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  • Merfolks


    A merman that was born just a few month was swept away by a huge hurricane and end up at the humans land. He was found by a fisherman and then was sold to a Human Research Institute(HRI). This was the starting point of the humans demise.

  • Ensnaring his Dark Moon

    Ensnaring his Dark Moon



    Once a princess, now a maid. By choice?! Esmeray Reis, once a princess, is now an ordinary person. She prefers to live like a bespectacled wallflower to stay far away from people's attention until one day she is compelled to enter the Royal Castle disguised as a maid under certain circumstances. Aleister Daven, a mysterious Prince. Dark, devious, and dangerous. The mention of his name is enough to make people tremble. Uninterested in most of the things until he comes across the stubborn woman who won't spare a glance in his way. When strange incidents happen around her, she finds herself waking up in the depths of the ageless sea. Mysterious powers awakening inside her body threatens to shred away her existence and her rationality. The involvement of merfolk makes everything more complicated. Staying far away from him was all she ever wished but what was she going to do when he becomes the sole ray of light in the darkness surrounding her? Will she take his hand? ... Excerpt:What do you think of this flower?" she asked, taking a step towards him. "Beautiful," he answered within a beat, well aware that she had planted this rose plant. "What do you think of the weather?" she took another step towards him, all the while looking at his face. He tilted his head to look at the sky covered in grey clouds, the color resembling her eyes, "Pretty."Esme took another step towards him and Aleister stepped back, ''There there, Princess. You seem quite different today. Quite aggressive. Quite passionate. Do you want to pin me somewhere and do things to me?'' he teased. Unexpectedly, she did not back away this time. She narrowed her eyes and continued smiling, ''Maybe,'' her voice barely above a whisper as she continued without giving him a chance to react, "I have decided what I want. Now, tell me...""Tell you what?" She closed the distance between them, leaving a few inches gap in their bodies, "What do you think of me?"

  • Don't Be Unruly, My Siren

    Don't Be Unruly, My Siren


    Xie Lan.....he was the fourth prince of the underwater kingdom. He was a "siren" who was born from a mer-empress and a mer-emperor. That's right. Xie Lan was not a merman but a siren even though both of his parents were merfolk. His appearance as gorgeous and delicate as that of a pretty merman whereas he possessed powers of an evil siren, plus a crazy personality. This young prince was given a mission to venture into the human realm to save his imperial sis and her friends who'd got drawn into an unusual whirlpool and ended up being captured in the imperial palace of humans. But even before he was yet to set off for the mission, Xie Lan himself also got drawn into a strange whirlpool, directly getting transported into the imperial palace of humans. Little did he know that this had everything to do with his step-mom, the current empress of his father. Cooperating with malicious mer-race sirens, she secretly attempted to betray and rebel against her own kingdom.With this unexpected turn of events, after getting transported to the imperial palace of humans, Xie Lan encountered a ruthless crown prince who was somehow intrigued by him and chose to adopt him as his personal pet. It was with no doubt that Xie Lan had now become the world's busiest pet. This young prince had to make moves for his original mission to save his sis and other mermaids in the process of being a bossy pet for his brutal master. Not to mention, problems after problems happened to his kingdom after that. Sirens stole merfolk's pearl of ten thousand moons which was the very resource of magic for their underwater kingdom. War between humans and merfolk broke out where he and his brutal master battled against each other with the entire armies of humans and mer-warriors following behind.Under the schemes of sirens, betrayers and selfish people, the underwater kingdom fell apart, magical powers of merfolk got weaker and weaker, merfolk's lifespan grew shorter and shorter….. To restore this underwater kingdom to its original state, maybe, one life might not be enough for Xie Lan. Maybe he needed to be reborn, reincarnated in another era and continue to finish this responsibility. Maybe, even until then, he still had to watch out for malicious enemies hiding amongst real families and friends. Maybe a certain crown prince would also keep him accompany till afterlife to help him finish this heavy responsibility……..(In this novel, there will be two different eras involved, historical era for the first volume, modern era for the second - just in case if you guys get confused by the synopsis)-----------------The cover art does not belong to me.....all credit to the amazing creator.

  • Baits




    In the enchanted underwater City of Glass, what will you sacrifice for immortality? Love, memories, freedom? Will you take freedom from others to win your heart's desire? Dive into a world of mermaids, mermen, and other merfolk, where every character has secrets, and nothing is what it seems! The whales have granted the merfolk eternal life, and asked you for so little in return. Defense against the giant squid. Secrecy from humans. But when a rogue mermaid tries to destroy the gift of immortality, ancient secrets rise from the depths, and the delicate balance of society rests in your hands.

  • Are You My Enemy?

    Are You My Enemy?


    The land is caught in a terrible war of destruction. Arista is the last from her tribal-pod and the only one who can carry their traditions. If she were to die so too would her Merfolk. With no one to help her she has to find her way from the front line to the safety of the ocean. She doesn't even have time to grieve for her loved ones. The dragons have selfishly begun this war on nature and the Merfolk that make their home in its life-giving waters. Kyvren a dragon, comes across Arista. He has been told of how treacherous the Merfolk are and how they started the war. But he can't bring himself to harm her. What will he do if she turns out to be everything he's been taught to fear? Each side has their own story, who is right? Who is the enemy?

  • Two Unlikely Lovers

    Two Unlikely Lovers

    War between the merfolk and fairyfolk kingdoms has been going on for two hundred years. Princess Carmelina of the fairy kingdom wants peace, while her parents, the king and queen, want to destroy the merfolk. In an unlikely encounter, Carmelina meets an injured mermaid on the shore who she rescues, who also wants peace. The two decide to meet in secret every night, and they eventually fall in love, even though it is against both kingdoms' laws for interspecies and same-sex relationships. Will their love be enough to make a bridge between the kingdoms, or will it tear apart the kingdoms even further? Read to find out!

  • Beyond the seas

    Beyond the seas


    THERE IS MATURE CONTENT IN THIS STORY!!The worlds of the merfolk and "humans" were separated, after an unfortunate accident that cost the life of a mother. The king had been in such a saddened state that he had put up a barrier that forced merfolk to be blocked away from humans. Of course, few merfolk didn't like the idea, while most did, as they didn't see the downside of the idea. One of the very few which were uncertain what they want, was a mermaid known as FlutterShy, her mother was the one to have died. Now, the daughter of the women who had passed at the hands of humans, should hate the people above. Shouldn't she? Well, she didn't, and that may be due to her kind nature, many would say she is naive, others would say she's smart, some would even consider her both. Though, somehow she'll find her way past the barrier. How? You'll have to wait and see...

  • Heroic summoning

    Heroic summoning

    A/N: Not Frequent update. First time writing a novel.The world is split into different places where various of the races lived.Human Continent located in the center of the world where the weakest race lived, Humans.Sea of Trees Located in the West part of the world where various Demihumans and Beast Races lived.Underworld Continent located at the South of the world where the Devils lived. Heaven Archipelago located at the sky where the races of the Holy lived, Angels. Sea Region living on the waters on the world spreading wide in the entire world, Merfolk. Void Island with its location unknown appearing and disappearing like a mirage where the Fairies and Spirits lived.And then lastly the Ancient Forbidden Land of the Dragons located at the Eastern part of the world where the Dragonkins lived.Devils are the races with the highest affinity with Magic. Angels are the races with the power to heal and control the weather. Merfolk had the power to purify the water and control the seas. Demihumans had keen senses and inhuman physical power. Humans had the greatest minds. And the Dragonkin... were simply called the strongest race, for their overwhelming power.

  • Academy of The Unholy

    Academy of The Unholy


    Set deep within the heart of the Mystic Woods lies the Academy of The Unholy. A school for the most supernatural of creatures—be it werewolves, vampires, witches, faeries, elves, merfolk, dwarves and many more. It is the place where young ghouls learn the ways of their world. For some, it is a breeding ground for the future kings and queens of the Mystic Woods. For Elise, it is freedom. The vampire princess had long been waiting for years to be part of the renowned academy. Also hoping to try her shot at becoming a Dark Scholar. But what would happen once Elise realizes that the Academy of The Unholy was not exactly how she pictured it would be? Will she step up against the prejudices and discriminations against her kind? Or will her own dark past manage to catch up to her, knocking right in front of her doorstep? What would happen once Elise finds out that the one who leads the Dark Scholars is a vampire's worst nightmare—a werewolf... and her mate? The answer: it changes everything.

  • Werewolf Bermata Mermaid

    Werewolf Bermata Mermaid

    Molena's Note: cerita ini beralur lambat dan minim romance...“Matamu sangat indah seperti ras Merfolk. Sebuah fenomena langka bagi ras werewolf sekaligus mematikan. Kau harus menyembunyikan mata birumu dari siapapun dan jangan mudah percaya dengan siapapun.”Hari yang indah dan damai berakhir setelah Rara terkurung dalam sebuah kamar tanpa jendela dan berpintu besi yang hanya bisa dibuka dari luar. Ia di sana untuk diambil mata duyungnya yang bisa mengakibatkan nyawanya melayang.Keinginannya hanya satu: terbebas dari kematiannya dan kembali ke keluarganya dengan selamat.Sialnya, ia bertemu dengan Lutra―kelompok bajak laut terkuat kedua di dunia yang terkenal kejam. Membuatnya berhutang budi pada Lutra dan membayar hutangnya dengan membantu Lutra mencari seorang mermaid.Ditengah membayar hutangnya pada Lutra, seorang duyung datang mengincar nyawanya dan menuduhnya sebagai pembunuh istri dari duyung itu."Jika kau ingin jadi orang jahat, jangan beri aku kebaikan.”―Rara Parwez"Kembalikan mata itu, dasar pencuri!!!”―Einsha

  • Sea of the Forsaken

    Sea of the Forsaken


    It was supposed to be a normal visit to her uncle's place. Everything was planned out to prevent anything from happening by her parents, but it didn't end that way in the end. After taking a dive in an underwater cave with her cousins, Lynae and Meredith, something changed within her. Ever since that day, Amelia, Lynae, and Meredith uncover more on their family's secret lineage resulting in them becoming something that they thought was not possible. Now showing their true scales, they adjust their lives into becoming more than just mermaids, but as the rightful rulers of the five water realms along with two mermen. They meet other merfolk along the way to help guide them into making each of their designated realm a better place for everyone. However, not everyone would agree with what the five rulers have in mind as for what is best. The main concern would be set on the five after they discovered that they each inherited a special power from each sibling. But with those powers come with great distress. Fearing that history may repeat itself, the mer are keeping a close eye on Amelia since she is the reincarnate of the one whom was good at heart but became corrupt to the very end resulting in her transforming into a great beast that terrorized the underwater kingdom. If you want to take a dive into an adventure that stretches around the world while witnessing the supernatural elements these mer face everyday, then you are in the right place. Come under and see why the merfolk are not just a fairytale, but a lost race that the humans have forgotten for over centuries.2020's WATTPAD'S NOBEL PRIZE WINNER - FANTASY CATEGORY2020's ARCANA BOOK AWARDS SECOND PLACE - FANTASY CATEGORYHONORABLY RECOGNIZED IN THE 2020 SERANIAN AWARDS2020's HALCYON AWARDS SECOND PLACE - ADVENTURE CATEGORY

  • Deep End - A Novel By psofiaavaline

    Deep End - A Novel By psofiaavaline

    Adira is a mermaid. A talented one at that. Gifted with magic abilities to control water, earth, fire and air her life has been ups and downs. After the king drafting her to his Royal Merfolk Of Magic two years have past and Adira is suddenly activated as well as her two best friends, Daria and Mila. On an adventure to the main land all three meet humans who fall in love with the sirens. But are the boys human or is there more to the trios then what is on the surface of the water? Jump into the Deep End with the novel filled with mermaids and such!All Rights Reserved. 2019

  • Prince of Olympus

    Prince of Olympus


    A long, long time ago the Gods created a world which they inhabited with creature such as giants, dwarves, elves and merfolk. The races lived peacefully until the Gods created humans. Growing jealous of the attention the Gods gave the humans the other races grew furious and decided to band together. They launched an assault on Olympus and after a long battle forced the Gods to flee. After the victory the alliance held for a short time before the giants betrayed the other races and decided to claim Olympus and the world for their own. At this time they were met with a prophecy, that they would meet their end by the hands of the children of the Gods. Scared they created a kingdom for the humans to live and killed any who was considered to be special but even that could not stop their fate. Now a few of the twelve giant siblings remain as Sky the child of Zeus must follow his destiny to slay Poryphyrion, his fathers mortal enemy. The only problem is he's twelve and has lived his entire life in the streets of the Capital City Riner. Not knowing about the world nor his father Sky is suddenly thrown into a world of half-bloods, ancient warriors, mythological beasts and gods and is expected to overcome it all as the Prince of Olympus

  • Mermaids, Dragons, and Werewolves . . . Oh My!

    Mermaids, Dragons, and Werewolves . . . Oh My!


    When Prince of the Sea, Siren Whales, moves to a small ocean-side town crawling with dragons and werewolves, he's unsure of who he can trust. The dragons, who have been said to eat merfolk alive or the werewolves, who are told in horror stories to be feral beasts that take what they want without care of who they hurt. And Siren catches the attention of both sides, and not by the people he would have preferred. Because if it isn't the Alpha's heir after him, it's the popular dragon prince and neither seem to have good intentions.Crow has waited his whole life to find his mate. He's a senior in highschool and fairly popular. A young werewolf like him has full potential to set out and achieve his dreams. Yet when a new arrival enters their interspecies school, he realizes that the mysterious boy is his mate. But first, he needs to figure out just exactly what he is without drawing the attention of his Alpha's heir or the Dragon Prince.

  • Luveldom Academy

    Luveldom Academy


    Ren Bordelon has never quite had a fitting place in this world. She has always wondered why her life could never just be normal? Why did she have to be the missing piece in the equation? Well,there might just be an answer to her question.Maybe she has never really had a fitting place in our world because she has had another waiting for her.Ren Bordelon is a timid, seventeen-year-old girl who activates her Supernatural Abilities on her Birthday. She discovers she is the daughter of a Warlock and Mermaid. The story will follow her journey of adapting to her new life at a school for young Supernatural beings ranging from Witches, Warlocks, Merfolk, Fae, Vampires, and Werewolves. Ren leaves her home of Sunny San Diego to head to Washington State where she will learn to master her abilities and discover the darkest parts of herself.

  • Golden Greed

    Golden Greed


    I was the green-eyed monster of the Seven Seas. I would kill my family for wealth and fame, I would exploit merfolk for their precious pearls and scales, I would be man's enemy to grab hold of what I want. I did not sail the seas in search of adventure, love, freedom or knowledge. Those things held no value to what I pursued which was gold. Or so I thought. My name was Asari until I found him. He was an ethereal being who was so naive to follow me. I killed his people, I plundered their lives and yet, he followed me like a dog. He was a young person from the sea, a merman living under the protection of the primordial Sea God. He was chosen to be the god's heir but he made a deadly mistake. I made the deadly mistake that almost disturbed our world's peace. All for the wealth I was never satisfied with. I chased the wrong items, losing what I truly needed. Greed had possessed me and I know this fact now. I was blinded by metal circles and temporary recognition. I let him die. I let him die!

  • Diwata: A Series of Folklore

    Diwata: A Series of Folklore

    Fantasy Romance HISTORICAL MYTH

    A story based on the folklore passed down through generation by word of mouth. In one of the Philippine folklores, there are deities and spirits called Diwata or Encanto. They are said to be guardian spirits of nature who can invoke both blessings and curses.In the provincial areas of Cebu, the older generation would say that before modern times these mystical creatures had beautiful dresses, elegant tableware, and fantastical jewelry.And the wonderful thing was that locals could borrow these for weddings and special occasions. Just as long as you return them.How do the locals ask to borrow is a secret. And after asking the locals would then find the items either below trees or on tree stumps.The first story tells about the tragedy of a Royal Diwata, Princess Isabel.For more info: StoryIn bedtime stories from villages that live near the sea, there are stories about a certain sea creature that is part of the Philippine mythical creatures, the Dugong.In some mermaid stories, there would be dugongs mentioned. They are gentle and harmless creatures that are portrayed to protect against evil. Despite that, they are hunted for their meat, bones, and oil.For more info: story is a composition of various stories gathered from the older generation.

  • Sold Under The Sea : The Unsung Story

    Sold Under The Sea : The Unsung Story

    Fantasy Romance FORBIDDENLOVE

    Juri can't fight that sinking feeling that her psychotic dreams have finally come alive. Transporting her to a world where Vampires and Merfolks are at war and humans are just mere bystanders, with no say or rights. Sold like cattle and branded by their owners. Follow Juri as she tries to escape this new, outrageous world and make it home from that fateful day she was Sold Under The Sea.

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