "This is your new step sister Yuu, make her feel at home." For a second I thought I was seeing things. The mirror hung on the wall beside her showed no reflection of her. That's when I knew something was really wrong.

  • Robot 935

    Robot 935


  • Moonlits Shadows: The awakening

    Moonlits Shadows: The awakening

    Urban WEREWOLF

    In the enchanting town of Silverwood, a hidden world of werewolves and ancient secrets lies in wait. When Sarah, a spirited young woman with an insatiable curiosity, uncovers clues to her town's supernatural past, she becomes entangled in a web of mystery, power, and forbidden love. As the moon casts its ethereal glow over Silverwood, Sarah embarks on a journey that will awaken her dormant abilities and challenge her understanding of the world around her. With each step, she uncovers fragments of a forgotten prophecy, hinting at a darkness that threatens to consume everything she holds dear. Guided by enigmatic allies and faced with treacherous adversaries, Sarah must navigate the delicate balance between her ordinary life and her newfound destiny. But as the chilling effect settles over the town, whispers of doubt and fear seep into the hearts of those she once trusted. As the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, Sarah's determination intensifies. She discovers that her awakening is not just about embracing her own powers—it is about confronting a malevolent force that seeks to unleash chaos and destruction upon Silverwood. In "Moonlit Shadows: The Awakening," a tale of courage and self-discovery unfolds. Sarah's journey intertwines with forbidden romances, ancient rituals, and a battle between light and darkness that will test the limits of her strength and resilience. As the moon rises higher in the night sky, the secrets of Silverwood draw closer to the surface. Will Sarah uncover the truth that lies hidden in the moonlit shadows? Or will the darkness prevail, forever altering the destiny of her town and her own fate?

  • Aquira dan CEO Dingin

    Aquira dan CEO Dingin

    Di ruangan yang lembab, gelap dan senyap terdengar suara seseorang menangis menyesali perbuatannya. “Mengapa aku bisa sebodoh itu? Terbutakan oleh cinta” Aquira berkata lirih sambil menahan kesakitan disekujur tubuhnya. Aquira yang telah terbutakan oleh cinta malah mendorong Zax untuk membenci dirinya. Ia tidak segan-segan untuk menyakiti wanita disekitar Zax. Zax sebelumnya acuh terhadap tindakan Aquira karena ia juga tidak menyukai bila wanita mendekatinya. Apalagi dengan motif buruk yang dapat dengan mudah terbaca oleh Zax. Sampai saatnya semua perbuatan Aquira tiba pada titik equilibrium. Dimana Zax tak dapat mentoleransi lagi tindakannya, karena perbuatan Aquira yang terus menerus menyakiti sekretaris pribadinya yakni Anggun. Aquira akhirnya meninggal di dalam penjara bawah tanah keluarga Alba. Di saat akhir hidupnya itu, ia menyesali semua perbuatannya. Ia berharap bila reinkarnasi benar adanya. Ia akan mengembalikan apa yang diterimanya dari kedua orang tua dan kakak yang begitu menyayanginya. Apakah reinkarnasi terjadi pada cerita ini? Apakah Aquira dapat menghindar dari takdirnya? #CEO #FemaleLead #Revenge #Villainess #Possessive #BalasanDendam #Drama #Posesif #Smut

  • Waverly


    A young woman and her team of paranormal investigators are hunted and picked off one by one be a deranged masked killer while investigating a haunted sanatorium. (It’s a female lead in a slasher/horror story, it wasn’t listed in the genre)

  • alpha warriors: traveling warriors in elf federation

    alpha warriors: traveling warriors in elf federation


    Synopsis: the year is 7041 it has been 7 years since the war than nearly put both the elf’s and the humans to extinction trying to solve their past problems from a war that was nearly 227 years ago Many lives were lost during the bloody war and the fate of both humanity and the elf’s were Almost completely wiped out the after math of the war made a huge amount of damage mentally and physically now begins the journey of Emily and her team as they will set off into the elf federation leaving behind their lives on new earth what is in store for them find out as the story of alpha warriors continue

  • Mr Billionare Your Celebrity Wife Is Trying To Run Away

    Mr Billionare Your Celebrity Wife Is Trying To Run Away


    Did she just die on the day of her audition? It was the audition that would have given her the opportunity to act in her first-ever movie after years of being a stuntwoman. She woke up as a mediocre celebrity, married to a bigshot and pregnant with his child. She had the opportunity to be a celebrity in this life. She was not willing to lose it. She had to run away from the man and abort the child. " Sir, mam has climbed over the wall," the butler reported " As long as she is not hurt let her do whatever she wants. I heard pregnant women do crazy stuff sometimes, it's normal don't worry" answered Mr Robert. "Why do you keep trying to run away when you know it's impossible? There is nowhere on this earth I am unable to find you, darling. Just stay at home and be a good girl," said Robert as he patted Ema on her head. With an angry stare, she bellowed, "I do not want to be a stay-at-home mom or a wife. What I want is to be a celebrity okay? A celebrity!" Ema ran to her room and closed the door with a bang! "She should have told me earlier," Robert said " Charles the entertainment company that has been dormant, it's time it became useful," "Yes sir," replied Charles

  • Goddess Of Origin : Stella

    Goddess Of Origin : Stella


    Tags: #FemaleLead #OverPowered #Invincible #StrongToStronger #Romance #Magic #Technology #MultipleWorlds #Medieval #Modern #Futuristic Follow a mysterious girl on her journey to find the meaning of her existence. Watch her unravel the meaning of life and death, time and eternity. But she can take things slowly at her own pace, as time is something she does not lack. Is she kind or cruel? Good or evil? Will she watch with apathy as Gods and mortals perish? Or will she lend a helping hand? Nobody knows. However, as the fate of infinite universes and realities falls into her hand, the burden of responsibility she has to carry has no limits either. She's not naive, nor weak, but most certainly, she's adorable. [??? POV Synopsis] Life, death, creation, and destruction. All obey the flow of time. Kindness and cruelty, good and evil, joy and sorrow, everything becomes irrelevant. Gods rise, civilizations develop, people usher in prosperity. Yet nothing stands the ravages of time. Immortal and all-powerful Gods fall, the flame of stars dim, reality itself collapses. Finally, even time itself breaks down as reality ceases to exist. All of creation came from a single source, and after destruction, they will return there once again. All shall fade away to the Origin. So step forth, start your journey across worlds, universes, and infinite branches of reality. When all of the Primordials fall, their responsibilities and burdens will be yours to shoulder. But even if all fades away, you will not. You are the only eternal existence. You are the last and greatest creation I have accomplished.  As the Origin, I endured eternal loneliness, I've seen countless of my creations fade away. And so I created you as an eternal existence due to my selfishness, preordained to be lonely together. However, your love is the only thing that prevented me from giving up on all I had created. Your love and companionship truly gave me the reason to live through eternity as a sentient being. Tales of my journey are long lost in the threads of time. However, I'm interested in yours and I would love to join you on your journey. So, when the time comes, stand by my side and accompany me in the loneliness of eternity. And I look forward to the amazing feats that you'll accomplish as my Goddess, Stella.

  • The Wicked Wife

    The Wicked Wife



    We follow the story of a wealthy socialite, Lethea La Roche, who has never known true love or affection from her family. Her cold, calculating nature and ruthless business tactics have left her ex-husband, Erick Warton, as her only source of warmth and support. Despite their acrimonious divorce, Erick has always harbored feelings for Thea, even as she pushed him away However, when Thea discovers that Erick has found a new love, she is forced to confront her own feelings for him. As she begins to see Erick in a new light, Thea realizes that she has been living a life devoid of love and decides to take a chance on him. But it was too late he already have a wife. But fate intervenes and turns back the clock, giving her a second chance at love. As Thea and Erick rediscover their love for each other, they must navigate the challenges of a society that still holds their past against them. Thea’s journey takes her from the glittering world of high society to the depths of her own heart as she confronts the demons of her past and learns to open herself up to the possibility of true love. Discover the tale of the terrible heiress and learn the secrets behind her former life. This is a tale of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds. Stella Brit #reincarnation #reborn #revenge #femalelead #husbandandwife #r18 #actions #mystery #isekai #villain #betrayal #amnesia ========== Cover Image - AI generated photo created by the Author




    Not your typical female lead, im not waiting for a male lead. He broke my heart? can’t let him go free . Read to find out.

  • Cupid's Love : String of Fate

    Cupid's Love : String of Fate


    "Even after many years, some things doesn't change"Mia, decided to fall in love with Ren, but fate has something else for them. Whom she will choose?It's time for our characters to decide how they'll let their past influence their present because the string of fate has drawn them all together. Its all started with a CUPID.Cupid is everywhere. Just follow your heart.#update : 1/per week #update time : (12:00 pm to 01:00 am )as per (GMT+5.5)#love #hatred #betrayed #lovetriangle #teenage #rival #femalelead