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  • Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

    Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

    "Sorry, but I'm the boss of female leads." #FaceSlap #ContractMarriage #Sweet! #2020 Female Lead TOP 3 【Update Wed Sat】The night before their wedding, her fiancé ran off with his mistress. Out of frustration, she grabbed the man standing in front of the Civil Affairs Office, "President Mo, your bride has not arrived and my groom has run away...May I suggest we get married?" Before marriage, she said, "Even if we were to share the same bed, nothing would happen between us!" After marriage, he said, "If we don't try, how would we know?" -- This is an authorized work from Webnovel Comics protected by copyright law(Both original and translated version). All forms of reproduction/distribution are strongly prohibited.

    4.86139 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Flaming Hot Desire

    Flaming Hot Desire

    After her boyfriend cheats on her, Luo Yaoyao lets loose, gets drunk at a bar... and makes a move on the king of the underworld after mistaking him for a simple male host. Shoot -- she had better run quick! But could running away really be that easy? Dream on! Two years later, she takes a temporary job at China's number one company. And little does she know that her nightmare is just getting started...

    4.68304 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Divine Doctor

    The Divine Doctor

    With a clap of thunder, Feng Yuheng, a god at both Western and traditional Chinese medicine, transmigrates to the time of the Shun Dynasty, into the body of an abused teenaged girl. You wish to kill me? A single stab of my scalpel will paralyze half your body! My pharmacy from the past life is always with me, and fame and fortune rest within the palm of my hand. Even the Emperor wishes to be my acquantance! And you, you roguish prince... are you toying with me?

    4.84252 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Reverse Harem Rules of Ugly Woman

    Reverse Harem Rules of Ugly Woman

    This manga is full of handsome guys! Ji Guanxue, the doctress of Bian City’s black market, is surrounded by the following: a reserved priest; a loyal and persistent guard; a bossy powerful gang leader...all kinds of good looking men are waiting for her! In order to protect herself and people around from disasters again, she…

    4.67236 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Strongest Abandoned Son

    Strongest Abandoned Son

    When Ye Mo woke up, he found that everything around him seemed to be changed - The beautiful master disappeared; he became the abandoned oneby the family; even more, he became the object of being humiliated by a woman standing on the podiumwith his love letter. But these werenot important at all. The most important thing was that he remembered another terrible thing that didn't belong to him...

    4.49178 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Let me go! You Demon President

    Let me go! You Demon President

    Five years ago, he disappeared after a promise to her. Now they meet again, but what waiting for her is not love but his well-planned revenge. Everything becomes clear finally. He deeply regrets and hugs her tightly, “From today on, I’ll make it up to you all my life.”

    4.31111 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Sweetheart Must Love Me

    Sweetheart Must Love Me

    Lin Xiaoya's life was anything but ordinary, and it only got crazier the night before the day of her arranged marriage. As she was jogging down the streets, a strange man kidnapped her, calling her the mother of their child! As she fights her way out of his grasp, she will continue to learn even more bizarre secrets about her fiancé, her "child" and most importantly, her sister. Will she submit to this strange man in exchange for his help to navigate this mad charade?

    4.68102 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Lord's Runaway Baby

    Lord's Runaway Baby

    A scheming cute girl showed how she got back from the bottom. Was it a total coincidence? Was she just acting? Was this their fate? This is an epic romantic story between an overbearing young warlord and a scheming cute girl!

    126 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Embrace My Shadow

    Embrace My Shadow

    A ruthless deal, bends her with the most horrible man in the city.

    95 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Reborn to Be a Movie Queen

    Reborn to Be a Movie Queen

    Girls, be a boss, and then date a boss!

    4.38109 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Mysterious CEO And His Lovely Wife

    The Mysterious CEO And His Lovely Wife

    Framed and betrayed by her relatives and friends, Xiachu was prostrate with grief and decided to make a change. Therefore, she went to the US on her own to attend college. Liu Qing kept sending people to murder her in the following three years. But fortunately, Xia Chu met Xiao Yang and they supported each other and established a company. Three years later, after knowing the engagement of Sheng Zhengxiu and Nan Ruoqiu, Xia Chu decided to return to her home country as an exchange student to take her revenge.

    3.9575 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Marriage in Peril

    Marriage in Peril

    During the two-year marriage, Jian Mo, as the wife of Gu Beichen, has been dealing with her husband's gossips and affairs. She got used to her marriage life, without knowing that her husband was planning for their divorce.

    160 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The God Devourer

    The God Devourer

    Losing his right arm and right leg in a car accident, Bei Ming had never lost his faith in life. He fought against a few punks for his love and got seriously injured. When he woke up in the hospital, he found a hot-tempered and pretentious dog demon was sitting beside him. Bei Ming stood up again, and he got great power this time. When he felt like he was the king of the world, a huge crisis started to brew.

    22 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Martial Universe

    Martial Universe

    A mysterious seal introduces male protagonist Lin Dong to the art of cultivation, and he travels across the lands in order to hone his skills. He meets two vastly different women in Ling Qingzhu and Ying Huanhuan on his adventures, and gets romantically entangled with both. Through sheer grit and determination, Lin Dong eventually becomes one of the most powerful and respected cultivators. As Lin Dong’s powers increase, so does his knowledge of the world’s deadliest secrets. He soon discovers the demon sect’s plot to take over the world, and the three youths join forces with the righteous martial artists to defeat all evil and return peace to the land.

    4.8135 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • I'll Make the Scumbags Cry Their Hearts Out

    I'll Make the Scumbags Cry Their Hearts Out

    Upon her death, Ning Shu becomes a mission-taker who helps poor souls exact revenge on their behalf. She therefore jumps from one world to another, playing various roles and meeting various scumbags. She snarls, "You scumbags, I'm only here to exact revenge. Don't be a hindrance, or I'll torture the hell out of anyone who obstructs me from completing the mission!"

    69 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Bossy Childe: Train My Naughty Wife

    Bossy Childe: Train My Naughty Wife

    The CEO, also my Prince Charming, molested me seven years ago. But he becomes my boss now?!

    27 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Shrounding the Heavens

    Shrounding the Heavens

    The story took the nine dragons and the coffin as an introduction, and brought out a huge world of primeval ages. Climbing the skyroad, and singing songs, to see how Ye Fan shrounding the heavens.

    4.34252 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Demonpedia


    Fifteen years ago, the Demon Lord, all human's enemy, was killed by HERO. The war lasted for 1000 years finally ended. With the Demon Lord's death, the Demonpedia —— the symbol of Deomn Lord —— was lost as well.

    4.6110 ChaptersAddIn Library