37.5% rebirth in DXD / Chapter 6: Untitled

Chapter 6: Untitled

In the club room

-Rias I have to go out tonight to settle a personal matter, and when I return, we'll challenge Riser to a Game Rating. (Issei)

-What is the subject? (Rias) said with suspicion Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

-I have a friend named Asia Argento, and I know she's going to be in danger today, I'm going to go there to save her and I'll probably massacre some fallen angels in this town. (Issei)

-Yes, I can not let you do that, if I may, you will start a war.- (Rias)

-You do not have to worry, I highly doubt that Azazel will start a war for some losers. (Issei)

-How can you be sure?- (Rias)

-Kokabiel has been trying to start another war for years, if Azazel wanted to start another war he would have done several years ago, after all angels, demons and fallen angels have been killing themselves for a long time. (Issei)

-If you're just going to help your friend, why should you kill them?- (Rias)

-Because they'll probably try to kill her, and I'll be free of all the threats that are close to the ones I love.- (Issei)

-But .. (Rias)

-Rias, I know what I'm doing, to have mercy on your enemies is to bring disaster on your allies, there is a reason why this phrase is passed down to the generations. (Issei) interrupted her speech with authority.

-Yes, I know you want to protect her, but starting a war is not the way. (Rias)

-Rias, I'll make it very clear there is a reason why nobody dares to tease me even knowing of my existence, I am a Nefilin, the son of a devil and an angel, you know what that implies? (Issei)

Rias was silent because she did not understand very well about the subject, after all the last Nefilin was born more than fifteen hundred years, she did not know what happened at that time.

-When I was born there was a war of unprecedented proportions, the factions of the devil and the angels tried to destroy me at all costs, because I am basically a bomb that they do not want to keep, I am immune to both demonic and angelic spells, you understand Rias? (Issei)

Rias was shocked to hear this, for she did not expect Issei to act this way.

-I'm something neither faction can handle once it grows, that's why they wanted to kill me if my father was not strong enough to save me, they would have killed me.- (Issei)

-But this story taught me something very important, absolute power moves this world, no matter which faction they are the only way there is to keep those you love safe is being strong enough to kill anyone who tries to hurt them, this is the reason why I treat all my enemies with extreme coldness because if I kill they can start a war that I know is coming and I am ready to deal, however if I do not kill they can attack the people important to me , this is Rias history. (Issei)

-Yes, I understand, I'll go with you. (Rias)

Issei smiled when he heard this, knowing that Rias was supporting him in this cause.

-Rias is not necessary I'm more than enough to kill them all, I should just warn you something if you want, it would be a good addition to a tower. (Issei)

-I'm something bothering you, your father is a devil of the highest class in a house where everyone is noble, why do not you have your set of demonic pieces, or the deck of cards of your mother's angels? (Rias)

-Simple, I am rejected by both factions, precisely because I am a hybrid of both, they hate me for the massacre they hear all those years ago, but they fear me because of my father. (Issei)

-But what about your father, what happened to him?- (Rias)

-My father has a philosophy that having a clan is a representation of a man's inability, so a man must protect everything he loves by his own power, which is why he said that he and my brother should never trust others to solve our problems and focus only on our own strength and power. (Issei) replied smiling.

-Does that mean I'm incapable?- (Rias)

-No, it's only for men this rule, it's just a machismo and pride that my father has; (Issei)

-Well Rias I have to leave now, I will be back tonight. (Issei)

After leaving the club room and starting to go home, Issei met with Asia and they had a meeting exactly the same as what happened in the Canon, until the moment of Reinare appear.

-My dream is to have many friends, plant flowers with them, buy books and talk late. (Asia)

-You do not have to worry about Asia, we're friends, right?- (Issei)

-Despite not having flowers or books.- (Issei)

-I do not want to be a nuisance to you Issei-san (Asia)

-You're not a bother Fallen angel, nun, demon, unicorn, goblin, fairy, dragon I have no preconceptions the only thing that matters is whether you want to be my friend or not. (Issei)

-I am so happy. (Asia)

-That will not be possible.- (Reinare)

-And who decided you?- Do not forget that I can destroy you in a moment Do not bother me Reinare I've shown clemency once, there will not be a second. (Issei)

-It's not me who decides this is what the big echelons decided you know the pact she's part of the fallen angels faction if you do not deliver her you're going to start a war, and so will you if you kill me. (Reinare) said with an arrogant expression as if he had everything under control.

-And what makes you think I care about the war?- (Issei) asked with a mocking smile.

-You're part of the Gremory clan she'll never allow.- (Reinare) said, she could feel a little fear in her voice, after their last meeting she noticed that she was not messing with someone of the same level but with someone who could match or even stronger than Azazel, she felt the magic that he released that day so she was sure, if Issei decided to take things seriously they would be very ugly for her.

-Listen carefully to your little slut, I'm not going to let you put your hand in Asia and if you annoy me I'll kill your whole bloody faction, I do not care if it's you Azazel, or that Kokabiel psycho, no one touches a person important to me and stay for it, am I being clear enough? (Issei) said loosening his magical power, which startled Reinare to a level she never imagined was possible before she suspected it, but now she was sure the man in front of her was simply too powerful for her to even consider annoying him.

-Get out of my way before I erase you.- (Issei)

-You're making a war.- (Reinare)

-You can come, I'm going to kill you all, I've said it before. (Issei)

After hearing this, Reinare got out of there as quickly as possible, for she understood that Issei was serious about the war.

-Asia-chan now tell me are you willing to join me like a demon?- (Issei)

-Issei-san why would you ask me something like that? (Asia)

-I'm going to protect you from everything, that threatens your safety.- But I can not always be by your side, and that's what worries me, if you join our clan you would have the protection of the Gremory family and we could be together. (Issei)

-Can we be together forever?- (Asia)

Yes, Asia, we can. (Issei) said smiling.

-Then I'll take it.- (Asia)

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