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  • Stalker


    When PI Jake Marshall fails to stop the abduction and subsequent murder of a client who was being stalked, he vows to do everything in his power to identify the man responsible. He'll need all the help he can get, including Kelly, his partner in the agency, and Russ Foster, a library security guard he met at a local bar ... with whom he's becoming personally involved.<br><br>Soon, it becomes even more imperative they find the stalker when a friend of Jake's also disappears and everything points to the stalker as his abductor.<br><br>Can Jake and Russ stop the stalker before he kills again? And how will their search affect their budding relationship, presuming the stalker doesn't target one of them next?



    This book is centered on obsessionA young psychologist whose Mother was killed brutally, tries to find Her stand in lifeAs fate has it, She got entangled with a patient that came for counselling But with time She notices how strange He isIs He really what he said he is or is He after somethingRead to find out

  • stalker...


  • S T A L K E R .

    S T A L K E R .


    Cai has a stalker. She doesn't know it, but Aeson does.

  • Reincarnated as the stepson of a mafia mob [BL]

    Reincarnated as the stepson of a mafia mob [BL]



    Lee Gongyun is a successful bachelor and a confident man. He is also rich and pampered by his family. He loves himself to the point that people call him a Narcissistic Prince. He has many achievements, and people respect him for being athletic and having a sexy brain. Gongyun has it all.  The only thing that he lacks in his life is romance. That's right; Lee Gongyun is naive and less experienced in love or romantic feelings towards anybody. He is also oblivious to the admiration of other people. No one taught him about romantic love. Gongyun only possesses the idea of platonic and family kind of love. Everything is fine; he lives with it and accepts this kind of life. No whining since he's convinced that he lives well enough. Not bother at all.  One night changes everything. He died at the hands of an obsessive stalker. A stranger proposed love and took his life as payment.  He woke up as a stepson of a mafia mob. A man who is the total opposite. The world that is close to earth but very different. Gongyun became the inferior, idiot son of the most powerful man in the country.  Chaos ensues. (The book cover isn't mine credits to the rightful owner.)

  • Two Omegas Destroy the Worlds of Alphas [BL]

    Two Omegas Destroy the Worlds of Alphas [BL]



    Ren Jidian is an Omega who had a long-time crush on his Omega best friend, Wei Sizhi. One day he managed to confess his feelings and the two boys elope together, only to be hit by a truck and transmigrated to cruel worlds as star-crossed, tragic lovers! With the whole world keeping them apart, would they still be able to get their Happy Ending in the end? Or would it be a tragedy for a love that was never meant to be? Ren Jidian: "I will keep fighting for you, Zhi-Zhi! No matter what it takes! I will take you from these Alphas!" ------------------- 1v1 Seme/Gong/ Top MC Ren Jidian is a sort of dumb, pessimistic seme with a bit of a yandere side and Wei Sizhi is a cool, aloof and badass uke Multiple worlds/ World-hopping/ Quick Transmigration Happy Ending? I don't spoil. You'll see. Some side ships --------------------- What is omegaverse? (Do remember this is MY version of omegaverse, I know there are tons of other ones.) Basically, people are divided into 3 subgenders besides their own sex or gender. There is Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alphas, no matter the sex, male or female, can make people pregnant. Betas are just like how us people work. Males can impregnate, and females get pregnant. Omegas get pregnant no matter the sex, male or female. They also undergo heat, which is a monthly cycle that makes them crave to be bred by Alphas. They emit a scent (pheromones) during heat that makes an Alpha go wild and lustful. Alphas are characterized to have a stronger, larger, and more athletic build than Betas and Omegas. Omegas have a weaker, smaller and more frail build than Betas and Alphas. Betas can vary. There are exceptions to every rule, of course. But Ren Jidian and Wei Sizhi are both smaller and weaker types of Omegas. (Much to Ren Jidian's frustration.) -------------- Worlds' dynamics (Ren Jidian's role x Wei Sizhi's role) 1. A medicine scholar x a sick newly-married male empress to a tyrannical emperor (Complete) 2. A not-so-famous Omega pirate x a prince that was kidnapped by a famous Alpha pirate (Complete) 3. A robot developer x an AI companion for lonely Alphas (Complete) 4. An Athenian scribe that served as a spy for the King x A Spartan war strategist 5. A stalker fan x a serial killer idol 6. A weak Pawn in a school setting where students are determined as Chess pieces x a Queen that was tired of being one 7: ???? 8. ????

  • My Stalker Wife

    My Stalker Wife



    She had loved the boy since forever. She loved it when he said in that lovely voice of his, "I'll marry you when I grow up~" But...That accident changed everything. Years later, she came to see him... but he passed her by, as if, she was a stranger. A few years after that, they met again... He was heartbroken, but she was still in love with him.... The day marked the restart of their sweet love lore~ . . . One fine day... "Dear Wife... I wonder if you're my stalker?" She gloatingly replied, "hm!!!" "Well... I wonder if I should become the same?!" "No need~ I'll tell you everything about me~", saying this, she jumped on him and had her fill! ............. ............. Atsu's note: My first try on the Showbiz genre, yey~ Expect some face slapping, as this is going to be a totally different story from my other novels! Happy Reading! PS: Got the cover from the web~

  • Werewolf In The Woods

    Werewolf In The Woods


    "Darling." He smirked and eyed my lips. "Promises can be broken." "I don't break promises," I aimed to assure. "I know because I know you." He stretched his palm to caress my chin and this time, I didn't flinch. "How?" I croaked. "Because I've watched you." His hand moved to brush my hair away from my face. "I know about your schedule, when you sleep, how you like your tea, how you interact with strangers, even down to the kind of shampoo you use." He is a stalker, get away from him! My subconscious screamed at me Instead of me to do that, I did the opposite by asking. "Why, do you know all these?" He simply chuckled and inched his face closer, we stared into each other's eyes for what felt like a decade before he shifted to my ear and whispered. "Because you are my mate." ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Tanya Marie Andre. A female writer who has read many werewolf books but never believed them to be real. Diego Dante Domino. An Alpha who has searched for his mate for centuries. Dive in to see how everything turns out. Warning: Mature scenes

  • Her Double Trouble

    Her Double Trouble


    "If given a chance, who would you rather, Daniel or me?" Owen asked. "Now that's a tough one." Chugging down the leftover champagne directly from the bottle, she said, "I need some time to think."Refilling his shot glass, Daniel suggested, "Or you do us both together and save some time."….The leaders of Anderson Enterprise, one of the top ten international companies in the world, Owen and Daniel Anderson are considered the most eligible bachelors in the country. They are heartthrobs every woman desires. Despite having a horde of women who are ready to throw themselves at them, the Anderson brothers have their eyes set on one woman who has managed to captivate their attention.Leaving home at the young age of fourteen, things have been quite rough for Emma Parker. Despite all the hardships she has faced in her life, Emma is very optimistic. She is a strong independent woman and somehow manages to find happiness in the small things she has. All Emma wants is to live a peaceful and comfortable life but her fate has different plans for her. After an unexpected eventful night with two strangers, Emma now has two new stalkers that follow her around: the millionaire brothers, Daniel and Owen.Caught in the middle of the two brothers who try to court her separately, will Emma ultimately figure out who she wants to be with… or both?And when she starts developing feelings for the charming suitors, will Emma’s heart be broken when she is reminded of the difference between their worlds? Or will the happily-ever-after bloom for Emma at long last?…..Join my discord server: Discord username: Sofia05#2273

  • The Nation  Beauty’s Guard

    The Nation Beauty’s Guard


    Avianna Queen is a top model and the nation's sweetheart. Having come from a wealthy family, her life can be defined as perfect until tragedy strikes, and she needs a kidney transplant. The search for a donor becomes bleak and despairing and just when all hope is lost, a donor turns up. Lorenzo Cauley comes from a low background and would do anything to save his sick sister. However, he couldn't save his sister and she ended up dying. But that was until he heard a piece of awful news, his sister's kidney was taken secretly. Filled with nothing but anger, Lorenzo would do anything to have his revenge against the Queen's family, even if that means becoming the bodyguard to the nation's beauty. ~~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt: "I'm not a murderer!"She yelled,while staring at the messages right infront of her with trembling hands that held her phone before it was smashed against the wall. At that moment he knew he had to act before she loses her mind and goes crazy. "Anna…"He called, coming out of the dark shadows with a pretentious worried look on his face. Oh! How he loved seeing her in pains. "Enzo ''Avianna went up to him,and engulfed him in a hug,she needed the human contact to keep her in check, and she didn't care that she was getting that from her bodyguard. She didn't care what he would think of that,after all he likes her. Enzo likes her. She too also has a thing for him,and she wasn't afraid to say that anymore. So,she did something he didn't expect by crushing her lips to his soft ones, shocking the both of them. ~~~~~ What would be the beauty's queen's reaction, when she gets to know that her saviour has all llong being the stalker that claim's she's a murderer? Moreover,what would end up being her fate when Enzo is stuck with the choice to choose between avenging his sister's death or his love with the model that had managed to tame his cold heart? #:This is not your regular celebrity love story,this is mind-blowing! Keep your mind,body and soul prepared, Author Pinky has more to tell!

  • Fate Love Game

    Fate Love Game



    Okita Tatsuya, a soon-to-be freshman. He decided to live with his Aunt as fate guides him to his new life, a life where he will experience various things. From that point, Mother Fate who seems to be always playing with him will give him a chance to overcome the obstacle that has been tormenting his life ever since. In a game of love and hate, the only game where he can only have one chance to change it all.But in a twist of fate—"Do you believe in fate?", the girl said, He met a girl who will join his journey as he conquest this so-called game, created by Mother Fate.Will he overcome his past? Will he live a peaceful life? Will he turn the odds against him? Follow his journey as he plays the game of love, hate, and despair._______________________________________________________________________________________________________[Discord Server Link!]- you want to support me and get early access to chapters: do not own the artwork, if you are the illustrator just let me know if you want me to remove it. (Only using it temporarily)MORE TAGS: Stalkers, Past Trauma, Nobles, Polygamy.DISCLAIMERWork of fiction. All the names, places, and events are all purely based on the author's imagination. Any resemblance to an actual person or event is purely coincidental. The main characters are 18 above.

  • "Night Stalker"

    "Night Stalker"


    ☠️ this novel will be hot, very hot, little text and a bit of adventure with a fictional world… but there is sauce,… that's all...... ☠️.......(¬‿¬) ← sauce-signalAt first, the young Joe Black looks for a way to escape from his house, due to the mistreatment he receives from his father's partner and his two daughters.But one afternoon his whole life took a 360° turn when he received the first two "quests" that changed not only his perspective on the world but his entire personality.starting with a little revenge against his thugs and learning to survive in a world completely unknown to him, a hidden world inhabited by terrifying and extraordinary beings.a world where a night stalker is king▶ 1000 to 1200 words, output speed 1 cap x 12 H⚠️ this novel is not a romantic story ⚠️ if you are sensitive to certain situations of moral character or looking for a vigilante hero please get your reading, not your cup of teano "NTR" there is only "Netori" and a touch of "Family Love"this story is based on a fantasy world, where the characters and places do not exist, any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence

  • Obsessive Stalker

    Obsessive Stalker

    Contemporary Romance POSSESSIVE

    Natalie Smith was only an ordinary senior high school student, not until when she felt someone was following her. There were too many mysterious events that happened in her life after reading a small piece of paper that became the start of all her nightmares. Will she be able to identify her stalker's true identity and escape the cruel future that awaits her?

  • Kidnapped By My Stalker

    Kidnapped By My Stalker

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 DARK TRAGEDY SCARY

    When a father doesn't love his child and the mother has passed on. What will an eighteen-year-old boy do with his life? He has no support, no one to call a friend, and a heart heavy with grief. He turns to the outdoors as a source of relief, but that is where the monster comes to pray on his fragility. A brush with death takes his world by storm because the man who saved him was there all along. He meets a girl, sweet and kind. He's never had a crush before, a new beginning he believes in store. Will he be consumed by puppy love? or shall the devil scoop him up?

  • This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!

    This Stalker Won't Leave Me Alone!



    No matter how far I ran, no matter where I hide he’s always one step ahead leaving me enthralled by his schemes. I, April, a 23 years old woman never thought once in my life that my ordinary life could be flipped upside down. That was until I received a message; a message from an annoying, flirtatious, ingenious guy who’s obsessed with me. He’s my deranged stalker, And he won’t leave me alone until he got me in his grasps. Various warnings: this story contains a lot of swearing, little gore, little violence and eventual unhealthy relationships ( but honestly the titel of the story is a warning enough lmao).

  • Symbiotic Cultivation: Night Stalker

    Symbiotic Cultivation: Night Stalker



    A boy that loves games and uses cheats died of a heart attack, reincarnated to a universe a second time where humans can have a symbiotic relationship to any kind of creatures, monsters, and supernatural beings that has an aura or type similar to his favorite monster game. A universe called a symbiotic universe!This time he will correct all his wrong and past mistakes by rewriting all of them in this life! Especially with his bat beast with limited game cheats that he abandoned because of its low evolutionary talent.

  • Mr. Stalker

    Mr. Stalker


    My life was perfect until everything changed. My life got turned upside down and everything I once knew and loved were gone just like that. I just wish I could have avoided this somehow.

  • The Black Saint is My Stalker (BL)

    The Black Saint is My Stalker (BL)


    Han Li, aged 19, is retiring from hunting for good. Yup, you heard it. He’s putting down his sword and talismans at a ripe young age, leaving the supernatural population control to the brave and the heroic. No more werewolves, vampires or poltergeist or even selkies for Han Li.But who is this tall handsome guy standing outside his front door? Why is he trying to get Han Li back into the business of hunting? No, screw it. It doesn’t matter how much of a dreamboat this guy might be, Han Li absolutely, positively, one hundred and fifty percent refuses to budge. And no, he can’t be bribed with money, or food, or kisses for that matter. No means no, you stupid, perverted stalker!On a side note, what kind of name is Graham Astley? It sounds like a name that belongs to a grandpa. It has to be fake, right?Graham: “Allow me to explain myself.”Han Li: “Okay? I’m listening.”Graham: “…”Han Li: “…”Han Li: “So?”Graham “Wait. I’m still thinking.”Han Li: “You’re…thinking?”Graham: “Yes. I am thinking of an excuse.”++++This book was originally off of WN but I decided to bring it here anyway :) Please support the book here:ko-fi:

  • Falling For The CEO

    Falling For The CEO



    He wants her. He needs her.Freya Jacob is a strong and confident woman, and the top lawyer at their firm. She never loses a case in her life being a lawyer.Luke Walters is a CEO that has the whole package; Looks, body, money, personality, and he gets whatever he wants. When he first saw Freya after a town event that he just attended, he knew that he wants the lawyer to be his.But not everything will have a good happy ending without someone trying to destroy it.Somewhere, somehow... a loose serial killer under the name, Dr. Clown sees Freya for the first time in Community town and that made him want her as well. With this fact, Luke and Freya must find a way to be together and defeat Dr. Clown.Can their relationship work? Will they defeat Dr. Clown? Or will Dr. Clown get what he wants?Read along and join Freya on her journey to defeat her stalker who turns out to be a serial killer.His muscular arms looked inviting straining against his shirt. She bit her lip and looked at his handsome face. She noticed he has shifted his attention to her, and he was staring at her intensely. His perfect lips curved into a smile as his eyes held something in them, she wasn't sure what."Like what you see?" He asked her making her blush again and she turned her head away from him. "I know I do."Disclaimer: The picture in the cover is not mine.

  • Evil Occultist

    Evil Occultist



    It's not easy being an evil CULT LEADER! Impulsive and charismatic beginner occultist Ted tries to murder someone with a forbidden spell and instead gets the attention of a hostile sun god. The only way Ted can shake off the influence of the divine being and avoid being absorbed is to perform a sacrifice - ten thousand souls, and they have to be willing. While Ted has no problems getting some poor sods to give up their souls for free, ten thousand is still quite a number and he decides to form his cult somewhere safer than his own homeland: the FIN, a great island in the cold, dark south where the sun god is weakened for half of the year. Ted needs to fight for dominance during his race to control the population of the Fin - first in order to get the technology needed to push through the unnatural storms that have plagued the ocean around the island, then in order to actually get the people to support his evil, insane, self-serving cause. He recruits people left and right, charming them with his silvery tongue and charisma, but there seems to be a conspiracy against him. Someone wants Ted dead, and it is not the hungry god of sun. Ted is not alone, though - his best friend, Eknie, is like a rabid yet loyal dog. She will stop at nothing to get Ted to share his life with her, but Eknie, the diplomatic bard lady from the Great Eastern Kingdom, is a benevolent stalker. Probably. Mostly. She arranges a meeting with someone who can invent a machine that will get the cult to the Fin in no time at all: the genius engineer and scientist, Madorn. He isn't cheap labor, of course... The sun god is nothing like Ted would have imagined. Always breathing down on his neck once the dreaded morning comes, its intrusive and sinister ways make him fear daylight. The god can make him its slave if it is not pleased with the regular sacrifices, and this ends up in Ted creating an army of ZOMBIES. The world of Ad Rath is in the middle of a technological revolution. Steam is utilized in all forms of transport - steam cars, steam trains, whatever one can imagine, it probably runs on steam. There is potential for more, though - the southern islands have been simmering inside a megastorm for years and supplies are running low in the barren land of the Fin. To travel all the way down to the cold and uncomfortable South from the safety of the Kingdom of Sennas with its luxury and degeneracy would be a punishment for most. IMPORTANT: The MC is intentionally selfish and evil, causing misfortune and hurt wherever he goes. The other characters are not much better. Don't like, don't read. Mostly, though, Ted is just saving his own skin and gathering wealth, and being evil just for the sake of doing bad things. Don't expect a virtuous hero here. ALSO IMPORTANT: This is a sequel-ish to Water Belongs to the Dead: Heart of the Witch, set 100 years after the end of WBttD:HotW. While it is not needed to read it to understand Evil Occultist, giving it a look can help you familiarize yourself with the world. Love it, hate it, tell me in the comments anyway, vote, make me work even harder. discord link finally. it's an actual functioning server afaik: