75.57% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 99: Are You Mad At Me?

Chapter 99: Are You Mad At Me?

"Good timing." Aslan stands up again. This time, Rachael help him to stands up.

"I have something for you to hack." He looks at him with a serious expression.

Zoro went to him and punch his face hard.


Aslan almost falls down because of the hit. Rachael also almost dragged down.

She looks at Zoro with furious. "Punch him again, I'll punch your face!"

Zoro looks at her and squinted his eyes a bit before he turns his eyes back to Aslan.

"That's for not keeping your promises."

Aslan touches his corner of lips. It's bleeding a bit. He wipes it and smirks on him.

"Huh.." He tries to stand up properly again.

He went to the room where the last time he saw Athena with the others follows him behind.

His family is now busy at the base and they only left Rachael to guard Aslan for a while.

Aslan bends his body and searches the floor likes he was searching for something.

"What are you looking for?" Ralph ask.

"Ermm, something like device. It is small but I think I see it correctly." Aslan said and still searching on the floor.

Rachael looks down to the place where Aslan has been found and find a small thing like a pin. She took it and stares at it.

The pin has a design like a device at both sides of it.

"Is this what you looking for?" She asks.

Aslan narrow his eyes to the thing that Rachael holding.

"Yup, that's the one." Aslan went to her.

"Zoro, I need you to hack that thing. I think the kidnapper left us a clue behind it."

Zoro who is leaning on the door stand up properly and went to Rachael. He took the pin from her and Rachael immediately retract her hand once the pin has been held by him.

She also distanced herself from Zoro a bit and that makes him turn to look at her for a moment before he turns to look at the device.

"Fine, I'll do it."

"Ah, yeah..sorry this house is in the mess. I guess you all can stay at my mansion. It safer." Aslan said and turn to look at Rachael.

"Rach, inform papa and mom, they can take shelter at my house until the Sun House is rebuilt again."

"Okay." Rachael took out her phone and make a call to her family.

Not long after, Lee's hummer comes at the Sun House and pick them up to Aslan's mansion. In the hummer, Aslan told Ralph, Zoro, Ali, and Zach about what he saw that night when he fights the man who kidnapped Athena.


His servant in the mansion already been erased their memory and they also have been given time off from the work until further notice.

The only servant who still had their memory and stayed at his mansion is his head of butler, the chef, and the chauffeur. These three is his trusted servant.

Clark, the head butler show the room for all of the guest. While Rachael went to her room which is already prepared by Aslan since he moves into this mansion years ago.

Before Aslan went to his room, he said to Ralph. "I thinks its better if you call all of your Golden V team right now. We never know, what they will do to your team."

Ralph nods. "Okay. I'll send them the alert and gather at your mansion."

"Mm." He left and went to his room after that.

While in the hidden valley,

"Master. We've returned." Two men with a suit lay Athena down on the floor and they both kneeling down at the old man who sits on the throne chair.

"Good job. Bring her to the lab and get ready with the solution that I've already prepared for her." He instructs.

One of them nods and carry Athena to the lab that he mention before while another one still kneeling down at the hall.


"There's another group who attack the house at the same time as us. Base on the suit and the strategy they use I guess it is from Vendetta."

"Huh? So they also make a move huh?"

"Yes, Master."

"The bait?"

"I've given it to him."

"Hmm..well, let see who my grandson will choose later. Either way, I'm still benefiting this moment right now." He smiles evilly with a bad thought.


In the deep forest area.

"Master, this is the woman you ordered." That man lay down Jye Yin on the bed carefully.

"Hmm…So, she's still sleeping?"


"Okay..you may go out now. I need to check my seed inside her womb." A man with a white shirt looking like a middle of the forties smiling looking at Jye Yin.

She's quite sexy with a big size boobs and had an hourglass figure, any man will want to have a taste of her.

He slips his hand under her chiffon blouse and rubs on her belly. "How long you think you gonna use his DNA while it's actually is mine, huh?"

He runs his hand to her lower part. "Well, you've done your part. Now, let's wait for the real show begins. I'll make him begged to save you and exchange you with that woman."

He laughs.

Close the room door, Aslan leaned against the door.

He rubs his face, his room has Athena's scent. He keeps imagine her in the room smiling to him. His eyes start to redden again.

"Why I'm so weak?"

He slowly went to the bathroom and took a bath.


Rachael dries her hair after taking a bath, suddenly there's a knock on her door room. She squinted her eyes a bit before she went to open the door.

"Who?" She opens the door.

"Me." Zoro reply to her.

"What do you want?" She asks him coldly.

"Can I come in?"

Rachael opens his door wide. She stands at the side of the door and Zoro went inside her room.

Her room is simple. But she has good taste in the color and the furniture.

Closed the door after he went in, she continues to dry her hair and sit on the single armchair.


Zoro also takes a place to sit at the single armchair facing her.

"Are you okay? Your injuries..who did that to you?" He asks.

"Are you deaf? My brother already asks me and I already give my answer."

"I know, but..I..worry.."

"Pffftt..why you should worry? I just a mere girl who still not mature and not good enough for you to worry about."

"Are you mad at me? I mean, last time you return to your country, you left without telling me."

"Telling you? Why would I tell you? I'm not your…special someone."

"Of course you're not..just a simple goodbye will be okay since we do that mission together, right?"

"It's not like I'm not seeing you again."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: ) hey guys, I just release another one of my novel. My first love is my impossible love. check it out if you have time..

Comments (27)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Wait there were two teams!? One who took Athena is related to Aslan? Because he said let's see who his grandson choose in the End. Oh my what's happening!?!? N Jye Yin actually doesn't even have the fake (laboratory made) DNA. Hahaaha sorry not sorry but i can't stop laughing, u actually deserve this. And that man thinks Aslan will willingly give Athena to him in exchange of Jye Yin, so foolish.!!!!

  • RoseWH


    Oh my my. I love how you make Rachel use that ‘not mature’ thing towards Zoro. Somehow I can imagine how cute that age gap

  • Love_surprise


    For this qstn u need to read author previous novel " love garden " It will solve your qstn

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