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  • The Alpha's Mermaid

    The Alpha's Mermaid


    **THE COVER PHOTO DOESN'T BELONG TO ME. TAKEN FROM PINTEREST** "Fuck fate, I want only you. I will fight the world to be with you because I know, every drop of blood I shed will be worth every kiss you reward me with. You are my salvation, love." ══════════════════ Lucian Rexton is the ruthless Alpha who is overprotective of his pack but is just and well respected. His forest green eyes are mesmerizing and have broken many hearts. When he comes of age, though, he had to leave his playboy ways to be true to his mate, Mia. He loves his mate dearly and feels that he finally has everything he can ask for. Esmeray is a mermaid. Mated to the sea prince, Triton, she is happier than ever and is excited to be the future Queen of the sea. She loves him with all her heart and Triton makes her happy in ways she can't fathom. But one mistake causes her to get lost in a land she has never seen before. She meets Lucian and when she does, she knew that nothing will ever be the same again. And why does Lucian finds himself wanting to kiss the strange girl he had rescued from the sea? They shouldn't feel this way because they aren't mates. But then, why does this feel so right? ══════════════════ ***CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT*** ***NO RAPE*** ***NO SELF-HARM*** .

  • My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

    My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife



    Qingfeng was known as the Wolf King, a legendary mercenary that had mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medicine. He originally wanted to just live a peaceful life, but his arranged wife, who is a CEO, thinks he is a loser and wants a divorce. The cold war between husband and wife began. Translated by: Noodletown - Turbo Turtle Division (We fast as fuc boooiiii) Current Release Speed Tier - Basic Turtle (2 chapters/day + mass release on Saturday), Release Speed Tier is upgradeable through Patreon

  • Mermaid Island

    Mermaid Island

    Pulau terlarang di sebuah kawasan busan,yang mengundang banyak malapetaka yang sering di sebut dengan pulau duyung,konon kata nya pulau tersebut di huni oleh penyihir duyung yang dapat menghancurkan seluruh alam semesta.Apa kah itu benar?

  • mermaid lover

    mermaid lover

  • Mermaid love

    Mermaid love

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

  • The fate of mermaid

    The fate of mermaid



    A mermaid (melissa)and the prince love wants to win the fate and they want to be together. As saying goes, every being has seven births. But in every life their love thirsts to win the fate, but the fate is the best gamer it brings them together at first and they cant be together at last. So, to win the fate and by solving all the problems they want to be together. But their fate will separate them in every life, will they be together in their seventh life birth? NOTE: Im really sorry ,there is a small mistake while publishing the chapter love at 1st sight is wrongly published in vol 2 . im sorry plz read it carefully without any confusion.(1.the fate of mermaid 2. love at first sight part 1 at first sight part 2 4.Melissa in new world)

  • Mermaid Elements

    Mermaid Elements

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Mermaid Tale

    Mermaid Tale

    Angeline, A simple 28 years old woman is trying to look for a boyfriend to become her husband and was given the responsibility to become the heir of the Mother Pearl that grants the owner the ability to use magic. Who will be able to catch her heart among the men around her: The strong, mystical, and gorgeous prince of the sea, Raphael; the handsome, smart, and rich director, Michael; the friendly, clever, and muscular musician, Gabriel; the famous talented, and attractive celebrity, Uriel; or the humble womaniser, and average looking photographer, Marius.

  • jadi mermaid

    jadi mermaid

    tentang seorang gadis , yang tersesat sendiri di sebuah pulau, dan tiba-tiba secara misterius menjadi seorang mermaid ,kok bisa?

  • Reading Mermaid

    Reading Mermaid

    The love an innocent woman searches for, realises it's herself, she is the true love of her.

  • Mermaid Melody

    Mermaid Melody



    She wanted a life, he wanted a death, they wanted a war, but the Neoon Princess..she wanted the magical and the unrealistic dornadom. Only books have heard of it and not a life. What they say? Well..... loose more than you can and have to gain more than you can and have..only path to DORNADOM

  • Mermaid guardine

    Mermaid guardine

  • The Mermaid and The Billionaire

    The Mermaid and The Billionaire

    Fantasy Romance BEAUTY

    The only way to save the whole Oceana lays on the land of humans and Meria is more than willing to take the risk just to save her people, but when she met the hottest man she ever laid her eyes on, she seems to need saving for herself as well from the billionaire's charm.

  • A Mermaid Tale

    A Mermaid Tale

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Matheus was save from an accident by a siren. Exactly five years ago, a young siren named Sierra save the young man from drowning. His father died from the explosion. His father's siblings blamed him because he survived. They hated him even before the accident. Only his cousin Draco was on his side. When he was in danger, he came to find him. After saving his cousin, he stayed in the island. A few days later he heard the mysterious song again. He come to see who was singing but find no one.On the day he decided to return, he saw the girl again. And what surprise him is that she is not a human but a mermaid. Not really a mermaid but a siren, a dangerous siren. She was so beautiful and innocent. He directly fall in love with her.Information about the siren is found on website but the story is merely a product of my imagination. This is originally written by me.

  • The resurrected mermaid

    The resurrected mermaid

  • The Mermaid is a Superstar!

    The Mermaid is a Superstar!

    She is seen as a rare treasure by many, and if anyone finds out about her true identity, then it is a game over.Using the excuse of ‘going on a mission’ to explore the green lands, she ventures out of the sea to an exciting adventure where she meets many different people.And on beautiful land, she meets an odd creature.He looks like a human, but is too handsome, too silent, too cold and most importantly, has an amazing voice that can be compared to hers! This must be what her father told her about special beings! Forget about searching for the stolen pearl! Forget about rescuing the mermaid guard! She has to follow him and observe his daily life! She thought it was going to be easy...But wait, what is this talk about becoming an idol? Does she really have to enter that TV program to keep seeing her target? Fine, she doesn't mind, as long as it will help her see him then she doesn't mind!~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Note: This novel has a bit of a slow start, so please be patient. The actual plot starts in chapter 17. Also, my English isn't perfect, and so there will be mistakes here and there.

  • The Last Mermaid :)

    The Last Mermaid :)

    Amelia Lockheart a normal 17 year old in high school which transfers from Chicago to Miami for her mothers career. Everything goes well until one night changes everything! Suddenly she discovers that she is a mermaid along with other secrets and her kingdom Delphora is under a great evil only she can fix. Amelia is faced with many challenges but she doubts she even has the power or mindset to survive through all of this and overcome it all. Will she conquer the evil that's coming her way? And will she be strong enough to be a warrior during this battle?Read to find out more!!

  • Home of mermaid

    Home of mermaid

    Ebony was just a young, homeless orphan with a cloudy future when an unexpected dip in her local beach turned her world upside down. If the ocean was home to more than just fish and sharks, was it possible for Ebony to find her own home in it too?

  • Are you mermaid?

    Are you mermaid?

    Adita tidak pernah menyangka bahwa liburannya bisa membawa malapetaka, akibat keingitahuannya mengenai laut. Ia bertemu seorang yang bisa menujukan rasa penasarannya. Dengan suara yang merdu, ia mampu mengikat Adita. Suara itulah yang membuat ia terjebak oleh seorang Siren. Namun ia malah berakhir dengan putra duyung yang datang menyelamatkannya.Akankah ia bisa terselamatkan atau justru terus selamanya bersama siren tersebut?