Fanfiction whose original work is celebrity, such as BTS.

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  • Complicated Sex Life Of BenComplicated Sex Life Of Ben


    Complicated Sex Life Of Ben

    Follow the Life of A teenage boy learning about love and sex with his cute classmates, gorgeous cheerleaders, friends at summer camp, a beautiful neighbor, and even his own sisters. INSPIRED BY TRUE STORY. .... DISCLAIMER ..THE PICTURE AND THE STORY IS NOT MINE. I JUST WANT TO SHARE THIS WONDERFUL STORY TO ANYONE WHO IS WRITING SMUT AND HOPE THEY LEARN FROM IT. AS I FED UP READING SMUT NOVEL WITH DUMB LOGIC AND VERY BAD H-SCENE WRITING. WHICH DOESN'T MAKE ME HARD AT ALL. ........ !!WARNING!! IT'S NOT FOR KIDS.. THE SMUT SCENE AND THE PLOT HERE IS VERY ADDICTIVE AND MORE REALISTIC... SO BE CAREFUL WHEN READING THIS... ............ Here's what to expect in this novel. A Lot of Drama, A Lot of Breakups, Incest, Almost every chapter has H-scene, Casual Sex, Age progression, Open Relationship, NTR is debatable like i said they are in Open relationship, but expect Cuckold, maybe Netori. My advice to the readers when reading this is to read this novel like you are reading a Diary of other Person. Just don't think yourself as ben. It will Hurt Less. ...................

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  • Reincarnated into The Kardashian (ENG)Reincarnated into The Kardashian (ENG)


    Reincarnated into The Kardashian (ENG)

    A failed otaku dies at 17 with COVID-19 and is reincarnated in 1999, but his family is little different from the others. Follow Klaus Jenner's journey into the world of fame. This is an English version for readers who cannot translate by the application. Check out the original version (Portuguese) in my profile. Ps: Version translated by google if you have any problems with this come suck my dick.

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  • The Road to the EGOTThe Road to the EGOT


    The Road to the EGOT

    This is not my original work. This fan fic is one I found and fell in love with. I am simply bringing it to a different platform. All credit goes to Manunited1086. I will release up to what they did but they stopped writing it in 2019. I would love to say I will finish what they started but I do not believe for a second I have the ability to match their writing. Female main love interest is my celebrity crush Victoria Justice. This is basically all smut but has a fantastic plot to go with it. I hope you guys enjoy and again none of this is mine I am not trying to steal credit I simply want others to see this fantastic writing —————— Duncan Bryant is an up and coming writer trying to make it big in Hollywood. He finds more than he ever expected there, a world full of love, hate and shady deals. Join him on his journey to become a legend, an EGOT winner

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  • Reincarnated into The KardashianReincarnated into The Kardashian


    Reincarnated into The Kardashian

    Um otaku fracassado morre aos 17 anos com COVID-19 e reencarna em 1999, no entanto, sua familia é pouco diferente das demais. Acompanhe a trajetória de Klaus Jenner no mundo da fama.

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  • Lesbian One ShotsLesbian One Shots

    # R18# SMUT

    Lesbian One Shots

    short lesbian stories of famous female celebrities

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  • Alexander Creed: Re-LifeAlexander Creed: Re-Life


    Alexander Creed: Re-Life

    From collecting to haphazard experimention, Alexander Creed briefly peeked at the secrets of existence in an incident involving chaos. Having given the chance relive his life, Alexander decides to move out of his reclusive comfort zone and test how far his methods would change the world. From this, he becomes a Chaos Butterfly whose wingspan encompasses everything from comic books, toys, animation, tv shows, movies, music, and even beauties. ------- This is a semi-Hollywood story if that's what you're wondering. This is a work of fiction and a lot of unresearched topics so don't bash my trashy work too much. Also, this is just a fictionalization of things for entertainment and just sharing for free. Hope I don't get much trouble for it and hope I don't get sued or whatever. -------- Cover Credits go to LordValmar.

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  • I am VardyI am Vardy


    I am Vardy

    https://ko-fi.com/salted_fish If you are interested there are 30 Advance chapters now available on my patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Salted_Fish ♦ NOTE - THIS STORY' CONTAIN FOLLOWING THINGS- ♦ FOOTBALL ✔️ ♦ SYSTEM ✔️ ♦ FUNNY CHARACTERS ✔️ ♦ HORNY CHARACTERS ✔️ ♦ ILLOGICAL STORYLINE ✔️ ♦ STUPID ✔️ ♦ HAREM ✔️ ♦ NONSENSICAL WISH FULFILMENT PLOT ✔️ ♦ DO NOT READ THIS NOVEL IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM WITH POINTS MENTIONED ABOVE ♦ WILL DELETE ANY NONSENSICAL REVIEWS. ♦ NOVEL COPYRIGHT DOESN'T BELONGS TO ME ♦ UPDATE SCHEDULE - 7 CHAPTER PER WEEK. ♦ STATUS - Complete ♦ Tags : Affair, Aggressive Characters, Appearance Changes, Average-looking Protagonist, BDSM, Business Management, Businessmen, Celebrities, Charismatic Protagonist, Cheats, Comedic Undertone, Easy Going Life, Family, Football, Forgetful Protagonist, Game Elements, Hard-Working Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Models, Past Plays a Big Role, Playboys, Polygamy, Quick Transmigration, Soccer, System, Threesome, ♦ SYNOPSIS - (This is a Translation Work) System: My goal is not to train the best stars on the planet, but to train the most funny players Vardy: Can I scold others? System: No Vardy: %¥#@#¥%@ Teasing Task: Please complete the process of “Thinking about Life” twice in the match with Real Madrid Vardy: I am a football superstar, Not a comedian!

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  • FlirtationshipFlirtationship

    # ROMANCE# R18# SMUT


    What will you do if the guy you’ve been talking to on social media happens to be the most popular guy in uni? Will you stay and get to know him a little more, or will you run for the hills, like a scared little mouse running away from its predator? But the real question is, can you stay away?

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  • The Path to Mediterranean Supremacy/Bulgarian Empire (by New Sea Moon)The Path to Mediterranean Supremacy/Bulgarian Empire (by New Sea Moon)


    The Path to Mediterranean Supremacy/Bulgarian Empire (by New Sea Moon)

    Original Title : Mediterranean Hegemony Road/Bulgarian Empire Author : New Sea Moon A history of the birth of the Bulgarian Empire, a history of the struggle of a small Balkan state! The protagonist is traversed as Ferdinand I, leading the way to the rise of Bulgaria. A reasonable deduction of the text, not brain dead! A must-read for history buffs and foreign history lovers! Original Link: https://book.qidian.com/info/1011476924

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  • BTS - Jeon Jung-kook and Kim Taehyung (Taekook)BTS - Jeon Jung-kook and Kim Taehyung (Taekook)


    BTS - Jeon Jung-kook and Kim Taehyung (Taekook)

    [PAUSED] K-pop trainees Jeon-jungkook and Kim Taehyung are sons of the mafia leaders, who have been rivals for decades. But that didn't stop them from falling in love and sleeping with each other. But what will happen when their parents find out? Will their love be able to survive against their parent's expectations? And will they be able to overcome any other obstacles? -------------------–—---------------—-------–----- This fanfiction is BL - boys love This story has sex, scandals, hate, secrets, lies, and twisters. Some chapter will be short (IT HAS GRAPHIC WORDS AND ACTIONS) Please add to your library to get updates when I upload a new chapter. Fanfiction cover does not belong to me.

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  • Sex AddictSex Addict

    Sex Addict

    What kind of chaos is expected when a professional basketball player falls in love with a wild woman?

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    Everyone's heart and soul is filled with BTS. In future, if the day comes to depart, which will be many army's nightmares. What if it comes true?? How will be their last concert be like?? What will happen if the world sees BTS in 2027? Considering my imagination I am writing this story. And promising ,even though it tastes bitter ,continue reading ,It will taste as dark chocolate.

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  • BTS soulmateBTS soulmate


    BTS soulmate

    In a world where you must find your soulmate. At the age of 16, people have different ways and clues on how to find their soulmate, but if you can’t find them before the age of 18, you might just be single forever. Will you be able to find yours or will you fail your mission?

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  • Knowing Her: When two become OneKnowing Her: When two become One


    Knowing Her: When two become One

    A mirror shows only the truth even if in reverse so her she stood looking in the mirror watching as the reflection that reflected back into her eyes shows a broken girl. She didn’t care but he did and from his perspective, he could see the broken and the tamed girl as his reflection was hers and his alone. “ Why don't I cool you down? ” Throwing the water on him. He froze in shock as he stood there drenched then he spoke a few cold and distant words I had heard before and knew all too well “Why would a bitch like you even dare to talk to me if you just wanted to humiliate me?” That was our first encounter and with all that shits going down. I knew it was gonna bite

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  • Im secretly married to GOT7’s MARK TUANIm secretly married to GOT7’s MARK TUAN

    Im secretly married to GOT7’s MARK TUAN

    EUNJEE HAS TO FACE THE IDEA THAT SHE IS NO LONGER A SINGLE LADY AND NOW A MARRIED WOMAN. Not just any kind of married woman though. She has to accept the life she is about to face. Now that she is married to no other than Mark Tuan of GOT7

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  • Temptation {Jungkook x Reader}Temptation {Jungkook x Reader}


    Temptation {Jungkook x Reader}

    You and Jungkook were in relationship but you left him on the anniversary. But did you left him because you didn't love him? no it was because of the message you receive from other girl, who call herself Jungkook fiance. while on the other hand Jungkook felt confused at your sudden disappearance. he search for you but to his vain. he felt betrayed. after five years you both met each other. But everything changed. will you solve the misunderstanding and get together or will the fate bring change.

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  • Autophobia (DNF Fanfic)Autophobia (DNF Fanfic)

    Autophobia (DNF Fanfic)

    Dream has been friends with George online for a while. So one day, he decides to surprise George by visiting him. He doesn't know though, that George has a particular fear that Dream is also taking away, just by being there. Ya'll...This is my first fic, so go easy on meh ;-;

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  • Journey Through the IdolverseJourney Through the Idolverse


    Journey Through the Idolverse

    Rekka Sonjaya was an otaku programmer that lived an ordinary life, likes anime and idols. He spended most of his free times watching animes and idols. He liked korean and japanese idols alike. Lately he also fell to the rabbit holes called vtubers. One day after a long day hard worked he watched his favorites vtubers streams until he dropped dead, like literally dead. When he woke up he found himself in an unfamiliar classroom full of his favorites idols and vtubers. Witness how the ordinary simp otaku interacting with his idols in this slice of life of Rekka. Can he dates the idols, befriend them or something shocking will happen to his ordinary unordinary life.

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