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  • passion ❤️

    passion ❤️

    Passion is story which is determined to do about her goals and future , passion is something you explore. Which is inbuilt in everyone , expressing my love and interest ❤️

  • Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

    Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard



    The night before their wedding, her fiancé ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away...May I suggest we get married?" Before marriage, she said, "Even if we were to share the same bed, nothing would happen between us!" After marriage, he said, "If we don't try, how would we know?"

  • Esposo del matrimonio a prueba: hay que trabajar duro

    Esposo del matrimonio a prueba: hay que trabajar duro


    La noche antes de su boda, su prometido huyó con su amante. Frustrada, abordó al hombre que se encontraba ante ella, frente al registro civil. —Presidente Mo, tu esposa no vino y mi esposo huyó. ¿Puedo proponerle que nos casemos? Antes de casarse, ella dijo: —¡Incluso si compartimos la misma cama, nada pasará entre nosotros! Luego de casarse, él dijo: —Si no lo intentamos, ¿cómo lo sabremos?

  • Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion R18

    Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion R18


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "Each time you break a rule; I'll claim a part of your body as mine"Forced to marry the heir of the largest mafia syndicate to pay for her parent's debt and her grandmother's hospital bills. "Live with my son for 30 days, if you don't fall in love with him, I'll cancel this contract."Can Malissa live with the handsome, hot and dominating Hayden for 30 days without falling for his charms? However, there are rules to living with this lusty monster and as Malissa breaks them, she learns of pleasures that she never knew existed. As his touches set her on fire, her heart starts to melt. But does the two have a future together when Hayden is in love with someone else and Malissa cannot get over her ex-boyfriend? READ NOW to find out! My other works: Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss, Forbidden Heat, Substitute Wife for the Mafia King, The Alpha Prince's Purchased Maid, Lust Contracts, and Conquering the EmperorFacebook Page: Realfantasies AuthorThank you!

  • The Duke's Passion

    The Duke's Passion



    [ MAIN STORY COMPLETED ] In the Heart’s Kingdom, a kingdom where vampires reign and humans were nothing but livestock, Lilou, a peasant, found herself being preyed upon by the worst maniacal vampire of his kind. However, as terrifying as what he addressed her as his ‘reserved meal’, this vampire also called her his bride! Except: My eyes brood with fear, gazing at the still-beating heart in his hand. “My Lord, pardon me but… is this the bloody proof you promised to show me?” I asked, my voice shook as I gulped down whilst struggling my trembling knees from giving away. “Mhm… do you now believe I’m good at capturing hearts?” The silver-haired man, bearing those menacing pair of deep crimson eyes stared proudly at me after a nod. I gasped when he clenched his hand and squeezed the fresh heart to smithereens. “Yes, milord. You’re good at it, literally.” I’m mortified, watching the pieces of the heart fall as he approached. His every step made me take a step back until my back reached a solid pillar. “Huh,” Samael chuckled briefly, stopping in front of me. His long, pointy nails that were covered with blood traced my elbow down to my hand. Gently, he clipped my forefinger in between his, guiding it before his lips. “Did I pass your test, though?” He asked, the sharp tip of his nail playing over the tip of my finger. I stared at his penetrating gaze as I reluctantly answered, “Barely.” He smirked, nodding in satisfaction before he pressed his nail on the tip of my forefinger that was quick to produce a drop of blood. “Such sweet aroma.” He whispered, placing my bleeding finger in his mouth and licking it with passion. His menacing gaze never left mine as he consumed a bit of my blood. “Does that mean you’re accepting my invitation?" Keeping my finger in between his fangs, Samael inquired. I bit my lower lip unconsciously, my heart within my chest drummed as my back broke into sweats. “But… I’m just…” I paused, hoping my answer would put an end to this. “… I’m just a human.” Samael clicked his tongue, displeased at my response as he let my finger go. “No,” He whispered. My entire body stiffened when he bent over, caressing my shoulder up to my neck by the apex of his nose, as his hot breaths prickled my skin. "You're not just a mere human... you are my human." He stressed before I sensed his lips part and the tip of his fangs against my skin. Cover not mine. *** Original Story by: alienfrommars FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommars Discord server:

  • Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

    Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife


    Born as twins, but Mu Qiqi was left suffering every torment and became the greatest scapegoat in history only because she was not a better actress than her sister! That was when she had a nasty thought on how she would escape her family: she would marry the archnemesis of her own parents. She just never imagined that it would come true! However, she soon grew addicted to being the enemy’s wife: after the hardship of being the daughter of her parents, for her naughty husband was giving her strength and aided her revenge. Life does not get any better! *** “Doesn’t payback feel awesome?” “It does!” “Well, I can make you feel even better!"

  • Suami Pernikahan Percobaan: Perlu Berusaha Keras

    Suami Pernikahan Percobaan: Perlu Berusaha Keras


    Malam sebelum pernikahan, tunangannya kabur bersama wanita simpanannya. Karena frustasi, ia mendekati pria yang berdiri di depan kantor Catatan Sipil, "Presiden Mo, pengantin wanitamu tidak datang dan pengantin priaku melarikan diri .... Saranku, bagaimana kalau kita menikah saja?" Sebelum pernikahan, ia berkata, "Bahkan jika kita berbagi ranjang, tidak akan ada hal yang terjadi di antara kita berdua!" Setelah pernikahan, sang pria mengatakan, "Jika kita tidak mencobanya, bagaimana kita akan tahu?"

  • Sweetest Top Actress in My Home

    Sweetest Top Actress in My Home


    “I can’t do it anymore. Stop it…I can’t take it anymore!” The second young master stopped in his tracks and raised his brows as he stared at Miss Jiang. “All you had to do was jog, so—” … Everyone knew that Miss Jiang was an artiste who had been defamed and blacklisted before she became famous again. When she got into trouble, she did not give up but fought persistently. Everyone knew that the second young master was the mysterious head of the enterprise. He was an extremely cold person with an exquisite taste. Moreover, the second young master had recently adopted a new hobby. He took in his younger brother’s ex-fiancée and he was extremely fond of her…

  • Mr. CEO : From Icy Days to Passionate Nights

    Mr. CEO : From Icy Days to Passionate Nights

    Romance 1V1

    One day, dressed in a professional suit, Lyra Smith served coffee to the CEO. “Morris Jackson, enjoy your coffee.” The man behind the desk, Morris Jackson, ignored her completely. What an uptight man! Just as Lyra Smith was about to try and look more seductive, someone from the HR department came to inform her that she was fired! “...” Lyra Smith was speechless. That night, Lyra Smith was dressed in a big onesie. She bundled herself up tightly, but there was no escape. She kicked out a leg. “Didn’t you fire me?” Grabbing her ankle, he pulled her over and asked, “Does your leg still hurt?” Lyra was furious. “I was fired!” Just as she said that, she heard him hiss through gritted teeth, “Will you dress like that to the office again?” Lyra Smith

  • Flash Marriage with a CEO Husband

    Flash Marriage with a CEO Husband


    The night before their wedding, her fiancé ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away...May I suggest we get married?" Before marriage, she said, "Even if we were to share the same bed, nothing would happen between us!" After marriage, he said, "If we don't try, how would we know?"

  • Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard (Tagalog)

    Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard (Tagalog)


    Noong gabi bago ang nakatakdang araw ng kanilang kasal, tumakbo ang kanyang mapapangasawa kasama ng kanyang kabit. Dahil sa kabiguan, hinila niya ang lalaki na nakatayo sa harap ng Civil Affairs Office, “President Mo, ang iyong mapapangasawang babae ay hindi pa dumarating at ang mapapangasawa kong lalaki naman at tumakbo na … maaari ko bang imungkahi na tayong dalawa na lamang ang magpakasal?” Bago magpakasal, sinabi ni Tangning, “Kahit na magsama tayo sa iisang kama, walang mangyayari sa pagitan nating dalawa!” Pagkatapos magpakasal, sinabi ni Mo Ting, “Kapag hindi natin sinubukan, paano natin malalaman?”

  • Burning Passion

    Burning Passion



    “I have loved you my whole life...” Volume One: "BEAR MY CHILD"Searching for a blood donor, Nikki Lindsey receives a text message from a mysterious man offering medical help for her mother’s surgery. She is tempted to accept the offer, even if it means sleeping with him to bear his child.But to save the precious life of the family she only has, she fought the fear of being touched by a man with closed eyes.However, Nikki fell in love for the first time with someone already engaged. She struggled to avoid this man when he was all over the place and even got closer to her, pushing her harder in love with him.Nikki wanted to forget him, as her body was already purchased by a person the face she had never seen— but taught her to covet his touch while her heart longed for someone else.How can she get free from him?And how can she avoid another man when both are opening the door to the past? *P. S. (Book Sequels)~ His Contractual Mistress (Special Appearances) ~ SOMEWHERE TRAPPED IN TIME: I Love You Through Eternity (Next Generation Story)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Volume Two: WHY LOVE IS COMPLICATED?When a LOVE STORY in the present time opens the box of distant memories... Nina Li has everything in life. But all she ever wanted was to be loved by the man of her dreams. Nina secretly enrolls at Leeroy John Collins University in New Jersey to follow Harry. But when her father found out, she was sent to England instead, and he planned to lock her inside an all-girls Academy. Since Nina is an obedient daughter, she chooses to follow her parents rather than her heart. It was the year the 1980s when communication was through love letters. Nina was happier when she and Harry began exchanging letters. However, Harry seemed not interested in courting her, but his twin brother Steven, the one pursuing her.Steven confesses that he would fly from New Jersey to England to see her and prove his love. When she chooses the man who loves her, Nina learns that Steven lied to her and Harry. She wants to break up with him. However, her life becomes like hell.Could she ever ESCAPE from him? What PRICE should she PAY for her freedom? What SECRET she's hiding that everyone at the PRESENT doesn't know about it? * * * REMINDERS:Some (or maybe several, the story is still ongoing) Chapters are erotic and inappropriate for younger readers. Please be warned!Halfway is ML’s POV, hilarious/humorous. So enjoy it!But be warned with explicit words from their mouth. And this is also a drama— emotion involves. (for Volume One)The story's climax has violence as part of the tragic experience, but the sweetest surprise awaits. Give it a try to find out more!(Author Words:As mentioned above, ML in Vol. One is mysterious, so there is no Introduction to him. Hehe...) “MY STUBBORN MISTRESS presents Burning Passion.” Stories of individuals and couples of how they devoted themselves in the name of love. [Please Read Me! Thanks!] “I have loved you my whole life...” is our BURNING PASSION Book One! Stories to look forward to...STATUS/PROGRESSVolume 1: Story of Nikki Lindsey (Chapter 01-180)Volume 2: Story of Nina Li (Ongoing)Volume 3: Story of Erika Lim (next)Volume 4: Story of Min Xi Hong (next with a short story only)Volume 5: Combine the stories of everyone (Finale!)*Other important characters are from my main novel (My Stubborn Mistress) HAPPY READING!!!~ ~ ~ ~ ~You can follow/join me: Discord: (Disclaimer: I do not own the photo, and all the art credits go to the owner. Found it on Pinterest.)

  • Highschool passion

    Highschool passion



    He fell for her right from the first time he saw her. [Quick Summary Throughout her life, Jessica has been kept Isolated by her father who thinks that keeping her away from the dangerous and cruel world is the best way to prevent her from getting hurt but as she changes school she meets Julian: who lightens up her boring world. She starts feeling emotions she has never felt before. Will these emotions benefit her?] ____ ____ Contains Romance and Intense emotions. ------ Instagram: author_favour. Ps: This book is not edited. NOTICE!!!!! ——>> THE WRITING OF THIS BOOK WILL RESUME ON THE August 2023. STAY-TUNED TILL THEN

  • Passion Of Love

    Passion Of Love

    Contemporary Romance COMEDY DARK REVENGE MAFIA


    "W-what are y-you doing?" said Meenakshi "Taking what's precious to every girl!" Dhruv growled. With a single move, he teared up her Kurti, exposing her bra. Dhruv looked at her with lust filling in his eyes. Meenakshi tried to resist him by moving her arms and legs, but he pinned her legs too with his own. He leaned in and harshly sucked her lips, biting them hard under his teeth. He pinched his waist, making her scream which gave his tongue entry into her mouth. He raptured her whole mouth with his tongue, enjoying the pleasure it gave to him. Meenakshi groaned in pain. He released her mouth and slid to her neck, biting and kissing it down. Meenakshi hissed in pain, trying to move her hands from his grip. She was feeling the same sensation coming back to her. The feeling of vulnerability. She couldn't take it. Hot tears streamed down her eyes. ********* A single promise! Who knew that one promise would change the fate of the International Mafia lord Dhruv and a simple Indian girl Meenakshi. Fate tied them under the strings of marriage during their childhood and after twenty years, they are supposed to live the promise. Dhruv is the complete definition of ruthless while Meenakshi is the harbinger of love. Being complete opposites, how can love happen? Yet Meenakshi finds herself falling for his charms. But being in love with Dhruv was like being in love with danger. She had to face every blow coming from him, each time her heart shredding another piece of pain. And with each passing moment, she found herself falling deeper into the well. Will Meenakshi ever succeed melting the stone-hearted mafia? Will love happen? Or fate has yet play it's dirty game? Cover Credit : Image solely belongs to its creator.

  • Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

    Good Morning, Mister Dragon!


    Framed by her so-called best friend and half-sister, Su Qianxun stumbled upon a strange man when she was making her escape. A strange man so handsome it looked as if his face was carved by the Gods, but with a heart as cold as stone. A wild and fiery night ensued, and ever since then, they embarked on a journey filled with passion, lust, conspiracy and treachery.

  • Suami Perkahwinan Percubaan - Perlu Berkerja Keras

    Suami Perkahwinan Percubaan - Perlu Berkerja Keras


    Malam sebelum perkahwinan mereka, tunangnya lari bersama-sama perempuan simpanannya. Dengan perasaan kecewa, dia terus memilih lelaki yang berada di hadapan Pejabat Urusan Awam. “Presiden Mo, pengantin perempuan kamu tidak datang dan pengantin lelaki saya sudah lari. Boleh saya cadangkan kita berkahwin?” Sebelum berkahwin, dia berkata, “Kalau kita berkongsi katil yang sama sekalipun, tiada apa-apa yang akan berlaku antara kita!” Selepas berkahwin, si lelaki berkata, “Kalau kita tidak cuba, bagaimana kita mahu tahu?”

  • Passion Desire Lust

    Passion Desire Lust

    "Natasha Tsarina is a single mature woman who loves writing erotica. She has lived in Europe, the United States, and Central America. She has explored her sexual fantasies during her travels, which can wake up your sexual arousals in the scene. In the collection of her erotic stories, you get some fiction from reality that are mysteries you have to figure out from her experience.Welcome to the erotic world of Natasha Tsarina, where everything goes around with love."

  • Demon Illusionist's Passion

    Demon Illusionist's Passion



    Gina Blitz is a prisoner, and her mother, the guard that keeps her captive. As a rebellious, the young woman wants to be set free to see the real world. Ultimately, she defies the rules and escapes! As she flees her controlling mother, Gina discovers the terrifying truth about her world. She even uncovers that monstrous demons from the Underworld co-exist with humans, disguising themselves as celebrities! In order to maintain their life-force, they have to absorb their fan’s energy, causing them to fall into depression and ultimately, death! What’s even worse is Zeryon Drax, a famous illusionist that Gina has fallen in love with, is actually one of the demons that needs her energy, and his hunger puts her life in danger! Chaos, darkness, and endless suffering for earthlings. Those are the consequences if the demons take control of the Earth's surface. Zeryon Drax can't let them to get her. He is willing to fight his own nation for her.Demon Illusionist Series - Completed.Volume 1: Demon Illusionist's PassionVolume 2: Rise of the Demon MegastarCopyrighted2022: Yuliaresi Anjelina *The author owns the cover.

  • Passion of the Alphas: Axel

    Passion of the Alphas: Axel

    Standing at their mother's grave, Axel, Vaughn, and Remy, swear to avenge their fallen family and save their pack from the clutches of the man who organized their murder. But arriving at Alhambra, they learn that things will be harder than they planned, since Axel finds himself in a dilemma he didn't want to be a part of: he can’t stay away from the daughter of the man he hates. Will a mate prove to be a distraction, or his biggest asset? Will the Heroux brothers be able to get their revenge? *** "You wouldn't dare touch me!" Lola gasped. "I wouldn't want to," Axel said through gritted teeth. Touching her was all he wanted to do. "Move aside." Her scent was everywhere, invading his senses and making it difficult to think clearly. Every inch of her body was pressed against his; her lips a mere breath away from his own and he couldn't help but wonder what it'd be like to kiss her. Passion of the Alphas: Axel is created by Piniña Malagon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Fragile Ties of Passion: A Contract Marriage With A Mafia Boss

    Fragile Ties of Passion: A Contract Marriage With A Mafia Boss


    Signing a marriage contract without her knowledge, Bella Quinn is now married to the country's most influential mafia, Enzo Sulter. And when she tries to get a divorce, Bella finds out she's pregnant with his child from their one-night stand. Enzo wants her to stay but Bella would rather die than stay with a man who might have a connection with her parent's accident. Can Bella move on and choose to love him or go ahead and make him pay for his past mistakes?