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  • Demon in Archery (Archery Series #01)

    Demon in Archery (Archery Series #01)


    Aesther Rosetta Grospe meets the Demon in Archery. He is an engineer, a painter and a toxophilite when it comes to Archery. Is their relationship strong enough to handle all the struggles? Or it is too weak?

  • Imperial Archery of Immortal King

    Imperial Archery of Immortal King

    There is a legend in the world that archery king killed an enemy from a distance of billions of miles away in revenge and fell.

  • Archery God (Dropped)

    Archery God (Dropped)

    The God of Archery is one who does what he wills. This story will follow Gahiji, as he grows into his role as the god of archery, but also how his mindset grows from a cold-blooded killer to someone who isn't so cold-blooded..

  • Archery, The Way To Success

    Archery, The Way To Success

    Jackson, also known as Jackie. Has always felt that he was no better than a rock on a dirt floor because of how good his brothers, Damien and Andrew. Watch as he takes the one thing he loves and has talent in, Archery and uses it to create a path for himself and becomes a shining star below no human being.

  • Realm of Myths and Legends

    Realm of Myths and Legends



    Jin, a hardcore gamer who still lives with his mom at the age of 24. He could never hold down a steady job since graduating, his girlfriend since high school dumped him for his best friend and he's constantly getting beat up by a group of local gang members. His dad left him and his mom when he became rich from the lottery and got a new family, one free of debt and burdens as he called it. His mom works 3 jobs to keep everything from falling apart, except for herself slowly. One day on his way home with the very first and new fully immersive VRMMORPG called Realm of Myths and Legends or RML for short, he died from a hit and run car accident. RML was advertised as the worlds first fully immersive VRMMORPG, allowing for players with skill sets in the real world, like sword training, martial arts, archery or reaction time, to benefit in the game itself! Though Jin died and at that moment a soul from another world crossed over into his body and inherited his memories. The man known as Izroth once hailed as the greatest cultivator in the seven realms, soul reincarnates into the modern world year 20xx in the body of Jin. "What are all these strange memories flowing into my mind..? I've been to all seven realms and have never seen one like this. Earth is it?" "M-My cultivation..! It's back to nothing! This body is so weak and spiritual essence here is scarce. But my soul strength is untainted." "I'll make right all the wrongs that have been done to you, your revenge shall come." "It's called a video game? I'll play it! Since you've given me this body even though it wasn't planned, I'll accomplish your goal of becoming #1." "So sects here are called guilds... I'll make the strongest one there is!" "Ha? World greatest gamer? Don't think you can bully me and not pay the price!" Action, Adventure, Betrayals, Romance, Revenge. Join Izroth on his journey to become the #1 player and create the #1 guild in RML! ----------------------------------------- Check out and support their work! Lots of great artwork! Discord: Contact Me:

  • I Obtained a Super Farm in an Alternate Dimension!

    I Obtained a Super Farm in an Alternate Dimension!


    In a parallel world, everybody would obtain a farm in an alternate dimension when they reached adulthood. As long as one managed to defend their farm, they would be able to absorb life energy from the plants they grew and increase their lifespan, as well as obtain power and wealth to reach the upper class. Steven, who received a Super Farm System, obtained a Tree of Life from a welcome bundle. The tree grew to become several hundred meters tall overnight after he planted it. Not only are the fruits it bears valuable, but it also birthed the elemental fairies. These fairies are very loyal to the forest breeze and also wield powerful battle capabilities. When a forest is planted, the morning dew enchantresses that are born from the fog all look beautiful as a flower and have exceptional archery techniques. They create rain during the day and head to bed at night. When a field of flowers is planted, the winged flower fairies that are born can sing and dance and manage the farm. When an ocean spring is planted, the mermaids that are born can help tend to the fishery. What? Someone is trying to steal from my farm? What is Cerberus doing? Get Titan to crush them with its foot!

  • Infinite Blood Core

    Infinite Blood Core


    People are different. The more superior the bloodline, the easier it is to control power. Ordinary people without supernatural bloodlines can only occupy the bottom rungs of society, unable to achieve anything even if they try their best. Humans are different from other races. Humans aren't as good at magic and archery as elves. They aren't as good at casting metal and brewing alcohol as dwarves. They don't have the physique of orcs, and they don't have the freedom of merpeople underwater. However, if humans had a blood core, everything was possible. Human: "Oh my god, what a noble bloodline. You are the glory of mankind!" Elf: "I've never seen a magic genius like you." Dwarf: "No matter what kind of casting, it is easy for you." Orc: "You are the pride of us orcs. You are the most talented warrior in a millennium. You should be the Emperor of the Orcs!" Merpeople: "Son of God! Boohoo, the Son of God has arrived!"

  • My Three Yandere Wives

    My Three Yandere Wives



    "Who are you lady?" "How rude I am the goddess of reincarnation!" A normal young man found himself surrounded by thousands of gods who were observing him silently. "Shit... did I die?" "yes... I know it must be hard-" "LET'S GO GIVE ME MY HAREM AND OP ABILITIES LET ME EXPERIENCE COCKY EGOTISTICAL PEOPLE WHO WILL CALL ME TRASH NO MATTER HOW MUCH I PROVE I'M OVERPOWERED!!!" Dead silence... Thousands of gods were left speechless. "ok give me my system or infinite magic or unique bloodline or whatever" Hearing what the young man said thousands of gods burst into laughter. "I the God of strength will give you my system" "I the God of life will give you my system" "I the God of archery will give you my system" Every single god gave the young man their system/power causing a unique system to be made just for him. [Supreme System] ------------------------- 1 chapter every day please show some support and leave a review! Picture cover is not mine. [A/N: Before you start reading, please understand that this is fiction, anything resembling the real world is a mere coincidence, I have no intention of offending any kind of group, this is just a novel I'm writing for fun] Hope you like my novel!

  • MMORPG: Rise of the Sword Saint

    MMORPG: Rise of the Sword Saint


    Zephyr is an ordinary high school student. He is considered to be very handsome, but no girls approaches him as his grades were average and he doesn't excel in anything. But not known to anyone that he is doing it on purpose. He can be considered as an ultimate talented fellow but he doesn't shows it to others as he doesn't want any attention to be directed to him. He is somewhat socially awkward, as he is terrible at communicating with people and fails at correctly associating with them. As a result, he tends to isolate himself from his peers, not getting involved with social activities. One day on his way home. he saw an advertisement of the worlds first fully immersive VRMMORPG called Tensura. Allowing players with skill sets in reality like martial arts and archery to benefit the game. Zephyr was interested and decided to play the game as he was tired of his boring lifestyle. However, luck followed him as he become a Sword Saint and the first legendary class player. #Warning photo not mine. #Source Pinterest.

  • Aqew




    Play a young peasant boy who becomes squire to a legendary knight. Travel the realm competing in jousts, archery, and melee competitions. Train hard in order to become a powerful knight and eventually compete in The Great Tournament to decide the fate of the realm in this medieval story.

  • I'm an All Stars System

    I'm an All Stars System



    Wang Tian He is the 3rd Princess born in the great Wang’s Ancient Empire. She became skilled in the four arts: calligraphy, chess, painting, and Qin, just only at the small age of 7. Since she had the time and was bored with her life, she went to learn other arts. Then, 4 years later, she completely mastered dancing, acting, singing, and flute playing. Her family members were astounded that they birthed a genius, so they supported her in learning other arts. She was bored with arts for women, so she went ahead and started learning arts for men. Then, 5 years later, she became skilled in close combat martial arts, archery, horse backing riding, and sword fighting. However, on the day she mastered those skills and wanted to learn more, something happened.System: “Host, you’re perfect to test this new ‘All Stars System!” Tian He standing in a white space: “.....No.”__________________________________________Hello everyone, if you liked reading my novel, please consider supporting me with power stones. I very much appreciate it!Also, it would really help motivate me continue writing if you could leave a review down below, please let me know what you think of the novel. Thank you!*Warning*: May contain scenes not appropriate for young readers. (ex: sex)

  • The Black Witch

    The Black Witch


    Es Monele is a 155 years old elf. She lives in the 'Forest of Elves'. She's lives with her family, but her family and other elves are mad at her. Her skill in archery is like a pro Markman, She learned archery when she was too young. With her talent other elves are jealous at her. And that leads to bullying at her and having no friends.She decide to be an adventurer to have friends and live what she wants.After a few quest, she almost saw her death in a accident in a quest when a weird adventurer save him.

  • Road To Glory!!!

    Road To Glory!!!


    Harito is a young peasant who becomes the squire to a legendary knight. traveling the realm competing in jousts, archery, and melee competitions. Training hard in order to become a powerful knight and eventually compete in the All Combat Competition to decide the fate of castle, he will do everything he can to seek the The Road To Glory!!!.

  • Summons/Town



    A young Archery enthusiast is moved to a new world when he sleeps to save humanity by building a home for the first 100 humans who will arrive in six months. First though, he must make enough credits through the running of a dungeon with an odd summoning system.----------No real release schedule, just bored and this came to me.

  • World of Eridia: The Godly Archer

    World of Eridia: The Godly Archer



    Yu Zhen was an 18 year old college student who, except for his amazing looks and martial talent that goes unrecognised, was a completely average guy. He soon found out his girlfriend cheated on him with the heir of a large enterprise for money. After seeing this Yu Zhen made some rude remarks which got him beaten badly. His parents' business started to plummet and after a year they could no longer afford his college fees even after working ceaselessly. Due to the overwork his parents had gotten gravely ill and died a year later. Tired of society, Yu Zhen who had amazing talent with the bow decided to live in the wilderness. After 9 years his archery had unknowingly reached a level that would be deemed impossible by most people. However, out in the wilderness an incredibly venomous snake managed to sneak up on him and ended his life.Afterwards, Yu Zhen woke up in his college dorm. It was then that his alarm rang, and after looking at his phone, Yu Zhen noticed the date was set to 11 years in the past. He quickly checked the mirror and found it was his 18 year old self. He had returned to the past! After dumping his walking time bomb of a girlfriend, he decided to play a fully immersive virtual reality game called World of Eridia. He decided on this because in the 2 years before he went to live in the wilderness he had seen many people achieve high societal status and gain many riches.The game had taken the world by storm. To lead a better life and to let his parents take it easy he decided to make a name for himself in the game akin to another world. Little did he know that what he had seen was just the tip of the Ice-berg. Now it's his turn to shock both the virtual world and the real world.[Cover Page Art:]

  • The Hunter's Child

    The Hunter's Child


    Read the story about Anna, a sweet little girl who has a love fishing and archery. She used to live with her mother, father, older brother and baby sister. Anna's life was peaceful before certain events occur and turned her whole life upside down.

  • The Man And Five Angel's

    The Man And Five Angel's



    When peace is disturbed. when the Devils are freed from their proper place to live is wide open. They began to hunt and kill one by one humans on this earth.It's not only the human world whose stability in the balance of their lives is disturbed, but the angels are also disturbed by demons who don't know the rules after being restrained for so long are finally free.One human who has archery skills. Along with five angels who have different powers, the King of the Hereafter has been assigned to solve this problem, working with humans on earth to return all the demons back confined to the place where they should live.Did they manage to carry out the heavy task?

  • Infinite Archer of Space

    Infinite Archer of Space


    Alexander Wilde clawed his way to the top of the archery world in his first life just for it to be ripped from his hands. No family or friends to ever rely on Alexander grew to only know himself and his bow. Dead and reincarnated into a new world with magic tattoos and sketchy organizations. Follow Alex as he traverses the world fighting monsters and finding the one thing he has always wanted. A family.------------------------------------------------------The novel's cover art is added showcasing Alexander. Also, I have been contemplating why I was writing this novel and decided to keep all the chapters free for long as I can. This way everyone can just enjoy the story without worrying about it hurting the wallets.

  • Legendary Archers Series: Poisonous Arrow {Dropped}

    Legendary Archers Series: Poisonous Arrow {Dropped}


    As the last member of his own sect, Jin must continue his ancestors' legacy. He will hunt down the thirty-three demons who wreaked havoc throughout the entire world, and he will punish who had betrayed humanity.Armed with poisons and his exceptional archery abilities, strong determination, and loyal beasts, Jin will embark on a long journey to achieve what seems to be impossible to the others.Credits: The cover was designed by freepik

  • Special People


    Special People CHOOSEN

    Emmai Glorious, a young lady who started her journey as an AT, she was aiming to be famous and rich AT. With her skill of archery, she confidentiality set out of the sea from her homeland to the first town of her journey. There, she met with MC, a man that she thought could help her on her journey. And then, Ryki appeared before finally they got encountered by some bandits that wanted something from them.

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