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By the year 2350, Earth was quite different than the futuristic dystopia that was imagined by scientists and comic book authors alike. With greed and corruption more rampant and powerful than ever, human beings were on the brink of ending humanity itself with countless wars and skirmishes.

However, before such a tragedy could become a reality for Earth, an unexpected visitor saved humanity from the brink of self-extinction, one who was suffering from the devastating effects of their own extinction event.

Humanity had been searching the cosmos for signs of extraterrestrial life for several centuries now, but they didn't expect was to be discovered by an alien race first who were known as the Yalhvi.

The Yalhvi were a supernatural race capable of manipulating elements and using other abilities, something that was only considered Sci-Fi up to that point.

After suffering from a similar fate in their home world which ultimately led to the destruction of the whole planet, the remaining Yalhvi swore of violence as they scoured the galaxy in search of another suitable planet to call home.

A historic peace treaty was forged; granting the Yalhvi residence on Earth. In exchange, the Yalhvi shared their knowledge and revealed the secrets behind their supernatural abilities.
With this newfound understanding, humanity slowly began awakening its very own extraordinary powers.

Many discoveries were made and humanity advanced forward at an exponential rate. With the help of the Yalhvi, many more secrets were found and questions answered.

Humanity expanded its reach much farther than the solar system, finally making contact with dozens of other species within the galaxy and establishing connections, greatly improving their technology thanks to Yalhvi's architecture and design.

However, once again humanity fell victim to greed as they didn’t heed the warnings that Yalhvi had given them.

Slowly, a hierarchical system emerged, where the strong reigned supreme and the powerless were oppressed. Wars erupted once again, this time posing an even greater threat than nuclear warfare, threatening to destroy all this great progress and risk the very survival of the human race once again.

Amidst the chaos, ten courageous warriors arose, standing united to end the devastating conflicts that plagued their world and achieve some semblance of peace.


“We welcome humanity to the beginning of a new year and a new century. May we continue to flourish and make many more advancements in the coming years! Here’s to making more cherished memories in 2600!”

As the holographic image of a spokesperson projected across Emerald City, announcing the arrival of a brand new year, a young boy named Mako walked through a dimly lit alley, his discontent brewing within.

"Humph! Another year of happiness reserved for the privileged and wealthy. For us, it's more of the same," Mako muttered to himself as he continued walking through the alley.

Little did he know that a new enemy was about to reveal itself, threatening the destruction of the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and with the dawn of this new year, a path would unveil that destiny had intricately woven for him to become the one who would either save the galaxy or lead to its destruction if he were to fail.

Amidst the struggles and injustices, Mako's role in shaping the future would be the key to the survival of trillions of living beings, challenging the oppressive forces that sought to maintain control over everything.


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    Bro listen this was one heck of an adventure for me cuz first of all I'm not interested in these kind of novels but my friend insisted and boy was shocked like what an amazing story so far, you really represented the Webnovels writers potential with your work, keep up the gud work.#UPS gang❤️

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    Very interesting first chapter. It vicidly gives the readers info about the world background as well as the power system that will be in play. Moreover, it also adds a bit of realism to this fantasy world given how humans had made certain decisions out of greed and whatnot. Overall, incredible start. Good luck, author.

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    Great Story, unique from all points. Having read 112 episodes, I can say that it's a story that's normal at start and fun to read at beginning but it just get better as you read. It's a growth type story in which emotions are slowly grown and make you attached to the story. The more you read it, the more you feel related to the characters in the story, that's just how believable it is. This will be my short review because I don't know what I can say to really better the review. That's all I'll say . I'm still reading and will read it to latest point. I want to say that if there is a loss there is gain then, bear with the dumb moments where mc is doing dumb stuffs like punching tree, or scared of height and later when he learns from his mistake you will feel the gain, the emotions. This makes the story great because only through such naive and negative actions do we realise how positive they are in the end. Thank you for making this great novel. I was just reading the flashback story of Leon, where his mother was killed and he started hating his Dad, without knowing I had tears in my eyes. This is so emotional and that's when I decided that this story is already a diamond in rough.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    he lives in a technological advanced world and doesn't know how stats work........... he put his first 2 stats into perception which he didn't. eed at all at the moment and nit strength....... why? seriously why? He has been beaten to the point of near death for years and could barley finish the exercises and he was just like oh well I'll just put these 2 points Into the Stat I don't understand, even though I literally just ready a very clear straight forward description, and not into the one thing I need right now........

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    I was expecting a realistic story after reading the 1st chapter but by 7th chapter i realized that this will be just another pipedream novel about world peace and a hero raised out of tragedy (quite appealing to ignorant masses). The deceased grand mother character made sure that the MC will be person who is happy to have people walk all over him with an assuring attitude that he wont take any revenge even when he becomes powerful in the future. I guess these kind of MC's appeal to the hidden masochistic side of whimps.

    View 2 Replies

    At first, I thought this was just a copy of The bloodline system and my vampire system. But no, even though at the start they might seem similar, as the story progresses it becomes better. I just read 25 chapters and already am in love with it. Hope that you publish more chapters

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    The writing was captivating, The characters were believable and I cared about them,The plot had so many twists and turns I couldn't put the book down and I look forward to witness a more upstanding story.

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    well here is my honest opinion story isn't that bad as some people are saying but it also isn't a masterpiece it's something of you can read to pass time about MC personality he is enthusiastic yet braindead he wanna do great things but is coward. Overall society is trash if you don't have powers you are trash a lot of social status differences and a few things here and there doesn't make sense still I am writing this review after reading early chapter I think it has potential but whether or not author perform good or not who knows

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    Well to be honest i saw a lot of potential on ur history but i don't like the type of mc that i've saw. Hi tries to be some kinda of Captain America like but this is not the type that i like. So to summarize the author either is sadic or want to run totally from any sign of a edgy mc. To be rlly honest everything i liked except the mc just not my cup of tea.

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    I am at Chapter 200 so just a quick question there is mention of the power system you introduced ( like Rookie,alpha,master, grand master ,legendary) could we expect it in the future

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    Amazing story and world building, established many things very quickly but not rushing things, amazing story and I recommend reading it. KEEP WRITING, MY BESTO FRIENDO!

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    everything about the novel is great except I don't see a lot of romance doesn't he have charm there are plenty of novels out there but people lose interest when finding out there's no female characters interested in the protagonist

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    This is one of the best novel on this platform please keep updating and I love how bill gose from be a bully to being the main character best friend

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Interesting plotline and a decent start but your upload schedule needs some work.

    View 3 Replies

    if i hoestly have to say anything, its the fact that the test to get into the military was waaaaaaaaaay to drawn out. i like the details, but i feel there are certain things that are focused on to much (ie, some of the notifications from the system are to unnecessarily focused on), especially with the word count per chapter. the chapters are quite short, and a lot of them go into explaining small details, rather than focusing on the main story. i know a lot of people enjoy slow paced novels, and there was a lot of information being divulged, but the entrance test for the military was from chapter 77 to 219 of (from what ive picked up) was only 15ish days long in the story. im not saying thats bad, certain people enjoy the focus on all the minute details, but frankly, it feels like there was a lot of filler, and repeated information. idrc about the characters traits, as those are bound to change with time, and i like to see the end result, but i feel like it would take to much time with that kind of pace. Im not meaning to dog or anything, im just saying theres a lot of filler and repeat information. and unless the pace of the story picks up, theres bound to be a lot of dissatisfaction arrising over time. i havent read past 219, and as i said, there was a lot of information to process, but the fact that its over 200 chapters, and we havent made it off the base planet, is a buzzkill for me so imma just drop it. i hope you still keep going with it, and wish you luck, but as much patience as id like to believe i have, thats way to slow paced for me.

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    The human interaction is just a bit too forced and unrealistic, the author tries to push a forgiving naruto-esque kind of MC which is calm but it’s too rushed and it interrupts the immersion. I mean i threaten to kill you and insult the one family member you ever had and you forgive me in a jiffy? Not saying the MC has to be vengeful but at least make it realistic, drag it out a bit, hint at it initially and carefully build up to it rather than lazily skip to that point all of a sudden. We’re all humans and it makes no sense cause even the best of people would find it difficult to forgive that easily. Storyline seems good and your writing isn’t bad either but the MC keeps ruining the immersion. Good luck on your story mate✌🏾

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    I cant believe I wasted my time reading this, isnt this suppose to be a world or monsters & ability? Instead we've got gang fights & underground fights. It feels like it's been written by a gang member or someone who loves to join a gang but never got the opportunity

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    ! It's a captivating magic novel that explores a world where magic is harnessed through a unique and interconnected power system. The story follows a group of young wizards as they navigate the intricacies of this magical world, uncovering ancient secrets and facing thrilling challenges along the way. The author does a fantastic job of describing the magic system and its rules, making it feel immersive and believable. The characters are well-developed, and their journeys are filled with excitement, mystery, and personal growth. Overall, it's a must-read for any magic and fantasy lover! 📚✨

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    The most lovable part of this book is the background story of the different characters. The build up is lit. Good job.

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    honestly from what Ive seen so far it seems like this system's main two goal are helping the user attain higher levels of power and help the user acquire the knowledge to recreate and probably improve the system otherwise there would be no reason to show anything more than the first video log

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    Author KingU