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  • RISE


    I was... a lot of things. A guy who took medication because he saw and heard stuff that "others" didn't. A guy almost no one knew in high school. A guy who did his own thing usually. I was fine with it too. Not many people bothered about me, and I quickly learned not to bother them. So, on one bright boring sunny day, my life changed.Wanna know how? Read on.....

  • Rise


    A human, who realise the immensity of the worldA human, who struggleA human, who face betrayal.Follow Lux, as he rise to the top and enjoy his life.

  • Rise of the Dark Alpha

    Rise of the Dark Alpha



    [COMPLETE - SILVER PRIZE WINNER: Werewolf Competition 2022] Zev prowled towards her, all shining, brutal beauty, his chin low and those incredible, piercing eyes fixed on her. He didn’t stop until they were toe-to-toe and he blocked her view of every other male in the circle. His eyes dipped to her mouth as he leaned in, his whisper playing on her skin. “You. Are. Mine.” His deep voice twanged in her belly as the howls of the wolf pack rose from behind him to echo across the mountains of Thana, while the other Chimera protested his claim. Fighting the urge to stroke his broad, bare chest with her shaking hands, Sasha forced herself to tilt her head and raise an eyebrow. “So bold for a pup who just found his fangs.” The other males roared with laughter. Ignoring their taunts, Zev’s eyes sparked and he leaned even closer, the scruff on his jaw tickling her cheek as he smiled. “So bold for a human who already knows the pleasure of gasping my name.” She shivered when his teeth grazed her ear. ***** Just days after Sasha gave herself to her childhood love, he disappeared. Five years later, on a dark city street, Zev came back—with danger on his tail. Zev is Chimera: Half-human, half-wolf. Made in a secure research lab, his existence is a secret. But when the powerful men who created him try to kill the only woman who ever made his heart sing, Zev snaps their leash and steals her away to the brutal, hidden world of the Chimera clans. Torn between the magnetic draw of her first love and the painful betrayal of his disappearance, Sasha tries to keep Zev at arms-length. But when they reach this mysterious world, Zev discovers that in his absence the humans took control and stole almost all the females. The Chimera are dying—and Zev isn’t Alpha anymore. Now, Zev must fight his own people to win the right to mate his only love. Can he prove to her that his long-ago promise to protect her heart, as well as her body, was true? Or will the humans cross worlds to hunt the wolf and tear the lovers apart forever? [Mature content, no sexual assault] NOTE: This book is a standalone story and NOT part of the Anima/King of Beasts series (but fans should keep an eye out for Easter Eggs!) Cover Image by Aenaluck and used by permission with paid copyright. See more gorgeous art and support the artist at www.patreon.com/aenaluck

  • Rise of the Demon God

    Rise of the Demon God



    "The trials ahead to prove my worth? I'll crush them !! Enemies? I'll slaughter them!! "Waking up in a new body and a new world after dying on Earth, Long Chen embarks on a new journey in a world filled with gods and demons. A world where myriad of life forms exist and humans can cultivate and become immortals. Watch him rise to prominence with a supreme inheritance and his hard work as he slaughtered everyone who stood in his path. Watch His journey as he became known in the Universe as the Demon God, the ruler of death forcing the heavens to bow before him. Known as the second inheritor, what happened to the first one? Who does this legacy belongs to? What secrets is the universe hiding?*** Instagram: Author_deangel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Buy me a coffee and support me on Ko-fi : https://ko-fi.com/deangelPatreon: Patreon.com/DeAngel Join my discord:https://discord.gg/2AGkydg PS: Please read at least more than 30 chapters as first 10-20 chapters aren't what I consider great myself. But it's my first novel and they were the first chapters I wrote. Seriously it gets better with time._________________________________PS: I don't own the cover artwork. All rights of the cover belong to the Original artist. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the artist. If you are the artist, you can contact me.

  • Rise of the White Dragon

    Rise of the White Dragon



    On May 28 of the year 2010, the third awakening happened. Several smaller worlds had returned to connect with the main world as living beings of different races started to appear and some people managed to connect with the origin and gain control of various powers: control of fire, of water, of wind, of air, and of the earth... In the midst of all these confusions, towers that gave unimaginable powers began to appear in all corners of the world, where those who already had powers could upgrade and become more powerful or even those who did not have powers could receive powers through tests of the tower. And because of these towers, conflicts started to happen in all corners of the world by those wanting to monopolize these towers. Luan Dimas was transported back four months before the third awakening that started the apocalypse on earth. Being a man who lived for a thousand years and had accumulated several techniques, he now had a new chance to correct some of his early mistakes. Luan decided to make the most of this new chance that the heavens had given to him. * The 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we currently live on, so don't use our common sense for this novel. After all, this is pure fantasy. Discord Server: discord.gg/rK69edsWyt

  • The Rise Of A Porter

    The Rise Of A Porter



    Do read my new novel **I Became A Zompirewolf**. It would mean a lot to me if you could read it and give your valuable review. Thanks in advance. **** The novel follows the story of Arnold, a porter, who accompanies warriors and superhumans inside dangerous dungeons, which are distinguished by their colours. The porters were always mistreated by the modern human civilization and even though their job was riskier than that of warriors and superhumans, their existence was never appreciated nor were they paid well. No one knows why these dungeons started to appear all over the world. The only thing they know was the dangers that would find their way into the world if they didn't kill the monsters. But only a selected few cared about the calamity because for the rest it was all about earning money and gaining power. But nothing in this new world is constant and everything keeps changing, and this time the change would find its way towards an ordinary Porter. After stealing a scroll from the dungeon, he ran off to his home. The scroll gave him powers no one could've imagined to gain. But he wasn't alone. 9 other humans had been granted similar powers... powers of the Gods! What would Arnold do with his newfound powers? Will he kill the other 8 Paladins and rule over the world which had oppressed him for years? Or will he rise against the Gods and make them repent for their crimes? Can the strength lent by the Gods be sufficient to deal with them once and for all? Would he be able to defeat his creator? Or will he join the Gods instead? Too many questions, too little time. The decisions he would make could be the end of humanity Or would an ordinary Porter, become he world's only hope? Follow me on the journey to the power of this ordinary Porter as he becomes the Savior or the Devil. ******************* Gold tier award-winning novel of WPC#130. ******************* Warning: There might be a few grammatical errors in the early chapters, so if you are a grammar nazI then please proceed with caution. Also, the MC isn't very bright and will do a lot of stupid things from time to time. So if you like a cool and calculating MC you won't be seeing him like that until later chapters (Chapter 100 or so). I'm telling this to y'all here so you don't start yelling at me in the comments or review. All in all, I've tried to make the MC as realistic as I could. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you and enjoy reading my creation! *********************** Discord link: https://discord.gg/uQzmEr8 *********************** Cover art by unknown (If anyone knows the artist then please inform me on discord: AkshatArpit#8707) (if anyone has any problems with it, then please leave a review to let me know. All rights belong to the artist)

  • Rise of The Anti God

    Rise of The Anti God



    He was chased to the very ends of the earth by those he once protected. Betrayed by his friends and the ones he cared about, he lost his wife and unborn child. Ending it all by throwing himself into the abyss, he was reincarnated into a world with Cultivation, where every being seeks to be the strongest. Love or hatred? Which is it that drives him in this new life? Will he ever be able to take revenge on the one who destroyed his previous life? Find out how the fate of the universe lies in Damien's hands by following Damien Godwin on his thorny path of vengeance and his journey to see what lies beyond... [ Try out at least the first chapter before moving on! ] Check out my 3rd novel -> I Shall Devour Everything (Join my Discord server for giveaway!) ==== Top 100 = 14 chaps/ week guaranteed (So vote more!) 1.5K+ Power stones = 1 Bonus Chapter 1.75K+ Power stones = 2 Bonus Chapter ===== Discord Link https://discord.gg/U9H6HxkKmD ===== Support me and my novel: https://www.patreon.com/the_resurgent ===== P.S It's my first novel, so hope you guys understand if I make some elementary mistakes. P.P.S I don't own the cover. If the owner has any issues, I can take it down.

  • Rise Of The Hoarder

    Rise Of The Hoarder



    On Christmas day, seemingly overnight, God summoned everyone on Earth, giving every single person a 'Gift' along with a System.These Gifts, synonimous with special abilities granted people powers beyond comprehension.However, with these abilities came tragedy that enveloped the world. The Apocalypse!Jeremy Lewis, a reclusive loner, is mysteriously exempt from this phenomenon and finds himself being the only one without a Gift.God decides to grant him the last Gift available, [Subspace], and forcefully returns him to a world that has become hell.Horrifying monsters now lurk around every corner, and inevitable death awaits.Arming himself with his wits and the Gift he possesses, how will Jeremy survive this cruel new world that he finds himself in?"Everything will go according to plan, and ultimately the path I have started will lead to my victory... these tools will be useful in achieving that!" Join My Discord: https://discord.gg/nTP43UEphgFollow me on Instagram: the_magecrafterYou're all welcome!

  • MMORPG : Rise of the Interstellar God

    MMORPG : Rise of the Interstellar God



    In the year 2100, global warming has long since made the Earth's natural surface uninhabitable with a new ice age. Humanity takes refuge in huge, closed cities, but life is difficult. Video games are the opium of the people, letting them escape the chaos of life in immense metropolises. In 2100, the first fully immersive VRMMORPG, "Horus," was released, and the world changed! Entirely coded by an independent AI, "Horus" made all other games look meaningless by comparison. Megacorporations quickly monopolized on the wealth "Horus" allowed its players to amass, and soon people like Alexander were spending their lives slaving away to make money for the companies who employed them. But on the day Alexander died of exhaustion, collapsing in his gaming booth... ...He woke up, alive, nine years earlier. One day before "Horus's" launch. "This time, I'll do it right! I know everything that's going to happen! I'll become the strongest, and no one will take advantage of me again!" ------------------------------------------- ///This work takes place in an MMORPG whose main goal is the exploration and conquest of space./// ///my two main inspirations are: The Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God and the Legendary Mechanic./// ///I care about the coherence of the story, even if the theme of overpowering is present, it is thanks to the reflexive and opportunistic choices of the MC and not a chance to come out of nowhere. //// -------------------Gift Reward --------------- -5,000 coin cumulative gift : 1 chapter bonus/wk -10,000 coin cumulative gift: 3 chapter bonus/wk -25,000 coin cumulative gift: 6 chapter bonus/wk ------------Limited/individual Reward------- -[Exhausted]for any individual donation > 5,000 coin : I insert your name in the story as a player or pnj ( as you want) . -[Exhausted]-for any individual donation > 15,000 coin : I insert a space civilization that you want, with the government and the species that you want. . -for any individual donation > 25,000 coin(limited) : special gifts from the author Claim you reward here : Hamapo#9438 or alexdecodo@hotmail.fr

  • Rise of the Cosmic_Emperor

    Rise of the Cosmic_Emperor



    There are three realms in the multi verse; The Cosmic, the Mortal and the Nether realm.Hal grew up in the mortal realm with no idea whatsoever of who his parents were.His love for relics, adventure and the occasional danger would aid him in finding a genie's lamp.Rubbing a genie's lamp should grant three wishes, but Hal is struck by lightening instead and eventually arrives in the Cosmic realm with a large book in his mind space titled; The Primordial Cosmic Grimiore, that apparently holds all knowledge for a perpetual reign.And so Hal's journey begins in a little city called Salmon city, in the body of a 17 year old boy also named Hal but was sold into slavery by his own father.Hal finds out who his mother (prior to reincarnation) whose bloodline now flows unmixed in his new body is....Join Hal as he battles mortals, Dragons, phoenixes, Gods and many more together with his harem of Beauties for the complete subjugation of the three realms.---------------------------------So this is an original novel and I am giving it my all and I hope you give it a chance.The First twenty chapters (more or less) were not quite good but that is because they were the first I ever wrote so please read till chapter 30 at least before deciding if it is not for you.It really gets better quickly.P.s The cover Is not mine

  • Rise of the Horde

    Rise of the Horde



    Xiao Chen was once a great soldier of Huaxia known for his strange, unique but effective tactics and plans during operations. He would always assume command and orchestrate highly-dangerous missions and would lead his unit to success. He was known for being a great commander which made his military rank soar, from being a young lieutenant freshly graduate from the academy to becoming one of the youngest general that Huaxia had ever seen. Sadly though his military career was cut short when he was deeply involved in the older generals politics. He died a tragic death when he was murdered by the men who he trusted so much and considered his brothers. His soul wandered through the river of time and space still seeking vengeance and was soon swallowed up by a swirling light. He soon found himself in the body of a monster or that's what others consider him to be. He had a hulking figure pack with muscles,towering nearly 7ft tall, a pair thick tusks jutting out from his mouth and lupine ears along with the great desire for battle welling up inside him. He begins his new journey as a green hulking monster or an orc as what his kind was called, a monster born for war and lived for war.

  • The Rise of Xueyue

    The Rise of Xueyue



    "What do you want from me?""Everything. Your soul, your body, your heart, but above all, I want you. Come to me, and you will be sheltered from every storm and hurricane that might come our way."- - - - -Like every pitiful protagonist, Xueyue's life was riddled with unfortunate events.An aloof birth mother? Check.A crazy father? Check.An older sister with a superior complex?Double-check!Through a twist of unfortunate events, Xueyue was sentenced to death by beating. And no, she did not reincarnate to a better life. Offered the opportunity to have a new identity, Xueyue eventually found herself colliding paths with a mischievous and fearsome, but devilishly handsome Commander who'd stop at nothing to acquire her heart.Will he succeed in doing so?Sly. Vicious. Ruthless. The very whisper of his name was enough for soldiers to abandon their weapon and armor in the battlefield. Yet, this merciless Commander found himself on wits-end with a sharp-tongued woman that turned his entire world into beautiful chaos.Many say love is a fleeting emotion, but to them, love is a constant devotion.- - - - -[WARNING: THERE IS MATURE CONTENT IN THIS STORY.]Note: This is an ORIGINAL story, and not a translation. This book is found exclusively on webnovel.com. Please do not post it anywhere else.This book is 500+ chapters because it is a combination of the entire volume (4-5 books) in one!All rights reserved.Amazing Editors: Swaning, Ketaki, filledelisleAuthor's IG: @xincerely_authorThe book is found exclusively on webnovel.com. The cover is commissioned art, all rights belong to me and the artist, Lia Audelia.

  • Rise Of Evil Sword God

    Rise Of Evil Sword God



    Feng Yun was an ordinary young man who was unable to cultivate. One day, He got the inheritance of the Ancient Yang Demon Clan and a mysterious sword. With these he became a super genius and started his new journey from a small town to heaven, sweeping across the world, vying for the supreme existence. ------------------------ Release Schedule: 7 chapters per week. ------------------------ DISCLAIMER: English isn't my native language, there's bound to be some errors here and there. I do not own the cover; I took it from Pinterest so if you're the owner of the cover and want me to take it down, please tell me, and I'll immediately take the cover down. ----------------------- Join Discord Server→ https://discord.gg/pZVsJWS Support me on Ko-fi → https://ko-fi.com/shadowlord Support Author on PayPal → paypal.me/dksagar

  • Hikari: Rise Of The Weapons Master

    Hikari: Rise Of The Weapons Master



    "It was never meant to be a simple game. After all, Gods don't play games. They play with the lives of people." Hikari, the VRMMORPG created by the leading tech companies of the world was launched in 2069. The game soon grew big and started controlling major sections of the world. It became something more than just a game. Zack was someone who was stuck with an unfortunate artifact that only allowed him to heal himself. But when he died inside the game, the same artifact lead to him being able to move back in time. Armed with the knowledge and experience, Zack will rise again and get the title of the weapons master. The one who wields the strongest weapons in both the game and real life. ------ schedule: 14 chaps a week 500 power stones = 1 bonus chapter 100 golden tickets = 1 bonus chapter Server: https://discord.gg/TXwtUHQfnf my discord id: BlackFlamer#7869 dm for cover removal Disclaimer: The Earth in the novel is different from our earth.

  • The Rise Of Calamity

    The Rise Of Calamity



    {ON HIATUS UNTIL JULY 1st.} Read my new novel, "Immortality System: The Last Human's Transmigration" Atlas Adler is a pathetic man in his thirties living on a dead-end job where he is looked down on with animosity, a house in the slums, and a ‘family’ that could not give a single shred of care to him. Yet, he had not ended his miserable life yet, a miserable life that had started the day his mother had tragically died from a mysterious illness. He watched his father go on to marry another woman and live happily with her while completely ignoring his existence. He was tortured, mentally broken, and filled with nothing but hatred from the age of 7. Every day he would point the gun to his head to end his misery, yet his finger not to move. However, when he finally pulled the trigger, he found himself opening his eyes once again. This time though, he was in the body of a newborn. He was spawned into a medieval world, a new world where he can start over as just another child with a dream, a new world where can live a perfect life... Yet unbeknownst to him, A small black and Violet flame flickered within his soul, getting larger and waiting patiently for the day it would be set free to devour and destroy everything within its path. Author’s note- Warning! Yes, the mc does become a female when he reincarnates but he still has a sexual preference towards females which is why the novel has the Yuri tag. This is my first novel so please try to overlook and small mistakes. it would be nice for some constructive criticism so that I can improve this novel as well as my skills.

  • The Rise of Quetzalcoatl

    The Rise of Quetzalcoatl



    Check out my other novels - |Arpious of the Planes| |My Ares System| |Warlock of Wisdom: My Odin System| -- Same Universe - |Arpious of the Planes| ------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/21/25, in other words, it was March the 21st, 2025. Humanities technology advanced exponentially throughout the years. The only thing that they hadn't focused on for a while was space. The endless abyss that they call space was still unknown to them. Once they colonized their solar system, they thought it wasn't enough. They sent a search party out of their solar system but soon lost contact. Not long after, Earth lost contact with all of the other planets. Then a huge earthquake shook the earth itself and then portals opened up around the world. Soon monsters came out ravaging and flattening cities. Only a brave group of humans entered the portals which they then found multiple discoveries on the other side. They found stones that gave them different abilities and monsters a different world with a boss that lets them exit the portal, which was soon called dungeons. Those 6 friends were then later on called the 6 Primordial Braves. With the news of this, countries all over the world sent in people to retrieve stones, and then they would crush them, granting them abilities. They would then go back in to retrieve more and hand them out to the public. 500 years passed... This isn't the story of a hero. It's the story of a weak girl who was ridiculed and bullied every day because of her low status. And due to her cowardly nature, she was unable to fight back, making more people pick on her. While she was laying in an alleyway, with bruises and cuts all over her body, she saw a green, semi-see-through panel that appeared in front of her. It was like a notification you would see in the VR games from 400 years back. The green panel had a black text that said... [Would you like to become an Ancient Being?] ------------------------------------------------------------------- !Spoiler Below! . . . At the beginning of the novel, there will be a lot of going back and forth between the MC's personality. Plus, most of the problems, in the beginning, will be centered around herself. Also, at the beginning of the novel, there is an act of short and sweet revenge that lingers just a bit longer through the story, but this novel is not revenge-based. The Yuri aspect won't be as heavily used compared to my first novel. The girlfriend is mainly used to help the MC get through the mental box and distorted feelings that the MC has to suffer through at the beginning of the novel. You might dislike the characters that I made Lucy's friends, but I promise you'll change your mind later on. I think... Okay, that should be it! Phew... that was tiring. Time to drink my fourth cup of coffee today... ------------------------------------------------------------------- 500 Power Stones by the weekend = 1 extra chapter 750 Power Stones by the weekend = 2 extra chapters -- Twitter - @equuipwebnovel Discord - equuip#6686 -- paypal.me/AuthorEquuip Any money you send will help me hire people to create new covers for my novels. -- Cover is not mine. If the owner wants it removed, plz contact me through discord (Rarely check twitter). Source- https://www.deviantart.com/aoiogataartist/journal/Aoi-Ogata-PAYPAL-Commission-OPEN-828543085





    The wedding day. A moment that most women treasured with but not with her.She was poisoned at her own wedding day; Nathalia Carter died full of hatred for her father and fiance. How could she accept that they murdered her? Nathalia gaped at Evette Carter, her step-sister, who was now laughing at her stupidity. Evette is one of the culprits behind her painful death.Demons. They are all demons. Nathalia thought in silence while she closed her eyes as consciousness abandoned her. With rage and tears, Nathalia cursed them and promised to take revenge if given a chance to survive.Suddenly, God hears her prayer and gives her a second chance, and she was allowed to come back to seek revenge. This time, she will not be so naive. She becomes fiercer and eager to bring the justice of her own death. She would make sure they got what they deserved in this life. Revenge. Torture. Take everything they had. Make them suffer, ten times worse than what they did to her.Along the way, her life changed when she met the notorious playboy- Spencer Davidson. He aims to take her as his woman and help her to fulfill her desire to take revenge. Love, Revenge, and Mystery played along the way. Giving her the most challenging part as she journeyed her new life.VOLUME TWO TITLE: BILLIONAIRE'S REBORN WIFESYNOPSIS: He had money, power, and everything the world has to offer. He was willing to give it all to her, but he was severely betrayed, leading to his cruelty. She ran away from her wedding, which ended in her own demise and became her forever nightmare. She eloped with another man over the one who loved her. She was cheated on by that person who lured her into leaving her husband. It's late to realize that she was used as a scapegoat and was sent into prison, finally, she died with endless hatred. God gave her a chance to be reborn, and that became her turning point to cherish her husband, this time, she will prove to him she’s worthy to be his wife. Cover Created by: WeilanWanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin

  • Rise of the Godking

    Rise of the Godking



    On a continent surrounded by the Sea, a man once transmigrated to the body of a lowly child called Daneel. Armed with a mysterious system, step by step, he rose to the peak, creating legends and usurping enemies of unimaginable power. Yet, one enemy among them stood supreme. Born in a world much stronger than his own, they sent an attack to destroy him and everything he holds dear...but unbeknownst to them, he used their very power to travel to their home. In this new world filled with danger and countless opportunities, will he succumb and let down the hopes of the millions who await his return? Or will he rise...and dominate? Follow his ascent to the Heavens, and beyond, as his journey begins anew! Full name of Novel- World Domination System: Rise of the Godking Note to new readers: This is a continuation of 'World Domination System'. It is not necessary, at all, to read the previous book to enjoy this one. All the deeds already performed by the MC will be brought up as legends which will be elaborated enough for anyone who is joining us at this juncture(the same applies to all other relevant information). So come along, and enter the world of World Domination! Join the subreddit: r/RoTGK for discussions, updates and more! Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/RoTGK/

  • Rise of the Disgraced Heir

    Rise of the Disgraced Heir



    They lost everything, their money, their fame, their influence, but this will not be the end. Ian Lim was born the heir to one of the nation’s richest and most powerful families, but that title was now long gone. After betrayal, illness, and sheer bad luck plagued his family, Ian lost everything. When one misfortune after another hit the Lim family the golden prince became the fallen prince, from servants attending to his every need he was now a servant himself. As the true colors of the people around him came to the surface, Ian swore revenge. One day, like a phoenix, he would have the Lim family rise back up again. And everyone that ever looked down at him, would get their just deserts. ____________________________________________________________________________ “Why are you doing this?” The imposing man in front of him asked. Ian could feel the power and authority radiating from him, he was clearly someone important. “You didn’t have to save her, and you are clearly drinking for a reason, so why help?” “Does it matter?” Ian hissed, he wasn’t in the mood to bow down to some rich man. He had enough on his plate today to care. He was surprised when the man suddenly laughed. Ian was expecting this man to have him thrown out, not to be amused by what he had just said. “I like you.” The intimidating figure finally spoke. Ian couldn’t help but look up at him in curiosity, most powerful men didn’t like being talked back to. “Marco, get his details. I see a future for this one.” For some reason Ian knew at that moment that his life would change, that he would no longer need to settle for rich kid’s scraps. Something about this man’s words seemed like a promise to help. ____________________________________________________________________________ In a world where the poor just get poorer, and the rich get richer, can Ian go against the tide and rise again? Can he fight the disgrace and shame his family faced when they were thrown out and shunned? Can the disgraced heir rise again and take back what was taken from him?

  • Rise of the Legendary Emperor

    Rise of the Legendary Emperor



    Rise of the Legendary Emperor 2: https://www.webnovel.com/book/rise-of-the-legendary-emperor-2_19876873706750605Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold but can a single man take revenge on a powerful kingdom?Do you like it when a hero kills an arrogant young master but spares or falls in love if the arrogant one turns out to be a young miss?Do you like it when the mc collects beauties like trophies on every arc rather than working towards his goal?Do you like it if the MC has to save his friends and family every single time from his enemies? Do you like it when the MC is a goodie two shoe who has to save every single character he meets like a good samaritan?The answer is probably NO.This story takes place in a world ruled by the humans after winning the war against the other races and every single race has been hunted down like prey by humans ever since.However, everything's going to change when another worlder steps into this world with only one goal, to destroy everyone who wronged him in the past.But no one realized, there's an evil force from ancient times that has already started to wake up and the only hope to win against this evil force is DON.Update Schedule : Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday**NOTE** :- Before you read the book,you have to know somethingsEnglish is my second language and I've taught my self by watching movies and reading novels so you can find grammar mistakes though i always edit the chapters again and again.Its my fantasy world and i bent some unwritten laws of fantasyDont hold back your thoughts bcz without you criticising I cant get better and improve the novelDont read the novel with a sole purpose of finding logic errors and mistakes,just try to enjoy the journeyFinally,SAY HELLO TO YOUR BELOVED/HATED AUTHOR (me) when you start to read the novelp.s - DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY THE AUTHOR'S RUSHED OUT/ MESSY / BAD SYNOPSIS !!!!!!!