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I really liked it but the sad thing is...that it has been 10 months since it has been updated so I'm a bit disappointed but I really hope that the author will come back to it.
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Очередной заброшенный проект. К сожалению обычное явление в новеллах, где главный герой слишком силён с самого начала... Эх, а потенциал был, ведь возрождение в новом мире после смерти не ограничивает воображение автора.
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Really like the MC and his background,also like how he doesn't care about people and he is kinda OP,hope he becomes more OP in the future! Also please don't drop this author!
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Call me a God is the first to review this week and the kids, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability for you, I will have the ability for you,
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Writing quality that doesn't give you aids? Check. And that's really all that is needed. The rest of the novel could be improved, but that usually comes with experience so just continue writing and find the style that suits you best. The protagonist started off a bit too op in terms of stats for my tastes, I prefer it when the main lead needs to work for his **** even if he does have a good system (I mean how can he entertain the god of death if everything is given to him at the start). Keep up the good work.
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Everything is nice. Even though he is OP i don't want you to make him like others where he is hiding his power and does whatever the other people want. And minor spoilers for the people who have the absolute hate for rape : in the first chapter his sister gets raped but it's doesn't affect the plot. He drinks a magic potion and boom nigga got no feelings. And what is with that he felt pleased in chapter 4. He isn't supposed to feel emotions. Maybe you should change it to satisfied but that's just me.
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I would not recommend it. Completely off the charts in power.
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😱😱😱😱😱😱. Kinda puts “a series of unfortunate events” to shame. Also pretty relatable school life, exams, worrisome and yet life keeps going things keep happening. Sometimes kinda viewing life in a third person view. I’m that third person as I read this novel..lost in thought. Can’t wait to view(read) some more!!!! 👍👍👍
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