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  • My military branches can Evolve Infinitely

    My military branches can Evolve Infinitely


    Mu Yuan accidentally obtained the qualification for a mysterious game which mirrors the real world. In this game, players could recruit troops, establish territories, and even manifest items from the game into reality. His game started with ten Little Skeletons, but... Little Skeleton→Skeleton Soldier→Skeleton Warrior→Skeleton General.....→ King of Skeleton "What if I evolve the Little Skeleton into an Emperor of Skeletons? How would you respond to that?" "Evolution Points, let's see what your limit is!" Several years later, when the worlds overlapped, Mu Yuan, amidst a throng of gods and demons, had ascended to the extreme peak. Tags: Management, Development, Evolution, Lord, Troops

  • Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

    Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief



    Qiao Nan: Crap! I am your biological daughter, yet I am treated as if I was picked up from the streets. In fact, you treat me worse than that! Mother Qiao: Qiao Nan, you are not as pretty or smart as your elder sister. You are not as blessed as her. You have no right to study, marry, or to have your happiness! Qiao Nan: Why am I not allowed to study, marry, or to seek my happiness? I will find a man right now and marry him! Qiao Nan is dumbstruck upon discovering that the man right beside her is a powerful figure in the quad—the person who has the most promising prospects to be the future Chief. Qiao Nan stares at the well-built man in front of her. He has firm abs and cold, chilling eyes. She swallows the lump in her throat as she says her greetings, "Good Morning, Chief!"

  • Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With My Military System

    Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With My Military System



    Zombies suddenly appear all over the world, spreading rapidly in crowded cities. Within a day, national governments collapse all around the world, leading to chaos worldwide. Law and order vanish, making people fear both zombies and each other. Despite the zombie threat, groups form and fight over the limited resources. But, amidst all of that, a man named Richard received a system that allows him to summon troops, military equipment, weapons, and vehicles. With his newfound power, he can protect himself, his comrades, his kin, and other survivors from zombies and rival factions. A rampaging Goliath? Unleash Warthogs, AC-130s, and Apaches in the sky. Mutant flying zombies? Establish anti-air defenses. Juggernauts shrugging off small arms? Deploy Abrams tanks and IFVs. Rival factions raiding? Let them face our might. Some notes from the Author: There'd be some strong content in this novel so you are warned. This novel is written in light novel, anime, manhwa style, so characters will have different hair colors and expect character illustrations to be in anime or korean drawing style.

  • A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

    A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times



    Ning Yue was a military doctor and a special forces soldier. During a mission to rescue hostages, she died from a bomb explosion. Ning Yue thought she was dead, but when she opened her eyes, she had become a woman in ancient times with the same name but a different surname. This woman’s father was a general, but she lived in the Ning Family Village and was raised by her adoptive parents for more than ten years. A year ago, the people from the general’s residence found her and brought her back. However, they sent her back again a few months later. When the original owner of the body returned to the village, she was pregnant and gave birth to twin sons within a few months. Another year passed, and the year of the great drought was ushered in. The entire village had to flee. The original owner of the body left with the rest of the villagers with her two sons and slow-witted father. In other words, the current special forces soldier, Ning Yue, was an older single young woman who had not experienced the sweetness of love. She had skipped all those steps, and directly became a mother to two children. She also gained the original owner’s dim-witted father and a body that didn’t work and had hunger pangs after starving for two days. But was that all? Don’t be naive! “Don’t eat my daughter! Don’t eat my daughter!” The original owner’s father pleaded. “The older one’s meat is too hard, so it needs to be cooked longer. These two small ones have tender meat, so they only need to be roasted for a while. We’ll eat the big one tomorrow!” Ning Yue, who was now being viewed as food, looked up at the sky and said to herself, “Gee, thanks SO much!”

  • Military System In Isekai Of Magic

    Military System In Isekai Of Magic



    Xzavier was super one of the special forces and then transmigrated into the isekai world of magic. It was full of things he couldn't figure out. The magic, elves, orcs, alchemy... However, even in different worlds, humans were always the same. After all, human nature always remains consistent. He encountered a deadly threat, not from a dangerous environment but from his own kind. Fortunately, he had a military system. He could use the weapons he had always been familiar with. The collision of magic and modern weapons, the fierce confrontation between old and new thoughts, the sinister conspiracy and trickery... How should he survive in the strange world? ...... It is a harem novel and will arise some mature content, and I'll concentrate on some fighting plots. I like both of them, so stay tuned for more amazing stuff.

  • Military System god realm revolution

    Military System god realm revolution



    The Maxim machine gun shoots through magical beasts. Intercontinental ballistic missiles fired at Martial Artists. Fighter planes rise above the gods realm. If you can't fight it, throw an atomic bomb for world peace.

  • Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her!

    Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her!


    Once Gu Qingjiu, she was fortunate enough to be born in the “best” family, ended up having a miserable and unjust life. Reliving her life once more, Gu Qingjiu chooses to enlist in the military and bear the toughest hardships she has ever faced. Everyone says that she's the least possible person to join the special forces. However, she manages to prove all of them wrong. Good-for-nothing? Who's the good-for-nothing? Is she a good-for-nothing when she can throw all of them onto the floor in a fight? Is she a good-for-nothing when she has results better than everyone else? She’ll prove all of them wrong. Enter Helian Niancheng, the well-known, youngest major-general in Beijing. A banishment sends him into the basic ranks in a military camp as a new recruit. From then on, he meets a person that makes him dote on and protect at all costs, his beloved. However, his beloved is only focused on fighting and killing. Major-general Helian declares this to be a very bad, a very terrible situation. Yet, Gu Qingjiu merely replies, “Scram! Lower your gun if you dare!”

  • Grand Wedding Evening

    Grand Wedding Evening

    Introducing the new story "Return to '81: The Struggle of the Eldest Sister" – a heartwarming pampering tale, a tale of marital love, a tale of a woman's self-empowerment. That year, Ning Yunxi willingly married. On the day she took her vows, everyone around doubted the union, and her family declared, she shouldn't expect to receive a single penny from home. Her husband was an orphan with a bunch of little radish head siblings? No one believed her soldier husband would one day become a high-ranking official, no one imagined her Second Uncle would become a great scientist, and no one conceived that her young aunt would be a future superstar, let alone that the fourth child would be a natural-born tycoon. But truly, one day, all the futures Ning Yunxi saw came to fruition. Today, she has married a poor soldier and has become the sister-in-law in the military; raising the children of soldiers without fear, convinced she's betting not just on one potential stock, but on a multitude of leading stocks – with her newly acquired special abilities, she becomes a super teacher for the people! ----------------------------------------------------- All along, she had been recognized by the Wen Family as the least promising daughter, unremarkable in appearance and unnoticed, still unable to marry at the ripe age of twenty-nine. He, the son of a military family, born with privileges, deliberately concealed his identity at the matchmaking banquet, posing as an ordinary man. When they married, people sneered, "A pair of worn-out shoes matched with a bankrupt family, just perfect." Then one day, the gold buried in the sand shone with an immense brilliance...

  • Rise of the Horde

    Rise of the Horde



    Xiao Chen was once a great soldier of Huaxia known for his strange, unique but effective tactics and plans during operations. He would always assume command and orchestrate highly-dangerous missions and would lead his unit to success. He was known for being a great commander which made his military rank soar, from being a young lieutenant freshly graduate from the academy to becoming one of the youngest general that Huaxia had ever seen. Sadly though his military career was cut short when he was deeply involved in the older generals politics. He died a tragic death when he was murdered by the men who he trusted so much and considered his brothers. His soul wandered through the river of time and space still seeking vengeance and was soon swallowed up by a swirling light. He soon found himself in the body of a monster or that's what others consider him to be. He had a hulking figure pack with muscles,towering nearly 7ft tall, a pair thick tusks jutting out from his mouth and lupine ears along with the great desire for battle welling up inside him. He begins his new journey as a green hulking monster or an orc as what his kind was called, a monster born for war and lived for war.

  • Back To The 80s

    Back To The 80s

    The new book "You're in Glory" has been started, the firefighter brother and the wise little sister are waiting for your attraction ~:-D Gu Xiaobei has travelled through time. She doesn't have a space-travelling ability, nor a golden finger, only a stubborn and abstinent old cadre! From a cheetah to a loyal dog, from a husband to a daddy. She's not afraid of either covert or overt strategies, and she gets along extraordinarily well with her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law! Returning to the 1980s, in those nostalgic times, she wants to hold onto her perfectly respectable officer husband and live a happy and fulfilling military wife life...

  • Contract Marriage – Military Husband x CEO Wife

    Contract Marriage – Military Husband x CEO Wife


    Top Ten August WPC Winner! Update Schedule: M-F It was supposed to be a simple contract marriage between the two of them. He could avoid being tied to a vicious woman who had been pursuing him since birth. She could gain external support to overcome her illegitimate status and become the heir apparent and CEO of the Valentine conglomerate. It was a relationship where they were supposed to use each other. But now- “Commander, your wife is having a private dinner with the CEO of a technology company. During the dinner, he held her hands and tried touching her waist.” “Directly leak their company secrets and sink their stocks.” An angry voice replied. “Commander, the Co-CEO of a startup company sent a room worth of roses to your wife’s office.” “It seems he no longer wants to live. Directly buy out the other shares and oust him from his position. Go and order enough roses to fill up every room in her office. Fly them in if you need to.” When he got home. “Wife, why are you angry? Should I rub your feet? Help you take a bath?” “Why are you interfering with me? Wasn’t this supposed to be a contract marriage?” his wife coyly asked him. The man suddenly picked her up and carried her up the stairs while giving her a devilish smile. “Yes, we are. I’m contracted to love, protect, and cherish you. Let me show you how much.”

  • Immortal Path to Heaven

    Immortal Path to Heaven


    "Master Ouyang, please smith a divine weapon for me!" "Master Ouyang, you're the only person who can forge a weapon with seven attributes. Please make my dream come true!" "Master Ouyang, could you..." "Ouyang my *ss! My surname is Ou!" Ou Yangming was an orphan who was adopted by a reputable old blacksmith from a military camp. After working as a helper under the old man for years, he was given a chance to acquire the Military Fire—a trait allowing him to smith and restore equipment with the Military Fire produced from his hands. Gifted with mental power, Ou Yangming controlled his Military Fire unusually well and was also strangely talented in martial arts. On top of it, he could also attach Unique Attributes into weapons with a hundred-percent success rate. Those who belittled Ou Yangming because of his background and age eventually honored him so much that they would do anything to get their hands on his equipment. Little did Ou Yangming know that as he slowly unfolded the mysteries of the Military Fire and his mental power, he was advancing step by step on the immortal path to Heaven!

  • I Met The Female CEO While Escaping A Blind Date

    I Met The Female CEO While Escaping A Blind Date


    William Scott, a soldier, returned to the city with the goal to live the rest of his life peacefully. He would practice the lifestyle of a retired person. However, his mother set him up on blind dates time and again. Unwilling to keep up with her arrangements, he was left with no choice but to pretend to be in a relationship with Yvette Quinn, a female CEO who was also forced by her parents to go on blind dates. To his surprise, this was only the beginning of many troubles to come. Before he could get to settling those troubles, he first needed to sort out an even more pressing problem. The girl looked at him and asked, “Take a guess. Am I the elder cousin or the younger cousin? As my boyfriend, you should be able to differentiate between the two of us, right?” His contract girlfriend was so unprofessional. Although they had an agreement, she was always asking her younger cousin to take her place and pretend to be her around him. What should he do about that?

  • Super Godly Machine Army

    Super Godly Machine Army



    Jiang Li accidentally transmigrated to a fantasy world along with a game called Super Godly Machine Army. [Ruler Panel] [Ruler: Jiang Li] [Game: Super Godly Machine Army] [Interface: Military Units] [Infantry Machine Unit], [Navy Machine Unit], [Air Force Machine Unit], [Space Machine Unit], [Special Forces Machine Unit] [Energy Points: 0] [Soul Sparks: 0] Soon, Jiang Li created Combat Machine Soldiers, Electric Machine Soldiers, Liquid Metal Machine Soldiers, Machine Dragon Riders, Nether Energy Machine Soldiers, Machine Engineers and many more. This was the story of a man in a fantasy world who became invincible by creating a machine army that dominated the world.

  • Mercenary King: Got Question? Ask My RPG!

    Mercenary King: Got Question? Ask My RPG!

    Urban REALITY

    There was a classic saying that prevailed in the era of thermal weapons. "All fear comes from insufficient firepower." Don't believe? Looking at the muzzle of a cannon bigger than your head, and say it again? ... Starting off by being kidnapped, in order to survive, Gao Guang was forced to become a member of a private military contractor. And thus, an unexpected legend began to unfold... Stallone from [First Blood]? Jason Statham from [The Expendables]? Keanu Reeves from [John Wick], the one who's best at using all kinds of firearms? Come on, all of these are nothing compared to Gao Guang!! --- Finally, until one day, in the field of private military forces, he completely made the term "Gao Guang moment" became a professional term! Countless criminals, mercenaries, murderers, and private armed organizations would pee their pants at the mention of the name Gao Guang! "Hello, my name is Gao Guang." "I am dedicated to providing war-related peripheral services, including but not limited to force, arms, intelligence, and technical support." "As the conscience of the industry, our quality is trustworthy. Please don't hesitate, don't pinch your goddamn wallet, and make an appointment with my beautiful secretary as soon as possible. Warm reminder, we only accept cash." "Gao Guang, Your best choice!"

  • Mercenary's War

    Mercenary's War

    Gao Yang was a military enthusiast, an ordinary one, who loved knives, guns, and adventure. In an accident, Gao Yang found himself in Africa, where he unfortunately experienced a plane crash. Although he miraculously survived, his life henceforth was one where he could only scrape by under the muzzle of guns, for he had become a mercenary. What heights could a military enthusiast reach in the international Mercenary World? Please, wait and see.

  • Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me!

    Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me!



    Jing Mo Chen fell in love at first smell when he smelt Mu Xi Xing's scentJing Mo Chen: Youngest General in theMilitary, God-like figure in the business worldMu Xi Xing fell in love at first sight when she looked into Jing Mo Chen's eyesMu Xi Xing: Pervert-like genius, Incredible sensesHow did the two of them meet and how would their love story be like?Mu Xi Xing only wanted to find her birth parents but ended up finding a whole lot more conspiracy.Jing Mo Chen helped her along the way and the two of them helped others.What else would they find out and what would they get at the end?Honest Reviews:"The development is very happy-go-lucky to me. There is not much depth to situations or conversations and a lot of things are just placed in peoples laps. A lot of the wording of the sentences sounds basic with not much description- like it is what it is because I said so i.e. 'the cat felt sad because the cat felt sad' or the situation goes the way i want it to or people react in a positive way or negative way but not much in between." "Picked up this little gem recently. Spent about 5 hours reading continuously to catch up. Great book, great character design, great everything. There are a few hiccups with the grammar and vocabulary but there is significant improvements in each chapter.The author never fails to entertain. Keep up the good work author."Disclosure:Most readers that don't like this story falls into the following two categories:1. Grammar mistakes 2. IllogicalMost readers that love this story falls into the following two categories:1. Alpha male and female lead with their love for one another2. A new type of storyThere are good and bad reviews. So, it is up to you to decide.

  • Military Rarities

    Military Rarities


    Yun Che, a big shot in the doomsday, who even the militaries drooled upon, finally died in the hands of his beloved and family. After reincarnation, he wanted to live for his own!Xing Feng, a rooting third military generation, didn’t lay his heart in the army at all. So when he turned to 20, he chose to leave the army and went into business. When the doomsday came, he accidentally met Yun Chen and started a new chapter of his life, meanwhile, his moral bottom line kept hitting a new low…NOT MY STORY PLEASE SUPPORT THE REAL AUTHOR

  • Addicted To A Passionate Military Marriage

    Addicted To A Passionate Military Marriage



    In order to avoid their families urging them to get married, Li Huan and Lei Han came to an agreement — fake marriage. Lei Han said, “Even though it’s a fake marriage, I don’t want to lose out.” Li Huan smiled. “Of course. We’ll take what we need, only sex and no love.” On the day they reached the agreement, Lei Han didn’t go all the way because Li Huan was in too much pain. Instead, he had her clench her legs tightly as his massive, thick member thrust between her fair legs until creamy, white semen spurted out. Caressing Li Huan’s red, swollen legs, Lei Han said hoarsely, “Just wait till we wed, you’ll get it then.” On their wedding night, Lei Han grabbed Li Huan’s slender legs and wrapped them around his waist. Having been turned on long ago, he continuously rubbed his erection against Li Huan’s entrance. His large hands roamed, kneading the woman’s tender skin, causing Li Huan to shiver as her vagina dripped with clear fluid. “Please, put it in, quickly…!” Li Huan begged softly. Lei Han suddenly leaned forward to bite her lips as he thrust forward without warning. Li Huan tensed up in pain, and Lei Han lost all rationality as he slid into her tight, wet cavern. Feeling the warmth wrap around his member, he couldn’t hold himself back or wait for Li Huan to adjust to the intrusion. Pressing down on her waist, he proceeded to pound into her without reservation. Later, Lei Han lay on the bed and asked, “Do you mind if I’m a little rough?” As an erotic film director, Li Huan was quite open minded. She knew that most men were gentlemen out of bed, and the complete opposite in bed. She liked more intense sex too, but she never imagined Li Huan would want to try to do it in so many different ways… In the bathroom, in front of uncovered windows, in an open living room where anyone could walk in at any time, and in the car in a forest. Plus, there was even SM play with whips and candles…!

  • Military Academy: Special Forces System

    Military Academy: Special Forces System



    When Zhao Rui was reborn in a parallel universe, he was rewarded with a Special Forces System. He decided to join the military academy without any hesitation when he realized he had a unique system. The moment he joined, the border battlefield had welcomed the strongest recruit of all time. The recruit could climb mountains and run through minefields while carrying weapons that weighed more than 100kg in total. His shot never missed its target, even when he was a mile out. He could pilot anything that needed a pilot. He could command the military K9 to sweep for mines and could converse in 8 languages. He could write poems and perform traditional martial arts. He could hack into the network of an international group of terrorists. He could charge into battle at the frontline and would always return safely with merits. This is a story of a recruit that could do anything.