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  • Spare Me, Great Lord!Spare Me, Great Lord!

    Spare Me, Great Lord!

    As the superpower awoke, everyone was sparing no effort to cultivate. Lu Shu was the only one who could get stronger by collecting others’ negative feelings and calling people names! All he ever wanted was to protect his little sister, but no one could resist the trend of the world...Well, he'd just do what he had to do and thus become the strongest! Are you ready to welcome the "Super Demon" Lu Shu?

    4.75585 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • My Girlfriend is a ZombieMy Girlfriend is a Zombie

    My Girlfriend is a Zombie

    "We will fight for this love!" #Sci-Fi #EndoftheWorld #Harem #2020 Male Lead TOP5 【Update Mon Fri】Faced with doomsday, the special power inside Ling Mo was woken up. He found out that he could control zombies. Therefore he could walk through the zombie crowd safe and sound using his power, and eventually he met his beloved girlfriend - Ye Lian, but only to find out that she has already been transformed into a zombie. To help Ye retreive her memories, Ling Mo started his survival in doomsday. -- This is an authorized work from Webnovel Comics protected by copyright law(Both original and translated version). All forms of reproduction/distribution are strongly prohibited.

    4.75439 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Legendary MechanicThe Legendary Mechanic

    The Legendary Mechanic

    "One, fights the world!" #Sci-Fi #E-sports #Transmigration #2021 Newly Arrived Hit! Same Title Novel All Time TOP 10 【Update: Tue Fri】Han Xiao, who boosted accounts for users of the online game Star Ocean, traveled through time via unknown power and landed in the world created by the beta version game. He became an NPC with a player's panel. Without hesitation, he chose his favorite career and became a mechanic. Using his skills learned from the previous life, he accessed instances ahead of others and played his role as an NPC to fool players. Step by step, the rookie became a powerful figure who dominated the game. -- This is an authorized work from Webnovel Comics protected by copyright law(Both original and translated version). All forms of reproduction/distribution are strongly prohibited.

    4.18261 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Swallowed StarSwallowed Star

    Swallowed Star

    In the Year 2056, a teenager clad in a tactical vest, combat pants, and alloyed combat boots sat atop a ruined and shattered six story apartment building. The building lies in a Prefecture-level city in the Original Jiangsu area. With a Hexagonal Shield and a Bloodshadow Combat Sword on his back, the young man sat silently on the edge of the roof. Under the brilliant hue from a starry night, it brought forth a breath of fresh air as the night breeze caressed his body. However, within this now ruined city, all was silent... all except for the occasional chill-inducing howls...

    4.59235 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Ode to Humanity: Earthlings, Rise!Ode to Humanity: Earthlings, Rise!

    Ode to Humanity: Earthlings, Rise!

    Fifty years ago, Dracon City fell into another dimension. Despite having to fight and defend themselves alone, they held fast to the banner of Earth and stood tall against the terrifying Exbeasts found within the Altermension. Fast forward to the present day, Meng Chao was reborn. Much to his surprise, he found out that he could become stronger by contributing to society. He then decided that he would become the most powerful of them all, wipe out every single Exbeast, and conquer the entire Altermension. His ending, his parents' ending, and even the ending of all mankind; he swore to rewrite them all!

    4.22239 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic WorldI Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

    I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

    Jiang Chen crossed into the judgment day after the nuclear war, and there was a mess everywhere. In order to survive, Jiang Chen led the refugees to establish a base area and set up a federation. Then carry the judgment day's technology and return to the true world. Change the political structure of the earth, rescue the world in a critical moment, and establish the Great Union of Earth Federation! Expanding the territory and fighting the threat from the sky.

    4.7612 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Super CubeSuper Cube

    Super Cube

    An ordinary boy won the affection from his goddess, and thus pissed off a gang leader. He got a mysterious cube accidentally and started his venture with superpowers. Helping people and punishing evils, he’s getting more and more powerful!

    4.28323 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • X-Ray VisionX-Ray Vision

    X-Ray Vision

    An ordinary and impulsive teenager gets x-ray vision after an accident. How will his life change? Money and power are at his fingertips. Let's see how he lives his new life without regard for anything and becomes a legend of the city!

    4.5978 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Metal Goddess SoldierMetal Goddess Soldier

    Metal Goddess Soldier

    College graduate Mu Siyun submitted his resume and suddenly became the head of a space fleet, leading thousands of mecha girl soldiers to conquer the universe!

    4.74111 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Overachiever's Black Tech SystemThe Overachiever's Black Tech System

    The Overachiever's Black Tech System

    [DAILY UPDATE FROM Dec.10th to Jan.7th] Using the Black Technology System, the protagonist enters a world of knowledge, where he improves his learning efficiency by a factor of one billion! He becomes the smartest human in existence, gets rich using his super brain... and experiences the loneliness of being a leader.

    3.97174 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Billionaire Player Billionaire Player

    Billionaire Player

    He loves to show off his wealth. As the top consumer in the game, he has the most magnificent profession and the coolest equipment. He always keeps a low profile when he pays his so-called “basic consumption”, and enjoys being envied by common players. In the game world, money is everything!

    3.86303 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • I'm Really Not A GoddessI'm Really Not A Goddess

    I'm Really Not A Goddess

    A straight guy accidentally enters a virtual reality game and becomes a gorgeous female character. Can he accept his new gender identity in face of big events that that are happening one after another?

    75 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • MetamorphosisMetamorphosis


    The top-level soldier Wang Huan died in an assassination mission. He found that he was in a weird world after waking up…The story outline is not so attractive but the story itself is out of your imagination for sure!

    4.7293 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • There Goes the WorldThere Goes the World

    There Goes the World

    In 2028, human beings are almost wiped out by a heavy rain carrying a mutant virus. The streets are filled with wandering monsters, and the world becomes a living hell. A tiny minority of survivors have to hide in the underground city that is made up of subways. However, the main characters have to leave the safe place and try to save themselves in the deserted aboveground land.

    91 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Hollow in the DeepHollow in the Deep

    Hollow in the Deep

    A dutiful supervisor who always follows the rules, a disobedient crook who breaks the rules, and on top of it all, a mysterious man destined to rule! What's going to happen when these three men clash?

    4.67101 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Lost In The Wrong WorldLost In The Wrong World

    Lost In The Wrong World

    It's a story of Fang Yan, a teenager of high intelligence, leading his friends to survive in the disordered space-time.

    4.8161 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the FutureIt's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

    It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

    After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and uneventful life in her new healthy body, fate had other plans ... Forced to disguise herself as a boy just so she could inherit her deceased father's premium military benefits, Ling Lan's journey to adulthood was full of challenges. After much difficulty, she finally turned sixteen when she could drop the charade. But before she could grasp her newfound freedom to get married and start her own family, a twist of fate results in her being thrown into the Federation's top military boys' school. With these twists of fate, Ling Lan had little choice but to walk further and further down a path of no return, one of cold and aloof dominance ...

    4.8153 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Last Tomb KeeperThe Last Tomb Keeper

    The Last Tomb Keeper

    Lu Shuiyin was a poor high school student who also happened to be a game guru. One day, he turned out to be the heir to a legacy worth 500 million, but the legacy was merely game coins. While still in his puzzled state, a girl he loved was kidnapped, and a series of mysterious events took place afterwards. In the end, he found himself dragged into a game of "tomb robbers", and his mission was to engage in a long-lasting battle as "the last tomb keeper".

    4.74106 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Zero TouchZero Touch

    Zero Touch

    Female undergarment designer Ye Zi'ang suffered a terrible blow in his career before he met a sudden fatal accident. Only, instead of dying, he was transported to another world where the womenfolk were all dressed in fighting suits that were all transformed into by men and wearing such suits gave them immense fighting capabilities! "And is that my fate? I hear that most people get to triumph upon entering another alien world and this is what I get? The chance to be nothing more than a corset for a woman to put on?!" Ye Zi'ang could hardly believe his fate and a comical journey in this strange new world so began.

    52 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Between Lips and TeethBetween Lips and Teeth

    Between Lips and Teeth

    No one in this world can disclose my weakness, except you.” A kind of frenzied virus comes down to the world again. It makes people furious, variant and turns them into monsters who hate everything in the world. The darkness which is covered by the calm days will be out of the water like the tip of the iceberg. I will be watching you in the darkness

    119 ChaptersAddIn Library