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  • Bloody Romance

    Bloody Romance

    others GATE

    Su Qi Xue, a kind and caring girl, born in a time when a female has less value than male and in a poor family, make her have to face a bitter fate. Her own father sold her to a blood merchant as blood cattle. Managed to fled from blood merchant didn’t mean Su Qi Xue is safe, instead, she enters the brothel hall and captured by Liang soldiers that having a party there and presented as entertainment object for Liang army General. When Su Qi Xue almost lost her chastity, a mysterious woman is barging in the room and save her. This encounter leads Su Qi Xue to enter a mysterious assassin organization, the Gate of Ghost, which turns her life into an assassin. What Su Qi Xue doesn’t know is, once she steps into the Gate of Ghost, she can’t return to her previous life. All her past is forgotten and she will involve in vicious life there as an assassin which fulls with the intrigue of power and political struggle. How Su Qi Xue survive in the harsh condition in the assassin organization while kept her humanity in her heart? This is fan fiction adaptation over the drama with the same title. Original work by Ban Ming Ban Mei (status: dropped for 10 years - currently translated by another translator)

  • Magic, Romance, and Mayhem

    Magic, Romance, and Mayhem

    Book&Literature GATE

    Not my novel I only uploaded it here for the purpose of listening to it on the audiobook feature.The author is a student currently attending Notre Dame university, Screen name is Fleeceem44. He is part of a private chat group consisting of ppl whom try to combine they're favorite fanfiction novels into one while tweaking then a bit.The credit goes to the original authors of the novels used, for this particular remix I want to give credit to Jacobapples who wrote the novel 'Broken reflections' who wrote the novel 'Till the gates of hell' description Lenght- 14 inches Wood- YewCore- Dragon heartstringVisual link:

  • Secret Romance? ~ YoonMin

    Secret Romance? ~ YoonMin

    others BL

  • Drawing Romance

    Drawing Romance


    Yo! Are you tired searching for a single female lead and no harem?.Well don't worry you can rest easy now.As you can see from my profile I am a newbie author so...... please don't hold back from criticism be it plot,grammar or anything I welcome it but please refrain from saying suicidal things like "author.........pls kys" it hurts just from the thought of it.Anyway I rumble to much you can enjoy the synopsis under this note.Please enjoy this book ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ _____________________________________________ Ito Megumi is a person who got an above average mark on the exam and highly talented in drawing.Well how about follow his journey in his highschool ______________________________________________ The pictures and character except for oc is not mine it belongs to respective owners

  • Bodyguard Romance

    Bodyguard Romance

    She got bullied a lot when she was a kid and they moved away from her home town when she was 13, Now she has came back to her hometown and now looking for a job to pay her grandma back for the apartment she bot for her, Every job she went to turned her down and then these guy asked her if she wanted a job as a bodyguard for a mothia boss as she took the job she did not know what she was stepping into.

  • Incorruptible Romance

    Incorruptible Romance

    Book&Literature ROMANCE

    ADITI is from India. She is suffering from depression bit she is holding on to his life thanks to EXO. EXO is a boy band. They have given her hopes and reasons to live her life. CHANYEOL is an EXO member. He loves his work. He's the most caring person you will ever find. You guys should be curious how they met and how they will fall in love with each other ?? You'll find out soon after reading the story. THANK YOU FOR READING MY BOOK

  • Heroic Romance

    Heroic Romance

    "Have you done it?" asked Hanabi. "Yes, I have frozen his heart. Now, go take the chance to make him yours" said Aurora. "Whoops!" Rafaela quicky covered her lips making sure any possible noise were inaudible to the evil two of them talking.What do you think will happen next? This fiction is based on your favourite heros.

  • Affinity Romance

    Affinity Romance

    Celebrities & Real People ROMANCE

    A woman who is educated, wealthy, famous, humble, generous, elegant, and in the spotlight. Y/n moved into the International Student Dormitory of Korean University without expecting to meet two men who were both K-pop idol trainees at the time. One of them became her roommate, while the other became her friend. However, according to natural law, a woman and a man cannot be just friends. Who will she pick? Who will she end up with?

  • An Unusual Romance

    An Unusual Romance

    Movies ROMANCE

    This story takes place in the small town of Hannibal, Missouri in the year 1846. 16-year-old Huckleberry Finn, the son of the town's drunkard, falls in love with 14-year-old Becky Thatcher, the daughter of the wealthy county judge. But here's the catch, Becky is already in a romantic relationship with Huck's best friend, Tom Sawyer.

  • Velvet Romance

    Velvet Romance

    Fan-fic RPS KPOP

    Sebagai garis tunggal pewaris perusahaan keluarganya, sudah menjadi kewajiban bagi Lux untuk bertunangan.Tapi, apa yang akan terjadi jika tunangannya adalah guru baru nya dan cinta pertamanya kembali ke dalam kehidupannya lagi?

  • School of Romance

    School of Romance

  • One Piece - A Man's Romance

    One Piece - A Man's Romance


    The strongest creature in the world recruits a dying orphan with potential into his crew while drunk. This is the tale of a new conqueror with the power of wrestling living for his own sake. ... A fic that attempts to feel like an actual One Piece story. Will this story feature actual romance? Maybe, maybe a little harem as it's tradition in this kind of works, but it certainly won't be as important as the humor, adventure, friendship and occasional drama that define One Piece. What to expect? Grumpy selfish cats, One Piece stuff and wrestling.

  • Romance Novels

    Romance Novels

    Anime & Comics R18 ANIME SWEETLOVE ECCHI

    Riling up Hanemiya Kazutora isn't such a bright idea. Unless, you like a little humiliation by the side. Jealousy isn't a pretty emotion, it isn't a good look on anyone. The exception being the man stood in nothing but a towel in your bedroom doorway; immersing you in a storyline more than you would realise.

  • Guns and Romance

    Guns and Romance

  • wolf romance

    wolf romance

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  • Romance Cheesy

    Romance Cheesy


    " A short story is a different thing all together – a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger "

  • lost romance

    lost romance


    anna henry

  • Surprised Romance

    Surprised Romance

    Not my novel I uploaded it here so I can listen to it on audiobooks all credit goes to the original author SilverHazexxxThis novel was based on an already existing novel named Teddy's excellent adventure on Fanfiction.net DO NOT OWN ANYTHING I DO NOT MAKE MONEY ON THIS IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT...DON'T READ IT

  • Freaked Romance

    Freaked Romance



  • Avatar: Romance in the four nations

    Avatar: Romance in the four nations


    A story of how a young man rises in the fire nation's court amidst the hundred year war. This records all events throughout his life, and the love affairs he had around the avatar world.