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  • Reincarnated as Malelead's Bestfriend

    Reincarnated as Malelead's Bestfriend

  • S*x is You

    S*x is You


    [WARNING MATURE CONTENT]*COMPLETED* Shaun got into sweet-turned-problematic relationships with beautiful women. One day, a woman named Ellen came and used him at her disposal that led to his downfall. Another girl came and helped him. Will he be able to recover? Will he be able to know what true love is?What happens when sex, love, and life were combined in chaos? Join Shaun on his journey of exciting experiences with the women in his life and the struggles within his heart and mind.If you like this story, a review; comment; or gifts will be greatly appreciated. The names of the characters are fictitious and don't pertain to real-life people.This contains sexual and explicit words so you've been warned.I don't own the cover. If you are the owner just inform me if you want to take it off. No copyright infringement intended. Thank you.#malelead #ml #intense #hot All rights reserved.(c) Sleeping GluttonyIG @sleepinggluttonyTwitter @sleepingglutto1

  • [BL] Strongest fighter with a world hopping system

    [BL] Strongest fighter with a world hopping system


    WelcomeINTRODUCTIONSIn a world much like our own. Aqua a cute light blue haired feminine man with a sad backstory has been given the chance to visit all of his favorite anime worlds.World hopping isn't all there is to this story. Watch as aqua grows to godly levels of strength while uncovering the mysteries of his own seemingly original normal universe. Maybe it's not so normal after all?Aqua at first was a light hardded youth. That was until something happened taking a special someone away from him. With a quicky Personality he will conquer many worlds.Aqua is a human by the end this cutie will be an omniverse (• • •) being!!(I will remove those dots when the story is completed.)CURRENT PLANNED WORLDS IN ORDER: FIRST WORLD: one piece 2nd world:Naruto3rd One punch man or my hero academia undecidedR18/gay/cute mc/smug/Op/foot play/many different worlds/space fights/side pairs/cultivationSPOILER SKIP:Zoro is the male lead and aqua's hubbyWarnings!!:The Mc is gay,often R18 scenes and our malelead has a certain fetish... This is my first story but I have gotten better and will rewrite the beginning soon. AUTHOR HERE:(Oh and I plan to keep writing till our mc has visited every world I'd dream of so uh...probs 1000 or so chaps depends)

  • Grimoire: Breath of Life

    Grimoire: Breath of Life


    The boy lived in a world where people who had no background nor talent would be abandoned.They who had nothing would be exploited.The boy held hatred inside of his heart, he loathed the people who abused him and his friends.The boy was trying his hardest to change his life, but nothing's changed until...He found a mysterious item!Follow his journey on finding the meaning of his life.#Adventure #MaleLead #Fantasy #MagicAndSword #ActionPS: Cover not mine.

  • If I fall in Love Again

    If I fall in Love Again

    (ON HOLD) He's rich, handsome, famous, and powerful amongst the Mafia world as one of the four most powerful mafia families he very cold and full of hatred. But what if someone special comes along but the problem is she's colder and full of secrets. Will he finally learn to open his heart let love in and change her and himself along the way or will his ego break everything including his heart and happiness. Join Jace and his mysterious lover to explore the unexpected and unexplainable ways of love.

  • The Celestial Deity

    The Celestial Deity


    Vile Hermen a high school student dies while trying to save a girl from a truck accident.In that moment of death he wasn't sad or scared instead he seemed happy. He was happy that he didn't die without a cause, even saving his crush before his death.He laid on the ground with a heavily injured body and his eyes closed waiting for the light from heaven to guide his soul.But little did he know that the someone in heaven had different plans for him..................................................................................."WAKE UP Vile" he heard a soft voice of a lady.He woke up with doubtfulness as he eyes fell upon a beautiful figure. Vile was a little absent minded while looking at her. She had a heaven domineering beauty."I am the Goddess of Heaven and I will be yourgaurdian in your next life." replied the lady with an enchanting smile. "HIS NEXT LIFE? Gaurdian? Why? How?" the words of the Goddess caused a havoc in his mind as he fell asleep again. When he woke up he was in a forest, he was laying on the ground injured and naked. He looked at himself, his body felt bigger and stronger.Suddenly a cluster fog surrounded him and a beautiful figure appeared before him, it was the Goddess of Heaven. Vile was startled."From now this is your new body." The Goddess spoke pointing at Vile without letting him speak. "The owner of this body was killed by the royal gaurds two days ago and his body was left here to rot, because rumours say he had slept with the princess. His body resembles your body and coincidentally his name was also Vile Hermen. So in your new life you have been given the opportunity to continue living in his body." continued the Goddess."KILLED? GAURDS? PRINCESS? NEW LIFE? NEW BODY? Why Me? Where am I? What is this? " questions flooded his mind as he heard her speak...................................................................................The Celestial Deity is action-adventure based story of a high school boy becoming the strongest celestial cultivator after he is transmigrated to a world of cosmic cultivation.Join Vile on his journey as he fights his enemies, lusts on beauties and tames powerfull beasts to become the Celestial Deity.Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Violence, R18, Harem, Ecchi, Reincarnation, Transmigration, MaleLead, Cultivation, System, Gods, Demons, Magic, Creatures, WeakToStrong, Alchemist.Disclaimer: This is a RESTRICTED 18+ novel.If the above mentioned subjects is not of your liking or brings you discomfort while reading, then this novel is not your cup of tea.Release: ≥5 chapters/month.[Readers can comment any ideas with regards to the novel.]

  • THE POWER IN YOU: An unknown feeling

    THE POWER IN YOU: An unknown feeling


    The CEO of a huge company, Tae Shin, had a tragic past. However, he lived a normal life until the day he realised that he had superpowers. He doesn't know what truth lies behind them. Neither does he know who is conspiring against him. The only thing he has to rely on is a person who is always with him. She lived a normal life as well but by hiding the superpower she holds since her. childhood. Both of them keep on facing dangers and there are many powerful people who wish to kill them. But how did they get these powers? Who is this villian and what is he planning? What lies in their future? Let's find answers to our questions and unravel the mystery that lies beneath their so called 'Normal life'. Read the novel to deepen into the world of superpowers and to find out the truth. #maleleading #womanpower #superpowers #action #romantic #pastlife #suspense #strongvillian #simplelanguage

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