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  • Blood Elf Monarch

    Blood Elf Monarch



    Abandoned since birth, mistreated, exploited, betrayed, and hurt. This was all society had offered to Tristan. The day of his release from prison, he was transmigrated to the world of orcs and elves and forced to become the Legendary elves champion. The Blood Elf. [Blood Elf Monarch Innate Ability Activated] [Stage One Skill - Blood Extraction] [5000 Mix of low qualities blood cells found] [Extract Blood Cells] [2000 Blood Essence Extracted] [Battle power increase exponentially] Being the Undying Ancient Blood Elf during the war between races of humans and elves, will Tristan renounce his people to be part of the Elves, or will he follow his own resolve? Follow The Adventure of Tristan as he becomes the leading Monarch of the Universe ----------- Novel Video Trailer: Type "Blood Elf Monarch" in youtube Here are some of the things you will find here MC: smart but with questionable morals. Start OP but still have a deep of weak - strong growth World: Imagine Lord of the Ring with guns and spaceships System: There is a system but it will not be the focus of the story Harem: Yes, but I love romance, so there will be love interests and drama, not all about p3nus *The Monarch characteristic will not really show until volume 3, the MC will have some flaws at early chapters its part of his growth This is my third novel, my first novel was in the top 50, and my second novel is now Top 15 trending in webnovel, so hopefully, this third one will be even better.

  • Blood Assimilation

    Blood Assimilation



    Check out my new novel, 'Manifestation Of Dreams'....A young man without an ability in an ability holders’ world. Due to the sudden and catastrophic appearance of dimensional gates and rifts. The planet has undergone many changes. Those changes include but not exclusive to awakening abilities in humans. With these Awakened Abilities, the humans were able to fight back against the monsters, beasts, demons, and other creatures that poured out of the gates and rifts. A few decades passed with humanity’s survival through countless sacrifices and now, that brings us to our story. Randy, a young man who could not awaken his ability had to not only face the frustration of not being able to awaken his ability but also, the constant bullying of his colleagues at school. A chance meeting will change his fate for the better or for the worse? Only time will tell. Read to find out his rough beginnings and his rise to power and much more....To my new readers: Check below for important info.Chapter 1 - 8 of the novel is essentially just a prologue of the novel and it does not impact it too much, so you can skip it if you're averse to things like torture or anything that could induce negativity. Then again, I am not saying that chapter 1 to chapter 8 are less important but some readers might not like it as I've discovered. So I thought about putting it here just in case.But if you don't mind checking it out, then go ahead and read from chapter 1 at your own risk.-BMDR....Check out my other novel: Two Worlds: Same But Different!! If you like OP or a tad bit innocent protagonists and a little mystery here and there, then this might be the one for you.

  • Blood Bound

    Blood Bound


    Maya only wanted to complete her studies and get independent, she had no plans of falling in love or getting in a relationship. That is, until she meets her best friend's older brother, Yohan. A man so beautiful she couldn't take her eyes off of him.Yohan is a powerful werewolf, the current CEO of his family company yet not the confirmed Alpha of his pack. He's cursed by something magical and thought he'd never be able to meet his mate. That is, until he meets Maya, his mate, his destined love yet someone he can't have.

  • Blood Evolution System

    Blood Evolution System



    Check out my second novel: Awakened: Evolving to Godhood ( Bullying, Evolution, Adventure, Action, Magic, Vampire, Demons, school life, System, Overpowered! Weak Strong! )There is a war going on between the dimensions of the living and the Hell Dimension!The creatures of hell have opened up the portal to the dimension of the living and started to invade it. They create Hell Paradise, a dimension magic that helps Hell Dimension overlap with the Dimension of the Living.The humans have banded together with the Demi-Humans and started to fight against the invaders.A Grand War Between Two Dimensions has Started!Vincent is a young orphan born without special powers in a world where those with ability are privileged. However, he still trains in the new world's profession, his family's martial arts and magic techniques to grow strong, hoping to one day fulfill his dreams of ending the war and bringing peace to the world. A treasure with unthinkable uses gives him a chance to change his fate, but first, he must prove himself worthy of the name "Sangue!"‹ Evolution process has started. The blood of the Vampire Progenitor, Kermis Idiouni De Sangue has been injected into the owner's bloodstream ›‹ Sangue Heart has been birthed ›‹ You've successfully evolved ›‹ Congrats on becoming a Demi-Human ›‹ You've extracted the power contained in the blood of the beast. The power of blood has been merged with the owner's body ›‹ Your magic power capacity has increased to 90 units ›‹ Your Strength has increased to 42 points ›‹ Your agility has increased to 37 points ›While he absorbs the blood of the beast, sunlight peeks through the green and thick canopies of the overgrown trees and shines upon his bloodied face as he comes to realize that he has become a monster lusting after blood.With the mysterious treasure of his family, how far will he rise? Will his hopes for ending the war ever become a reality? ORWill he lose himself to the darkness of pleasure and become a monster?!Read to find out!JOIN MY DISCORD:!----Cover Photo is not mine! Photo Creator, let me know if you want it removed.

  • Blood Type: Dragon

    Blood Type: Dragon



    (Warning! This is a Dark novel)FAMILY OR HUMANITY?Elric's life completely changed as a fated stormy night ended up making him choose between his humanity or becoming a dragon - all with its dearest cost.Accepting his new fate, He soon realized he has taken a bite of power more than he can chew. A new world has been revealed and an unexpected journey to the world of the Elementals began as Elric tried to fix the mess he has made. Along with meeting unexpected friends and enemies, Elric was forced to redefine his goals as he struggled his way up to the final form of evolution and to unite the mysterious world he once thought he knew.1 chapter daily!~Cover Dragon source:





    -- A small heads, early chapters have a quite bad grammar, I am fixing them asap, also the MC doesn't start as OP, he go through cultivation before it. -- "I always wondered until the day I died, why humans are such filthy creatures?" A Noble status, money, and power were the things that ruled this world, but Aaris Ralkier had nothing since the day he was born. His childhood was ridiculed by poverty and bullying by the nobles, hoping to change his world one day after becoming a great mage, his dreams were shattered because of his unique and miserable condition of possessing no mana. What he had in his life was his mother, the lowest witch who never wanted anything but his happiness, but she was taken away by the hands of aristocrats and the kingdom that was supposed to protect them. He lost everything, struggling to find his existence again he was betrayed and left to die at the hands of a dreadful demon and was framed even after his death. Reminiscing his life on his last breaths, he decided to take the demon soul along with his with the spell his mother forbid for him, Blood Silk. He lost his life too, but fate doesn't take mercy on him, his eyes opened once again, maybe a choice was given to him, suffer or fight. Like cursed blessing in his body, he set out on a journey to find his existence, lingering regrets, and goring grudges, in the realm ridiculed with divine curses & diabolical graces, everything is laid in front of him to quell or win. But red strings of fate only take it to weave a War, waiting to meet its End. P.s:- English is not my first language I am still a fledgling writer. reach to me on insta....zushe_sensei_016. Dis.:- I don't own the cover pic.

  • Dark Blood Age

    Dark Blood Age


    Chu Yunsheng, an ordinary white-collar worker one day discovered his family heirloom book shined a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book. After studying for a long time, he still only understood a few symbols written in the book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the book tried to tell him: The sun will disappear, humanity will be doomed... He tried to spread the message but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone but prepared for the apocalypse in secret... Until one day, the sun really disappeared… our discord channel is

  • Blood Borne

    Blood Borne



    Fabian had been crippled since he was a little kid...He had been made fun of and was a simple worker slave...But it was then he received a curse...A curse of being a vampire.But to him, this curse was like a blessing that made him a monster feared by all...

  • Blood Ink

    Blood Ink

    On the outside, Gray Wilder is living the rockstar lifestyle as the lead singer of Blood Ink. He has cars, money, houses, and women lining up to be with him. But he's lonely and broken on the inside, a side to him he refuses to show. When Remi Jones is hired to be Gray's personal assistant, she is thrown into a world of money and fame. Gray is arrogant and rude to her, but as their relationship grows, she begins to realize there is more to him. He isn't just a rude rockstar but is plagued by dark and traumatic memories of his past. Remi is desperate to see the real him. Can Remi keep business from mixing with pleasure? *** “Why do you call me Rainy when I’ve told you multiple times my name is Remi?” Gray simply shrugs as a small smile graces his plump lips. “Your eyes are the color of rain falling on a warm summer afternoon and I like that. To me, Rainy suits you better.” Blood Ink is created by Chloe Higgins, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Blood to Spare

    Blood to Spare

    Vanessa flew to New York with her best friend Rylie to spend the summer with her brother Byron. She finds out he is a vampire and sentenced to death for killing another vampire. When she trades her life in exchange for his to the vampire king of New York City, Malik Cromwell, an unexpected bond forms between her and Malik. And when Alfred Balthazar drinks from her, he follows Vanessa to the outskirts of the city and wakes up the hunter inside her. He orders her to kill Malik. When she refuses, Byron turns up missing, and Rylie comes out as another hunter. With Byron having once been human, he has to feed off a pure-blood or he loses his humanity and is reduced to that of a rabid beast. As Byron loses a piece of his mind by the day and feelings for Malik coming to fruition, Vanessa is on a race against time to choose between her brother or the vampire she loves. Blood to Spare is created by Marie Delacroix, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.





    "You can't let her live, she can create more hybrids." Silas nods at him "I know."Silas answered, and I flinched. My entire body recoiled. His Jaw tightened. Hands trembling, I scuttled backwards for the door, unable to look away from the glaze of hurt on his face. "I'm sorry," I whisper and I wasn't sure why I was even apologising. I turned around, blindly staggering out the door into the cold. Picking up my foot, I started running. Running as fast as my feet could take me. He wanted to kill me, a ragged sob left me. Running further into the trees, everything that happened between us was forgotten....... There was no warning, no sound, nothing. An arm circle around my waist catching me, I shrieked as my feet slipped out from under me. My feet dangle in the air. I knew who it was before he even spoke. Rage feels all this because of who I was. I punched at his back as he throws us into the snow. "Don't ever run from us." He growled, yanking my hair back. His eyes were fully black and fangs out, then he struck. His two fangs ripping into my skin, pain lanced my neck, causing my entire body to jerk. The burn travelled all the way through my body, this was a different feeling from him feeding. I couldn't move, I was paralysed in his arm. I felt warm liquid entering my body, I shook as it mixed with my blood. I could feel him in my entire system, everything changed. The intense hurting became something else, something overwhelming in an entirely different way. A new ache flared inside me, heating my blood until it felt like every part of me was filling with molten lava. He wasn't killing me, he was marking me The world where humans have been gone for years. Were werewolves, witches and demons rules. Lyanna snow was found in the woods by a farmer, taking the little girl back to his village with shock. How a human come to find herself in their woods. Deciding to let her live her life with them, one human in the midst of werewolves. King Silas has ruled over the witches, demons and werewolves for hundreds of years as the last of the Lycan. For years the same nightmare has hunted his sleep, the moon goddess calls for him, warning him. He sees the world he fought for turning into nothing but ashes at the hands of a woman. King Silas goes on the hunt for the witch, town to town not leaving any stone unturned. *Warning* 18+

  • Blood Immortal

    Blood Immortal



    In a Universe of cultivation, psychopathic and insane Qing Fang discovers Blood Path. Strangely, his body slowly transformed as he abandoned his humanity. With the goal of becoming the strongest, Qing Fang builds an empire for himself and his new race. Take note, disturbing events ahead. Update rate is 1 chapter per week. Days will be missed as I still don't have a schedule... Want to join a discord community dedicated to dark novels? Join: Also a good opportunity for authors of dark novels to promote their books. *thumbs up*

  • Web of Blood

    Web of Blood



    A tyrannical Emperor sends forth formidable enforcers to take down a free and powerful city to make it his new capital...

  • Blood of the Gods

    Blood of the Gods

    Marva Dale is the pen name for author Debra McReynolds. Retired from the public relations field, Debra now spends her free time indulging in her passion for writing. "I used to fill my school notebooks with stories," Debra relates, "and then add artwork to go along with them. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Daley, predicted that I would be a writer one day." A fan of the mystery genre, she enjoys crafting tales with a twist of suspense, a touch of romance, and a bit of humor. Debra and her husband, Dale, make their home in El Paso, Texas, with their dog, cats and rabbits. Dr. Suzan Dwyer specializes in blood disorder research and maintains her own laboratory in the Washington, D.C. area. But she’s not prepared to deal with a new patient named Charles Lambert who says he’s aging by the minute and needs Suzan to help him discover a way to reverse the process through her blood research. Suzan hesitates to believe the story Charles tells her. Yet when he suddenly disappears, Suzan tracks him down and meets his wife, Ellen Lambert, a beautiful, alluring, and enigmatic woman who harbors a deep, disturbing secret. Suzan is drawn into Ellen’s world of mysticism, fantasy, lust and desire, and believes Ellen when she says that Charles has suddenly died overseas. Succumbing to Ellen’s charms, Suzan decides to give up her old life, one that she has shared with her partner, Dr. Davis Breen, for five years. As she embarks on a tempestuous affair with Ellen and listens to her incredible history, Suzan is drawn deeper into the woman’s strange but exciting world, one that might possibly include murder. Soon Suzan must decide if she wants what Ellen wishes to give her—life everlasting… Even when such a life comes at a terrible cost.

  • Blood ties

    Blood ties

    Daniel looses his parents in a road accident. His uncle decides to take him in, but due to some circumstances he is forced to leave his house and moves in with a family. He somehow ends up with the Philips where his life is turned upside down. It is later revealed that he is connected to this family in a way he never imagined. Will he be able to face all the pain and suffering that comes his way? Find out more in this intriguing story

  • Blood and Water

    Blood and Water

    Being caught between two worlds is not easy. Dineo grew up an ordinary human aside from her weak lungs and breathing problems. Until one day when Neo’s world is turned upside down. Neo learns she has never been human at all, and she has a vital role to play that could save lives on both land and sea. Neo takes us on a journey of self discovery, from being a sickly human to a powerful ocean queen. -- Neo slowly moved towards the water to do as ordered. Her bare feet gradually parted with the ground as soon as she stood beneath the waterfall. A mirror reflection of her appeared, she was aware that she was looking at herself but the white patterns all over her upper body and the long purple fish tail made her doubt that it was truly her. "You need to embrace what you are and return to the ocean" Thandi said "Because the answers that you seek are within the depths of the ocean."

  • blood for blood.

    blood for blood.


  • Blood Creed

    Blood Creed

    Eastern Fantasy SHONEN


    In a world where orphans are deemed of a value worth less than dirt, a lone boy lived his life, working day by day, in hope to better his destiny. The day of his coming of age marks the birth of his potential, where everyone unleashes their magic, in hope that they would receives a powerful ability. The boy held hope that that might change his fate, hoping to be groomed to a noble's house, and change his destiny to the better. However, what he ended up with after his comming of age was nothing but a strange book. A book he thought to be useless, however a simple book it was not. and simplicity was far from fair to describe it.follow Basara as he uncovers the secret of the book that is only the Servants of Death to carry are worthy to carry.This is one of my stories.If you wish to read more, look for.The Everlastings.Rise of the Undead LegionRequiem of Souls.Enjoy the read.

  • •Blood Gacha•

    Blood Gacha•



    What if you found that there is more to this world than catches the eye.What if there was a great secret. A story forgotten by time. If you found a way to awaken ancient powers buried deep underground, or if you could receive a gift for a drop of blood. Follow Konrad on the road to greatness as he unravels the secrets of the past and gets stronger, thanks to a mysterious lottery that demands his blood.(It's not an isekai or a system...but maybe it is muahaha ;) You'll have to find out )I'll be updating every 2-3 days because I'm currently studying (Curse the damn virus!) and I fell like its the optimal time so I don't fell rushed or anything like this.