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  • Feisty Dessert

    Feisty Dessert

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    An young girl with a tragic past, she spends the rest of her life tracking, capturing, and eliminating demons(If it comes down to that). As a female hunter she had great pride in her hunting skills, until she encounter a demon that seem impossible to deal with. Fueled by an uncontrollable desire to bring this beast down she was sure he would ceased from breathing by her hands. However, her target had an agenda of his own. He wasn't going to sit by while she ruin his fun. So, he executed every perverted trick he could think of to force her stubborn personality to crumble away.-----------------------------------------------There will be many abduction scenes, sexual harassment scenes and demon impregnation.This is a story about how demons and humans learn to co-exist.

  • Mr. Fang's Feisty Mistress

    Mr. Fang's Feisty Mistress



    [R-18] Who made the rule that a woman can't be the first to confess her feelings to a man? If there was one, then it didn't matter to this young woman. In order to escape from her stepmother and stepsister, Zhang Liling sought help from Mr. Fang, a Business Mogul, specially invited to take her department on Business Management, and she was rejected because of her absurd request. But through his Personal assistant, she managed to cunningly secure a home-work contract and moved into his villa. A few weeks of living together as a Boss and Employee was enough time for Mr. Fang to see all the crazy sides of Zhang Liling and also for her to discover his health secret, hyperosmia. But the irony of her scent not affecting him baffled her. Mr. Fang not being used to Zhang Liling’s unrestrained behavior and coupled with the rumors about them threatened to throw her out of his villa. But when she finally left, he began to long for her return. At last, Zhang Liling returned. To others, she was a different person, but to Mr. Fang, she was the same feisty woman he has always known. Together as a couple, Zhang Liling and Mr. Fang unmasked her stepmother’s deep dirty secret that will threaten the Zhang Family’s reputation. ****************** EXCERPT “Mr. Fang, do you accept stray cats?” Zhang Liling asked a little breathlessly as a layer of sweat formed on her forehead. She had just run over in other to catch up with him. Mr. Fang paused briefly in his steps and turned to give her a good glance after adjusting his reading glasses. “You look like one,” he said in a deep voice before continuing in his steps. How could Zhang Liling let him leave like that when it was a matter of urgency? She quickly chased after him and yelled, “Mr. Fang, you really have to take this stray cat in.” "I don't accept stray cats, I only accept humans," Mr. Fang replied as a slight smile turned up on his face. Book Cover Arts commissioned by Laylee (please don't steal) Instagram: @authorPaschalinelily Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GywPN7X Check my profile to see more books by me.

  • The feisty woman

    The feisty woman

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

  • Feisty Fiancée

    Feisty Fiancée

    A spy who works alone has fallen in love with a leader who steals valuable artistry, but can she ever learn to trust love.

  • CEO feisty wife

    CEO feisty wife

  • Sugar and Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife

    Sugar and Spice: The CEO’s Feisty Wife



    Feng Xinying was an heiress of a billion dollar empire. She was a model by profession, a celebrity hailed by all as a winner in life. Suddenly she found that all she had was but an illusion. Upon her father's death, her company fell into the hands of Xie Yuansheng, leaving her with nothing but a fiery anger and indignation. And Xie Yuansheng was no easy man to deal with. Forced to be his secretary, Feng Xinying was fuming mad, never wanting to compromise on her career. Unfortunately, things were not going as she planned, and while she was hostile towards Xie Yuansheng, he was eager to mark her as his. ---------------------------- Before he was reborn, he loved Feng Xinying crazily and all he wanted was to make her his for the lifetime. But she hated him to the core because he mistreated her, caged her and didn’t let her go anywhere. He was suspicious of her movements. He knew that she hated him, and so he only tightened his control over her. After his rebirth, he looked differently at her. Xie Yuansheng was ready to make all amendments in this lifetime. From being the worst husband, he became the best that would dote on his wife. This is a story of how two people came to meet each other. She hated him first and then fell in love irrevocably. ------------------- The story will take you through the upheavals of emotions and situations that will make you cry, laugh and hate! Stay with me for this Sugar and Spice saga and you won't regret! Discord - https://discord.gg/yqKgCvQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MishakWrites-111759630206886/ The cover is not mine. Please contact me if you want me to remove it. Other two novels by me: Two Contracts: My Lover is a CEO (completed) Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Prince

  • The CEO's Feisty Wife

    The CEO's Feisty Wife

    It was a perfect plan to destroy both their families in one go. Manipulated with the aid of sorcery, Samantha and Leo were caught in-between their grandparent's old fraternity feud when they found themselves in a one night stand situation. The previous night was blurry. Samantha was aghast when she realized she was not in her dormitory room... Did we have sex!?...Why can't I remember!?...Leo thought it was just a hook-up between two adults, only to learn he must marry her even if she was part of the group that killed his father.She hated him for taking away her innocence. He hated her for destroying his family and taking away his freedomIt was a huge misunderstanding that they must unravel and a feud they must overcome only if they could find love in the midst of their hatred for each other.

  • Miss Feisty

    Miss Feisty

    " So her name is dhruv, interesting" Xander smiles mischievously at the girl going at the end of the corridor....Meet dhruv, a talented, vocal,wild stoic girl who is surrounded by friends who loves her the most...Xander, the school God who is always amused by dhruv antics to make him mad in all ways, tried to know her the more and maybe fall in love???No I doubt it not with the way dhruv ignores him all the time, everyone knows he is handsome and all but it seems she doesn't NEW ADVENTURE ALERT!!!!



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    Sarah Rivera- a woman who was cold, arrogant and ruthless. Some past incidents made her strong and an independent billionaire that she was at the cost of her believe in love, fairy tales, trust, relationships, emotions. But deep down she still feels emotions. Jacob Miller- The man who only loves and cares for his family. He is arrogant, bossy and a billionaire too but with a kind heart, believes in love but was left heartbroken by a high school sweetheart. A playboy (man whore according to Sarah). What will happen when these two meet? will Jacob fall for her or Sarah will? Will they break the wall they have formed and be together? read to find out. updates: EVERYDAY!!! so this is my first book... there might(will actually) be errors, I apologize already. this story contains strong and mature language.

  • His Feisty Cielito

    His Feisty Cielito

    She's rudeHe's cockyShe hates attentionHe gets a lot of thoseWhen these two have to spend 2 months living in the same house with his 8 year old sister as a result of their busy mother's lifestyle, what could possibly go wrongPREVIEW"Stand back, I've got a knife" I said angrily. He chuckled The nerves of this twatI couldn't see his features as it was dark already"So?" He questioned in a mocking tone clearly bored Ugh how am I gonna survive with him"Did you eat the chocolate I kept in the fridge" he snapped"Yeah, so?" I questioned quirking an eyebrow"Shit" he cursed "What?" I asked dreading his response"That chocolate is fucking filled with weed, it has more weed than chocolate" I gasped. OH CRAP

  • My Feisty Substitute Wife

    My Feisty Substitute Wife

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE MYSTERY


    [WARNING: This novel contains some mature content] “I can’t go to the blind date looking like this; I’m going to scare him away. Please, Sis, I need you to pretend to be me.” “Just until I recover...” ... It's New Year's Eve... After a freak accident, Maya Yeung finds herself attending a blind date on behalf of her twin sister. At first, she questions the morals behind lying to the unsuspecting stranger, but when she's met with the rich, dominant, and arrogant playboy, she no longer feels so bad. "This man deserves to be taught a lesson." However, as she gets to know the mysterious Lucas Lee, she discovers he isn't quite what he appears to be and uncovers a web of secrets and lies. Including the fact that her sister's 'accident' wasn't really an accident after all... "You've been lying to me. How am I supposed to trust you?" "You've been lying to me too...but I still trust you with my life..." ... Start the new year with a bit of mystery, a bit of comedy, and lots of romance. ... Note: the cover artwork does not belong to me. If you enjoy this novel, come join my community of 250+ on discord to discuss: https://discord.gg/wQzT7Pu For other updates or to donate, feel free to visit: https://www.patreon.com/yunyi Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  • The Twisted Two: the feisty and the docile

    The Twisted Two: the feisty and the docile



    “If only heaven was a little closer, she would have been an angel.”- ONE OF LU XINYI’S BELOVED.Reading the note Lu Xinyi slightly bows her head down, being shy.---------------------------------“It's only because of people like her, I want to believe there is a hell out there.”-ONE OF LEI XINYI’S VICTIMS.Reading the note Lei Xinyi scoffs and rolls her eyes muttering a very obvious ‘Whatever’.-----------------Twin sisters, mysteriously separated since birth, Lu Xinyi and Lei Xinyi didn’t know of each other existence until one eventful day, they land in each other’s life. Let’s find out what happens in the exchange of characters of a devil and an angel. When the fiery and mischievous, Lei Xinyi coming from a shady background, has to cope up with the fancy and formal life of the heiress of one of the most powerful families of the country and when the docile and meek, Lu Xinyi has to almost face the thrill of society as a commoner, the drama is bond to follow!Especially, when both of them were betrothed and were living loveless lives in their old worlds. Will they find love in each other’s life? Or will this fateful shift suck? Will they be able to see the blessing in disguise?The runaway bride, Lei Xinyi, and with the tame, Lu Xinyi, having devils on their tails are seeking all the thrill life can offer!!SNEAK PEAK!!-----------------------At her reflection, Lei Xinyi raised her brow. She looked like a thoroughly satiated slut that was available to him anytime at his disposal! The thought suddenly had her stomach-churning.She bent men to her will since when did she become this desperate. And Damn! That stupid blush on her cheek!She glared at her reflection. Why the hell the blush?! She was no high school nerd making out with her crush for the first time!Lei Xinyi looked at her reflection and gave a tight slap on her left cheek. "Ow!" At once she cried out at the sting.She caressed for comfort, instantly regretting harming her beautiful blemish-free, vibrant face.No matter what, this will not happen again, she will make sure of it! And this time she will abide by this promise!She acted cordially in front of him for the sake of pretense but of course, the 'service' she was giving him was her selfish needs kicking in from time to time WHICH WILL HAVE TO SYOP!!!Taking out the makeup remover she wiped the excess makeup and reapplied it. Picking his brush from the vanity table she remade the braid on her hairs. Rearranging her dress as much as she could. Lei Xinyi gave herself a once-over and nodded in approval at her appearance."Yes, I look like a Queen and I should act like one!" She said to herself with an encouraging smile."Sweetheart, you look like my wet dream and you should act like one." Lei Xinyi heard the lazy sexy voice of Li Yuan leaning sluggishly on the doorframe of the bathroom, cleaned up.Instantly glaring Lei Xinyi muttered, "Shameless bastard!"Li Yuan shrugged with a sexy bedroom smirk, "What is shameless about confessing to your fiancé?"Lei Xinyi bit her lower lips and turned around to leave the room, inaudibly muttering to herself, 'Wouldn't have been shameless IF it was your fiancé…'

  • The Prince's Feisty General

    The Prince's Feisty General


    *Slow updateBroken-hearted, the once flirtatious Prince Shao heads to the border in attempts to forget his forbidden love. Yet a royal decree would bring him back only months later. Coming back from battle, she refuses to let the perverted player marry her younger sister.You wanna sleep with me your highness? Why don't you ask my brother first.

  • His Feisty Kat

    His Feisty Kat

    Teen ROMANCE



  • Devil CEOs feisty wife

    Devil CEOs feisty wife

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CEO BABY

    Lanna October Park is the calm and charismatic Assistant Director of the Halo Company. She talks only when needed and was not yet seen smiling by her colleagues which made her known as the Halo Company' Ice Director. But unknown to them, she was in fact the eldest daughter of the Park Real Estate Empire of the whole City D.Indifferent with her family' wealth, she decided to be independent and climb the ranks in the business world using her own capability but her stepmother is more threatened by her and so baked a lot of schemes to bring her down and make her unfit to inherit the business.Because October let her guard down for just once, she fell for one of her stepmother' schemes and was then became the talk of the city the very next day.Unbeknownst to her stepmother, the man she was with was in fact the notorious CEO, Lexus Song.Getting her innocence was one but getting pregnant was another making her career and work credibility being questioned."I' take responsibility." He said."No need. I' already responsible enough to take care of my child." She rejected and turned to leave but was then yanked back and bumped into his hard chest."Then take responsibility to me." He said shamelessly as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "You took my innocence so you have to take responsibility, dear wife."Instagram: little_devil1101

  • My Feisty Little Girl

    My Feisty Little Girl

  • Hellbound With You

    Hellbound With You



    [COMPLETED*] [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "I love you, despite the danger signs." ____ Sheltered and innocent Abigail is terminally ill. She knows she will die soon so before she dies, she wants to fulfill her one and only wish - to fall in love. She wants to experience loving someone romantically. But under one strange condition- she wants a man who will not fall in love with her because she doesn't want him to suffer when she's gone. She met Alexander Qinn, the coldhearted and mysterious man. He warns her from the start that he doesn't do love and that he is dangerous. But that made him the perfect man for Abigail. He was exactly the kind of man she was looking for. Alexander will teach the innocent Abigail about his kind of pleasure while Abigail will show him the joy of doing simple things in life. Their completely different worlds collide, Abi's illness and the mysteries about Alexander will slowly be revealed. Can Abigail handle his own kind of hell? Can Alexander handle her light? ___VOLUME 1 [MAIN STORY] - STATUS: COMPLETEDA story of a terminally ill girl and a heartless man.____ VOLUME 2 [SPIN-OFF] - STATUS: COMPLETEDA story of a vampire prince and a feisty and rich human girl. ____VOLUME 3 [SPIN-OFF] - STATUS: COMPLETEDA story of an ancient witch's unrequited love. ____VOLUME 4 [SPIN-OFF] - STATUS: ONGOINGA story of a ghost and a vampire prince.#enemies-to-lovers ____ * THE MAIN STORY(VOLUME 1&VOLUME 2) IS COMPLETED. AFTER STORY/SIDE STORY(VOLUME 4) IS STILL ONGOING. ____ Cover is mine so don't use it. Instagram account: kazzenlx.x facebook page: author_kazzenlx Discord server: https://discord.gg/UGTA3A4 Donations: https://www.paypal.me/kazzenlx

  • Playboy CEO Feisty Wife

    Playboy CEO Feisty Wife

    Contemporary Romance R18 FACESLAPPING NOROMANCE

    The entire capital city was in shock,when they heard that the beloved bachelor and playboy Ceo had finally settled down, the whole capital city was in uproar when found out that he married an ordinary woman, “she doesn’t even suit him, she just married him because of the his money” comment on of su liangxiao fan commented on this fan page, su liangxiao who barely seen in photographs or in person, had a fan page it was quite funny. ........ “You must get married at once liangxiao, you are disgracing this family with your repeated behaviors”;said su yuze. Su liangxiao grandfather, su liangxiao parent couldn’t say anything for their son behavior, as they had tried to warn him many times, “ if I must get married, then it must be wu xuxu” su yuze angrily stomped his cane on the floor, “ she’s a married woman, liangxiao, you cannot have her. You must choose a different one, and I have already take the initiative to pick one for you” su liangxiao eyes narrowed when he heard this, impossible! The only woman he was going to love would be wu xuxu. “ aren’t you happy, you have married me, you’re dreams have come to past” su liangxiao looked at the woman he was forced to marry with disdain, she looked at him sharply with a small smile “ do you think I will marry a man, you has slept with so many woman, just because he cannot have the one he loves” su liangxiao cold glare fell on huo wumian, but she was not afraid as she had no intention of stopping, “ do you think she loves, if she did she wouldn’t have married the man she cheated on you with, you were too blinded by love to see that she was using you, men are such cowardly beings”

  • My Feisty Wolfen Wife

    My Feisty Wolfen Wife

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    She looked into his eyes and she saw her own reflection bathed by the light coming from the moon. Then suddenly, a burst of unknown energy from inside her started surging out as if trying to escape."What is happening to me?" she thought to herself. And then she saw the boy's expression which resembles her. All of the sudden her face heats up. "Don't tell me this is...""Ma..." She heard him started speaking. "Don't! Stop right there!" She immediately blurted out. "Just what do you think you're doing?" Are we thinking of the same thing? He wants to recognize me as his mate?"I just...""No! I said stop!" She was panting. Why is it so hard to control this bursting energy, and why does it seem like he is not having a hard time himself?"I will never subject myself to be dominated by someone I don't even know!""Of course.""I don't care if you have objections..wait. You agree?""Yup. It's not a problem at all. Once you recognize me as your mate you will naturally know me. And as your Alpha, I will protect you."