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  • Stalker


    When PI Jake Marshall fails to stop the abduction and subsequent murder of a client who was being stalked, he vows to do everything in his power to identify the man responsible. He'll need all the help he can get, including Kelly, his partner in the agency, and Russ Foster, a library security guard he met at a local bar ... with whom he's becoming personally involved.<br><br>Soon, it becomes even more imperative they find the stalker when a friend of Jake's also disappears and everything points to the stalker as his abductor.<br><br>Can Jake and Russ stop the stalker before he kills again? And how will their search affect their budding relationship, presuming the stalker doesn't target one of them next?

  • My Stalker Wife

    My Stalker Wife



    She had loved the boy since forever. She loved it when he said in that lovely voice of his, "I'll marry you when I grow up~" But...That accident changed everything. Years later, she came to see him... but he passed her by, as if, she was a stranger. A few years after that, they met again... He was heartbroken, but she was still in love with him.... The day marked the restart of their sweet love lore~ . . . One fine day... "Dear Wife... I wonder if you're my stalker?" She gloatingly replied, "hm!!!" "Well... I wonder if I should become the same?!" "No need~ I'll tell you everything about me~", saying this, she jumped on him and had her fill! ............. ............. Atsu's note: My first try on the Showbiz genre, yey~ Expect some face slapping, as this is going to be a totally different story from my other novels! Happy Reading! PS: Got the cover from the web~

  • stalker...


  • Obsessive Stalker

    Obsessive Stalker

    Contemporary Romance POSSESSIVE

    Natalie Smith was only an ordinary senior high school student, not until when she felt someone was following her. There were too many mysterious events that happened in her life after reading a small piece of paper that became the start of all her nightmares. Will she be able to identify her stalker's true identity and escape the cruel future that awaits her?

  • This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!

    This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!

    No matter how far I ran, no matter where I hide, he's always one step ahead leaving me enthralled by his schemes. I never thought in my life that my ordinary life could be flipped upside down. That was until I received a message. A message from an annoying, flirtatious, ingenious guy who's obsessed with me. He's my deranged stalker, And he won't leave me alone until he got me in his grasps. After escaping her abusive family, April Westwood was able to have a decent life in the famous city, New York. Together with her best friend Cherry Baker they work at a big corporation. April's life was about to get back on trail until one day she woke with a strange phone message. The message was from Private Number, her stalker, who claims to love her. April tried to block him, but quickly realizes that that wasn't a smart move. Her deranged stalker had killed three innocent people from her work as punishment for her behavior. April learns that to keep the people that she loves safe from harm that she shouldn't anger her stalker, but that doesn't mean that she wouldn't try to come with antics to get away from him. On her way to the convenience shop she meets Mark Moore, the stand-in CEO of her corporation. The man's beauty is equal to a mythical God and April can't take her eyes off him. At the same time, she can't help but get a foreboding feeling every time her eyes locks with his. Why is that?

  • my stalker

    my stalker

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CEO FIRSTLOVE MAFIA

    story about a girl named Arya getting kidnapped by her psycho stalker. what will happen next ? will she be okay ?.when I thought that everything is over, I was wrong. it's just started, another big mess...spoiler alert:.they say the Mafia lord and the AK entertainment's CEO loves me. who should I believe..."KAI, KAI ! WANT'S YOU. and if he didn't get you then he will kill every one." he said in a scared broken voice..we met in a tragic way but who thought it would turn out to be more tragic then I thought...I couldn't think anything and I just kissed the scary handsome man sitting infront of me cause I just wanted to live, I was not hoping to die this soon. it was a long kiss and my first kiss. ...hello, I'm the author of this novel. I'm not that good in English so there can be some mistakes about spellings, grammar and all so please ignore it. I hope you will like it.. .• The cover is not mine & I don't know the creater as I took it from Google (´-﹏-`;)

  • Killer Stalker

    Killer Stalker


  • Stalker Husband

    Stalker Husband


    **This book has been deleted**Her uncle gambles away their properties in the casino and died unceremoniously, leaving Diana poor and orphan. The business tycoon takes pity on her and agrees to accept the properties and adopt her as well. So Diana is now a new member of the family being his adopted daughter. However, the only heir, the prince of Damari Corp, doesn't want to have a sister. Graysen violently reacted upon his father's preposterous proposal! He can't accept Diana as his sister. No way! Over his gorgeous body! After all, he decides that she'll be his wife. He's obsessed about her, thus, becomes her stalker husband!

  • Midnight Stalker

    Midnight Stalker


    Every midnight: A stalker. A stranger. A phone call. I should be scared. I should not talk to him. I should not entertain him. But all I did was... fall. NEW ADULT | TAGLISH | ROMCOM & MYSTERY All artworks by: Arjay Harina

  • Mystery Stalker

    Mystery Stalker

  • Death stalker

    Death stalker

    a girl who can control the death of others

  • Stalker Lover

    Stalker Lover

    Yvonne Clemence is a kind, bright, and likeable third-year high school student.Arthur Vaughn is a cold, blunt, and indifferent third-year high school student.These two were never placed in the same class, but they did end up in the same class in their final year of highschool!But who would've have imagined Arthur already has feelings for Yvonne for more than two years?In truth, he's disgustingly clingy, her stalker, a perverted bastard, and obsessive!Equally weirder, Yvonne seems to have become more attracted to him now that she knows the truth!Love blooms even faster when both are madly in love with each other, don't they?***Warning : This story is not recommended for readers who are uncomfortable with stalker, possessive, or obsessive male lead.Side Note :> Average Words: 1k/Chapter> Disclaimer: Set in modern era in year of 2020. Everything in this novel is fictional. Any similarities with real life's event is purely coincidence.

  • I'm [not ] Stalker

    I'm [not ] Stalker

  • My 

    My Stalker

    Teen ROMANCE

  • Stalker or Soulmate

    Stalker or Soulmate

    Teen ROMANCE

  • The Death Stalker

    The Death Stalker

    Martial Arts ROMANCE R18

    Did you know Deathstalker ? It's a yellow scorpion that is considered to be one of the most deadly species. What if the Deathstalker is a human ? Scott Bennet one day woke up with nothing left in his brain, except for self defense and the art of.. killing people. Forced by situation, he finally decided to become an assassin. More than four years later, after gor into an accident that nearly kill him, something's wrong with him. His brain works faster and he is healed faster, too. Beside that new capability, he also finally found out about his past. Unfortunately, his past is not a good news for him. And worse, his past is demanding to be back as his present. Can he avoid his past and lives his new life ?This is not a reincarnate novel, or Therianthrophy (myth of human shapeshifting into animal). This novel is merely a story about a guy who lost all his past memories and while finding out who he really is, he realizes that the best job he can do is killing people.

  • Kidnapped By My Stalker

    Kidnapped By My Stalker


    This story is about a young man who is a loner with a father who doesn't care for him and a mother who is dead. He used to have a happy life until his mother died on his birthday, he was depressed from that day on. He dropped out of school and meets a beautiful young lady! What will happen when jealously burns and lurks around the corner.

  • Symbiotic Cultivation: Night Stalker

    Symbiotic Cultivation: Night Stalker



    A boy that loves games and uses cheats died of a heart attack, reincarnated to a universe a second time where humans can have a symbiotic relationship to any kind of creatures, monsters, and supernatural beings that has an aura or type similar to his favorite monster game. A universe called a symbiotic universe!This time he will correct all his wrong and past mistakes by rewriting all of them in this life! Especially with his bat beast with limited game cheats that he abandoned because of its low evolutionary talent.

  • Falling For The CEO

    Falling For The CEO



    He wants her. He needs her.Freya Jacob is a strong and confident woman, and the top lawyer at their firm. She never loses a case in her life being a lawyer.Luke Walters is a CEO that has the whole package; Looks, body, money, personality, and he gets whatever he wants. When he first saw Freya after a town event that he just attended, he knew that he wants the lawyer to be his.But not everything will have a good happy ending without someone trying to destroy it.Somewhere, somehow... a loose serial killer under the name, Dr. Clown sees Freya for the first time in Community town and that made him want her as well. With this fact, Luke and Freya must find a way to be together and defeat Dr. Clown.Can their relationship work? Will they defeat Dr. Clown? Or will Dr. Clown get what he wants?Read along and join Freya on her journey to defeat her stalker who turns out to be a serial killer.His muscular arms looked inviting straining against his shirt. She bit her lip and looked at his handsome face. She noticed he has shifted his attention to her, and he was staring at her intensely. His perfect lips curved into a smile as his eyes held something in them, she wasn't sure what."Like what you see?" He asked her making her blush again and she turned her head away from him. "I know I do."Disclaimer: The picture in the cover is not mine.

  • The Stalker and the Lover

    The Stalker and the Lover

    A girl makes the mistake of dating a older man, when she breaks up with him he becomes a crazy stalker. Later when she meets the love of her life her stalker stops at nothing to separate them.

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