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  • The Extraterrestrial

    The Extraterrestrial


    X-001 was a being not from Earth. He exactly looks like a human but he was different. He can fly. He's invulnerable from bullets, explosions, radiation, you name it.He doesn't need sleep.He can eat foods but he also don't need to eat a whole serving. As long as he consumed some proteins or carbohydrates, he can last for 10 years without eating.To us, he's like a god. But what about his home planet? Is he also a god? A citizen that was fleeing because he commited something illegal? Or an innocent person who was framed for something he didn't do?

  • Extraterrestrial Love

    Extraterrestrial Love

    Angelica who finds an escaped alien named Daniel by the bridge between trinity hills and Venezuela. Unfortunately, the government and the Military both want the alien back for their personal, selfish reasons. Can Angelica help him escape from it all?



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  • A Certain Extraterrestrial Void

    A Certain Extraterrestrial Void


    Together with the real Aihana Etsu, Distort, the first level 6 in Academy City, Sakura Atomi a.k.a. Void, is tasked to repel extraterrestrial attacks which she brought towards Earth.Disclaimer: I don't own Toaru series. The images and fonts aren't a subject to copyright infringement.

  • Moon Theory (BL)

    Moon Theory (BL)


    [ABO]In the peaks of midwinter lies an unconscious young man with snowlike hair and startling, duotone eyes. His features blend so much with the tundra he just may disappear. Strangely captivating, but such an appearance is no doubt unhuman.Then enter Combat Unit One and a man who, despite his irritating personality, is unfortunately a little bit eye-catching.“If I had to assign a relationship…” the man says with a low curve of his lips, “it would be prisoner and captor?”“Colonel Yang,” he replies sharply, “you are cracked in the head.”---Year 2066 – a population of eight billion was wiped down to the marginals. Particle radiation hit a rotating satellite, then a spaceship, then… mass mutation, mass extinction.Theoretically, when the geodynamo fails, those left behind will become some sort of extraterrestrial. Humanity’s always had a stubborn streak, however, so the intelligent will thrive and the combatants will fight.But, alternatively, while most have sacrificed for this planet, a young man decides, fuck it all.---Explicit Content Warning (R18+): profanity, heavy gore, violence, sexual content, drugs and alcohol, boys’ love, ABO.Cross-posted on CG: https://chrysanthemumgarden.com/novel-tl/mt/Patreon for advance chapters: https://patreon.com/yiyuehuaTwitter for art and other things: https://twitter.com/yiyuehuaVisit our site for curated OG BL novels: https://thedailyeggplant.carrd.co/Join our author and reader's discord: https://discord.gg/7PnRz4KGgf





    Cole Sullivan is your typical teenager who loves to play streaming matches with his squad INTREPID. But he got diagnosed with a disease that would turn him blind slowly. With no hope in life, hanging on the verge of turning blind forever in the future, Cole comes across the bionic lenses offered to him which little to his knowledge, he had no idea that it was more than just two pieces of lenses to clear his vision.________________________________With Cole having no idea what The Suprem Vision System is, the host itself activates the system also while calling out for the extraterrestrial beings for a relay as it functioned that way.Unknown to Cole, the entire universe is after him now! ________________________________"Stop changing my eye color," Cole yelled."What? Why? Don't you want to attract the girls? Half of them are attracted to eye color." "Then stick to one color. You keep changing them every second from blue, green, grey, orange. People are giving me weird looks." Cole wailed."Oops! My bad! Too many girls here and all have different preferences."Cole just groaned amid the shopping mall.________________________________READ TO FIND OUT ABOUT COLE'S JOURNEY! THIS IS NOT LIKE YOUR TYPICAL SYSTEM NOVEL! THINGS GET INTERESTING, JUST KEEP CALM. IT TAKES TIME!

  • My Super Pet Dragon

    My Super Pet Dragon


    It is an age where monsters walk the earth and animals mutated by an extraterrestrial microorganism from Mars. Humanity is decimated and retreats to its last few cities, clinging on to survival. However, in the greatest moments of despair, there is hope. The Warriors, an elite group of humans who have defeated the monsters and gained powers that bring their abilities beyond that of humanity, stand in defence of the species. Yang Tian is a young man with dreams of becoming the greatest Warrior. After suffering a setback in his dreams, he found a dragon egg that belonged to his grandfather. Amazingly, the egg hatches, and Yang Tian is suddenly granted the power of a pet dragon! However, the world is cruel and dangerous, and Yang Tian must overcome not only the threat of monsters, but also of other Warriors who want to see him fail. Can Yang Tian and his pet dragon overcome the numerous challenges in this brave new world?

  • Mech: Shattering of the Galaxy

    Mech: Shattering of the Galaxy


    Dreams are… a reality that only those who are capable can speak about. This was an era marked by the births of geniuses! This was an era where heroes could be found everywhere! The fierce conflict between the aristocrats and the civilians, the open and veiled battles between the Federation and the Empire, the restlessly lurking extraterrestrials… When the principles of truth were within the range of battleship cannons, when order had no place in this world… Mu Fan, with the mysterious intelligent life “Black” and his unwavering will, fiercely tore open the magnificent Great Galaxy Era!

  • ZO2014 (2021)

    ZO2014 (2021)



    -WARNING: SLOW UPDATES FOR NOW -Cody is one of the 100M left alive due to a viral outbreak that caused the world to end. Humanity crumbled in a blink of an eye. In 2012 Japanese astronauts got sent into space to study the Moon more and in an act to find extraterrestrial life. In the process they found a weird looking shell in a meteor shaped hole, once the shell opened the world went to hell; millions were killed within a few days, then it went up to the billions within weeks; now the rest are left to defend theirselves. 5 years later Cody and his sister Aya were on their own, Aya got hit with a sickness and he went out on a supply run to get some medicine. When he came back he returned to a burning building. Now he seeks revenge for his sister who was ‘murdered’ by someone. Cody found a group of people, who he would eventually refer to his family, Cody and his group will stumble across conflict, love and death; not to mention Demis, they face worse than death. They are hunted for being a human/animal hybrid, they are also blamed for the apocalypse due to the growth of their population months prior to the apocalypse, which builds the hatred for demis. Only one question remains… who lives… and who dies? Will everyone get their happy ending?Alternate Series (does not effect the actual story):The End Of Our Time (Aria_br0_k3n)Chapter length: 1,400+ wordsRunning: 2021-present Discord: in constructionOther Profiles:RoyalRoad: https://www.royalroad.com/profile/274242

  • Earth: Tentacle Planet

    Earth: Tentacle Planet

    Sci-fi Romance R18 SMUT

    No one truly knows why the aliens suddenly invaded Earth, but they seem to only want one thing: to turn all of humanity into their mindless sex slaves. College professor Sarah Cassidy and her students spend the first day of the invasion running from monstrous forms, hoping to avoid the terrible fate of being captured by writhing tentacles and added to their vast breeding nest. Will the small group of humans manage to outwit the insatiable extraterrestrials, or will their holes become subjected to endless pleasure?[WARNING: This book is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes with multiple partners of all sexes, dubious consent, graphic language, and brief scenes of taboo relationships, which may be considered offensive by some readers. Reader discretion is advised.]

  • The Ultimate Host

    The Ultimate Host



    One fateful encounter with an extraterrestrial being leaves a man named Cross with inhuman powers and abilities. What will Cross do when he finds out international criminal organizations and government agencies want to dissect him and use the powers of the being for their own evil use? Join the adventure!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Awakened Mechanic

    The Awakened Mechanic


    Vader was an unfortunate young lad who was deemed as a criminal, he wasn't favored by fortune and always made to face adversaries. He was bullied and oppressed.But, upon reaching the verge of death, Vader awakens his potential giving him a chance to face the unfairness he had faced until now. In the world of Nanor where people use individual powers called stellar capabilities to fight, Vader uses his awakened ability called Mechanic Sagacity to fight. Upon getting the power to craft and engineer anything, Will he be able to fight the extraterrestrial monsters and foes?To know more start reading![Disclaimer: I do not own the image on the cover and will be taken down when asked to. All rights to the image go to the respective owner]Discord: https://discord.gg/UYJgNtyeh2

  • Across the Galaxy

    Across the Galaxy



    We all wonder about the existence of aliens, but ever wondered what if the person next to you is one but you just don't know it yet? Meet Kazaliur an intergalactic explorer from the planet ZMR-47/ Caisieus, who travels "Across the Galaxy" in search of Various lifeforms. Kazaliur was the Captain of his team and was determined to discover a new inhabiting planet and earn "Space Master"  the most elite title and the prestigious award an explorer can get. On his journey to the Milky way, he decided to navigate an uncharted territory, but being the responsible Captain he is, he did not take any crew members to spare them the risksDue an error on the wave function of the navigating system, on his way back to the mothership his path deflected and he ended up on a planet called MZ-14, or as the inhabitants of the planet called it, "Earth". This planet was one of the red listed planets, i.e. completely unsuitable for survival due to its high concentration of oxygen in the environment which was lethal to them.He had given up on ever surviving there and decided to stay in his ship as long as it takes. However his ship was attacked by an elite organization which deals with unauthorized extraterrestrial visits and his instincts made him run. He was surprised when he survived beyond the expected limit of the 24hours on Earth. But the question was how long can he survive here, when he was the most wanted ET on the planet?Jump into the story and find out more[The picture is taken from pinterest and edited by me]PS: =//=== WFP-18 GOLD TIER WINNER ====//=WANT TO CONNECT WITH ME?1. Insta- @silly.mlk2. discord - #sillymlk86873. Twitter- @Sillymlk

  • Super Technology Extractor

    Super Technology Extractor


    Fang Hao is the helm of the world’s most advanced technology company.From aircraft models to track shuttles, from car models to super-intelligent sports cars.From the field of household products to the field of industrial machinery, from the field of aerospace to the exploration of extraterrestrial planets.Astrology Declaration: “We are born to create technology.”Fang Hao Declaration: “I think there are two main types of technology products, one is the other, and the other is mine.”P.S: I AM JUST THE DISTRIBUTOR AND THE ALL CREDIT SHOULD GO TO THE AUTHOR BECAUSE WITHOUT HIS HARD WORK THIS STORY WON'T BE POSSIBLE.Author : Rotten WoodDistributer : Almighty_flex

  • Shazia: The Galactic Knight

    Shazia: The Galactic Knight


    Shazia, a special girl , the only descendant of the most powerful galactic knight . She grew up on planet Earth, running away whenever her powers are exposed , until she was fed up with it and that's when she met a group of bionic teenagers that call themselves 'The Defenders'. She decided to join them in traveling through the Galaxy, protecting planet Earth from Extraterrestrials and also find out who she was ? Why was she created? What was her destiny?.

  • Soran Kosmos

    Soran Kosmos


    The whole world went into chaos when the extraterrestrial race called Ikar introduced themselves with immoral intentions to the residents of the planet Alaris. Superior to humans in every way the Ikar gradually became more influential than humans themselves. Resulting in a full-fledged war that went on for 100 years between two diverse species that fought for their place on the grounds of Alaris Unwillingly caught up between these two species was our mc, Alyx Kramer The first human born with powers powerful enough to rival the Ikar themselves. Was he Humanity's last hope Or destruction disguised as one?

  • Rainbows in Your Eyes

    Rainbows in Your Eyes

    Andrew Dorincourt has the blood of powerful shifters in his veins. It’s his job to take care of his siblings, who are his pack, and he has no intention of letting anything get in the way. However, he’s seen the love shared not only by his parents but by the Papas, the men who raised his mother, and he wants that for himself. The problem is none of the young women he’s dated have left him wanting anything more than to go home alone. Perhaps he’d have more success by dating men, as his brother does. Only it seems he’s not very successful at that, either.<br><br>Da’ric is the son of Ric’u, a Brachi who’d been stranded on Terra for decades, and David Knight, an ichthyologist who traveled up the Amazon in search of his heart’s desire. Seeing the deep love his fathers have for each other, Da’ric determines to settle for nothing less. At any rate, the dating pool is pretty much empty in the Lagoon of Dreams, and so he goes to the States, where he intends to become a herpetologist. In order to do that, he must mingle with normals, Terrans who have no idea extraterrestrials share the planet with them. When he walks among Terrans, he must disguise his heritage by wearing sunglasses to conceal his rainbow-colored eyes and long-sleeved shirts to hide his scale-patterned skin.<br><br>After being kidnapped and sold to a high-ranking member of the London underworld to be displayed as the Snake Boy, Da’ despairs of ever seeing his beloved family again, until Drew wanders into the House of Oddities and helps Da’ escape.<br><br>Is it fate, kismet, or destiny that brings together the offspring of two very unique families? Have these two been waiting for each other, and will the future hold the love they’d both been seeking?

  • The Memoirs of an Alien

    The Memoirs of an Alien

    [Weird Fiction - a rather breathless and generically slippery macabre fiction, a dark fantastic tale often featuring nontraditional alien monsters.]This is a weird fiction novella created as a 'memoir' of an astral entity, Oine, and recounts her earliest days in others planes of space to her more recent ones here on Earth. Includes much of her experiences of all natures; tales of rivalry, loves found and Love lost, lust, betrayal, debauchery, drugs, wild extraterrestrial sex, hints of bdsm, death and horror, and even finding one's self and learning what makes a human, human. (WARNING - Softcore porn, Some R-Rated references-)

  • United We Fight Even If The World Falls

    United We Fight Even If The World Falls


    It all started from a misunderstanding.It culminated in the form of a mysterious message received in the far future. Rhyme Rivetta, Secretary of State for the World Government, took this message seriously. Unfortunately, she was the only one, and one person alone could not hope to stop an extraterrestrial invasion.

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