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    Vidura and Sanun are brothers. Futrakut Family is a rich family. But not as much as famous in business world. But they have some standard. Head of Futrakut Family aka Mr.Futrakut is a Good and Kind Man. Also Mrs.Futrakut to. But She died from an accident. Phet is one and only heir of ChaiWong Family. ChaiWong Family is number one business Family. Everyone afraid to mess with ChaiWong Family. Mr.ChaiWong live with his one and only son Phet. Mrs.ChaiWong died when Phet was a kid. Because of Mrs.Futrakut's accident Phet and Sanun met each other. But after that they separate again. But both of them met again when Sanun went to university for study Psychology. At that time Phet is a 3rd year student of that university. His Faculty is Engineering. What will happen to them? Will they be together?After Vidura successfully became a best businessman in his young age while he also stuying he found a run away bunny. Then he find out he is a hybrid bunny. What will happen both of them? Will he save bunny? Will they live happy life? Will they be together? Find out yourself while reading the book. Pubu Lankathilaka [Polly]

  • Honey, Your Mom is now a System Goddess

    Honey, Your Mom is now a System Goddess

    IMPORTANT: Currently busy with a project, that I REALLY need to get done, but as soon as I'm done I will have a lot of free time to write. So sorry! Add to your collection so you know when I'm back! ======= Anna wanted to give it all up and in fact was in the process of doing so when she is interrupted by a deity who needs a favor. With nothing to lose and the one person she's desired for the past decade within reach... why not. Using her managerial skills she's going to help the Hero of myth and legend save the world! Or maybe she'll just do it herself, depends on what day of the week the impending demon apocalypse ends on falling. So join Anna as she tries to manage a group of heroes who think they have this whole 'saving the world' thing figured out. Nope, mother knows best! ------- Current Power Rank: 220+ Power Ranking Goal: 200 (20-25 PS) Power Ranking Reward: 1-2 bonus chapters! (gimme your stones please!) Bonus Chapter Queue: 4 Update Schedule: 5 a week, every day is a bit much currently with my schedule! Chapter length will be between 1.5-2k+ words. Warnings: Yes there will be gore, yes there will be uh... almost smut? Either way body parts will happen! And where they end up? Even I don't know! (that's a lie, I know, but I'm not going to tell you.) If you guys want warnings before potentially triggering stuff, let me know in the comments of the first chapter! Thanks!

  • That Play

    That Play


    It all started with their high school play.~"Don't go right now." he said calmly, "He is a man; you should not be alone with him at night.""And so are you," she challenged."That is why I'm telling to stay put. Who knows what I might do to you right now."

  • The Goblina and the Dungeon

    The Goblina and the Dungeon

    Lumena's Third Eye has opened and after decades of waiting a new challenger has been found worthy enough to challenge the depths of the World's Dungeon! In a tradition that has been upheld over many centuries the Tower of Lumena uses magic to broadcast the progress of those who enter the Dungeon for the world to see. Despite the Council's hope several oddities seem to surround this challenge the first being the contestant herself! For the first time in history the Dungeon has accepted a challenger from the monster races. Goblins are rather common, but this is the first time most people have ever seen a female goblin as they only make up 1% of the goblin population. ----------------This is a slightly interactive novel where the readers will be given choices that impact the next chapter. I'll do my best to catch up to my goal for the contest, which is 14 chapters before the end of the contest. More will come if it performs well, but to avoid hurting my hands since I already write a lot, all chapters will be under 2k words unless absolutely necessary!-------------------Copyright for the image is https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/Artist: https://www.deviantart.com/zeronis

  • Endearment- A Short Story

    Endearment- A Short Story

    Her eyes make crescents when she smiles. She looks so innocent, just like a child. It makes him want to be the cause of that beautiful smile. The way that she laughs, gives him butterflies. It makes him want to protect it. To protect her. To shade her from this cruel world, and never let harm come her way.Credits belong to the original owner of the picture.

  • Baby Bunny

    Baby Bunny


    BLBxBTaehyung Top!! Jungkook Bottom!! MPREG!!

  • Bunny Syndrome

    Bunny Syndrome

    Bunny Syndrome Travis and Cola Zodiac a young couple from Metherin City, were expecting parents, it was the joy of their lives to have their first child But they found out something was different about the child when they had checked on the ultrasound screen. When they arrived at the hospital, A certain Doctor Crox gave Travis, the father of the child so much trouble that he was not able to see his wife giving birth to the child calling it a special case. Two police officers on duty patrolling at the hospital, witnessed the doctor injecting Travis with a dose of a sleeping serum that made him fall unconscious. The officers scolded the doctor but told them it was to calm him down. Dr. Crox came to explain the situation to one of the Police Officers and followed him to his laboratory underground at the hospital. In the morning, Travis after waking from his sleep hurried to the room where his family were, he was surprised to see his son having such a condition that their worst nightmare had come true. The new parents were worried that their child will not live like any other normal children but they decided to take care of him. His condition was called the Bunny Syndrome because his physical features, was that like of a white Rabbit. The Staff of the hospital were all emotionally attached for the welfare of the child and promised their constant watch over his health. But a Circus owner had his own plans for the child promising to take care of him if his parents decided not to take care of him, but the parents refused the offer deciding to keep their first born son. Cola and Travis Zodiac did the best they can to raise their first born son like any other children but took special care of him and did everything to let people accept him for who he is. Mysteries unfold as the child grew up, while the parents try to find out as what has caused the child's condition.

  • Honey Bunny

    Honey Bunny

    Horror&Thriller DARK VAMPIRE SCARY

    Randy is a cab driver in the city of Los Angeles, struggling to make ends meet. One night he meets a prostitute called Bunny Miller and that encounter leads to a strange series of events that will change his understanding of the world but especially of the city he's living in.

  • Chainsaw Bunny

    Chainsaw Bunny

  • Killer Bunny

    Killer Bunny

    "You belong to me, nobody else."Li Wei. Blood. Death. Gore. That was the only thing that ever occupied his mind.Lang Fai. Fragile. Broken. Torn. All because of one person. Li Wei.A sickeningly twisted love story.

  • bunny boy

    bunny boy

    Teen ROMANCE

  • Breeding his Bunny

    Breeding his Bunny

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN

    Bunny has grown into a little woman under her Daddy's eyes. Now she needs to pay her way and be Daddy's little breeder now that she's old enough.Will she be able to make Daddy happy and give him a baby?

  • Bunny Wars

    Bunny Wars


    Bunny Wars is about Angel Vazquez the captain of Litmo's Bunny Troupe who just so happens to be an actual were-bunny surrounded idiot boys and werewolves she's hiding in plain sight. But what will happen when she goes into supernatural heat can she keep ot under wraps or will some unsuspecting were-boy get mauled. Stay tuned!!

  • Bunny Flower

    Bunny Flower

  • Lil Bunny

    Lil Bunny

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE CAMPUS



    A 12 year old girl suffering from depression was planning to commit suicide when she was 11 until she met someone who made her quite happy and that still made her keep going in life, and met some new friends.

  • Dust Bunny

    Dust Bunny

  • Bunny Hop

    Bunny Hop

  • Terror Bunny

    Terror Bunny


  • Bunny Miracles

    Bunny Miracles