73.28% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 96: Surprised, Huh?

Chapter 96: Surprised, Huh?

"You, come with me." Rachael went downstairs with her sister, Raisya.

Raisya follows behind her. She still sniffles.


On the operation table, Chase checks on Athena's heart beating. Her heart beating slowly.

Hazel closed the door with a black suitcase. She opens it and found the yellow cap tube and the red cap tube of glass.

'There must be something we can use with these two tubes.' She went to the landline phone inside the operation room and make a call to Lee Mansion.

After informing about Athena's condition and all to Ali, she went back to the operating table with a red cap of tube glass.

"This is the solution to make her blood stop." She looks at all of her team. They nodded their head.

"Hazel.." Lola who just finishes do some checking on the source of the blood, look up to her.

"She's...miscarriage." She said with a bit low voice.

Hazel's eyes turn wider. She blinks for a few times. "Are you sure?"

"Here, look. I try to run the test and..it shows that she is actually pregnant and now the baby...is gone."

Hazel and all other team turn to look at Lola and the test result. After a few second, Hazel shut her eyes for a moment.

"Oh god, it's the long-awaited child. and now.."

"Put that aside first. She needs to be treated. Her blood cannot let be out from her system right now." Chase said making all of them immediately focus back on saving her.


Aslan shut his eyes and try to calm himself. He really has broken down when he sees Athena like that.

Ring Ring!

He took out his phone from his pocket. Scrunch his eyebrow, he picks up the call.


"What happens to Athena?" Zoro asks in worried. He is with Ali when Hazel makes a call to the Lee mansion.


"Her dose is ready. I will send it there with the team. You better pray she's not in serious injury or else.."

"Just come and bring her dose." Aslan said as he doesn't want to talk anymore.

He is not in the mood to talk right now.

Not long after, her mother opens the door and her sisters also just went down from the first floor.

Aslan stands up from the couch and Hazel walk pass by him. She walks straight to her youngest daughter and slaps her face.


"Mom!" Rachael was shocked when her mother suddenly slapping her little sister.

Andy and Aslan also a bit surprised. While Raisya, she touches her throbbing cheek with tears in her eyes.

"Are you happy now? killing one innocent life? Is this what you really scheming with that woman?" She pointed at Jye Yin.

All of them shocked. Especially Aslan. He flops on the floor once he heard 'killing innocent life.'

Jye Yin startles a bit, she makes a face like she has been wronged. While Raisya also flops on the floor. She starts shivering and she holds her both arm tightly.

Looking at her son and her daughter who just flop on the floor, she sighing and rub her faces before she said again.

"I mean the baby. Not Athena. She's in a coma because she loses a large amount of blood because of this incident."

"You can go and see her if you want, Aslan." She continues again.

With a heavy and mixed feeling, he went to the room where Athena has been treated. All of his mother's team already done with the setup and they look at him with a sorry expression. One by one patted on his shoulder trying to give him some courageous.

"Be patience, Aslan." Chase said before he went out from the room.

All of them return to their home.


Aslan sits on the chair beside Athena's bed. He holds her hand and kisses it for a long time. His tears wetting her back of her hand.

"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" His voice hoarsens, his eyes redden and swollen a bit.

"I'm sorry..I'm so so sorry Athena...I failed as your husband to protect you and our child. I'm a useless husband." He cries while still holding her hand.


In the living room, Rachael tries to comforts her little sister. While Andy tries to calm Hazel's down. He was a bit angry toward Jye Yin, because of her, his family is now in a mess. If she's not Aslan's childhood friends, she might end up on the deep hole under the ground.

Jye Yin starts to feel worried. She needs to get out of this house as soon as possible. She could feel like she was detained in this house. She wants to meet with the man who gives her the suggestion last time. Asking him about Athena's secret that she doesn't know.

She bit her tips of a finger a bit while her legs start tapping on the floor.

Not long after, Aslan walks out from the room where Athena has been admitted. He went to his father and mother.

"Zoro will come and bring her the dose. I think it's some kind of drugs that can make her out from the red zone right now. Judging from the time, he should be here in another 4 or five hours. Can she hold on until that, mom?" Aslan asks. He looks a bit okay than before.

Hazel nod. "If there's no hindrance, she will be fine."

Just after Hazel finish said that, there is a loud sound coming from the lawn in front of their house.


"What the..." Andy immediately turns to look at the lawn together with others.

Boom! Boom!

Their house has been ambushed by a large group of people from the front and the back of the house.

They are full-armed and they even bring a bazooka with them.

"As! The Vault! Rach, protect all the girls!" He instructs his family to start to move.

"Shit!" Aslan curse and he didn't go straight to the vault, he went to the kitchen and find the gun where his father has been hiding it.

Took the gun, he runs to Athena's room.


"Is this the woman Master said?"

"Hmm...She must be her. Master said the woman is now in a vegetative state."

Two of the men with a different suit from the other attacker said.

One of them starts to pull out all the tube line that has been inserted to her hand.

While another one man guarding the door.


"Put her down." Aslan said with a cold voice. He pointing his gun at the man who is now carrying Athena on his shoulder.

"Heh..we can't. Our master really wants to meet with this woman. If you want her back then asks our Master." That man smirks and instructs his other team to finish up Aslan.

Without any delay, he shoots Aslan and Aslan dodge it. He finds a steel tray and throws it to the man who carries Athena.

Unfortunately, that man uses Athena's body as his shield. The tray hit Athena instead of him.

"Hahaha...Beat your own woman huh? Funny." He smiles.

"You fuck!" He shoots one man with the gun as the man fall down, he dashed to another man who carries Athena on his shoulder.

Aslan steps on the small steel box and jumps to him, want to kick him, but he blocks his attack using his hand like nothing. While Aslan scrunches his eyebrow a bit, feeling a bit pain in his ankle.

'What the hell is he?'

"Surprised, huh?" That man sneering.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (9)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    That mystery man must be one of the scientist. Aslan, don't let him take Athena away. Please Athena be safe. I hope Jye Yin doesn't run away in middle of this. Because she needs to pay.

  • YangChen


    OK seems a bit like the previous novel where Andy failed to save hazel first

  • grace052428


    Although i like the story set.up until what i read today. I now feel like this is the most complicated story if this sequel ever... Well i dont complain really i find it entertaining... I only wish to read more love story than killing.... I prefer athena face slap jye yin than being kidnap... Huhuh i pittied aslan, having all this tragedy since birth...

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