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  • The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO

    The Hidden Wife Of The Cold CEO



    What happens when a Powerful CEO in the Fashion World who already promised to marry his girlfriend, is forced to marry a woman from a lowly family, compared to his high-esteemed family background, against his wish? Fu Hua, a well-known name in the fashion industry is forced to get married to a woman by the name, Jia Li, who was far below his level by his Grandfather, who nobody in his family dared to go against, including him. Along the line, something happened and Fu Hua had to accept the marriage, but with conditions. But what happens when Jia consummates her marriage with Fu Hua and gives him a little bun in return? What happens When her Husband discovers her hidden talent, will he slowly start to fall for her? But what if Jia Li discovers that Fu Hua had always had his eyes on her since the first time they met, what would be her reaction? ***************** Fu Hua calls Jia Li over the phone to help him fold his clothes, and Jia Li went into his bedroom to assist him while thinking he wasn't there. Jia Li entered his bedroom and closed the door without looking behind her. She had only walked a few steps only to hear the door lock behind her. She was a little frightened when she looked behind and saw Fu Hua staring at her with a smile. "How did you... Have you been here?" She asked in shock. "Are you scared?." Fu Hua asked as he made his way towards her with a dangerous smile. The end game was that the innocent Jia Li was eaten clean by the hungry wolf. Book cover commissioned by, Artist Laylee Follow me on Instagram: @authorpaschalinelily Join my discord server to get firsthand information...

  • Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife

    Mr Ceo's Pregnant Ex-Wife



    Ace Carter Greyson, her husband of five long years forcefully divorced her on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary. Reason? Simply because she can't bear him a male heir. Phoenix begged him to stay but his decision was firm and unbendable so she finally let him go. Her life was even more shattered after she discovered his long time affair with his secretary, and now, the mistress was pregnant. Just months after their divorce he married the impregnated secretary. Phoenix's world suddenly turns upside down when she discovers she's four months pregnant. [CHAPTER 1 to 190]





    VOLUME 1 : COMPLETEDNovel Official Trailer Link below:1. Instagram Link: Youtube Link: WARNING: A roller coaster love-hate journey and a tear-jerking story equipped with mysteries. Dylan Sterling, the youngest and the most ruthless chief executive of Sterling Group, has special powers that superseded the Group. Money, fame, and intelligence were clear evidence of his status in the society he belongs to. His exceptional talent had a hidden purpose, and the DARK WORLD he ruled was cruel. He showed no mercy to everyone who blocked his path and devoured those who attempted to stand against him.Savannah Schultz- 21 years old, an orphan turned to be a model, was engaged to wed Devin only to gain support for the family business that her father built for many years. Later she went south after her father died. And her uncle Dalton Schultz adopted her to get everything she had, including Devin's aid.Devin had sold her off like a slave to his uncle Dylan - to scheme the notorious man for additional capital to inject into his business venture. Dylan had eaten her up like a box of chocolates and treated her like a bargaining chip.She felt herself knocked off balance and falling into a deep abyss. Anger, sadness, embarrassment –swelled within her and threatened to ruin her life.To save himself from humiliation, he perfectly planned to take her as his nominal wife and promised to help her break up the engagement and aid her family business.Helpless and humiliated, she accepted his bargain. She started to become strong in front of those bullies, yet she was weak when it comes to him.They lived together but treated each other as strangers. He had no plans of falling for her as someone had occupied his heart a few years ago. Then the situation shifted when he discovered who she really was! But the dark world he ruled threatened to destroy them.Mystery, deception, and revenge-fueled them both to rise together.Cover created by WeilanWanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin

  • Cornered by the CEO

    Cornered by the CEO



    [Warning: Mature Content] "In this lifetime and every other, I promise to only be loyal to you. Even if I have to crawl back from Hell, I will do so gladly." "Wow, you just broke all the cold CEO fantasies."Like every romance novel, Yun Qian Meng faced the evil stepmother and negligent father. On top of that, she was arranged to marry a scum man who manipulated her, stole from her, and finally... killed her. When she woke up, she found herself back at the top of the world. It was all a dream, she told herself and moved on... until the scum fiancé made an appearance. Who was she? Yun Qian Meng. Twenty-five. Founder and CEO of a company worth billions of dollars. The world was at her feet. How dare this scum man think he was worth her?'My fiancé wants to usurp my company? I'll bury him alive.''My father wants to marry me off for his gain? I'll find a husband he will never approve of.''Of course... He needs to meet my conditions first.'Who would have known that her arch-nemesis, Mo Qingchen, would present himself in front of her as a potential suitor. 'Lunatic! I wouldn't marry him even if he were the last man on Earth!' Ants surrounded Mo Qingchen. He was twice as powerful as her. Twice as wealthy. And the conditions he was offering were top notch. He'd lit the fire and she swarmed to him like a moth to a flame.'Well, a contract marriage never hurt anyone.'She was looking for financial and social gain but she ended up on a path to finding herself and things she never knew she wanted. The curtain rose. Shots were fired. The play began. The broken girl started her journey towards the woman she was destined to be. All the world's a stage. And a play is only entertaining when chaos ensues.- - - - -Read my other works: 1. Autopsy of a Mind - Complete2. Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover - Complete 3. The Story of Blood and Roses - Complete4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - HiatusNote: This is an original story by me (SunScar9).Story Discord: Instagram: @sunscar9





    MATURE CONTENT|RATED 18+| THE BOOK IS A MESS ABOUT FIGHTING FOR LOVE WITH LOTS OF HOT MOMENTS;) Tinsley Rutherford's life turns upside down when her rich parents are killed in a tragic car accident. To make things worse, her fiance suddenly breaks off their billion-dollar contract marriage engagement. Sad and lost, Tinsley goes out one night to drown her sorrows in alcohol and meets the mysterious and handsome Kian Wilson at a bar. To her shock, she wakes up the following morning in this handsome stranger's arms. In her panic, she flees his house and leaves him to search for his mystery princess. What happens when these two fated strangers meet again? Will they get a second chance this time, or will Tinsley make a run for it again?

  • Playboy CEO Has a Baby

    Playboy CEO Has a Baby


    3rd in WPC 223 Contest. Bai Renxiang, the first young miss of the Bai family had her name on the headlines with a shocking discovery. As though that wasn’t enough with her tainted reputation, her angry father threw her out of his house and company while her boyfriend broke up with her for an arranged marriage, basing it on the trending news. She was abandoned and left alone. All but two persons stood beside her, her mother and maternal grandfather. Life not being satisfied, decided to throw her world into chaos again, with her mother being diagnosed with cancer of the Kidney. In a bid to get help for her mother’s surgery, she found herself seeking help from her step sister and unfortunately being in the same situation that ruined her life before. At the end of it all, she was left with a cheque and her dignity GONE. Li Fengjin, the mysterious CEO of Emperor's Enterprise, the untainted playboy who gets pestered by his parents to get a stable relationship, got laid one night. He could not forget what transpired between him and the mysterious lady that sauntered into his room that fateful night. He tried to find her but he got nothing. In the storms and trials of life, would Bai Renxiang be able to rise and find out who set her up to get revenge? Would he be able to find her? Would they fall for each other? Will they be able to pass their trials without falling apart? And what about the sweet little thing holding unto his leg from nowhere and saying, ‘Will you be my dad?’ Find out how these two weave their fates in the threat of life. ****** "Sir, we have searched and searched but there is no trace of her anywhere.” “How come? Search again,” Li Fengjin ordered. “But...” “NO BUTS!” He yelled in anger. “Get this done, now! Find her and bring her to me if you must.” “Yes sir.” Beep! Taking in a deep breath, he tried to calm down before unlocking his phone and looking at a picture on the screen. "Think you can run off after leaving my world in a storm, huh? You have to take responsibility for me. Keep hiding, I would find you and make you mine." ************** This is my first book. Cover not mine, all credit goes to the owners. I would take it down if he/she wants. Message me on discord @Winnie_D_Pooh#7708

  • From CEO to Concubine

    From CEO to Concubine



    Yan Zheyun was born and bred to be a winner. His parents were on the Forbes’ List, he was the valedictorian of his graduating class at the top university in the country, and the icing on the cake was being voted ‘school grass’ four years in a row by his peers. And now, at just twenty-five, Yan Zheyun was the proud chairman and CEO of his very own tech company. But what should have been the happiest day of his life turned into the worst when he heard a strange robotic voice while crossing the road for coffee, just because he couldn’t wait for his secretary to return from the photocopying room. [BUG REPORT #193842347: OTHERWORLD SOUL DETECTED. INITIATING DEPORTATION SEQUENCE.] And then he died. In a very boring, very run-of-the-mill car accident. …except maybe he didn’t. The first thing Yan Zheyun thought after he opened his eyes and found himself in a bedroom that looked like the set of one of those inner palace dramas was: Wow, coffee wasn’t worth it.The second thing he thought after he realised he was now in a historical BL novel and had transmigrated into the body of a tragic beauty who was (about to be) used and abused by his multiple lovers was: I must have opened my eyes with the wrong technique, let me try again…nope, still here. Well. F**k. From CEO to lowly slave, Yan Zheyun couldn’t believe his luck. Stuck in a foreign world and surrounded by crazy tops (respectively A.K.A ‘The Childhood Friend’, ‘The General’s Son’, ‘The Crown Prince’, ‘Some Other Prince’, ‘That Creepy Duke’ etc.), Yan Zheyun realised that his one day’s experience as CEO had not prepared him adequately for this new life of misery. But he wasn’t the sort to give up without a fight so…Yan Zheyun resolutely made up his mind to stay away from the terrifying romantic plot line, try and write himself a new political plot line, and while at it, hug some big thighs, curry some favour with the powerful. And in a dynastic monarchy, whose thighs would be a better choice for hugging than the emperor himself? Liu Yao: …This Sovereign permits you to hug other parts too. Pairing: - This-Sovereign-Looks-Stern-But-Is-Secretly-Kind!Emperor Top VS I-Look-Like-A-Rabbit-But-I’m-Secretly-A-Fox!Slave Bottom- NOT harem, entire story is 1v1 Warnings: - This novel deals with some heavy subject matter that arises as a result of slavery and a caste system. I have added trigger warnings where relevant but just a heads up, the scumbags are called scumbags for a reason! Updates: 21:00 GMT+8Disclaimer: I do not own the cover

  • Offer to the CEO

    Offer to the CEO


    Anna Jones, an Australian travelled with her fiancé Lu Jinhu to marry in his home country, only to find out that she has been duped by him and robbed of everything that she owns. A quirk of fate allows her to marry CEO Hou Yi, who was meant to on the same day marry his finance Yang Lin, who in fact married Lu Jinhu. Marriage for Anna, started as a plan to gain some measure of revenge on Lu Jinhu, and for Hou Yi to prevent Lu Jinhu from obtaining the family company however fate had something different in store for them. Not only did they achieve their initially goals, but their relationship turned into something else, that could last a lifetime despite the cultural differences and the trouble Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin caused them.





    Kim Yohan seorang CEO dari sebuah perusahaan terbesar di kota S. sikap dingin dan tidak perduli dengan para wanita yang mendekatinya. laki-laki berprinsip kuat dalam hidup dan memperjuangkan cintanya."Nona cepat tanda tangani berkas ini, dan aku aku akan membantumu membalas mereka semua" kata sang presdir.Tiara Jiang wanita cantik dari keluarga kaya yang kurang kasih sayang dari orangtuanya, dan saudaranya Tara Jiang yang jahat dan selalu merebut semua yang ia miliki, termasuk semua laki-laki yang mendekati Tiara karena sakit hati yang pernah ia alami."Siapa juga yang mau menikah denganmu" jawab Tiara dengan memandang tajam kearah laki-laki yang ada di hadapannya."Cepatlah, sebaiknya kau menurut" kata sang Presdir.Tiara terjebak rencana jahat saudaranya, sehingga harus berurusan dengan CEO dingin dan kejam dari Perusahaan Lianxi Grup.silakan di baca, semoga suka.....Nb. Ig : @Imro88FB: imroatul Hasanah(CEO dingin istri kesayangannya sang CEO/profil)

  • Saving the overbearing CEO (BOYLOVE)

    Saving the overbearing CEO (BOYLOVE)



    Wen Qinxi an IT guy at a prestigious gaming company lives a repetitive life, working on an innovative gaming system that is said to change the world. During a routine diagnostic check, he discovers a major flaw that could be detrimental but under pressure from the guys upstairs, the research and development hand over the revolutionary project despite Wen Qinxi citing flaws in the design. The CEO unaware of such a flaw enters the game as a test run before launching the product instigating a chain of events no one expected. manager: Wen Qinxii you have to go save CEO. You are our last hope Wen Qinxi: F*ck! l want a pay raise after this. Thus began the journey of saving the overbearing CEOPLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER WORKS:Voyage with the Pirate King (ONGOING)The assassin's enemy lover (ONGOING)Prince and his fool (COMPLETED)

  • Señor CEO, malcríame 100%

    Señor CEO, malcríame 100%


    Una muestra de los papeles de divorcio llevó a Xia Xinghe a un estado de miseria. Sin embargo, después de un accidente automovilístico, ella se transformó en una "hacker" profesional con más dinero del que podría gastar. —Todos aquellos que me han menospreciado, intimidado y se han burlado de mí, por favor, hagan una fila, ¡les enseñaré lo que realmente es una bofetada! —Espera, espera, espera. Ese chico allá, el ex-esposo con el que ya no tengo ninguna relación, que no se salte en la fila. —¿Qué? ¿Quieres ayudarme a abofetear a esta gente? —No solo eso, ¡te ayudaré a abofetearme a mí mismo! El hombre terriblemente guapo, con miles de millones de dólares de herencia, levantó su palma para abofetear su propia cara, ¡sin duda alguna! P.D.: Esto es poder femenino, sin trampas, sin malentendidos, sin tabúes; una historia de amor correspondido. También, por favor, espera lo inesperado en términos de la trama, y no te aferres a la estructura típica del romance.

  • Secretly Loved By the Dangerous CEO

    Secretly Loved By the Dangerous CEO



    Delilah Farris works with the world's most powerful men to fix their scandals. She has only two rules: She won’t allow any man to look down on her, and she won’t work for a criminal. Dane Daniels is a devilishly handsome, and filthy rich CEO haunted by dark rumors. He has one rule of his own: He will never allow himself to love again. Working closely together, the two struggle to deny their growing feelings for each other even as Dane's dark past threatens deadly consequences. Will Lila stay when she learns loving Dane could cost her her life? Will Dane let her? [WARNINGS FOR: Language, domestic violence, violence, adult sexual situations.]

  • Wedding Agreement With CEO

    Wedding Agreement With CEO



    Ellena Patricia Lubis, a 22-year-old woman who is often called Elle, has to live her life in the capital. The family's economic situation worsened after a car accident that claimed her father's life, forcing her to continue to struggle to find money to pay off her father's debts to moneylenders. One day, because she didn't want to be late for work, Elle left in a hurry using an automatic motorbike belonging to Filia Vallencia, her boarding house friend. However, unfortunately. That morning, she accidentally hit a luxury car that was speeding from another direction, causing her and the motorbike she was driving to lose control and cause an accident. She hit the car and the car was badly damaged. Ironically, the owner of the car is Lucas Ryszard Fidell, a young executive whose name is already worldwide, and the sole heir to the owner of the largest industrial company in Indonesia who is none other than the CEO of the company where Elle works. It has fallen down the stairs too, that's how Ellena's life is quite suffocating. The accident actually brought new problems for her, where Lucas asked for compensation for the damage to his car with a very fantastic nominal, so of course Elle couldn't fulfill it, who only worked as an ordinary employee with a very mediocre salary. "If you really can't make amends, you have to do one thing for me," he said. "What is it? I promise I will," Ellena replied a little enthusiastically. "Marry me!" How will their story continue? Will Elle accept Lucas' offer? Follow Instagram @pena.batik03



    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY CEO


    Love? "That's possible man" I am utterly in love with a certain curvy beauty!!! He is BLAKE CROSBY, the most wanted bachelor in NEW YORK CITY Mouthwatering, powerful, Influential, very rich and have I mentioned Irresistible! Well he is literally every ladies crush! Blake had always believed love wasn't meant for him Not until HER!!! His Sexy PA

  • Secret love of the Ceo

    Secret love of the Ceo



    What if you get some hidden treasures, which existence was unknown for almost two generations? This story is about a girl, who had a one-night stand with the richest man in the country, but not in a normal situation. They both were drugged when they met. Was it their fate? They did not even see each other. She got pregnant by that man.But. How could they two be together? What is their relationship with the hidden treasure? To know, please read 'Secret love of the CEO'.(I don't own the book cover.I only modified it.The whole credit of the cover goes to the original artist.If anyone have any issues with it,please let me know.) Please add my book to your library and support me with power stones.You can join me throughInstagram id:- id:-





    "I'll show you the ropes of how to build a company from scratch. Soon we will stand at the top." Lisa Zafira Y. Summers lived a lucrative life as the CEO of Summers Holdings Incorporated in District 2. Yet, in an unfortunate circumstance, her luxurious life ended at the age of 24. She was assassinated! Her sudden death activated a mysterious system that claimed to have a connection with her maternal ancestors - the Ye Clan. This allowed her soul to randomly transmigrate into the body of a teenager who spent her life playing some online mobile game. Lisa was set to experience a new life with her previous instincts in business combined with a new identity full of gaming knowledge. Stockholders were replaced with squad members... taking investment risks became launch attack signals... planning new company ventures turned into joining tournaments. Soon enough, she found herself leading her friends on the path towards the business world. This is now the life of Sofia Blanca D. Su aka CEO UNRIVALED.

  • The CEO Who Hates Me

    The CEO Who Hates Me



    “He knew he should not go easy on her, but his heart is challenging his mind…”(Warning: Novel is r-18 with strong mature content but NO rape and violence!)****Arya Tan, a beautiful, young, wannabe actress, was in a difficult situation that her only option was to agree on a deal offered to her to save her loved ones' lives. The deal was to make the aloof man named Ryu Ken fall in love with her, only to leave him heartbroken and devastated afterward. Would she succeed, and if she did, would she be able to escape Ryu’s wrath? Ryu Ken, a ruthless CEO who never gave a second glance to any woman how-much-ever beautiful she was, gave his heart to one woman. And despite his warnings, the woman broke his heart and left him. So he vowed to find her and punish her as brutally as he could. But could he really punish her when deep in his heart it was still her he longed to be? Could love overcome the hate buried in his heart?======Excerpt:"Leaving already? You seem to be in such a rush to talk to me. Why don't you spill it out now?"Stunned, Arya wondered if she was hallucinating. The voice was very familiar. The man's arm encircled her waist, abruptly pulled her towards him. He then leaned forward and scornfully whispered into her ear, "Aren't you here to negotiate? I was hoping you had a better offer."She tilted her head to look up at the rude man and was left open-mouthed looking at a familiar face. She was shocked but mumbled, "Ryu?"Ryu smirked and stared at Arya's slightly opened lips and said, "Did you miss me? How about this?"Before Arya could utter another word, Ryu captured her lips abruptly and kissed her roughly.==========Author's Note:Hope you enjoy reading this ORIGINAL novel of mine (It's absolutely a happy ending! Author hates the sad endings!). Many thanks in advance for your support.With Lots of Love,EUSTOMA_reynaOther Books: ( General Who Hates Me (completed)The Doctor Who LOVES Me (completed)The Law of Attraction (completed)Kiss Me Not (in writing)The Untamed: Game of Hearts (in writing)The Crown's Entrapment (in writing)contact me at:Discord Link: eustoma_reynaFacebook Page: @eustoma.reynaThe book cover is mine, art created by laylee_hiu (instagram)

  • Loving The Dragon Lord CEO

    Loving The Dragon Lord CEO



    {MATURE CONTENT! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.} Jade Nova Frost, heiress to the Frost Empire, a Mafia gang. During a family celebration, she had her full family and its supporters, murdered by a rival Mafia family. Escaping with her life, Jade moved to Star Cross City to lay low, changing her identity and plotting her revenge against her sworn enemy, Zale Anders. Jade meets Xander Warner, the all-time wealthy, handsome, intelligent CEO of the Warner Corporations, blessed with a mysterious power, in an unfortunate incident, where the latter tries to protect her, both unaware of each other’s true identity. Through revenge and chaos, both fell in love with each other, only to be faced with a shocking truth. Would she let her revenge take over and end all those who took her family from her or would she let her love for him rule out everything? What secrets lay in dark and what cruel destiny awaited her? ********* "Is that any way to treat the person who saved you thrice in one night, tigress?" "I didn't ask for your help. I could handle it myself," Jade protested. "Really? I wonder what you had done to them, for so many men to be chasing after you right now." His calm cool voice breezed into her ears, sending chills down her spine at how lovely his voice could be. "Not your business. Why do you keep coming after me? Who are you? I do not know you." She raised her head, so she could look at his eyes to be sure he wasn't going to lie. A terrible mistake she made as her eyes came in contact with those sexy lips that would capture a girl's heart at once. His eyes melted a little at the sight that captivated him. Taking his gaze back up, he took in what he could of her beauty and felt he was been drowned in. "So pretty." "Huh?" The next thing he did, left her wide-eyed and blinking uncontrollably, trying to process what was happening. Xander had leaned in and captured her lips in a sensual, breathtaking kiss, closing his eyes and enjoying the feel of her lips on his. --------- THIS IS AN ORIGINAL. Cover not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Cover edited by Missrealitybites Editor: asphyxia778 Discord server: http// Instagram: felixlesah Discord: BaeVida#7167 Ko-fi:

  • Revenge on My CEO Husband

    Revenge on My CEO Husband


    Before Lauren Jones's hand touched the bedroom door, she had heard the sound of people having sex in the room. A woman's deep moan was mixed with a man's low gasps that she couldn't be more familiar with.Lauren frowned, held back her hand, and kicked the door open.The two entangled bodies in the room made her feel nauseous, so she turned her head in disgust, covering her mouth and nose.The lean and handsome man on the bed stopped, glanced coldly at the uninvited guest at the door, and slapped the woman under him on the plump buttocks, "Get out."

  • The Mysterious CEO

    The Mysterious CEO



    “I want to rethink your discussion.” “It seems that Miss Lu is questioning my authority.” “I don’t mean that…” “I don’t want to repeat myself, do it or leave.” “What do you want in return?” “Marry Me.” --- Business tycoon Si Li lived two lives. The one was the business world and another one was the leader of the underworld. For the sake of his family, he proposed a contract marriage to a girl whom he loved. Lu Lan for the sake of her dreams agreed for the contract marriage. After marriage, she found that Business tycoon, Si Li had a son around the age of 5 years, Little Champ and there were many mysteries related to him... With the passage of time, Lu Lan found a love for her life, Si Li, and their contract marriage converted into a real marriage and she was having become a joyful and blissful life. However, her happy life seemed to be coming to its end when mysteries related to Little Champ reveal one by one and he was taken away from his biological patients Then, what would happen to Si Li and Lu Lan??? How did Little Champ's mysterious life effect Si Li and Lu Lan? ************* Hello guys, this is my first novel on web novels. There is a mystery, suspense, action, and romance in this novel... I hope you will enjoy this book. ### If you're interested, you can support the author's work at: You can also visit our website to read more interesting stories:- You can find us online as well:- Facebook:- Instagram:- Mail:- Telegram Channel:- Discord Channel:-

  • The Doctor and The CEO

    The Doctor and The CEO

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE MYSTERY CEO DOCTOR


    Rachel, CEO of a big conglomerate woke up after being in a coma for 3 months. She ran away from her home and running away didn't do her any good and she ended up getting entangled with a few dangerous people, she thought her life would end but surprisingly she was alive and was being cared by a handsome doctor, Daniel.Unbeknownst to her there are some hidden enemies she needs to deal with and she can only with the support of her gang of friends and the doctor she developed a crush on....Once the rapid pounding of their hearts calmed down, Daniel pecked her lips lightly and again confessed, “I love you Rachel”Rachel smiled back at him, “I love you too”“Should we continue our drive or return back home?” Daniel asked.“Let’s continue”“You sure? Are you not tired?” Daniel was still concerned about her.“You think only a kiss can tire me?” Rachel replied boldly, she too was not sure where this boldness came from but she suddenly felt courageous.Daniel was surprised by her words but he was not the one to back down, “Well should we find out what can tire you?” Daniel leaned forward and whispered in her ears, his eyes looked hungry for more.The bold Rachel of earlier disappeared and she became shy and shrank back... Disclaimer: The cover photo does not belong to me, if the owner has a problem please let me know I'll remove it

  • Unexpectedly Loved By The CEO

    Unexpectedly Loved By The CEO


    Olivia, a 23-year-old woman, was fired by his boss because of an accusation without any proof. She then grabbed the opportunity of being the secretary of a famous CEO who makes every girl go crazy on him. Everything was going pretty well as they go on a boss-secretary relationship until Olivia's boss decided to break his own rule; to not fall in love with someone who's working for him. ... Hi, VCakes! I'm hoping that you're all having fun while reading my first ever story here in Webnovel. English is not my native language so please bear with me but I promise to improve my skills from time to time. I'm open for any suggestions and constructive criticisms. Feel free to message me on my following accounts: Email: Discord: Mj#1916 Wattpad: VampeeCake I'm more active on Discord so you can message me there anytime. I'm also open for businesses and collaborations if there will be an opportunity. Looking forward to it soon! Thank you for your support! Disclamer: I do not own the cover, I'll take it down once the owner demands.

  • The Secret Obsession of the CEO

    The Secret Obsession of the CEO



    Aurora Roberts' entire life revolves around her four-month-old baby Aurelia. The father of her baby... not in the picture at the moment. Liam Roberts used to be her best friend and the one she trusted with all her heart, until he broke her heart one day by asking for divorce out of nowhere. It's been more than a year since that happened and she thought it was water under the bridge. Even at twenty-three, Rory is financially stable thanks to the life insurance payment. Also, she is the co-partner of a Café that does fairly well. She plans to take the LSAT as becoming a lawyer is her dream. But, a single phone call set a domino effect that changed all her plans. Her grandmother--the one who mandated her marriage-- is suffering from vascular dementia. And when her caretaker called Rory to ask her to meet her grandmother, she knew she must visit her. But what should she do when she is asked to bring the baby's father with her? He is the one who asked for a divorce and he didn't take any responsibility for the baby! But can she deny the last wish of her grandmother? Does she need him? No! She can take care of herself and her baby. She does not need the pity of anyone. Does she want him back? No! She has her pride! She won't beg him to come back. Does she miss him? Yes, um, No..! Actually, it is complicated! And will her daughter need her father? ... As for Liam, where does he stand? What does he want? Why did he ask for the divorce out of nowhere? Why is he refusing to acknowledge their baby? She doesn't know. What should she do? Should she give him one more chance to explain himself? Will he be willing to open a conversation with her for the sake of their baby? Liam Roberts is the CEO of a start-up online company that became an instant hit. He became a billionaire in the span of a year. Rory is his first love and the most favorite person in the world. But he cannot let her stay with him. She will be destroyed if she stays with him. And so, he will keep her away from him. He hoped the secret he is hiding stays hidden forever. Maybe then he will not hurt Rory. But can he keep Rory away? Will the hidden secret surface? And will it affect Rory? ***** Hello lovely readers, This is my fifth book and my third contemporary romance book in Webnovel. This book is participating in WSA 2022. Please give it a chance. Leave comments and reviews. Vote with PS and GT. Updates will be 1~2 chapters a day. Check out my profile and leave a heart. You can follow me in Twitter, Insta and Discord.