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  • Will of the Frost

    Will of the Frost



  • Frost Hellscape

    Frost Hellscape


    If Hell wasn't a place of purgatory with flames and boiling hot magma. but instead a world of negative degrees. Multiple civilizations rose and fell, monsters and unknown creatures roamed the lands, and many more secrets were revealed in this icy world. The protagonist Jieng Shi was reborn in hell. he struggles to survive, however due to an encounter he follows the guidance of a special someone.This special someone feels like someone not to be trusted. but also becomes someone you'd like to rely on. As he gets stronger, he realizes that Hell gave a better life for him. so he asks himself every now and then... if he wants to go back now or stay and go walk the path of an almighty being who roams this Frost Hellscape.(Editor: Murky_depths)

  • Pokemon: Frost

    Pokemon: Frost


    This novel revolves around a 16-year-old boy who seeks revenge on an evil crime organization for their evil and heinous crimes. He also wants to be the next Pokemon master and collects the gym badges.

  • Frost and Raine

    Frost and Raine

    A Frost spirit who runs a coffee shop. A Cupid who works as a divorce lawyer. And magic in the air ...<br><br>Raine’s never been a conventional Cupid. He likes organization, his job as a successful lawyer, and black coffee, and he dislikes messiness, physical and emotional. He tries hard not to use his powers, because he’d rather not manipulate anyone’s desires, and he’s not planning to fall in love himself -- and he wouldn’t trust it if someone fell in love with him. But the owner of Raine’s favorite coffee shop is endlessly patient, kind even in the face of sarcasm, and an artist with flavors and window decorations ... and he could even challenge Raine’s resolutions about love.<br><br>Don enjoys his life. Even though he’s a Frost, he finds comfort in giving people warmth: good coffee, a cozy refuge from the rain, holiday decorations, and overall cheer. But one gorgeous Cupid seems immune to Don’s cheerfulness -- and he keeps coming back, day after day. Fortunately, Don’s always liked a challenge, and now he’s determined to make Raine smile at least once ... and he’s discovering that Raine’s sarcasm hides a generous and lonely heart, keeping the world at bay.<br><br>And if Don and Raine can learn to trust each other -- with new coffee flavors, with their hopes for the future, and with their hearts -- the Frost and the Cupid just might find their own magical happy ending.

  • Skies of Frost

    Skies of Frost


    The 'bullies' of the infamous special forces of Vermiston are transferred to Telaih, the frozen island district of the north.Forgotten members of the disbanded Swans, who once led glorious lives, they had been accustomed to all adversities.Until tragedy strikes when they find themselves facing the most devastating ordeal in the most unexpected place.They fall for suspected criminals under the skies of frost...."Why are you following me!?", shrieked the startled officer."Well, I really don't want to, but seems like our paths coincide.""Who even are you? Walking around as if this were your own house? You know what, I'm going to call-""Actually, this is my house, sire."And the barely present colour on the face of the crappy cop drained.

  • Frost Lords

    Frost Lords

  • Frost Escapee

    Frost Escapee


    Since time immemorial regrets have always been in the end. Carter Ikaruss, CEO of Ikaruss Enterprise, truly understood this when he realized his feelings for his girlfriend a little too late. After losing his girlfriend due to being too focused at work and dies only to live on in another world, Carter, now known as Bartley Felus, swore to live a carefree life, treasure, and take care of his newfound relationships, and never work too much again.Just as he began to enjoy his new life, something came up that brought out his fears and made him remember his traumatic experience. With some help, he left home and went on vacation until he was ready. Unfortunately, life never went the way you want it. Situations kept popping up one after the other, leading him to travel around. When will the day come when he would finally be ready to face his fears when it kept on getting stronger each encounter?*The cover is not mine, if the owner wants me to take it down, please notify me.*

  • Frost Walker

    Frost Walker

    Rue the day the walker rises, fear the night he returns.

  • Withering Frost

    Withering Frost


    Follow an intelligent zombie's journey in a cruel world of swords and magic. He will use his powers over ice to carve out a path filled with blood and guys to make his own place in this realm of soul devouring plants and man eating monsters. With a sickle in hand he will cut through any who obstruct his way... *This is going to be rather dark and violent, the main character is evil and does not have human morals. He will kill first and question later (never! lmao dead people don't talk, unless you are a spooky skelly boi)* ~~~I drew this picture, it is meant to be the Main character ~~~

  • Falling for Frost

    Falling for Frost

    “I will never love you.” His cold voice resounded, startling both of them. Surprisingly, she wasn’t startled nor did she react. Her frosty expression remained and she replied monotonously, “That’s fine with me. In fact, I’ll never love you either.” She extended her hand, almost like their arranged relationship was a business transaction. His much larger hand gripped her slender one, and their deal was sealed. The arranged marriage between the infamous tycoon and the infamous ice princess was set. Unfortunately, Storm didn’t realize that Verglas had something much more complicated planned behind her prim and proper smile.

  • Eternal Frost

    Eternal Frost


    Destiny? Decisions? Which do you believe in? Which do you think has the upper hand? Everything has it's law of order, morals that become principles, adaptations that become a way of life, and so it is in Yale Kingdom. Felicia had always believed in destiny, the will of fate, but as always, it's easier said than done. When fate puts her on the line she is forced to war, a fight of faith against fate. Can she really question fate? Can our destiny determine our decisions? Can our decisions alter or destiny? Whichever way.......... It's worth the fight.

  • Sapphire Frost

    Sapphire Frost

    Ash Snowpelt returns for his second year in Emerald Prep. After the insanity of the last year, he hopes that he will be able to relax this time. But, something is calling him in his dreams and he doesn’t know where it will lead him. If he follows the call, he could lose everything but gain eternal happiness.Bram Harker is a vampire mage that does his best to control his dark, bloodthirsty nature. He is unique because he was cursed instead of born as vampire and he can withstand regular food and sunlight. His boyfriend is slowly drifting away from him and he is slowly losing his control on the vampiric side. Can he make Ash realize that he could find happiness with him before it’s too late?They both have to deal with an pure evil being that is freezing the school. Time is ticking away as they risk it all to save each other. Can they find the answers they need before they have to make the choice? Save the school and let Ash freeze to death or save Ash and let everyone else freeze?

  • Frost and love

    Frost and love


    From a very young age, Samantha Poulsen knew she was different from other girls - the unrequited crush on her best friend, Andrea, was just the tip of the iceberg. But when the earth's temperature plummets, and you and your family are just looking to survive, things like finding a girlfriend or being in love become trivial fantasies. Scientists first spotted the asteroid in the year 2004. They named it 99942 Apophis after the deification of darkness. When the asteroid struck the planet, it set off a chain of events that few expected-the first Ice Age in nearly 12,500 years. Now, two years after Apophis's impact, survival is all that matters. But when Sam's family rescues a man and his daughter-a beautiful girl named Nora who reignites those banished, trivial emotions-Sam might be convinced that there's still a place for beauty in this new world.

  • The Frost wolf

    The Frost wolf

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE WEREWOLF

    Nova’s life has always been normal she’s seen the same people, came back to the same home, and even has the same hairstyle for years. Little did she know that there’s more to her story than the average life. On her sixteenth birthday everything changes. Will things ever go back to the way they used to be? Warning: This is my first novel so please comments and give me your thoughts! :)

  • Frost and Fire

    Frost and Fire

    Magical Realism ADVENTURE

    Enjoy *** Please leave your reviews down below or you could email me directly if you have some recommendations Email:***

  • The Last Frost

    The Last Frost

    A forbidden love of unpredictable. Entry of Eric in Winter reveals many secrets. And it destine him with someone. Erica and Eric searching for the questions gets in a big trouble but will they be able to cross it. Will it be a happy ending?

  • A Sliver of Frost

    A Sliver of Frost



    Five thousand years have passed since Goddess Nuwa broke the world, splitting it into three realms.Yun Zhi is an immortal Celestian, in charge of weaving the ephemeral skies. In Celestia, passion is frowned upon. Balance is the key to keeping the realms apart, thus ensuring the purity of the Celestian soul. Yun Zhi lives for her art, crafting impeccable weaves that outshine the rest of her six sisters. All she seeks is progress in the seven weaves of power. But why has she stalled at the second weave? When she hears Xiao Che's music in the mortal realm, the power of his song astounds her. Is he truly a common pathfinder, seeking the path to immortality? Or does his music hold the clue to a darker conspiracy, one with the potential to disrupt the realms?And if balance is truly the key to perfection, why does Yun Zhi feel like she's on the verge of a breakthrough, only when her heart is moved?==="Perfection comes in many ways, little sister... sometimes, perhaps perfection shouldn't be the goal at all."Now updated on Wattpad instead.

  • Spark of Frost

    Spark of Frost


    In a world filled with mythical creatures, you are either a predator at the top or prey at the bottom of the chain. Me? Well, I'm neither. I'm just an omega trying to earn enough to stay alive. ... Why the hell do I get the feeling that it won't be this way for much longer? *Full description inside the book* Updated randomly twice a week :)

  • Frost and Frontiers

    Frost and Frontiers

    From a snowy landscape to among the stars themselves, these three F/F erotic romance stories bring together distant lovers and give them the fantasy endings they deserve.<br><br>In “Frost and Ice,” ice queen Isolde confronts building tensions with a maligned ex-lover who is trying to turn up the heat in her kingdom.<br><br>Engineer-turned-entrepreneur Nessa is looking forward to finally meeting her long distance girlfriend Chantal in person on Europa. That is, if they can get through the “Unexpected Dilemmas” threatening to keep them forever apart.<br><br>And in “Orbits,” Ruby isn’t planning to run into her old flame Jen on the new orbital colony Raft, but neither is she planning to miss the chance to reconnect with the one woman she can’t quite shake from her head ... or her heart.

  • Cultivation of the frost

    Cultivation of the frost


    A little wisp is born in the depth of the forest and will become human to begin its journey in the cultivation world. It must learn nothing but also everything and will live moments of despair and joy. PS. I don't own this cover, if the artist disagree, please leave a comment.