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    "So this is the way of it? We fight together, we bleed together, and what then do we do with our hearts?""You tell me, Jasper of Moline... You tell me."~~Dive deep into this epic tale of Love, adventure and redemption alongside Hannah and Jasper. A princess who once thought her destiny was to rule alongside a man whom she might not have wanted and a warrior who once wanted nothing to do with love. They both soon find that not everything must be without color, not all flowers must be dead, and not all wars were physical, and that some of them took place right within our very selves.



  • K I N G D O M S

    K I N G D O M S


    Luna Prime All rights reserved Started November 26, 2020 Wattpad/WebNovel

  • Rise of Power: Journey of Kingdoms

    Rise of Power: Journey of Kingdoms



    In a world where the strength of a knight is determined by their mastery of unique breathing techniques, transmigrator Ethan finds himself inhabiting the body of Ethan Darkwood, a newly crowned king of a weak kingdom. With memories of his previous life, Ethan must learn to navigate this strange medieval world while trying to understand his new identity. The kingdom of Verdant Vale is on the brink of collapse, plagued by internal conflicts, external threats. As the young king, Ethan is initially overwhelmed by the enormity of his responsibilities and the intricacies of the medieval political landscape. His saving grace is the discovery of a mystical system that would help him and his kingdom grow stronger and become more powerful. As he grows stronger, he begins to turn the tides for his kingdom. He introduces revolutionary laws, leads his knights to victories in battles, and fosters alliances with neighboring kingdoms. The once crumbling kingdom of Verdant Vale starts to flourish under his rule. As Ethan Darkwood charts his journey from a transmigrator to a beloved and powerful king, he redefines the concept of strength and leadership in the vast medieval world. With his kingdom building system, he not only saves his kingdom from ruin but also leaves an indelible mark on the annals of its and the world's history. ------------- My 2nd book: Legacy of Eldric.

  • Gacha Kingdom Building

    Gacha Kingdom Building



    Earth has changed and with it so has humanity. Follow Miwen as he makes use of his Gift, Gacha Kingdom Building.

  • Kingdom's Bloodline

    Kingdom's Bloodline



    A lowly child beggar, a noble prince, a monster viewed as the enemy of the entire world. If you possess all three identities at the same time, which identity would you choose to help you earn a better ending? Thales did not have the answer. He only knew that he came to a different and magnificent world, and he had to face a future that was as difficult to handle as a nightmare. The glorious Empire had already been destroyed for one thousand years, the dying royal family suffered many problems, the legendary sacred battle had plenty of conspiracies, the divided world was in chaos. But Thales had nothing. The only thing he had left was an unswerving determination to preserve his own identity, bravery which would allow him to survive in a perilous situation, and a belief that he would never submit to principles he did not believe. “A King does not gain respect by virtue of his bloodline. The bloodline's glory rests on the deeds of the King.” Darkness will baptize light. Fire will create true steel. The forbidden prince’s story starts here.

  • Lord in the Mythical Three Kingdoms

    Lord in the Mythical Three Kingdoms

    "Great Lord" is created by top gaming companies from around the world. When players enter the game, they can freely choose different identities and eventually grow into a great lord who unifies the world.Long Chen starts with the legendary talent, "Dragon and Phoenix Among Men."While other players are still struggling to recruit three-star generals, Long Chen's big tent is already filled with various four-star and even five-star divine generals.While other players are worrying about how to feed the villagers in their territories, Long Chen has already embarked on the journey to conquer cities, strategize, and dominate the world.A certain game player: "I suspect this player is cheating!"Five-star divine general Gan Ning: "Willing to go through fire and water for my lord!"Five-star divine general Zhao Yun: "Zhao Zilong pays respects to my lord!"Prime Minister Cao: "With Long Chen in Jiangdong, when will I be able to unify the land?"Sun Ce: "Cursed Long Chen, he even took the title of Little Conqueror of Jiangdong from me!"

  • Heavenly Kingdom: The Kingdom among the clouds

    Heavenly Kingdom: The Kingdom among the clouds

    Fantasy SYSTEM

    A story of Asagi Mikumi being transported to another fantasy world with the floating Kingdom that she bought in her idle game. She was transported due to a message from the system and when she agreed to it she was transported in another world as her game avatar Asagi, now she is the owner of her own bought floating Kingdom and at the same time the queen of the said kingdom. Follow Asagi on how will she fare in another world with her own floating Kingdom that she bought in her game store for her idle game and her as it's Queen.

  • Kingdom Building Done Right!

    Kingdom Building Done Right!



    Ryan Von Roald was exiled from his Kingdom by his Father in order to avoid going to war with a powerful Empire. Instead of feeling depressed, the Sixth Prince of the Finis Kingdom even rejoiced because he could now do whatever he wanted. With the help of the Magical Grimoire, whom he named Builder, Ryan embarked on a journey in creating his own Kingdom. However, this grand undertaking wasn't smooth sailing. Soon, Ryan found himself fighting against nobles, and other factions who dared to get in his way, showing the world that even an exiled prince could build a majestic kingdom from scratch! ---------- Support me in Patreon!

  • Immortal Kingdoms

    Immortal Kingdoms


    This is my first book so be a little patient, things do improve after a bit of stumbling around… I recommend checking my other new books if you can’t wait to see the improvement! I especially recommend Clash of Titans Online! —— The God Planes and the Infernal Planes erupted into a massive war. The strongest Godslayer turned his back on the greater picture, almost resulting in the death of his lover and a fate yet worse than death for his son. The son of the Godslayer now going by the name Leonardo Evernight, slowly treads the path of his predecessors as the heavy karma lures him through a preordained path that started from the lowest rugs of the cultivation world. Starting his cultivation path from a futuristic planet Earth and into the unfathomable struggles of immortals, Leonardo slowly grasps the fate of his family in his hands and carries the bloodline to prominence.

  • Kingdom of the Pearl of the Orient

    Kingdom of the Pearl of the Orient



    In the waning years of Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines, a young boy named Alfonso XIII was proclaimed King of Spain in 1886. However, being just a child, his mother, Queen Maria Christina, ruled as regent in his place. Queen Maria Christina adopted a somewhat lenient policy, granting the Filipinos a degree of freedom while still keeping them as subjects of the Spanish monarchy. As time passed, the Philippines remained under Spanish rule until it was finally passed on to Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, in 1920. But Alfonso, wise beyond his years, saw the plight of the Filipino people and understood their deep desire for independence in their hearts. He made a momentous decision – renouncing his claim to the Spanish throne and requesting to govern the Philippines instead. Surprisingly, the Spanish monarch agreed to this arrangement, and Alfonso was given the unique responsibility of managing the Philippines as a separate entity. But unknown to everyone, the original Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, died due to drowning accident and was replaced by Miguel Reyes. In a world reminiscent of the early twentieth century but with a twist, Miguel Reyes, a brilliant scientist,engineer, military enthusiast, and businessman from the Philippines, found himself in a strange predicament. After a fatal car accident in 2023, Miguel was granted an extraordinary second chance at life. He awakened to find his soul inexplicably reincarnated into the body of a prince in a distant land. Confused and disoriented at first, Miguel soon discovered that he was inhabiting none other than the young Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, decades before his untimely death. Realizing the significance of this opportunity, Miguel knew he had to act wisely. He had lived a life devoted to knowledge and progress, and now he found himself in a pivotal position to change history for the better. Armed with the knowledge of Alfonso's fate and aware of the impending struggles faced by the Philippines, Miguel resolved to take a different path. Join Alfonso (Miguel Reyes) on a life-changing experience. Will Miguel Reyes find tranquility in his second life as he governs the nation and steers it towards greatness? Or will he face the shadow of a conspiracy lurking within the borders?

  • My Kingdom Building System

    My Kingdom Building System


    [QUEST: The Beggar from Another World] [Beg 10 times: 0/10] [Rewards: Old Rusty Sword] "Huh, what am I supposed to do with that sword? Dig my own grave? Then you better give me a shovel." The beggar said jokingly. [The quest has still not been accepted] [The reward changed] [New reward: Old Rusty Shovel] "Hey, hey, hey! I was joking. And why did you gave me a Rusty Shovel? I meant a new one!" [Ding] [The quest has been automatically accepted] "System! You bully people far too much!" ["..."] "Ahh! I guess I can only complete this quest, so that I can receive new quests." The beggar walked down the street and approached one middle aged man. "Excuse me." "Get away from here!" The man took a broom ready to chase the beggar away. "Sigh!" The beggar lowered his head. "It's really hard to live as a beggar. But how can I give up? A whole kingdom needs to be build and it would definitely not build itself."

  • Reborn In The Three Kingdoms

    Reborn In The Three Kingdoms



    Give me some ideas or references for the future plot of the story! If you wanted to read 15 Chapters ahead and more, be sure to check my Patreon!!! Go to >English is not my main language as you all will see >Will try my best to make the story enjoyable and can not promise that everyone will be happy as let's be real not all can be pleased >The early chapters will be a bit slow-paced for the continuity of the story From, Author ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lie Fan was a Normal High School student who loves The Three Kingdoms History, He already plays all of the three kingdoms games and read the Romance of the three kingdoms. When he was walking home from school he encounters a very strange necklace in the street, when he takes the amulet he was reincarnated to the three kingdom era which was 17 years before the beginning of the yellow turban rebellion “Finally I can change the course of history!” Follow Lie Fan in his struggle to rewrite history with the help of a system

  • The Bride of The Hexodar Kingdom

    The Bride of The Hexodar Kingdom



    Prince Aerus Horbin was the sole heir prince of the Hexodar Kingdom. The kingdom was located on the Hexa, a planet that was in the galaxy IC 1101, the largest galaxy in the universe. He had Bler energy that covered his entire body. It caused him never to be able to feel lust in his entire life, either in women or in men. As the sole heir, Prince Aerus was obliged by his father to have children. Otherwise, the Hexodar Kingdom would fall on their distant relative who was very greedy. All the women on the Hexa had been invited to the Hexodar Kingdom to arouse Prince Aerus' lust, but they all failed. Until finally King Artesun, the father of Prince Aerus, ordered his son to explore the galaxies in the universe to find his bride or mate. The bride was the one who would be able to awaken the Mirah energy in Prince Aerus' body so that he could become a completely mature man. Prince Aerus' exploration always never found any result. Until finally he felt the awakening of his lust when the plane he was riding, flying above the earth's atmosphere. Prince Aerus decided to land, following the pull of his Mirah ​​energy. Until finally he found a girl who was fallen asleep in her room. Her name was Lia. When the parts of his body became increasingly uncontrollable, Prince Aerus finally knew that he had found his bride. But another problem came. Even though he had slept with Lia before, she couldn't get pregnant. It turned out that mixed marriages between the Elfagos race and the human race could not easily produce offspring. If Prince Aerus wanted to have a child from Lia, then he must be able to make Lia fell in love with him first.NOTE: Prince Aerus has a very abusive and rough attitude at the beginning until he will madly in love with Lia. If you don't like hate becoming a love story, then this story is not a cup of your coffee. You better don't read it if you have a problem with this character or this kind of story. Enjoy!

  • Marrying A Tyrant To Save The Kingdom

    Marrying A Tyrant To Save The Kingdom



    No Time For Men When My Revenge Is Brewing! Thrown into a loveless marriage with a monster, guilty of being born in the warring era; she was left empty-handed. Era, an enticing beauty with valorant soul. Yet her shattered heart, clouded by hatred, she desired something more. Vidor, the enraged powerful tyrant with a curse. Light emerged in his hell- life in the unimaginably painful way. *********** "Stay away from me!" Era screamed at the top of her lungs as her feet found their lining in retreating backwards till she hit the wall. DEAD END! A soft chuckle resounded in the poorly lit room followed by a bone-chilling voice that seemed to make one's knees buckle upon hearing it. "And why should I? Or have you forgotten that your parents willingly gave you to me to spare their sorry lives and that of your people?" Sobs! Sniffs! "They may have, but it was a sacrifice I chose to pay." "Great. I love that boldness little rabbit, but you belong to me now and that includes all of you." His dark onyx eyes roamed over her body lustfully as his tongue stylishly slid out of his mouths licking his lower lips before covering the little gap between them. "Every inch of you." "NEVER! I... HATE... YOU, MONSTER!!" “Hahaha… Until then. I would wait till the day you beg and want me, my little rabbit." ************* MATURE CONTENT! Cover not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Cover edited by PayalSinghRajput Discord server: http// Instagram: baevidaa Discord: BaeVida#7167

  • AK - The Alchemy Kingdom

    AK - The Alchemy Kingdom


    Karl always wanted to be a Mage. He was born in the Serion Kingdom, a fully pledged magic Kingdom. Seems like a perfect match, right? Unfortunately, no. He's just a commoner, working endlessly to maintaining the lifestyle of Mages.On his 15th birthday, his last chance to escape from a miserable life was destroyed when he was deemed to have no magic potential. For thousands of Serion's citizens that would be the end of their dreams. But how could this story be any fun, ending like that? Follow Karl and his friends while they tried to fight against the Kingdom's oppression. Will the system bend them to submission or will they break the chains of destiny? Spoiler alert: After thousands of years, an ancient Magic system will be reborn in the small Caiset village.What should you expect?- Kingdom Building: For sure! The heavy lifting will come later, I promise! Foundation is important, please be patient;- Epic battles: A Kingdom is not built without war and conflict. Who doesn't like good fights? Let's bring some excitement to this novel!;- Multiple leading characters: Karl convinced them to get on the bus, but this is a very long trip and everyone will need to drive a little;- Scientific Magic System: Especially Alchemy! I'm in no way trying to take the fantasy out of Magic. I just feel like trying to do something more logical;- World Building: I’m using some basic concepts from traditional Fantasy Worlds and trying to add some nice touches to make it unique;- Fun?: I'll try to insert some humor into the story, but that’s an experience we will go through together.Check out my spin-off novels, Merchant Queen and Harbinger of Death. Both are independent but share the same world and can give additional info on worldbuilding and hidden plots.Don't forget to check the comments section for images (Magic tools, Inventory, ...)





    You are already having enough nightmares and demons in your day to day life. What happens when you start getting haunted by nightmares from an ancient world or maybe, as the legends say, memories from your past life? WARNING: SENSITIVE CONTENT On her 18th birthday, Li Juan had a nightmare that changed her life forever. She saw a queen of an ancient kingdom being murdered in her dream. Even though it was just a dream, intrigued by its content, she starts searching for its meanings and interpretations. Today, Li Juan is a research scholar at the archaeology department and she is on a quest to find a lost city. While searching about the lost city, she realises that her past and present life is being intertwined with three men who claim to own her heart. "Li Juan, you belong to me," declared her Highschool crush who also happens to be her current boss. "Li Juan, we are destined to be together," proclaimed her celebrity crush. "Li Juan, both of our families, wants us to become a couple," proposed her family friend. "Wait a minute!!! Are you sure the "Li Juan" whom you all mentioning is really me?" Even Li Juan herself finds it difficult to believe their claims, " I am sorry to disappoint you all, but I have already fallen in love with my research career." "But Li Juan, I promised that I'll help you to find your Queen," A blurry image of a man from her memory reminded her. Who is that? Through her broken dreams and shattered memories, Li Juan is still searching for the one who made the promise, to find the Queen from her dreams !!! No Mature content on first 20+chapters, but later chapters are under PG-18 Disclaimer: 1. Slow-paced romance with lots of mysteries. 2. Lengthy chapters (Minimum 1.5k words/chapters) 3. There are several chapters that deal with abusive toxic relationships and bullying. 4. The cover is not mine, I will remove it if the creator demands. 5. Read my other story, "No where to run: Trapped with my Archenemy" on webnovel # FIRST 100+ chapters are currently under editing # Support me on ko-fi

  • Isekai : Kingdom Of Denjavas

    Isekai : Kingdom Of Denjavas



    Apa yang akan kalian lakukan jika mendapatkan undian berhadiah sebesar 300 Miliar,...???? Novel ini berkisah tentang seorang pemuda bernama Tama yang beruntung mendapatkan undian berhadiah sebesar 300 Miliar... Banyak orang yang secara tiba-tiba menghubungi dirinya hanya untuk meminjam uang, baik itu teman, saudara ataupun orang yang tidak dia kenal. Berdasarkan saran dari orangtuanya Tama lalu bersembunyi disebuah Villa Tua milik keluarganya, namun siapa sangka ternyata Villa Tua itu terhubung dengan dunia lain....!!!!! Penasaran dengan Kisah petualang Tama di Dunia Lain....????? Terinspirasi dari sebuah manga Takarakuji de 40 Oku




    Madeleine Psyce, gadis malang tidak beruntung yang dibesarkan oleh seorang pelacur, ternyata adalah putri dari salah satu penyihir murni yang hebat. Setelah mengetahui jati dirinya, tujuan hidupnya kini berubah. Ia akan membalas dendam. Dendam yang membawanya pada sebuah ambisi untuk menemukan kerajaan adidaya yang hilang. Misteri dalam misteri hingga ujung benang merah terungkap. Bagaimanakah petualangan Psyce dalam memuaskan ambisinya itu?

  • Mythical Version of The Three Kingdoms

    Mythical Version of The Three Kingdoms



    Chen Xi looked at the soldiers who had lifted a huge stone of hundreds of kilograms, and then looked at the sky silently. Is this really the end of Eastern Han Dynasty?Lu Bu single-handedly penetrated 10,000 troops, this is unscientific.Zhao Yun really possessed the soul of a dragon, and he cut the mountain with a sword. Is this really a human?Dian Wei protected Cao Cao single-handedly from the enemy army, and slaughtered thousands of soldier on the enemy side. This fighting power burst the chart!Isn't there something wrong with this? Chen Xi touched the goose feather fan and waved it. He sighed heavily, "This is a mythical world, I'm not in the normal world anymore."Disclaimer: This is not my original work. I am just translating it into English from machine translation, so it may not be in proper English and the meaning will be in how I interpret it. This novel can be found in I got this from where the author name is Grave Grass (found in other website the name to be Tomb Soil and grass, so I am not sure of the author name) or in Chinese as Fentu Huangcao. Please pay attention to the WeChat public account of Grave Grass: dazhuzaiyuedu