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  • Pirate’s Achievements System

    Pirate’s Achievements System



    “Ron” found himself inexplicably in the world of One Piece, after he was hit by a speeding truck. Facing a life-threatening situation, our hero was rescued by the fourteen-year-old Nami. After discovering his capability of evoking an achievement system, Ron’s adventure in one of his favorite fantasy worlds has started. Achievement: Small Fortune (Get 10 million berries) Achievement: Self-Discipline (1000 hours of practice time) Achievement: Berserker Mode (10,000 hours of practice time) Nami said with dull eyes: “what did you say…fifth-level magic?” “Yes! it’s called The Last Judgment.” ________________________________________ A / N: This novel is transmitted and not translated by me ... Author's name: Ye Nan Ting Feng 夜 南 听风 Translated site name: (If you want me to delete it or the original translator I will) TAG: Fantacy Adventure Action

  • fantacy world

    fantacy world


    faes is an orphan girl living her normal life as a student. she gets late to the restaurant she works in and gets fired. thinking of what to she was going home when she encountered an accident while saving a girl. she wished to meet god one time to beat him up for the painful life she went through before dying. suddenly she finds herself in a space in front of someone who calls themselves god. they send her to a fantasy world where she have to save the world and survive. with the same name faes begins her journey along with a system in the new world called lore. but is her luck with her when she encounteres a dragon just as she open her eyes as faes monesterio von altai the 2nd princess of kingdom altai? lets see how she survives and saves the world lore with a system and op skills. warning-the story contains cursing. ..........

  • Naughty Neighbour boyfriend

    Naughty Neighbour boyfriend


    This story may contain little bit of 18+ mature content . This story is of two neighbours Jane and Rehan . Jane get shifted to anather city where Rehan her is neighbour Rehan 1st saw her when she was sleeping on the sofa wearing bra and panties which was showing her perfect curves and half of her breast but he started falling for her because innocence and Genuineness. Jane is girl with beauty she is really good girl , Rehan is naughty boy let's see how Rehan will make her fall for him and how this two get intimate. This story is going to have love , romance, action , mature content lots of spices in one story so keep reading .thanks for reading.

  • Zurra fantacy

    Zurra fantacy

    Life is too short soo enjoy ur every day like ur last day

  • The amazing World of fantacy

    The amazing World of fantacy

  • Fantacy male leading

    Fantacy male leading

  • Sexual content with forbidden categories Porn sex is a thing in our da

    Sexual content with forbidden categories Porn sex is a thing in our da

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION

    storyhi guys, me and my friend were friends since school days we both studied in same school and college, as adults we used to watch porn and discuss about that one day he said about my mom and said sexy things about her i stopped him and later when i came home i realised about incest after few days we talked about incest and we both liking that things and i liking mom to have sex with her and later when no one in home me and my friend went to mom room and took her bra and placed on our dicks and her size is 40D and she looks like bbw 38 years and 95kg big boobs , ass and white body parts, we used fantancies about 3some and later i tried to see her nude but i never succeded i seen her with blouse thats and i have recorded mom dress changing and in that video i seen her melons and navel with no pussy available later i decided to show to my friend and i deleted video by guilty and i taught it was wrong and left taughts and continue our life later after so many years he got a job and staying in bangalore with single room with kitchen and after 2 years i too got a job in bangalore and stayed with him since job location is nearer to that place we again begin to continue our sex taughts we had a nice internet connection and used to watch porn nights and later some days there was a family function in bangalore my mom needs to attend function in city and she didnt know about city much which is 150km away from bangalore and decided to stay in same room for 2 days after function she came to room late night and she was tired and she changed dress to nighty and slept and that strucutre made us to get boner we came out of room and he said wow look at her ass and boobs its reminding old days and infact even i too got that taughts later we went back and slept since there is no bed we have 2 queen size matress she was on left side i slept in middle and he was on my right next day next day she went and made breakfast and we ate and went to job that day thy did lockdown for 15 days and no option her to go back to home she was with us for 15 days 2nd day went normal with some casual talks and we seen movie and add some good food and later that night he asked me when she was asleep i will go next to her i want to see thouse melons and he went took his cock lightly touch on her ass and later i said dont want and i went back to middle and slept 3rd day she went to bath and came back she went to balcony and came after sometime my friend went and seen that her bra and panty was washed and we knew that she not wearing inners that day our eyes were on that parts though it was not showing anything but slightly her boobs ass were showing their structure that was hard day for us and after she asked me to buy her inners and night dress though it was lockdown that time online shopping were available and we open that site in laptop and booked her inners and night dress size of 40d and panty xxl size which we already knew that was hot time to buy inners with her, 3rd day night he went and bought viagra and gave to her at lunch without knowing her and asusal we need to watch a movie but he played evaru telugu movie with hot extreme scenes and we knew with viagra she will be in mood but it didnt worked she slept , on 4th day we are in high mood that dress were arrived after bathing she changed her dress and size was loose for her her armpits and cleavage were visible lightly and bra strap were visible which mading us to tempt that day night we seen porn videos of incest when she was asleep on 5th day we decided to tell her that this things to her and after breakfast my friend said everything fantacies about her and she was in anger by seeing us and she slapped him and scolded and that day we not talk after dinner we said that it is wrong but your structure body making us think like that and made her realize and show google porn things about incest and slowly she is not ready to do and after some talks and telling this is not bad and my friend .

  • a girl who always being in fantacy

    a girl who always being in fantacy

  • To fantacy world with mew power

    To fantacy world with mew power



  • The Forbidden romance

    The Forbidden romance


    WARNING MATURED CONTENT R16 "Lies…deceit…." "Not feeling secure at all" " you guys never cared, you're all monsters, Cora,I never believe you could do this to me" Adia sobbed hard finding skeptical to believe what she's witnessing this very moment. **** Adia peters who's trying to make end needs and raise money for her dieing sister gets involved with Sebastian Hunters which results to a pregnancy which she tries hiding from everyone. But Sebastian eventually finds out about it, with Sebastian being a vampire and Adia a human, Adia can never bear a child for him, so he eventually marries her seeking for ways to save her. Adia being oblivious to the fact that the pregnancy can cause her life. Adia then falls in love with Sebastian but comes to find out that she can die soon. Sebastian doesn't consider Adia as he feels everything is a mistake. will Adia survive this? Will Sebastian fall for her? #true love #romance #fantacy

  • Power Influx

    Power Influx


    In this supernatural world with unlimited possibilities where the strong rule the weak Laston and Lynx two friends with similar background stories lost their parents due to the greed of those in power and due to that has sworn revenge against the perpetrators that instigated the evil that has caused them so much pain.but due to being weak and powerless, they must grow stronger through the same system that has caused them pain in other to avenge their lost one will they accomplish their goal all will their determination and zeal wither as they commence? The story revolves around Laston who seems to be gifted with talents that superseded his contemporary and is blessed by the have as he and his close companions strive to the top in other not to be trampled upon #Action#Romance#Fantacy#R18###########

  • Dreaming Worlds RPG ; I'm the weakest one in the another world

    Dreaming Worlds RPG ; I'm the weakest one in the another world


    Nagato Nawfi is a seventeen years old high school student. He loves his childhood friend Ayane but afraid to tell her.Oneday, he decided to propose her after school. He went to her classroom and found out she was proposed by some other guy and she accepted it.He decided not to tell her and he left. He was walking for home. He saw a truck was going to hit a girl. He saved the girl . Unfortunately he fell in front of the truck and got hit.When he woke up he found Himself in a fantacy world and it was RPG based.The Problem is, he never played RPG game in his lifetime. He started journey to find out "why he is here?". And on earth, his friends are concerned about his sudden disappearance.

  • I'm Not Who I Seem To Be

    I'm Not Who I Seem To Be

    Meet Princesses Athena Anderson who decides to run away from home to live a normal life. She always made sure to hide her face in public so that no one could know who she was. When she ran away she made sure to hide all traces of her and to move enough {to last at least 5 years} money to an untraceable account so that her father can't find her she also brought a plain ticket to Australia from that acount.Meet Joshua Jackson he is the most popular boy in school, is the captain of the football team and also the quarterback, is the the schools player/bad boy. He is also very rich. What will happen when these to meet. Read the book to find out.▪{Also this my first-ever book so sorry if it's bad}▪




    After getting killed in a factory explosion on Earth, Chad gets transmigrated to a parallel world called Offworld.The year is 2067 and the humans of Offworld have have managed to create mind bending technology. From hover cars to police in power suits. What is considered fantacy on Earth is reality on Offworld. But the most important invention is the discovery of rage. A drug originally created to fight deseases, began changing humans genes according to their blood types.Now with the world already chaotic, criminal gangs have become even more powerful. Faced with all that Chad must make a choice. Live an ordernary life or become a puppet master running the show.Author's Note:Hu guys if you like my book please support me with a power stone and a collection. Your support is deeply appreciated.

  • professional and casual

    professional and casual

    Teen ROMANCE

    Have you ever thought about your purpose? What is your wildest dream?This is not fairy tale, neither your fantacy. This is the real WORLD!Its okay to give your trust to people around you But build a wall to set bounderies. Be aware they might be a hypocrite Im Nicole, call me Anne if you hate me. 'WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY'

  • WhiteHound



    Mythology, ballads and even legends are all real.. All the fantacy creatures are coming out of nowhere.. Military soldiers, doctors and even scientist are trying their best to protect humanity from those beasts.. What will going to happen in future is still unknown.

  • Simulation player

    Simulation player

    Fantasy SYSTEM

    Nick is a guy who really doesn't want to do anything but wants everything, he wants to be rich but doesn't want to work hard for it, he wants to be the strongest but he doesn't have even the little bit of potential in his body, he wants to be famous but even in that department he's not that gifted,even in the new Era were spatial Crack and wormhole that leads to other world have appeared he still don't know what to do in life,but it all changes in one lucky draw



    Cassie is an eighteen years old girl who is stuck in an imaginary world.She felt she won't be able to have any of the good things in life and the only way she could,was for her to keep on imagining herself having the best of things. But what happens when Cassie's imaginary boyfriend shows up in her reality world but is stuck with a crazy fiancee...?Watch out!!!!#Romance#Love#Teen#Teenlove#Fantacy

  • First love still exist?

    First love still exist?

    #fantacy #first love #feelings #relationships #teen romance

  • Kiss The Doom

    Kiss The Doom

    Angel and doom love story with more fantacy.