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  • Mesmerizing Ghost DoctorMesmerizing Ghost Doctor

    Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

    She, the guildchief of the modern hidden clan , good at medical voodoo, and assassination, was treated as the perverted talent in the eyes of the world. After an accidental death, she reborn in a disfigured girl. Washer identity changed? Wasreturning to the family hopeless? Identity couldbe abandoned, the family couldbegiven up, but if did notrevenge theperson who hadharmed the predecessor, couldI be worthy of the name of the talented doctor? Once the storm awoken, the heroes wouldbe fighting for hegemony! And see how she went to the world in a red dress, with a sword challenging a group of heroes!

    4.78429 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Heaven Defying SwordHeaven Defying Sword

    Heaven Defying Sword

    To defeat his uncle who destroyed his family, the teenager Xuan Tian embarked on a martial arts training journey to hone his sword techniques. From a teenager who knew nothing to a Sword God of his generation, those he once saw as strong are now mere specks of dust to him. With one finger, I obliterate all; With my sword, I defy the heavens! And his path, leads him directly to the limitless heavens!

    4.57456 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Peerless RefinerPeerless Refiner

    Peerless Refiner

    She is the strongest cultivator, and she crosses through into another world. On one hand, there's a family who bullies and mistreats her. On the other, there's her fiancee who insults and wants to... abuse her? Heh! If you go against me, you will die. But if you obey me, you will prosper! It's just that... this beautiful royal scholar is always casting secretive glances at her? Says the royal scholar: "Have you slept for so long that you won't acknowledge your debts anymore?"

    4.79169 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Love in Fallen City: Forbidden RoyalLove in Fallen City: Forbidden Royal

    Love in Fallen City: Forbidden Royal

    On that night, she lost her purity as an innocent woman and turned into the most desolate being in the cold palace. What she asks for is only a simple, normal life but she is instead forced to fight to survive in the imperial palace, which is filled with intrigue, tricks between concubines, and competition for power and status...Is this the beginning of a love story or a tragedy which began the day they met?

    4.58103 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Glamorous Doctor Divorces Her HusbandThe Glamorous Doctor Divorces Her Husband

    The Glamorous Doctor Divorces Her Husband

    I am a modern-day physician, that transmigrated, and became a concubine. Abandoned by my lord, other concubines are constantly trying to find fault in me. Originally I did not have much interest in trashy men, and lived fairly peacefully. But sisters, heed my warning and be kind. Afterall, I used to work with a knife, and I've drawn blood, unlike you, who can't even take a small scare.

    4.55161 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Crazy Adventures of Mystical DoctorThe Crazy Adventures of Mystical Doctor

    The Crazy Adventures of Mystical Doctor

    After the modern female killer travelling crossed, she was reborn as a loser in this new world - Sima Youyue, the fifth young master in the generals' residence. As a result, she began the way of grass counterback, collecting all kinds of magical animals and artifacts, and started the adventures to meet with the actors...

    4.8159 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Young Hot Lady From The VillageYoung Hot Lady From The Village

    Young Hot Lady From The Village

    When waking up, not only had she travelled to the villiage in the olden days, but she had also earned four exquisite potential husbands... Liu Duo, who thought was so hard for her to make a choice!

    4.7652 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • A God's AscensionA God's Ascension

    A God's Ascension

    I was transmigrated into the body of a villain? Who the hell wrote this script?! And I even stole someone else's girl? And have a powerful older sister? This script keeps getting worse and worse! And there's even a divine space and ten thousand worlds? I'm definitely dreaming! After steadying himself, Wu Ming faced these new developments and continued on his journey...

    4.3456 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Miracle Doctor, Abandoned  GirlMiracle Doctor, Abandoned  Girl

    Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Girl

    The Young Lady of the Ye Clan, once a simpleton, was not fated to die by accident but then restarted her life. She inherited the knowledge of poison and medicine and conquered the amazing ancient animals. The only surprise was The King of Ghost feared by the world, that gentle and warmhearted hostage.

    4.6934 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Fiery ConsortFiery Consort

    Fiery Consort

    After dying a tragic death, she finds herself reborn, reborn into a body with cultivation ability that defies the natural order. An arrogant queen, the favored consort of the King: This world is cruel and dangerous, so I will make the world my enemy. Fate is hard to defy, so I will start by defying the here and now!

    4.6540 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Tales of a Blissful LifeTales of a Blissful Life

    Tales of a Blissful Life

    A thousand years ago, she was a small tree spirit that fell in love with the Water God. After enduring a tragic love story where the water god was decimated, she lived alone into the modern times, becoming the owner of a dessert shop named "Non Stop". Her specialty is a type of tea called Blissful Life, which attracts all sorts of weird customers. Every customer that drinks her tea, they all end up telling her their life story, and these stories are often the love stories of demons and beasts, filled with passion and vengeance.

    4.4354 ChaptersAddIn Library