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  • Martial Peak

    Martial Peak

    The peak of martial arts is solitary and lonely. It is an endless pursuit for unattainable heights as well. In order to surpass the limits of martial arts, growth and the will to survive in adverse situations is necessary. One day, Yang Kai, a disciple-on-trial (and floor sweeper) of the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect discovered a Wordless Black Book. That marked the turn in his luck and the beginning of his martial arts journey.

    4.64744 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

    I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

    Jiang Chen crossed into the judgment day after the nuclear war, and there was a mess everywhere. In order to survive, Jiang Chen led the refugees to establish a base area and set up a federation. Then carry the judgment day's technology and return to the true world. Change the political structure of the earth, rescue the world in a critical moment, and establish the Great Union of Earth Federation! Expanding the territory and fighting the threat from the sky.

    4.71530 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

    Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

    Parallel World, the latest holographic online game, has been officially released in recent days. Gu Fei, a sports teacher, intended to play the game as a Fighter. After he logged into the game with the account sent by his student Ah Fa, Gu Fei found that he just became the last character he wanted to be, a Mage.

    4.66304 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • World's Best Martial Artist

    World's Best Martial Artist

    His rebirth was just the start of his journey towards the peak. Invade the basement! Rise, martial arts!

    4.74146 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Library of Heaven's Path

    Library of Heaven's Path

    Traversing into another world, Zhang Xuan finds himself becoming an honorable teacher.Along with his transcension, a mysterious library appears in his mind.As long as it is something he has seen, regardless of whether it is a human or an object, a book on its weaknesses will be automatically compiled in the library.Thus, he becomes formidable. "Monarch Zhuoyang, why do you detest wearing your underwear so much? As an emperor, can't you pay a little more attention to your image?" "Fairy Linglong, you can always look for me if you find yourself unable to sleep at night. I am skilled in lullabies!" This is an incredible story about teachers and students, grooming and guiding the greatest experts in the world! -- This is an authorized work from Webnovel Comics protected by copyright law. All form of reproduction/distribution is strongly prohibited.

    4.61173 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Astral Sutra

    Astral Sutra

    Confidantes, Astral Arts and absolute power, all make a Supreme God King. Whether it be a cute girl genius, an enthusiastic infanta, a mysterious Demon or the legendary Valkyrie. It is a road of growth and it is a road to greatness.

    4.63386 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Master of Spiritual Sword

    Master of Spiritual Sword

    When the Spiritual Sword let out long howls, I will become supreme in the whole world, and will kill those who don't obey me.

    3.8412 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Devil Butler

    The Devil Butler

    "How should I deal with this woman living in my heart?!"

    4.55237 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Conquest of the Demon King

    Conquest of the Demon King

    "If the sky's the limit, then he shall break through it!" #Action#FaceSlap #2021 HIT NEW MALE LEAD COMIC 【Update Mon Tue Thu Sat Sun】Young Xiao Lang was born with an awakened super spirit power but was mistaken for a broken spirit. After being humiliated and framed, he was forced to leave his family. From then on, he has soared through life on his own. -- This is an authorized work translated by Webnovel protected by copyright law. All forms of reproduction/distribution are strongly prohibited.

    4.01300 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Heaven Defying Sword

    Heaven Defying Sword

    To defeat his uncle who destroyed his family, the teenager Xuan Tian embarked on a martial arts training journey to hone his sword techniques. From a teenager who knew nothing to a Sword God of his generation, those he once saw as strong are now mere specks of dust to him. With one finger, I obliterate all; With my sword, I defy the heavens! And his path, leads him directly to the limitless heavens!

    4.56359 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Wild Love of Beasts

    Wild Love of Beasts

    In a human defined Protective Zone for wild animals against their predators and providence A streaming love story begins.

    4.8581 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • All Hail the Sect Leader

    All Hail the Sect Leader

    All the members of my sect are abnormally strong. All my disciples turn out to be big shots, and I'll definitely become invincible in this world!

    4.72137 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Hunter Age

    Hunter Age

    The story happens on the Dragonrealm continent. Heron, the protagonist of the story, was born in a remote village. After seeing hunting skills beyond his power, he decides to go on an adventure for further advancement, and soon his journey is accompanied by cruel enemies as well as faithful friends. At the same point, the continent is undergoing a monstrous conspiracy. As the mysterious robot and the dark forces appear, an epic war is about to start.

    4.66200 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Tales of a Shut-In Demon

    Tales of a Shut-In Demon

    When I woke up, I found that my shut-in self had been transported to another world -- along with my house! I've had a beautiful female neighbor ever since, and she lives in the Spider Cave with her six adorable little sisters. She's pure, and she's determined to get married. Meanwhile, the beautiful lady ghosts from the Lanruo Temple often stop by to eat spicy boiled fish... And sometimes, I even invite the Stone Goddess over to play LoL. Ah... my life is so fulfilling!

    4.82265 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Strongest War God

    The Strongest War God

    The strongest soldier and a band of ferocious heroes -- fighting for their country, fighting for their people! Only death can stop them, and they will press on until their dying breaths! This is a book for men! A hot-blooded story!

    4.7152 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Reincarnated Weapon Shop Owner

    The Reincarnated Weapon Shop Owner

    An average-looking but extraordinarily strong weapon shop owner and a well-behaved but mysterious demon girl. What roles do they play in this ever-changing world?

    4.6192 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Adventure With a Magic Cup

    Adventure With a Magic Cup

    Chen Guang's life has been completely changed just because of a cup. Three thousand worlds are waiting for you to conquer. Learning skills for leisure, picking up girls when busy. Saving the world for fun, and flirting with the Goddess for more fun. Secret stories between Chen Guang and Liuli Goddess will bring you a different urban legend.

    4.5653 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Laid Off Demon King

    The Laid Off Demon King

    He was the king of the demon world that had been laid off because of complaints. She was the hero that had lost her position because she failed in her crusade. Fate bound these two together, and they began a journey filled with mysteries and to pay off their debts.

    4.75207 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Invincible Tactics

    The Invincible Tactics

    A drop of demon blood breaks the way through mountains and rivers. An ancient Confucian classic shows the cycle of the sun and the moon. A book with invincible tactics defeats the honor of the heaven. Yang Qingxuan, as the destined successor to invincible tactics, blazed a trail to defeat countless talents of the world and embarked on the immortal journey of the strong! “I always subdue people by virtue and those who disobey are all dead!

    4.82100 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Top Clan Leader In History

    The Top Clan Leader In History

    Ye Wen crossed and became the lord of asect! It seems to be good, but this asect art seems to be a little weaker, and people are less... "Senior, the master said, the responsibility of revitalizing the faction will be handed over to you!" The only fellow sister said with a look: " If you can't do it, give me the position of the head!"

    4.03210 ChaptersAddIn Library