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    The Guardians, an ancient race of beings charged with the protection of life on earth, were brought to the brink of extinction 11,000 years ago. Only three survived. Now Streak and Sleek have found the first of the new generation of Guardians, Ash and Dan. But the Shadow Warriors know who, and what, the young Guardians are now, and they will stop at nothing to destroy them and their protectors. Can Streak and Sleek train the younglings in time to help them fight on top of finding the rest of the Guardians? Find out in this twisting, action packed, heart stopping, romance filled story, and try not to blink. You may just miss something.

  • Guardians


    Fantasy COMEDY MAGIC

    The story goes that a long time ago in a far away land, a white dazzling star crashed down from the sky ( superman's pod im sure). The towns people all gathered to the crash, dazzled by its entrancing dance to the ground. The light wasn’t a star however, but a glimmering girl! The legend says that the townspeople took her in as their own, and the glittering girl decided to gift the world for its kindness (kinda like the triforce). Creating guardians to protect the world she loved so much!My name is Eden Arbuscula stark, and I am the son of the earth guardian Gaea! And this is the legend of Zel-! I mean legend of Eden! A story of heroism and bravery! A story of how I finally escaped the water temple! And you know, how I saved the world(Not my art)

  • GuardianS


  • The Guardians' Throne - The First Magic Swordsman

    The Guardians' Throne - The First Magic Swordsman



    After a long time in the darkness, a lost soul is transported to another world, and there the soul is given another chance and is reborn as a boy... In a world of swords and magic, Zaos is given another chance after hearing an unknown voice asking him to protect someone. While he couldn't remember many things about his old life, he still decided to live his new as much as possible. Even though it looked like he was destined to do something, Zaos chose to follow his own path as much as possible. He tried that... but it looked like the machinations of destiny won't give him much option. Weird things were happening in the kingdom he was born, and before he could imagine... Zaos was throw in the middle of a war in which some were trying to revive the god of the world, and others were trying to prevent it. Zaos will fight in this war while he also looks for the person he is supposed to protect. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. The image on the cover doesn't belong to me, if it is yours and wants me to remove it, just say so.

  • MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

    MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian



    The phoenix is a creature of legends, a wonder of the world, an imagery of life and destruction. This fabled creature signifies the rise of a hero in a virtual world where battles occur for the sake of honor and glory! Zhang Yang was a professional gamer in the first and most fantastic game that revolutionized the world: God’s Miracle. A game where traditional knowledge in RPGs did not matter anymore, players would have to manually target and evade attacks, giving rise to a significant gap in skill between a professional and an amateur gamer. Zhang Yang’s downfall came a little too soon. His girlfriend was snatched, his guild was harassed and disbanded, and he was even driven to commit suicide! Jumping off the top floor of a hotel, Zhang Yang seemed as though he was soaring like a phoenix. Little did he know that the end of his life also signified his rise from the ashes!

  • My Guardian System: The Trader

    My Guardian System: The Trader



    In the current era, the world is on the brink of destruction. Humans are in a constant war against the alien race known as Invaders, and at the same time defending themselves from the relentless attack of the mutated beasts. To survive, the human civilization hides inside the cover of a wide-ranged shell made of Ex-Energy. It is the light particles from the humans who were born with their bodies surrounded by magical light. These humans were known as Ex-Humans. They are humanity's last hope... Depending on the density and brightness of light, the growth potential of these so-called Ex-Humans. However, one boy was born with just a fraction of it. Join and witness Jem Hansen, our protagonist, as he struggles to become the best man that his adopted grandfather wanted him to be. He was deemed as the weakest Ex-Human in the academy and betrayed by his party in their exploration inside a Desolate Region, where the danger lies everywhere. They left him while they escaped. He has to survive on his own! He, who had been the weakest among them all had to escape and hide to survive. Jem, who was chased by countless mutated beasts found himself trapped inside a monster-filled dungeon. In the last second of his life, an immense blinding light befalls him. Together with it, is the sudden voice in his head. [I am the soul collector and death instigator. Your guardian system, the bringer of death... and the trader.] A chill run down his spine upon hearing the voice in his head. #Cover not mine kudos to the owner#





    Life? Death? what's the difference? Many consider these two elements as opposites and the bane for the other but in reality, they are just different sides of the same coin.Derik always dreamt about becoming a cool mage and when the time came, he was disappointed... But even with the status of an archer he still pushed forward until he stumbled upon his magic... A power he could call his own....DEATH!

  • Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling

    Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling



    Excerpt: "You jerk! How dare you? Just because you are my guardian and I have nobody to ask, did you think, you can take advantage of me? I thought you stand on high morals..." Rian turned Aria towards him not quietly understanding what was going on. Amelia and Rowan were in the same state. "Arrie! What happened? Did brother do something? Why are you angered so much?" He sounded very concerned. Alan leaned on his room door frame thinking what would be her answer. ..... Aria's mouth was wide open in shock. 'Sh*t! This man really has a mental illness. How can he forget so soon?' It vexed her more and wrung her hand to punch but Alan held her hand twirled her before pressing her back on him. "Young Miss Cooper! Mind your hand." He said loudly and whispered, "If you wanted more, you should have asked me." ~~~~ Aria Cooper, a confident, brave, intelligent, lively teenager turns insecure and timid losing her only family, her father. Alan Morgan, a cold, indifferent young President of Morgan Industries falls in love with the teenage girl who moves into his mansion. Being a cynic, will he be able to change and win over the girl's heart? Will he be able to find the culprit behind the murder of Aria Cooper's father who targets her? Will he be able to keep her safe? --- *** --- This is an original story. Story DISCORD: Ko-fi: Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover.

  • Fae Guardians Series

    Fae Guardians Series

    No one else sees the monsters that I do. And now three of them want to marry me. Monster-slaying doesn’t pay the bills. No one knows I protect them from the things that go bump in the night. So after dark, I hunt. During the day, I drag myself through work to earn a living. Everything was fine, other than the beasts and demons, until they showed up. Three sexy men who say they are Fae Lords, Guardians of the new Queen…me. That I’m their fated mate. Yeah, I didn’t believe all that bullsh*t either. But I can’t deny that the attraction between us is tangible, irresistible. Despite my skepticism, my desire for each of them is growing. Not everyone is pleased to have a half-blood queen in the Fae Court, though. And I’m beginning to realize not all monsters can be seen at face value. Fae Guardians Series is created by Rebecca Goodwin, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Lunar:Secret Guardians

    Lunar:Secret Guardians


    Riverside County, a place wolves has been extinct for over two hundred years. Twenty years ago, a missing person was found dead with bite and claw marks all over the body, and according to autopsy reports, the death was caused by a wolf. Since then, there are over ten reported deaths caused by wolves every year. But the strange thing was, there has never been any sightings of these wolves.Since the start of these deaths, strange incidents had been occurring in the County that has made many to believe that the place was cursed. **************Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fantasy, don't judge it with common sense.

  • the Guardians

    the Guardians

    in a world chaos is just around the corner there will be three people who will protect the world at all costs who would sacrifice their very existence to see peace born in a world of tragedies and wars

  • The Guardians

    The Guardians


  • Her Guardian Angel

    Her Guardian Angel



    Awkward computer genius Justin has been watching out for Emily for years...and she has no idea he exists. Will he be able to make her fall in love with him?*Cover art by polkadottedscrunchie*

  • Legend Of Yarkee - Guardians

    Legend Of Yarkee - Guardians


    Manusia itu sungguh sombong. Mereka pikir, merekalah raja dan ratu di dunia ini. Mereka pikir, merekalah penguasa dunia ini. Mereka pikir, hanya merekalah yang tinggal di dunia ini. Mereka tidak pernah puas, selalu melakukan apapun demi mendapatkan tujuan mereka. Kaum Yarkee di masa jayanya selalu di puja sebagai dewa penyelamat, dewa penolong dan dewa dari segala dewa. Tapi kehadiran mereka lama kelamaan terlupakan. Sedangkan tanggung jawab mereka semakin besar. Arya, seorang detektif swasta yang berurusan dengan kasus yang mencurigakan. Sampai ia mengetahui bahwa, ada sesuatu yang tidak bisa dijelaskan oleh akal dan pikirannya. Richard, bekerja di sebuah inteligen rahasia SSU. Selama puluhan tahun mempelajari dan meneliti keterlibatan kaum Yarkee di dunia.

  • Guardians Reincarnate

    Guardians Reincarnate

  • Yggdrasil Guardians

    Yggdrasil Guardians


    Yggdrasil, tree of life, world tree of the cosmos and 9 the realms. Once spoken in stories in long pass, yet those stories are yet to be. We are long ago,, before the time where tales were told. Where all trees begin, once a seed. Am old world tree has passed, in its dying wake. He left the last of the seeds to an old man, a friend of his from centuries of life. The wizard took great care. Walking the paths of the world, with him. He carried the secrets that an old tree left him. He has returned to Loxris, town of people and trees. The guardians there would do well as protection. That the wizard can guarantee. Planted by a wizard in the midst of a fantastical world. Blessed by the sun and Surrounded by the guardians of nature. This tree will grow in peace. Unaware that the last hunters of the world trees scour the lands for him. Their rage scorching paths of magma. This young tree is left to a world of magic, races, cultivating paths and realms yet connected. This is the story of Yggdrasil and his guardians. Let the tree show you a world unlike any other. __ Pic isn't mind, if the person who drew it wants it down dm me.

  • Malicious Guardians

    Malicious Guardians

    He suddenly forgets everything about himself. Everything. He does not even remember his name. He just recalls the pain. Now, his whole body is covered in weird black marks and he feels in his bones that it's wrong! Yet, he can't even freak out like a normal person would because this strange girl keeps on urging him to complete a what quest with her?

  • Guardians of Shan

    Guardians of Shan

    Kyara tidak paham dari mana asal kalung ini. Sejak lahir, benda itu sudah melingkari lehernya dan dianggap sebagai hadiah dari para Dewa.Hingga suatu ketika, desanya kedatangan seorang wanita berambut putih bernama Mariam. Dia mengingatkan mereka akan sesuatu yang tampak janggal. Kyara tidak mau percaya, namun semua sudah terlambat.Malamnya, penduduk desa termasuk ibunya tewas dimakan monster. Kyara lolos berkat Mariam.Pada akhirnya, hidup Kyara tergantung pada Mariam. Wanita yang menyibak masa lalunya, negeri di atas awan, juga fakta kalau Kyara sebenarnya ...***Yang suka cerita fantasy-reinkarnasi dengan bumbu petualangan dan drama, bisa mampir ke seri ini. Ditambah misteri yang menyelimuti sepanjang season, pembaca akan dibuat penasaran hingga tidak terasa baca sampai akhir.

  • The Secret Guardians

    The Secret Guardians

    I let my tears drop, this will be the last time I will cry for him He rejected me. He left me here alone to pick up my broken pieces of heart. He left me here to fix my heart. He left me here for his playboy life. He left me here and I will not forgive him. Standing up I wiped my tears away and I put up my wall of faade before walking out the door. The sight in front of me made my heart dropped. There, just a few feet away from me is Jaxon kissing Tammy. I turned away to class with a determined face on. He will regret it. He will... Watch out Jaxon Daggers I will get my revenge and you will regret ever rejecting me... you will regret rejecting a secret guardian and the moon goddess's daughter. ____________________ 17yr old twins Scarlett and Allison were sent from heaven to protect a pack. However there is a catch, they have to enter the pack dressed up as nerds. Add in a whole problem of rogues, jealous bitches, and some stubborn ass werewolves, Allison and Scarlett are in a hell of a ride. Just exactly what could happen?

  • The Elementals Guardians

    The Elementals Guardians


    Calio, a boy who suddenly became the beacon of war as a result of revenge. Meeting two strange men after the accident has led him to become either the saviour or the destructor of the world. Searching for his lost parents is the only thing that keeps him up every morning until one day he was shown the truth of what his power holds. Will, he owned up to be the saviour or destructor of the world? Would he find his parents in this chaotic time of his life? Will everything turned out as planned for the guy who gave him the powers?