80.48% Grave of Heroes / Chapter 33: Choosing A Mentor (2)

Chapter 33: Choosing A Mentor (2)

"Two offers?" Second Elder seemed surprised. "That's excellent Braden. I've heard of Wolf Demetrious, his physical ability is heightened reflexes. He has used it to develop into a combat expert. His connection to the Demetrious clan could also prove beneficial to you if he's sincere about helping you."

"As for Everett," Second Elder paused. "I've actually never heard of him. That's somewhat unusual. Objectively speaking he doesn't seem like he offers much other than his knowledge of the Academy. Wolf seems like the better option."

Braden sighed, feeling resigned.

Suddenly the Clan Head chimed in, "Which one gave you a better feeling?"

Braden looked at him in surprise, hesitating.

"Ignore benefits, ignore logic, which one of them do your instincts tell you to go with?" Clan Head said.

Braden considered. He thought about Wolf's arrogance and Everett's honesty. His resolve firmed as he looked at the clan head.

The clan head nodded, "Looks like you have your answer."

Braden nodded back.

Meanwhile, Darragh was going through his messages. Unlike Braden his mailbox was practically full of offers to mentor him.

As he was opening them, a loud voice suddenly rang out as a man walked over.

"Don't bother listening to anymore of those messages."

Dorje approached.

"You! Lightning boy! I'll be your mentor." Dorje exclaimed.

Darragh looked at him calmly, not responding.

"Har har, to think you'd be so calm normally when you're so bold in combat," Dorje laughed boisterously.

"Listen up boy! My name is Dorje. I'm a peak externalization Super and I control electricity. Attacking the camp because you were sure of your power like that, your style and mine match perfectly! I'm not going to wait for the ceremony, hurry up and accept me as your mentor! I'll take you to new heights!"

Second Elder, hearing the name Dorje, gasped in surprise. "Darragh, you should accept him as your mentor. Demon Dorje is famous in the military. He's one of the strongest lightning elemental Supers in the world."

Darragh looked at Dorje and shook his head.

"What?" Dorje asked in shock. "Why not?"

Darragh thought about it and then said simply, "Too loud."

Dorje looked aghast before recovering. "Don't kid around boy! I will have you as my student. I'd like to see who would dare go against me in the Academy."

Saying this, Dorje began glaring around at the other professors, some of whom avoided eye contact.

Clan Head looked at Darragh and said simply, "He's the best mentor for you. Also, you'll find pretty much everyone here to be too loud for your tastes. Accept him."

Darragh put on a resigned look, before nodding his head.

Dorje laughed loudly again, slamming his hand down on Darragh's back repeatedly. "That's the way! We'll make a proper warrior out of you yet."

Continuing to laugh, Dorje walked back into the Academy.

Braden looked at Brigid, and the two of them could barely suppress their laughter. Refusing a mentor because he was too loud, that was exactly Darragh's style.

Congratulating Darragh, the Nolan clan group continued to stand around, waiting for Belladonna to announce the start of the entrance ceremony and direct them inside.

As he stood there, Braden noticed that, amidst the celebration, there were a number of dejected faces.

These were the Supers who didn't pass the exam. All in all, only 150 supers had passed this time. For these others, their hopes had been dashed. They would have to go home and consider what to do next. The future wasn't too bleak, as they were still Supers and could enter the military or join the clans as external members. However, they would be denied the opportunities that the Academy afforded.

Braden couldn't help but feel some sympathy for these Supers as he understood their disappointment completely.

"The gap will only widen from here," Braden realized. Those who didn't enter the Academy would be left behind by those who did.

"However, I don't have time to worry about them." Braden thought. Entering the Academy was just the beginning. Now he would have to compete against the elites of the entire western hemisphere. The better your performance the better the resources available to you. This gap existed within the Academy too.

Braden resolved himself to fight his way to the top and prove himself just as capable as those who made it into the top 50.

"Examinees," Belladonna's voice came over the speakers. "It's time to head inside the Academy for the entrance ceremony. Please follow the guides to the elevators. At the moment you only have the ability to choose one floor, which is the tenth floor. There you will find the ballroom where the event is being held. Refreshments will be served and then the ceremony will commence."

Braden and the members of the Nolan clan began making their way inside with the rest of the Supers. Getting the elevator, they soon arrived on the tenth floor.

A gorgeous ballroom appeared as soon as the doors opened. Four long tables stretched from the elevators to the opposite end of the room. Another long table stretched across the opposite end of the room, perpendicular to the first four tables. At three of the first four tables, numbers were arranged. The students were seated based on where they placed on the exam, with fifty students at each table. The fourth table had place cards for the various elders of the clans.

Separating from the rest of his clan members, Braden went to find his seat.

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AndrewReise AndrewReise

Second release of the day as promised!

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