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  • My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

    My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield



    Su Wen transmigrated and became the Prime Minister’s son, possessing both power and money. In the capital, Su Wen was known to be a profligate young master who had no cares. However, all of this was merely a façade. He was provided with a goldfinger which was a cultivation system that rewarded him for triggering intense emotions in others. He put on the image of an arrogant playboy to incur the negative emotions of others to farm points for his cultivation. Thus, he started on the path towards the pinnacle of life. But when he turned 18, something happened. A general's daughter went to war on behalf of her father and managed to rout the enemy, killing 40,000 of them. Such startling news became the talk of the town and everyone was apprehensive when they talked about this woman who killed without batting an eye. Meanwhile, Su Wen who had been having fun sowing his wild seeds in the capital was suddenly granted a marriage by the emperor. He was to marry this woman, the Goddess of Death.

  • Killing Gods

    Killing Gods


    If you had Super Powers, would you be a hero? It didn't work out that way on Earth.The Super-Apocalypse destroyed cities, leveled mountains, and killed billions. After the Supers finished killing each other, 97% of Earth's population was eradicated, and the landscape was unrecognizable. The Super Council was formed to end the war and protect the remaining humans. Each Super formed a nation and organized the humans into Armies and Military Academies. Earth entered an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity, but it was a peace bought by the near extinction of Humanity.Shin is a 15 year old boy attending a Military Academy, trying to do well in his studies and focus on his future as a Space Force Specialist. He lives in a world obsessed with becoming stronger, and people can! The talented earn the right to unlock their genetic potential, and enter the elite brotherhood of the Augmented.Why do the Supers push humans to become stronger? What dark secrets do they hold about Earth's place in the Meta-Verse? Can Supers protect the Earth from the dark gods hunting for it, or will it be up to the humans they are desperately augmenting? Shin doesn't know it, but his potential is 0. Will he be successful in school and romance? Will he uncover the secret to Killing Gods?

  • Killing Game: My Opponent Became a Box

    Killing Game: My Opponent Became a Box

    Li Yi, who carried the usury, was sold to a mysterious organization K by the Mafia.He had no choice but to participate in a killing game whose bonus was as high as 100 billion!Fortunately, he activated the human-box system, and the dead would explode a box in front of him."The corpse box was opened successfully!”"You will be rewarded with advanced fighting skills!”He was constantly learning new skills and becoming stronger. He was determined to get the 100 billion bonuses!

  • The Killing

    The Killing

  • The Killing at District 12

    The Killing at District 12

    Contemporary Romance R18 MYSTERY KILLER

    There were mysterious murders taking place at District 12 every last weekend of the month and the serial killer was at large. "Our killer was not just deliberately peeling of the face of his victims. He was also eviscerating their body and purging out their organs, particularly their hearts. It was like the killer wanted to remove everything that made one human." Two people who used to be high school friends and also shared a painful past; both lost a loved one on an incident that happened six years ago decided to join hands to solve this mystery. One was retired a forensic anthropologist who turned a new leaf and chose to become a professor at a medical school While the other was a former law enforcement officer who had decided to be into seminary and was just a step away from becoming an officially ordained priest Will they be able to identify the notorious killer that lurked the shadows of their district??? PS pic's not mine. Credit goes to the rightful owner

  • Killing Z

    Killing Z


    Complete Combat Skills, mental skills and emotional skills are obtained by a girl at a young age.She was forced to do so because of an unexpected apocalypse. A virus started to spread all over the world making every human beings into Zombies. The year 2188 was supposed to be a year of happiness and celebration but turns out to be a horrifying disaster. Survivors are turned into groups and teams that helps each other to survive. Some forced themselves to train and kill Zombies around the world.But it wasn't easy. These Zombies are not just one type of Zombies that move slower and eat human flesh. There are many kinds of them, more powerful than each other. Not even an ordinary soldier that held a gun could kill.In this century, humans kill in order to survive.

  • Your Love Is Killing Me

    Your Love Is Killing Me

    Not everyone dream of falling hopelessly in love with a bad boy, yet we all face an inescapable destiny.Jane Smith was no exception… Meeting James Watson was both the happiness moment of her life and the path leading to hell. With him surrounded by countless women, she could no longer bear the pain of constant betrayal and deceit. So with a heavy heart she was forced to bring their relationship to a bitter end… hoping to move on peacefully… but her reality would later become a living nightmare.Two years after parting ways, he suddenly returned to state his claim… this time reluctant to let her go. He could care less whether or not she would agree to be his."You either move into my place or I’ll move into yours… it’s up to you?" He declared arrogantly.When they saw each other again, this was the first thing he said to her.Photo by Luana Azevedo on Unsplash

  • Massacre killing

    Massacre killing

    Realistic Fiction MYSTERY TRAGEDY SCARY

    hello do you like it

  • Killing spree

    Killing spree

  • Killing Mason

    Killing Mason

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 BL

    Mason has always wished for a normal life, where he could be happy, and not have to deal with the struggles that come with being an omega. His one-way ticket to happiness is snatched away from him when his ex-best friend marks him as his. The only question is will Mason's mates accept him, even though he is marked by someone other than his destined pair? How will Mason respond to the many obstacles that face him shortly?

  • Killing House

    Killing House

    The Haunted House based on a true story, it have a lot of thrillers and Twist, it not imaginable story,because of true story, are you ready to enjoy it, let's go ahead, important thing it's not a copy of movie, it other than you heard story...




    Summary: The teenage boy was paralyzed by his unknown disease.He can't get up,He can't stand and all his days are spent with the bed and some Manga to relieve boredom. For An unknown reason he was in a situation where he didn't know where he was. And unnaturally. He met a woman who was asking him if he still wanted to live.Is she a grim reaper or is she a god? The answer is...

  • KILLING eyes

    KILLING eyes

  • Killing Snow

    Killing Snow


    Ebony Snow the last white werewolf in existence struggles to continue living after suddenly losing her parents at 5 years old an not long after being kidnapped by an unknown organization that was studying supernatural beings for military purposes. Whilst she's locked in one of the facilities cells she catches a glimpse of a familiar face. Anger surges as she realized it was the young boy she had saved from a hunting trap her parents had set up to guard their den...the day before her parents mysteriously vanished.~~~~"You!!!" she screamed, "I saved you, how...why would you?" tears began to spill from her eyes as she realized his betrayal. His head lowered as he mumbled something under his breath."I'm so-" his words were interrupted by arrival of a tall, muscular man with a threatening presence that caused Ebony to snarl and growl. The boy started shaking as the man beside him took his hand out of his pocket removing a small remote shaped item. As he pressed the button in the Centre Ebony jolted backwards falling to the ground whilst holding her stomach. Electric volts ran through her body and she convulsed on the ground, her painful screams piercing the ears of the young boy causing him to fist his hands hard enough to cut crescents into his palms. The tall man dressed in a army uniform patted the boys head softly after releasing the hold on the button."You did good son, you've finally begun helping your country" the girl stared up with gritted teeth glaring at the father son relation ship. 'So all of the things I've suffered through was for their bond and this so called country that's hunted my kind since the dawn of time out of cowardly fear!'. "You best learn to control your anger wolf or next time I won't be so generous. Your life now belong to S.I.M.W you will help create advanced military technology and weapons to further the achievement's in the human race."WARNING: MATURE Content later on in the novel however I will mark the chapters that include it with (r18) so those who don't enjoy reading it can continue enjoying the story ;)

  • Killing the Rich

    Killing the Rich

  • Killing Butterflies

    Killing Butterflies

    Sci-fi Romance SYSTEM

    In a world where the people living there have an affinity with an animal or element. Some people have the same affinity. Others, completely different. Yet, all unique.

  • Killing Game Quarter

    Killing Game Quarter


    11 Students wake up in a completely isolated building, with no way out, and no way to tell the time of day. They are forced to follow the rules of a "Killing Game' in order to earn their freedom, where murdering means a potential escape. From personal tensions and handpicked motivations, will they be able to find a way out before they all drop dead?




    En un mundo donde rebosaba la tecnología y escaseaba la naturaleza, vivía un muchacho perdido. Alguien, de tantos, que no recordaba la tragedia flameante de su infancia.Sólo sabía una cosa: sus padres y hermano mayor habían muerto. Su misión, después de ardúos años de prácticas bajo el cuidado de su tutor, era encontrar al responsable. Y lo haría, sin importar qué. Le daba igual incendiar naciones o demoler gobiernos de pies a cabeza. Él sólo quería saber su pasado.Noah Fukushima quería saber quién era él en realidad. Y su nuevo y excéntrico compañero de aventuras lo ayudaría... ¿cierto?He aquí el comienzo del fin, en donde dos mundos similareschocan para crear una explosión terrible; increíble y abrumadora. En donde un mundo corrompido intenta aplastarlos y ellos, con una sonrisa feroz dibujada en sus rostros, dan lucha hasta el final.

  • Killing With Smiles

    Killing With Smiles