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  • God of Martial Arts God of Martial Arts

    God of Martial Arts

    This is a dog-eat-dog world. People are classified by their martial arts and cultivation status. Lin Feng, the male protagonist, came here through time-travel in a car crash, with his soul attached to the body of a childe of House Lin. Here, in order to live, people must kill each other, even within the same clan or house. Lin Feng vowed never to be trampled upon again in his new life.【Copyright Authorized】

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  • Rise Against DoomsdayRise Against Doomsday

    Rise Against Doomsday

    After the male lead, Qin Yu, was killed during the doomsday that happened one hundred years later, he accidentally travelled through time and space to one hundred years ago, when the disaster was about to fall. Depending on his surviving experience and skills from his last life, Qin Yu quickly becomes someone strong enough to conquer all obstacles and save the world. In this life, his swears that he’ll protect his little sister and keep her safe...

    150 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Post-Apocalyptic Gold HunterPost-Apocalyptic Gold Hunter

    Post-Apocalyptic Gold Hunter

    Dragons Ahead! A gold bar hunter hits a lick in the post-apocalyptic world and turns into a real-life winner! Work hard to get rich? No, Wang Binn has a better way—hunting for gold bars in the post-apocalyptic world. A round trip and he's become a billionaire! That said, it's not like it's an absolute breeze to hunt for gold, for there are countless roamers, and more terribly, survivors, who are a hundred times more dangerous than roamers in that world!

    100 ChaptersAddIn Library