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  • Brothel Manager : Unexpected Encounter with A Hidden Family Heirloom

    Brothel Manager : Unexpected Encounter with A Hidden Family Heirloom



    Warning : This is harem novel... but the romance part will start from 63 chapter. So read upto that before dropping the book. Highest Contributor : @reggierea = Space Craft "Who said i want to kill you...? work as a manager at my brothel" With that one sentence my life took a complete U turn. Hai, my name is Mohan Das and.... I'm just an ordinary student of city collage in Mumbai. Due to unexpected circumstances I became a manager at brothel house to deal with the foreign customers. But the day i visited my parents burial site, A mountain goat spirit entered inside my body from a hidden family heirloom and on the same day the lady from the hidden family offered me hundred billion to protect her baby. Oh, you are asking me what did I achieve with that hundred billion.... haha, I ruled the under world, married a girl from hidden family. Collected all Hidden family heirlooms except one. Book cover by : Trinity189 Every gift will be appreciated with proper additional chapters. Thank you. Your lovely Peter Pan.

  • Playboy CEO Has a Baby

    Playboy CEO Has a Baby


    3rd in WPC 223 Contest. Bai Renxiang, the first young miss of the Bai family had her name on the headlines with a shocking discovery. As though that wasn’t enough with her tainted reputation, her angry father threw her out of his house and company while her boyfriend broke up with her for an arranged marriage, basing it on the trending news. She was abandoned and left alone. All but two persons stood beside her, her mother and maternal grandfather. Life not being satisfied, decided to throw her world into chaos again, with her mother being diagnosed with cancer of the Kidney. In a bid to get help for her mother’s surgery, she found herself seeking help from her step sister and unfortunately being in the same situation that ruined her life before. At the end of it all, she was left with a cheque and her dignity GONE. Li Fengjin, the mysterious CEO of Emperor's Enterprise, the untainted playboy who gets pestered by his parents to get a stable relationship, got laid one night. He could not forget what transpired between him and the mysterious lady that sauntered into his room that fateful night. He tried to find her but he got nothing. In the storms and trials of life, would Bai Renxiang be able to rise and find out who set her up to get revenge? Would he be able to find her? Would they fall for each other? Will they be able to pass their trials without falling apart? And what about the sweet little thing holding unto his leg from nowhere and saying, ‘Will you be my dad?’ Find out how these two weave their fates in the threat of life. ****** "Sir, we have searched and searched but there is no trace of her anywhere.” “How come? Search again,” Li Fengjin ordered. “But...” “NO BUTS!” He yelled in anger. “Get this done, now! Find her and bring her to me if you must.” “Yes sir.” Beep! Taking in a deep breath, he tried to calm down before unlocking his phone and looking at a picture on the screen. "Think you can run off after leaving my world in a storm, huh? You have to take responsibility for me. Keep hiding, I would find you and make you mine." ************** This is my first book. Cover not mine, all credit goes to the owners. I would take it down if he/she wants. Message me on discord @Winnie_D_Pooh#7708

  • Taming The Las Vegas Playboy (18+)

    Taming The Las Vegas Playboy (18+)

    Romance ROMANCE R18 MAFIA


    If you are looking for the whole world, it isn't here. But if you are looking for 3Ls (Love, Lust, and Laughter), this one is full of it.It is a fun rom-com with hot love scenes. If you read the comments, the most thing you will see is the "Laughing emojis" and the word, Hot Hot Hot!Romance erotic novel, full of fun, a romantic comedy with some actions by Elya. The heroine's the smart leading lady and not the soft sopping victim. The story is focusing on fun, romance, humour, and happiness. The leading man is a handsome powerful arrogant businessman (mafia), the super-rich with egos as high as Everest!Stefan Mackenzie, the 32-year-old handsome Tycoon from Las Vegas. He is famous for his killing looks, the face of dark handsome playboy with money. Wirata Ratanawan, 22-year-old Thai girl. Then everything in his life has changed forever without his willingness. He tried so hard to avoid his fate but it seemed the heaven above's not on his side anymore!Warning: As I put it in the "Romance-erotic" story, so when it comes to the love scenes the camera won't pan to the flower vase or the bed head. It will be hot and in detail to fulfil the readers' imagination as this novel has its main purpose for entertaining.

  • Playboy Cultivator in the Apocalypse

    Playboy Cultivator in the Apocalypse



    Kaze survived the apocalypse five millennia ago. Was crowned the emperor of the five planes. Dubbed leader of a harem of immortals. Enjoyed a truly flawless reputation. Evolved into a living legend. And declared a sex god. It was nearly reality. Becoming a god. A real one. Then... He lost it all. Got sent to the past. Transmigrated into his old body. 22 days before the apocalypse began. However, things would be different this time. Kaze had techniques and knowledge of the future. A chance to save his past lovers from death. Had the luxury of enjoying his power. So he decided to stick around. Build a lavish party base. Enjoy modern living. Live as a playboy. Dual cultivate. Love again. And so. Kaze acted. Built his reputation. Acquired wealth and fame. Trained, protected, and led mortals. Built an offensively decadent settlement. And partied it up in a monster-festered hellscape. ═─┈─═─┈─═─┈─═─┈─═ PlayCult is a serious apocalypse novel. However, it has frequent lemons, charm, romance, and humor. The story becomes faster-paced and increasingly action, adventure, and harem-focused as it progresses. Sexual content. No cheating; no yuri. #AbsurdlyFaithful ═─┈─═─┈─═─┈─═─┈─═ Harem | Dual Cultivation | Apocalypse | Transmigration | Survival | Kingdom Building | Romance | Lemons | Lemons | Lemons | FBI Unnecessary | Charming Sociopath | Dark | Comedy | Very Action | Much Adventure | New Tropes | Old Tropes | Best Tropes | All The Tropes | Except for the Bad Tropes | No Bad Tropes | There is a Yandere | You're Welcome

  • A Stolen Kiss From THE CEO!

    A Stolen Kiss From THE CEO!



    WARNING [MATURE CONTENT] Ella clenched her chest and tried to scream but an invisible hand was placed over her mouth. The nurse brought out a sharp and pointy knife. "Let's carve out that dead baby, shall we?" She took off her veil only to reveal Chloe's face. "Chloe!" She said inaudibly as she thrashed and wrestled to save herself and her baby. "No!" "No!" ... After five years of hard work, commitment, and devotion to the fashion company she worked for, Twenty-four years old Ariella, 'Ella', was more angry than devastated when she didn't get promoted to creative director, a position she not only qualified for, but one she deserved. While she is trying to figure out her next move, Ariella finds herself entangled in a contract marriage arrangement with Leon Treshvier-- The very bossy, arrogant, and playboy billionaire CEO of a rival fashion company. Will Ariella be able to tame her playboy husband? Will she be able to keep up with the demands of their contract and achieve her sole purpose of creating a niche for herself in the fashion world? ---- Welcome! Thanks for choosing this book. This is my first and I promise a thrilling ride for all lovers of this genre. Please add to your collection list, drop a review and support the growth of the book with gifts, power stone and golden tickets. You can also check out my new books: FALLING FOR A VICIOUS MIND! ABIGAIL'S DILEMMA Thank you all. Book cover does not belong to me. Kudos to artist.

  • My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

    My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield



    Su Wen transmigrated and became the Prime Minister’s son, possessing both power and money. In the capital, Su Wen was known to be a profligate young master who had no cares. However, all of this was merely a façade. He was provided with a goldfinger which was a cultivation system that rewarded him for triggering intense emotions in others. He put on the image of an arrogant playboy to incur the negative emotions of others to farm points for his cultivation. Thus, he started on the path towards the pinnacle of life. But when he turned 18, something happened. A general's daughter went to war on behalf of her father and managed to rout the enemy, killing 40,000 of them. Such startling news became the talk of the town and everyone was apprehensive when they talked about this woman who killed without batting an eye. Meanwhile, Su Wen who had been having fun sowing his wild seeds in the capital was suddenly granted a marriage by the emperor. He was to marry this woman, the Goddess of Death.

  • Playboy CEO's Love agreement

    Playboy CEO's Love agreement



    Cameron's life was perfectly fine until he received a call from his father when he was enjoying his time in the nightclub. The news which he got from his father changed his entire life from a successful model to a CEO of Richard's company in the place of his elder brother Kevin. His brother was always serious in relationships but Cameron used to be a goofy type. Cameron, who came to know that his brother was betrayed by his girlfriend, Daisy started hating Love. He wanted to take revenge on the person who made his brother’s life hell. And started an inquiry about Daisy. Let's see what happens, when a playboy like Cameron is attracted to his secretary, Ava Miller? Will Cameron start believing in LOVE? Will she betray him like his brother's girlfriend and leave him with a broken heart or make him believe him in love? Will Cameron changes his mind after she falls for him? Will he change to playboy again? To know more, Read this chemistry-filled drama to know more about this story.

  • The Playboy CEO

    The Playboy CEO



    ~°~°~°~°~°~ An accidental marriage. A drunken mistake, or a premeditated plan for revenge? Amaria doesn’t know what to make of her new situation, and due to unforeseen circumstances, she is trapped. Forced to accept her fate until the time is right, a typically reserved executive finds herself at a crossroad between following logic, and giving in to her bleeding heart. The man she calls her husband does not make it easy for her either, but however she decides to look at it, she reaches the same conclusion. A conclusion that breaks her heart. As for him? Well, it’s up to him to decide what he’ll do with this new mess he’s stuck in, and whether he'll pursue a happy future with his wife rather than let her go as he had once upon a time. [WARNING: the male and female lead in this story have a complicated relationship with oftentimes toxic elements. The second volume of this story will see to their personal growth as they learn what it means to be in healthy relationships.]

  • Villain: Transmigrated Into A NTR Manga As The Antagonist

    Villain: Transmigrated Into A NTR Manga As The Antagonist



    An infamous playboy, killed by a former lover, inexplicably awakens to discover himself transmigrated into a NTR manga, assuming the role of the antagonist - Alex Smith. Propelled by a mysterious system that magnifies his skill in captivating women, he holds the power to seduce the women that belong to the various “main characters“. 【Ding! The Queen of Hearts System has awakened.】 【Overall goal: Steal all the heroines from the various main characters across the world.】 【Reward: God Status.】 ----------------------------------------------- [Disclaimer: This novel is based around Netori, NOT Netorare. Alex will NOT get cheated on, and there will be NO Yuri.]

  • Bos Mafia Playboy

    Bos Mafia Playboy

    Fiksi Realistik ROMANCE ACTION


    Warning 21+Bijaklah dalam memilih bacaan! Brian Prayoga, seorang Bos Mafia Playboy yang telah jatuh cinta kepada Imelda Mahendra. Seorang Dokter Bedah yang tak pernah jatuh cinta selama hidupnya. Hingga sebuah kesalahan besar telah mereka lakukan malam itu."Brian! Jangan tinggalkan aku! Aku bisa mati," seru Imelda dalam tubuh polosnya."Jika aku sudah memulai, aku tidak akan bisa berhenti," ucap Brian lirih pada wanita itu, sembari mendekatkan wajahnya ke telinga Imelda.Dua keluarga yang saling menyerang, terpaksa harus mengikat tali perkawinan. Namun ... banyak hal tak terduga terjadi setelah pernikahan mereka. Pasangan itu diperhadapkan dengan sebuah rahasia yang selama ini tertutup rapat. Sebuah rahasia besar yang membuat dua keluarga itu harus saling membenci. Bagaimana perjuangan Sang Bos Mafia Playboy dalam menaklukkan cintanya? Rahasia besar apa yang telah disembunyikan selama bertahun-tahun silam? Ikutilah kisahnya .... Cerita ini hanya fiktif belaka. Jika ada kesamaan nama tokoh, tempat kejadian ataupun cerita, itu adalah kebetulan semata dan tidak ada unsur kesengajaan.

  • The Tyrant's Wife

    The Tyrant's Wife



    "The harder I try to hate you, the deeper I fall for you." His presence irked her to the core, but whenever he got out of her sight, she missed him?! …. A tyrant, known to be the city's infamous playboy. As an executive assistant, she was forced to work under him by the most cruel twist of fate. If losing her job overnight was a nightmare, then working under a boss like Desmond Fort was hell. He was an arrogant narcissist with an ego bigger than the whole of Imperium city, but that was not what angered her the most. The most infuriating fact was that despite his constant assholery, her heart seemed to stupidly skip a beat every time he gazed at her with those devilishly charming eyes. She knew she was making a mistake but that didn't stop her from sinking deeper and deeper into his charm. All she wanted now was to leave! But leaving hell was not nearly as easy as getting in.

  • Harem Overlord: I ALWAYS Finish Quick!

    Harem Overlord: I ALWAYS Finish Quick!



    Raised on earth to be the ultimate playboy, Ryan finds himself traversing into another world, being the only male on the planet able to cultivate. Men are used as little more than servants, but a select few are born with the power to be enhancers. Enhancers seed has special properties that help cultivators rise in levels, but it looks like all the men on this planet have severe erectile dysfunction... With Ryan's devilishly good looks and skills, will his previous experience being a one-pump chump be enough take the world by storm? Or will his end be as fast as he is and come to a finish prematurely? === This book is my first novel & attempt at the Fantasy Carnival, please vote if you're enjoying! === 2/Chapters per day! === Top 100 in Golden Tickets = 2 Bonus Chapters per week Top 100 in Power Stones = 2 Bonus Chapter per week Castle = 3 Bonus Chapters (Within 24hrs) === Join My Discord: ===

  • The Virgin Stripper And The Playboy

    The Virgin Stripper And The Playboy

    She danced around the pole twerking her body.Her flawless skin shone brightly. Her figure was killing...In her panties and bra, her curves became so visible. She was wearing a mask on her face but she looked so beautiful. The audience cheered and applauded her. She happens to be the best among all the entertainers.Wanna know her? Her name is Meria Williams.It's weird, right? Why would such a pretty lady be a stripper? She's an orphan... Helpless...But all her miseries are hidden under her beautiful smile. Her younger sister was sick...All the burden was on her...She had no choice! But she's a VIRGIN...Is that even possible? A stripper? A virgin? Sounds crazy but true!Meet Damon Wilson...The young billionaire!An incurable womanizer...He slept with different kinds of women and dumped them like trash. A playboy!He GETs every woman he wants all it takes him is money. What happens when the rich playboy collides with the virgin stripper and determines to have her?

  • Playboy is my Date

    Playboy is my Date



    Warning: This story is not for light-hearted readers. It is very intense and at times heart-breaking. Story deals with toxic relation and mature content from Volume 2.Vol 1: BrokenOliver is heartbroken by his first love and vows never to fall in love making it difficult for Vukan, the carefree, badboy who is head over heels for Oliver. Vukan tries his best to break Oliver's rules which makes him hard to resist.Vol 2: Broken beyond repairWith the entry of two new characters in Vukan and Oliver's life things turn upside down. They try to manage with their jobs, new friends and their passion with difficulty. Sometimes love isn't enough in a relationship when there is no trust between the lovers.Vol 3: DiscardedAs the new problems continue Vukan and Oliver try to clear their misunderstandings. The only thing is it is too late to mend their wounded heart. Who says love isn't difficult it is far more than that, Love can be beautiful with the right person and toxic if it exceeds the limit.

  • Bound to the Billionaire Playboy

    Bound to the Billionaire Playboy

    My name is Henley Douglas. I survived leukemia, and fell in love with the doctor who delivered the news. Now, he wants to marry me. In exchange, he will give me everything… except his love. He gave his heart to one woman who shattered it long ago. Now, I’m left to pick up the pieces. Five years ago, my sister, Ari, married Prince Grayson of Estrea in an arranged marriage. Now, neither could imagine their lives without the other. Will my arranged marriage be the same? Or will it end in disaster, leaving me shattered, as well? Can I marry and give my love to a man who may never love me? Will he love me, too… one day? Or am I condemned to live in a loveless marriage, a gilded prison? Maybe I can love enough for both of us. Or maybe it will destroy me. Only time will tell. Bound to the Billionaire Playboy is created by Theresa Oliver, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • My Doting Husband [BL]

    My Doting Husband [BL]

    Hamada Yuki, 22, been kept captivated since 15 years old since his parents died. Yuki was kept by an organization as an experimental human specimen to develop a man that can get pregnant.Tsujihara Kevin, 31, a famous Japanese-American tycoon in the business world and also a guy who will always sleep with whoever that spread his or her legs for him. Anticipate the changes in the tycoon, from a playboy to A DOTING HUSBAND when he meets the 'special human specimen'.

  • Marriage Contract: Sold To The Billionaire

    Marriage Contract: Sold To The Billionaire


    [MATURE CONTENT] "Am I all right? How can you ask me that when you just bought me?" she cried. "I was trying to save you," he said. But he couldn't deny he wanted her ... *** Hannah's father has always treated her like his property. But now he has gone too far. To pay his debts, her father sold her to an auction house, where wealthy men buy wives. Roman Thaddeus is a billionaire playboy with no plans to get hitched. But when he sees Hannah on the auction block, he knows he needs to buy her before those filthy men get their hands on her. Now Hannah and Roman are trapped in a marriage contract. If they fight back against the Auction House, their lives could be in danger. And soon their hearts are in danger, too.

  • Return back into the Novel as the Antagonistic Playboy

    Return back into the Novel as the Antagonistic Playboy


    An author was reborn but it was ill-fated. He didn’t get reborn back into his own past nor was he reborn to a parallel world. Instead, he was being reborn into the world of his own novel. He was struck grief-stricken because he had been reborn as the novel’s antagonist who will soon be dead! In order to survive a few extra chapters, he will have to become a supervillain supported by a cheat-like system launching a magnificent counter-attack step-by-step! “Ding! Initiating primary mission: Push down the Heroine. System Notice: In view of the character’s physiological defect, a big blue bottle of tonic is being specially sponsored. Open the bottle for a pleasant surprise.” “… … … …” 【PS1: This novel’s alternate name is : Self-Cultivation For Antagonist】 【PS2: Old crone, I’m back!】

  • Breaking Into Your Heart

    Breaking Into Your Heart



    Isabelle Williams is a sweet and honest girl that, believe it nor not, knows what she wants. After finding out that her boyfriend was with her only to take her virginity, she decides on making a bold move. The deal is simple: she gets her virginity taken and the guy in question gets an easy lay. Now, who is the guy in question? None other than the ice-blue eyed heartthrob. Allen Hayes, the cold, unapproachable, and the hottest playboy in school, carries a rather tedious and dull life. His cool and indifferent facade hide more than people can see, and he wants to keep it that way. Mostly unintentionally intimidating others —or not—, he is someone not everyone can or want to be around with. They thought it was going to be nothing more than a one-night thing, but it ended up igniting something inside of them the moment they were finally together. Isabelle doesn’t know the hurt hidden in Allen’s heart, yet she ventures in this rollercoaster without thinking twice; decided to break into his heart if necessary. Is love enough to heal the wounds of the heart?