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  • The Silent ConcubineThe Silent Concubine

    The Silent Concubine

    A twisted and overbearing Prince VS A meek and replaced dumb groom. The King of the North had his eyes on Governor Shen’s daughter and decided to take her in as a consort. Shen Yu, a mute male slave from Governor Shen’s mansion, decided to hide his gender and replace Lady Shen to marry The King of the North, Xuan Xiao, in the hope that his mother would live a safe life. Shen Yu was afraid that his real identity would be exposed and he would be killed. However, he still attracted Xuan Xiao’s attention...

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  • Whose Baby Is It?!Whose Baby Is It?!

    Whose Baby Is It?!

    Sweet BL story~ "A boss claims that my son is his?!"

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  • Chained To YouChained To You

    Chained To You

    It's said that 9 devils came to the human world to find their brides, but there were 12 brides! The brides outnumbered them! But they had to complete this task from the immortals! What should they do?

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  • Fatal ScentsFatal Scents

    Fatal Scents

    Su Mu, male singer, gentle as water, is now paired with the dominative president Ning Ye of a large business group. The marking of pheromone puts both men’s life at stake. However, the former boyfriend of Su Mu just came back from Germany, turning from a poor actor to an award-winning one. The love from two different men is overwhelming Su Mu. Is he going to get stuck in the middle?

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  • Fell in Love with Girlfriend's Brother S1Fell in Love with Girlfriend's Brother S1

    Fell in Love with Girlfriend's Brother S1

    To prove whether he was a homosexual, Qiu Zinan decided to dress like a woman and go to a bar. There he “was seduced to the bedroom” by a handsome stranger. Feeling reluctant on the bed, Zinan revealed his true identity, but all they could hear later were the hard breath of one another, and that was how the game began!!

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  • A Tough First LoveA Tough First Love

    A Tough First Love

    Zhou Chengyi is a bossy president. He finally falls in love with a girl when he is 27 years old. However, the girl he loves is a straight man who just wears women's clothes. The man is a online celebrity as a model. Turning from a die-hard fan to a sasaeng fan of him, Zhou Chengyi is confused about what true love is.

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  • Absolute ControlAbsolute Control

    Absolute Control

    The former general of the nation who is now a wanted man accidentally falls into a trap set by a hunter long ago. Wait! Isn't the hunter the little angel who always stayed with him before? The angel has turned into a cruel man and uses his means to convert the former strongest Alpha to an Omega with a sweet pheromone a day after they meet again. Xia Yusheng: "Qi Wangzhi, I swear I will kill you!"

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  •  Captured Crown Prince Captured Crown Prince

    Captured Crown Prince

    As an Emperor, he was held hostage by the rival prince after his empire was destroyed. The Prince threatened to bring him back to the Eastern Palace and keep him as a slave. He thought he would be a miserable prisoner... However, even though the Prince would humiliate him when he was angry, most of the time, the prince showed great tolerance to him and gave him countless privileges. "What did the Prince mean when he mentioned 'our past' ?" “Why can't I remember anything...?”

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  • SpiritpactSpiritpact


    A young and broke man, Yang Jinghua, finds himself 10 years younger after waking up from a traffic accident. Just as he is dreaming about it being a rebirth after death and that he will soon reach the peak of his life, a handsome white-haired man who calls himself the “Spirit Cleanser” appears in front of him. After this man tells Yang Jinghua “You are already dead”, he proposes a weird offer: “Boy, do you want to make a pact with me?” Gradually, a deep relationship is developed between these two men and they support each other on their journey.

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  • Alice In AdultlandAlice In Adultland

    Alice In Adultland

    Gun-woo, who has never been involved with romance before in his life, falls down a rabbit-hole after losing a bet. "Wait, nobody told me that the owner of this shop was this handsome?!"

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  • Romance Between RegentsRomance Between Regents

    Romance Between Regents

    As a reasonable Regent, Yun Su always pays his debts. The most important debt, is the one he owes his political opponent who has been standing against him for years, who tried to protect him even when dying. But this person is rich, kind, loyal, and enjoys high status. Apart from marrying him, Yun Su can't think of any other way to repay him.

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  • Dragon in DistressDragon in Distress

    Dragon in Distress

    This is a story about a little Eastern green dragon and a little Western black dragon playing together.

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  • Raising a BatRaising a Bat

    Raising a Bat

    In my whole life, I never had anything that I could call “mine”... Until one day, a huge bat appeared before me. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t start caring for something unless I’m willing to take responsibility for it forever, But it seems like this huge bat needs me to care for him. This is the story between a human boy overflowing with blood and a vampire boy who is in need of blood.

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  • Bring A Wolf HomeBring A Wolf Home

    Bring A Wolf Home

    He is the most powerful president of the Wolves while he is a useless vampire who has been thrown out to the streets. They can't stand each other on sight, but a Wolf baby who appeared from nowhere binds them together. Thus begins their romantic journey on raising a child together. When this couple with completely different personalities and identities clash, what kind of sparks will fly?

    92 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Talk to Me TenderlyTalk to Me Tenderly

    Talk to Me Tenderly

    When closeted bartender Gabriel Kee finally gets a moment of privacy, he's determined to christen his vibrator. Turns out it's faulty, so he contacts customer service and is greeted by the sultry voice of operator Luke. Overcome by desire, Gabriel brazenly pleasures himself. One day, a beautiful man who sounds just like Luke patronizes Gabriel's bar, accompanied by a kinky sex-toy shop owner, Angel. Lust for the two men fills Gabriel as he also wrestles with feelings for his close friend, Ray.

    4.87123 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • You're the Apple of My EyeYou're the Apple of My Eye

    You're the Apple of My Eye

    Jiang Yeyu and Qiu Xi became family after Jiang's mother remarried. But when they grew up, Jiang Yeyu fell in love with his younger brother unwittingly. After a long separation, an unexpected reunion awakens the affection that Jiang Yeyu has suppressed in his heart. To protect the brotherhood or to confess his feelings, how will Jiang Yeyu choose?

    4.6750 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Cultivator x Contract SpiritCultivator x Contract Spirit

    Cultivator x Contract Spirit

    In a world where all the cultivators and demons search for strong partners to form contracts with in an effort to attain peak cultivation, a weak fox demon is left without a partner. Despondent, but not giving up hope of finding a partner, he meets a handsome young cultivator. This young cultivator turns out to be a genius who was able to guide Qi into his body at the tender age of 11. Will he really be willing to form a contract with a useless fox demon?

    108 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Drag-Queen Hasn't Gotten a Proposal YetThe Drag-Queen Hasn't Gotten a Proposal Yet

    The Drag-Queen Hasn't Gotten a Proposal Yet

    Jin Chuan is transported into a love game while he is dying in real life. In order to have a second life, he has to date three men at the same time who are his boss, a straight guy who doesn’t like him, his first crush who he thought was a girl back then, and his brother who hates him. During the difficult choices which might either blow his cover as a female or lead to having sex with a man, Jin Chuan gradually finds out that these men's feelings for him are not just about clearing missions in the game...

    4.7640 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Into UInto U

    Into U

    When Jay proposed to Cyril, Cyril suddenly lost his memory about meeting and falling in love with Jay and didn't know who Jay was. Jay didn't give up on Cyril, he determinded to help Cyril to get memory back, Jay took Cyril to old places that they went together… Days later, Cyril found out that he could find some memories back when he kissed Jay in particular places...

    4.9353 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Love Me, Heal MeLove Me, Heal Me

    Love Me, Heal Me

    It's a story about psychological disorder. Twelve years ago, Lin Mo's mother, who was diagnosed of depression, wanted to kill herself and Lin Mo. Tai Yingjun, showing up like sunshine in Lin Mo's life, saved him. Twelve years later, after doing the Psychopathy Checklist-revised (PCL-R), Lin Mo was diagnosed of mental disorder. Will Lin Mo be saved by Tai Yingjun again?

    4.8135 ChaptersAddIn Library