19.23% Dead's Requiem / Chapter 5: Looting the Supermarket

Chapter 5: Looting the Supermarket

The zombie ran at full speed towards his house. It was a good thing that he was on the 2nd floor so that the zombie would take a longer time to reach him. After all, the zombie was running faster than when it was still a human. And so, he estimated that in the worst case scenario, the zombie would reach him in more or less 20 seconds.

"What was that 'MEOW' for!"

"I was trying to intimidate that bastard, meow."

"How was that called intimidating? You basically called that thing over here."


The door to his house was opened by force and the zombie would reach him in more or less 10 seconds. It was a good thing that he usually left his self-made Plasma Pistol in case someone would break and enter his house. The bad thing was that, he was not used to shooting moving living things. He positioned himself behind the bed and aimed at the door.

Haeckel waited patiently. The 10 seconds had already passed by yet the zombie had not entered. When a minute had passed by and the zombie had still not entered, Haeckel had come into a conclusion - that zombies react to a certain stimulus but they did not had any intellect.

"What else do you know?" Haeckel whispered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"I can feel that there are others like me." The cat also whispered. "And something tells within me that I should devour them, meow."

Haeckel did not speak anymore. He felt that the cat had already told him everything that he knew. Right now, he thought about how he should deal with the threat in his house.

(It reacts to a stimulus right?)

"Hey!" Haeckel shouted.

"Why are you screaming? Yours is even louder than me, meow."

"Shut up."

The zombie shrieked and ran towards his room. Its footsteps quickly approached his room.

The zombie knocked his door down and saw its prey.

Haeckel aimed his gun at the zombie and fired. To make sure that he didn't miss, he aimed at the torso area. He wasn't even surprised that the zombie didn't die just like in zombie movies.

Although the zombie didn't die, it flinched and staggered a bit due to the force of the plasma beam. As the self-made plasma pistol was constructed using Corollonium as its ammunition, it could spit out projectiles without a care for bullets. As such, Haeckel could fire as much as he wanted to.

The only flaw to his gun was that it could only fire a ten consecutive shots until the barrel gets overheated. However, six shots were enough, he was lucky to hit the zombie in the head. The zombie collapsed and black blood poured out of the holes created by the gunshots.

He checked the corpse. It was a female zombie. Haeckel looked at the zombie once again. He hypothesized that not all humans would turn into zombies since he himself was not a zombie and second, he heard someone scream, meaning, that person would also be a human.

Well, now maybe not anymore since it was most likely that the person who screamed was attacked. He pushed away all negative thoughts about his wife. Besides, had this feeling that his wife is absolutely safe.

Haeckel tried calling his wife.

The number you have dialed is out of coverage. Please try your call again later.

He looked at the sky outside and prayed for his wife.

(Seems like there's nothing else I can do.I know that you are a strong woman. Stay safe. )

As scientists, they knew they could lose each other's company at any moment when their experiments go haywire.

Haeckel pushed this idea to the back of his mind, he would first do something about the problem at hand and then he would try searching for his wife. That would be the best course of action.

He once again looked at the corpse. On a closer inspection, this zombie acted like the ones shown in those Sci-Fi movies. Black veins bulged out of its skin, it had longer nails and a canine-like set of teeth. When he checked the eyes, it was bloody red.

(I'm going to need more data. But first, I need to stock some food .)

It was about 1AM in the evening and at this time, people would usually be sleeping. If there were still people out there, those would be the minority. He went to the garage and picked the car he would drive for tonight.

It was a black and green modified Land Rover Series III, which he took care of like it was his baby. When he entered his car, he heard this familiar annoying sound, "Meow."

Haeckel looked coldly at the cat.

"Aren't you curious about me, meow?" The 'cat' asked.

"Didn't you tell me awhile ago that you forgot everything." Haeckel's voice was cold and casual.

"Ah! Did I? Well, I still don't know any of it, meow." The 'cat' scratched its head.

Haeckel did not continue the conversation anymore. Instead he planned out the actions he would take during this night trip. He needed food before locking himself up to make more firearms.

He was driving slowly along the highway while watching his surroundings. In this journey, he brought two of his pistols which was everything he had in that house. He had another house which also served as his laboratory but it was far away.

It was eerily scary as it had been a little less than five minutes and yet he still have not seen a single soul. There were corpses that was on the road, though, and it was good news to him that they were not moving. It was also a good thing that the supermarket was just a five minute drive and that the road was still passable by vehicles.

Right as he went down of his car, he was jinxed. He heard multiple roars from every direction and he knew that he messed up big time.

However, as the calm and calculative person that he was, he started looking for a place to hide or if not, to shoot those zombies from. His first instinct was to climb his car. But remembering the sight of the female zombie who destroyed his door, he thought that climbing his car was an absurd idea.

There was an emergency ladder that led to the supermarket. Haeckel saw it, ran towards it, pulled the ladder down, climbed up and pulled the ladder back up as fast as he could.

The roars of the zombies slowly approached his location. In less than a minute, four zombies came rushing by. He aimed his gun and started popping zombie heads.

The plasma pistol had a good penetrating power that was comparable to a Federal .45 Colt's. At first, it took him five shots to kill one zombie but as he got used to the recoil of the weapon, his shooting skill grew increasingly better.

After shooting the zombies down, three more zombies came into his vicinity which his heads he also popped. After waiting for two minutes if there would be more zombies that would be coming, he put the guns into its holster. No more zombies came.

He gained a total of 8 Universe coins which could be exchanged in the Shop for items, skills and enhancements. Later, he planned to study this Shop feature when he gets some time.

Haeckel found an entrance to that led inside the supermarket. There were no signs of any living creatures inside the supermarket. Maybe tomorrow, people would come to this place and gather food but right now, this was his territory.

In no time at all, Haeckel had gathered everything he needed from the supermarket. He filled his backpack with meat, vegetables, biscuits as well as his favorite chips - Piattos. He left the supermarket using the same route he had used to enter since that was the only exit available.

He was walking towards his car and what he saw left him in shock. There was a group of zombies that was breaking his car. There was even one zombie who was standing on top of the hood. They looked like they were chasing someone angrily. Haeckel saw something black and blue flash by between the legs of those zombies. Sometimes, the cat would hiss at the zombies.

(I'm going to cook you later. You just messed up twice. I'm never going to allow you to mess up for the third time.)

Merda's hair rose and felt felt a crisis looming over him.

echogillana echogillana

Ya'll hello good luck in life

Life is tough but you are tougher

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  • Dovah


    never break into an elite scientist's house, god knows what they have 'self-made' just in case of break-ins xD Also, since when is being a scientist so dangerous that we can loose ppl at any moment when experiments go haywire.....don't think those types of experiments will ever get through ethics lol

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