4.83% Celestial Overlord / Chapter 5: Young master..

Chapter 5: Young master..

Yoshi who was having her food at servants dining place was called by the head maid. She was just a sixteen-year-old girl. Her life was peaceful as she was personal maid of the first young master. He was kind, gentle and also a bright person. She was really happy about serving such a young master.

She went with the head maid. After she went other servants started to whisper "Ahh!!! Poor girl, what a pity" said a middle-aged woman. Another servant next to her made a miserable face. "To think such a pure girl is going to be used to warm that old faggot, alas fate is cruel," said another one.

" Hey!!! Talk slowly if head maid hears this, you know what will happen" said a guarding soldier of the Lee family. The head maid belongs to wang family a big family in the imperial city of Taing country. Wang family were an equal rival for Lee family. But after the marriage of fan lee and Wang Shi, the two families became close.

But still, you can see some tension between them. As Wang shi became the second miss of Lee family.

She used her power as a second miss to appoint her personal maid as a head maid of Lee family. There was little tension but after finding that Mo Lee and Han Lee were geniuses, there was no one to object to her. Even old lee never puts an eye on the matter until its serious.

Wang shi was like a tyrant, she is only afraid of old madam lee. As old madam lee has been busy ascending to monarch realm. There was no one to question her.

Wang Shi dislikes tian Lee the most. As he took the title of first young master, whereas her son was called second young master. Even though Wang shi was the second miss, Tian Lee never respected her. She used her power to trouble Tian Lee but was afraid of Tian Lee's father. She wanted her son to be the first young master of Lee family.

How can a mortal like tian Lee who neither has the spirit of martial arts can overtake her son? Just when she was thinking how to trouble Tian Lee. Her husband was talking about pure yin maiden for elder yi. As she used this chance to trap tian Lee personal maid.

"So what if I can't trouble you directly, I will use my power to destroy what is yours," thought Wang Shi.

Yoshi without knowing anything followed the head maid. They entered a room where she saw two men, they attacked her in the nape of the neck. Yoshi fell unconscious. " Make sure you kill this bitch after elder yi uses her," said the head maid. Nodding their head they left with Yoshi towards elder yi room.

Yoshi opened her eyes and what greeted was elder yi lewd eyes. She got scared, she wanted to run. But there was no use. Her body was out of her control. She wasn't able to move a single finger.

Tears started flowing from her eyes, she knows what will happen hereafter. But why fate was too cruel to her. She lost her parents during the war. She had no relative to whom she can go. At the age of twelve, she started begging at streets. She slept in an alley. Waiting for death.

One day due to hunger, she robbed food from a stall. But she was caught and was beaten near to death.

It was the time he appeared, " are you hungry ???!!!!" Asked a gentle voice. It was the first time, I met young master tian Lee. He changed my fate. A life where I was able to live peacefully, alas it ends today.

As she closed her eyes remembering her young master. "Will you come for my rescue, young master!!!!"!. Tears flowed as she gave up.

It was the time she heard the voice. " You dare!!!". She knows this voice it was her young master voice. She will never forget this voice.

But what happened there left Yoshi in gasp!!!!. The gentle looking young master. Had a look which sent a chill to the spine. The elder Yi was kneeling down, as he vomited a mouthful of blood.

She saw her young master Tian Lee, with scarlet eyes as he was looking down on elder yi ."Yoshi, get back to your room, I have something to talk with elder yi". Yoshi nodded her head and started moving as fast as she can. Outside the door, the two-man, who was waiting saw Yoshi rushing out of the room. Startled they tried to capture her.

But were greeted with an immense pressure, which made them slam on the floor. Without knowing what was happening, Yoshi rushed to her room. The two-man was scared, one of them even pissed their pants.

"Ple....please forgive us, senior," said a man. But instead, the pressure increased. They were both at mortal realm 8th stage. A dark void swallowed them as the whole, without leaving a trace of those two.

It was dark, the only place where Elder Yi can see was a throne. He was sitting there like a king. Whereas four shadow figure was standing like guards. Those red eyes which can just kill a person with a look were staring at him. Elder yi was trembling just looking at him.

" For.....forgive me young master Tian, this lowly one has overstepped his boundary" cried elder Yi. Even so, those eyes never showed a slight of pity.

Tian Lee got up and started walking towards, elder yi. Each step sounded like a death Bell in the ears of elder yi. He regretted the decision he made to accept fan lee request. He regretted not knowing the real tian Lee. Tain Lee stood in the front of elder yi.

The hand of Tian reached the head of elder Yi. The grip force caused elder yi to scream for mercy ."Burn" words left tian Lee mouth. As the soul agonizing scream was heard in the entire void. Elder yi was burned to Ash...

Maou1226 Maou1226


The tiang country will be called as taing country from now on

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  • Darkdelusion


    Hope he does not need to stay too low forever.. or else things will be like legend of lingtian😂😂😂

  • ChaosArc


    Hmm the end reminds me of code breaker and that's great

  • Starzonepro


    Do you have a schedule for releases?

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