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  • UFO Mystery

    UFO Mystery

    In a farway town, were no one knows.A teen lives, a school she goes.A mystery arrive at every doors.Someone must solve their burning pores.A fire ignites, they think they're right.A stranger crawls deep, in the noiseless night.

  • UFO Prince, I'm Your Delicious Princess

    UFO Prince, I'm Your Delicious Princess



    Miyu Aiuchi, a 15 years old high school student at Earth Tomodachi Academy. She has a normal life, normal friends, and normal dreams. To buy an ideal house where they could live. The aliens visiting Earth, monsters appearing out of nowhere and people being sent to an alternate world didn't matter to her. She wanted to make her dream come true. Will she ever buy a house??? Or does she need to be friends with the alien prince to get one???

  • Earth | 9th century AR

    Earth | 9th century AR


    The story unfolds after the friendly aliens saved our Blue Planet from death, but the problems kept arising here and there, and both races act together, trying to save humanity this time for sure. At least so it seems on a face of it. The young earthling and ... not as young, but certainly a full of energy UFO representative come to the forefront of the story. How do they get along? Do they need to? Who is a true friend? I will try to reveal these and a couple of hundred more questions in the story.*Tag MPREG doesn't mean that the story is all about the pregnancy term... if that matters ;)First 12 chapters will be uploaded fast enough. And the further update pattern will be 1 ch. per 3-5 weeks.I update weekly on Tapas with the split chapters. If you prefer it more often in smaller bites - please visit the Earth there and subscribe




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  • 篮坛天王


      猛龙过江!篮坛天王!   这是一个留学生得到了一个能够提升自己实力的外挂之后开始在NBA叱咤风云的故事。 在NBA呼风唤雨?在好莱坞左拥右抱,美女如云?或是在扣篮大赛上让文斯卡特惊呼UFO? 没有不可能,看主角如何在NBA唯吾独尊!成长需要时间,进步需要空间!或许有一天,你也能像主角一样屹立在世界巅峰!

  • 异界之光脑威龙


      郑重推荐《战国杂家吕不韦》   是我改变了世界,还是世界改变了我!   新人新书,敬请支持!   ※※※※※※※※※※※※※   一架UFO的突然降临,带来了一台神奇的学习机。   逆差时间,人家修炼一小时,我可以在虚拟空间中修炼一倍,五倍,十倍的时间,绵绵无尽的时间造就出最伟大的新一代法师   ※※※※※※※※※※※※※   终极白鹤亮翅群:9437635(只招铁杆,非诚勿扰!)

  • 7 SCENES

    7 SCENES

  • Castle in the Sky

    Castle in the Sky


    When Xóchitl and Aspen are abducted by a strange UFO their future seemed uncertain at best. The girls find themselves embarking on an adventure in parallel universes. Facing strange new obstacles and finding love was the least of their expectations.

  • Unfeasible Society

    Unfeasible Society


    Clyde was gone for 10 years but during those years, a changed happen to his 2 friends. Carl and Louis. When Clyde went back, he didn't know what was going on. He thought that he could hang out and be friends with Louis and Carl but he can't. He can't accept the fact that the two are having their own separate ways. Clyde like his friends that much and out of his stubbornness, he tries to make the two to reconcile and bring back things to normal. Fate could not accept it and so he was having a hard time to process things out but due to his nature, Clyde didn't stop. Join Clyde to seek the answer and break the norms that fate predestined for his friends.

  • 在乱入的世界里开始抽奖



  • Gray little

    Gray little

    A young man witness a UFO crash in his father's the boy discovered rescued two alien humanoid which one of them letter dies.., after the dead of the alien the boy promised to keep the other alien safe from authorities at all cost..

  • A Love Beyond The Nations

    A Love Beyond The Nations

    Do you believe in UFOs? Meet our protagonist Mydhili, a Ufologist. She is everything that an average sweet girl is ....not! She is hot-tempered and her boyish attitude along with her unrivaled beauty is something that will wreck the nations... In her story, even the law of "Opposites attract" will be shattered when she meets him... in a faraway place. In the world full of chaos, what will happen when she excavates the truth? Well, this story is a mixture of historical fiction, romance fiction, Sci-fi with some real-life incidents and characters. To simply put, it is a combo of the three. Read along to find out what happens when history connects both of them...and how is history connected to them! -------------------------------------------------- Join my exclusive community: https://www.patreon.com/adorableiris (for advance chapters)

  • Soul * Diggers

    Soul * Diggers


    This is a story about a 33 year old named Barbara. Barbara is fascinated with anything that has to do with outer space, extraterrestrials and UFOs. Barbara's believes she's been probed and that she's from another planet. She feels like she doesn't belong on planet Earth with humans. So Barbara soul searches only to find out she's being watched by unknown beings. We all are. Is this her true family watching? Or did Barbara dig to deep? She definitely finds more than she bargained for.

  • The Sea of Grass

    The Sea of Grass

    In your normal 'guy is summoned to the medieval setting' the goal is to conquer the Demon King and live happily ever after. This one is quite a bit more complicated. Some aliens 14,000 years before the opening of the story created a planter to grow some plants. This plateau is the Sea of Grass. Planters come in all sizes and shapes. Some are round. Some square. Some rectangular. They all hold soil where plants of various types are grown for one reason or another. I have always found the arguments for UFO's and ancient space aliens visiting earth to be silly. What if 14,000 years ago a set of space aliens created a planter that had corners in: Off the coast of Baja California to Savannah, GA to James Bay in Canada to Jasper, BC and back to the Baja? The planter is divided into six valleys with a long thin lake DEEP lake in the middle. Each valley is about 700 miles by 700 miles. In the valley the top soil is 60' deep... Yes, 60'. Most topsoil is measured in inches throughout the world. The total depth of the planter is 348 feet. The walls are made of basalt. The valleys are filled with 10' tall grass. All the mega-fauna for the late Pleistocene are still alive, plus there are nasty animals that we have not found so far. Everything in human history is changed. The ice from glacier on top of North America in the last Ice Age was used to make the lake in the Sea of Grass, thus the water level of earth went up 100' instead of 300' at the end of the last Ice Age. The Chinese took over the world, more than once. As the story opens a century has passed since the last collapse of worldwide Chinese culture. The nobles of that century would not allow steam power to prosper, so the resulting revolts destroyed everything. Dr. John is summoned to repair the containment wall and to address a whole host of problems. His problem: He arrived over a thousand miles from where he was supposed to be... AND he arrives in the midst of a war. Watch how Dr. John fights a series of battles of fighting retreat to reach the Inner Sea... What awaits him there? Do you believe in happily ever after? Say... Are the aliens REALLY gone?

  • Astrophiliac



    Apakah kalian pernah memikirkan konsistensi alien di bumi? Atau penampakan-penampakan UFO yang beredar di media sosial? Apakah kalian percaya semua itu? kalau tidak, mungkin kalian harus memikirkannya kembali.Tidak, aku bukan alien atau sejenisnya. Aku hanya manusia biasa yang memiliki satu philia. Namun aku pernah menjalani kisah asmara bersama satu makhluk. Dia menyerupai manusia, tapi dia bukan manusia. Aku mengenal mereka sebagai nequitia. (Latin)

  • Une Montre

    Une Montre

    Pernahkah kalian membaca dan mendengar kisah tentang penjelajah waktu? Meski terdengar begitu kental dengan fiksi dan imajinasi, namun ada banyak foto foto bersejarah dari masa lalu yang menangkap moment aneh seperti seorang pejalan kaki di tahun 1870-an yang memegang telepon seluler yang faktanya ponsel baru mulai digunakan pada era 1990-an, atau juga gambar lukisan sejarah berumur ratusan tahun di artefak kuno yang terdapat gambar seperti UFO dan lain-lain yang terdengar seperti teknologi modern yang dimasa itu tak pernah ada. Andre dan Agus, dua anak SMA yang tak pernah menyangka bahwa menjelajah waktu itu benar-benar dapat dilakukan. Mereka yang terjebak di masa lalu, hingga berhadapan dengan rumitnya masa depan. Belum lagi fakta tentang adanya organisasi jahat yang berkedok sebagai pahlawan dunia yang harus terungkap. Ikuti serunya jalan ceritanya, dengan beberapa jalan cerita yang konyol dan mungkin menghibur.

  • Ultrafate: Origins

    Ultrafate: Origins


    [Book 1 in the Ultrafate Series]Quinia, a land that's name stands for "5 kinds."Follow 4 stories reaching all throughout Quinia, and get a feel for what each of these 5 species can do.(This book is still being written...)

  • Jackson Tenet

    Jackson Tenet


    The world is on the brink of change. As the Pentagon releases more and more proof of UFO’s, questions continue to grow that demand answers. What one boy discovers deep in the Arizona woods will change his life, and the world, forever. This is the story of Jackson Tenet.

  • KINESIS : Putri Biru

    KINESIS : Putri Biru


    Tere hidup bersama ibunya, di salah satu kota kecil di Jawa Tengah bernama Wonosobo. Mereka hidup berdua, tanpa ayah dan kerabat lainnya, di rumah yang menyepi cukup jauh dari permukiman lainnya.Hidupnya penuh misteri. Tere menyadari dirinya bisa melakukan sesuatu diluar nalar manusia. Dia bisa mengendalikan benda tanpa menyentuh. Telekinesis.Suatu hari, Tere menemukan sebuah buku usang di kamarnya. Buku tua sederhana yang ditulis dengan mesin ketik. Ia membacanya dan menyadari bahwa buku itu menceritakan kisah dirinya sejak pertama kali tiba di bumi.Suatu malam, seorang pria bersenjata menyusup ke rumah menyerang ibunya. Tere berhasil mengusirnya dengan telekinesis. Hari berikutnya, satu keluarga aneh yang mengaku kerabat mereka datang ke rumahnya. Hari berikutnya lagi, sekelompok orang asing berkemampuan tak masuk akal datang dengan pesawat aneh. Orang-orang menyebutnya UFO. Pesawat itu mengangkut tujuh manusia aneh yang berasal dari negeri kelahiran Tere._______________CERITA SUDAH DIPINDAHKAN KE PLATFORM LAIN

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