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  • Malignant Sadness

    Malignant Sadness


    Despite of being cold and cranky, Levi cares a lot. The unexplainable ability of him to lucid dream helped him to discover how and why people committed suicide. However, he didn’t expect that he would be using his gift to know the reasons behind why his friends and loved ones took away their own lives. The aftermath of it is slowly killing him—he must be saved.

  • Sadness & Sorrow

    Sadness & Sorrow

  • Love and sadness

    Love and sadness

  • sadness of teenage

    sadness of teenage

  • Sadness In Disguised

    Sadness In Disguised


  • angel of Sadness

    angel of Sadness

  • Summertime sadness

    Summertime sadness

    Love often comes as a blessing in disguise.Cedric Parkinson, a fourteen years old attractive, famous youth falls in love with his childhood friend , Dairon Jensen . They had been friends since when they were like five years old . But why after being friends for so many years , is he suddenly attracted to the handsome boy ? Can Cedric confess his love to Dairon ? Even if he does will Dairon accept him ? Meanwhile, both of them goes through problems , challenges before both of them can accept their young love .What will his parents say when they get to know that the bond between Cedric and Dairon is something more than just friendship?Read to know . I am sure that you will find it interesting!!

  • summertime sadness

    summertime sadness

    Teen R18

  • Family sadness

    Family sadness

  • Sadness,wortless


    Abou mental health

  • Love In Sadness

    Love In Sadness


    I'm a high school student and it's my first time that i'm in love with my classmate.It's our first day in school and our teacher is calling our first name and you will just stand up when your name is called.and because the boys are called first, and of course i looked at most of them,But there was a man who captured my heart when his name was called. he stood with a smile on her face and you'll really fall in love especially when you stare in her eyes.And I didn't expect our eyes to meet, that's why I had a hard time avoiding this, and i didn't notice that my teacher was calling me because i only focused on him.That's why my friend poked me and i came to my senses i was shoked, and most of my classmates laughed while looking at me.I suddenly stood up and told ma'am that."Ma'am did you call my name"While i told that to ma'am i was really nervous."yes, i've been calling your name for while now and are you sick" , ma'am"no ma'am i'm fine"I sat and looked at him again, when i looked at him he was still looking at me and smiling,maybe he laughed because of me. that's why i avoided looking and i'm really ashamed of what happened.My friend asked me what happened and why so I didn't hear anything when ma'am called me." Hey yesha, did something happen?" ,ericaShe asked while she was also laughing."Nothing i was just thinking so I didn't notice that ma'am was calling me" ,yeshaI don't know what to do i feel like i'm shy and really ashamed of my classmate."are you sure you're okay?" ,ericaand she still keeps on laughing."i'm really not going to be okay cause you laugh out loud"I just bowed down in and looked at him again."are you not carried away?",lucasa question to me by one of my classmates."What do you mean?" ,yesha"I've been looking at you since earlier, and it's obvious that you like someone you've been looking at since earlier" , lucas"wait, how did you say that I like him? , yesha"Enzo is the name of the one you've been looking at for a while, my classmate since elementary but he's not my friend" , lucasAll I can is he's really too good when it comes to love."I am yesha",yeshaI reached my hand because i am introducing myself, and it is also a symbol that i want to know his name."I'm lucas but if you want call me luke",lucas"Nice to meet you luke",yesha"I am also like that to you yesha" ,lucasThis story is about of story of High school love story, so let's start the story and i hope you guys you like.

  • life of sadness

    life of sadness

    PEOPLE HAVE AN PROBLEM one of those people is the girl have an severe pain in her life .her life is ful of darkness and pain her brother died 2 years ago and ASTREA TIKADA DEVEROX wants starting an new life but her life was ruin by his cancer disease only she need to do is going to figth astrea is sorrow because she always feel the pain in her life "god if you want to take me plss can i spare my mom a little bit time " (astrea said )"astrea dear pls dont leave me i love you so much my daugther plss dont leave me i cant take it anymore if i lose you in my life "(mom'said)when the time come thath god take astrea to the afterlife astrea wished her mom to go on the miracle bridge

  • lullaby of sadness

    lullaby of sadness

    I used to like Lullaby’s, each night I would fall asleep to my parents’ soft voices and have sweet dreams about fairy's and unicorns. Until one day those Lullaby’s faded away leaving me with nights of loneliness and tears. When I finally get away from those nights of torture and when I had finally found a safe place to sleep. I die.I finally had a peaceful life. Now I can't catch up with the number of times, I have nearly died again.

  • Tears Of Sadness

    Tears Of Sadness

  • Causes of sadness

    Causes of sadness

  • The sadness girl

    The sadness girl




    apa yang terjadi dengan kehidupan jira?apakah ia bisa bertahan di dunia ini atau tidak? simak cerita berikut

  • Her sadness

    Her sadness

  • my sadness

    my sadness

  • Lost sadness

    Lost sadness