77.86% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 102: Your Shamelessness Can't Be Cured.

Chapter 102: Your Shamelessness Can't Be Cured.

"Dear my love, this is my final wish for you. First of all, I want to say that I'm sorry that I've been hiding things behind your back since first we've met. Back when we in the university, I fall deeply in love with you until I was so afraid to tell you about my background or my family details.

I am someone who is not supposed to meet you in the first place. My name is Samuel Smith, I am the second son of the villain, Eric Smith. Because of some matters that occur when I was a teenager, I ran from the house and live like a normal people like you. For years I've been running away from my house and lives a normal life with you. I am sorry for lying about my real parents.

Hazel, I've made some mistake. I thought that I will not encounter with my family again, but I was wrong. My older brother married a woman and she thought that I was my brother that time, she too makes a mistake by drugging me that night and we have done some things that should not be done.

Because of this, I was so distracted and depressed for a few months pass. The baby is the sole heir of my father's empire. He will do anything just to get the baby. Dear, I beg you...I beg you if something happens to me tonight. Please keep the baby away from my father nor my brother. Keep the existent of this child from the world.

I'm sorry I've caused you trouble and leave you without explaining things properly. Believe me, I love you till my last breath. Yours, Sam."

Aslan put down the scroll and sit on the stool in the vault. He then rummages the big box inside the vault and found an old picture of his father. The family picture.

In the picture, there is one man who looks like in his thirties of thirty sat on the throne-like chair with two boys beside him. The boys look exactly the same except for the hairstyle. Not only that, both of them..look just like him.

He does have the face of his father. Except he's more handsome and stylish. He flips the picture and there's a location of this picture taken.

"If you want me then, I'll go to you." He said with a slow voice and stood up after that.

Went out from the vault, he turns to his father who is leaning on the wall.

"Pa.." He calls Andy and Andy turn to look at him.


Aslan nod. "Yeah.."

"Let's return back to your house." Andy starts to walk.

Follow behind him, Aslan said "Pa...Thank you for raise me up and be my father."

"Heh..why you suddenly bring that up? I want your mother, so I have to tackle your heart first." Andy chuckles.

"Yeah..like I buying that bullshit.."

Both of them smiling.

They arrive when it almost dusk, the people in the house already in a standby mode.

Rachael and all the other team has geared up with their suit. Ready to go to a mission. Walk into the meeting hall, Aslan takes a lead.

"So, I've decided."

All of them focused on him.

"I and Kevin will go and meet with that old Smith guy. While others..I'm counting on you to save the hostages and get out from there with safely."

"While the medical team, which is Mr. Ralph, Ali, Zack and Ms. Crystal I want to ask your help. Once I return from the hot zone, I will bring back the cure with me. Please prepare complete equipment to multiply the cure and use it on the Golden V victims."

"I've fought with them before, and surprisingly they've made the superhuman army. We need to take them down before he starts a war using his army."

Ali was so shocked to hear what he just heard. 'They completed the test for the superhuman? How is he gonna plan on winning fighting the superhuman if he can't even handle the pain from Renee?'

He glances at other three of the medical team. They also frowned their eyebrow, thinking the same things as Ali.

"Is it okay with just two of you went to the dangerous place?" Andy ask. He does not agree with Aslan's plan.

"He said, he has the cure. So I will listen to him. What requirement he wants as exchanges for the cure."

"What if it is a trap?"

"Then I fight."


"This is not a game." Zoro speaks up with a serious tone.

"I know. Athena is my wife, I held a responsibility toward her. Literally say is..this is my family matter."

"And as for the rescue mission, there are civilians hostages they held. That is totally not a game. That is why I divide this team. Save the people and take them down." Aslan turns to look at Rachael.

"I leave the command on you."

Rachael nods. Andy wants to object him, but Rachael immediately shot her father with the gaze. 'Don't!'

Zoro grit his teeth. He wants to go and rescue Athena, but he also can't just leave the team with Rachael who is still young to lead the team full of 'weirdo'. After all, this team never in a real battle before. This makes him a bit worried.

"Anything you guys want to ask or say?" Aslan asks.

All of them silent and some of them just shakes their head as a 'no.'

"Then we leave after 12 am."

Once they've finished their meeting, they went back to their room and take a final rest and check on the weapon before they go for the mission.

Aslan just finishes his bath and change into his casual clothes.

Knock! Knock!

He turns to look at the door. Put down his gun on the bed, he went to open the door.

Zoro standing in front of his room. He already gears up with his bow behind his back of his body.

Aslan lifts up his eyebrow a bit. "What do you want?"

Zoro throws a black katana which is Athena's favorite weapon. "Take this with you."

Catch the katana, he looks on the black cover. It carved with a unique design on it and it also had a red scarf tied on the handle. This katana also a bit heavy than Athena used to use before.

"This is her favorite katana. This metal is made from the finest quality. She really loves this katana. Do give her this if she can fight along with you." Zoro says before he leaves him and wants to went back to his room.

Aslan nod and he close his door after that. In the corner of the hallway, Rachael standing there with her arm crossing her chest.

Zoro stops his pace once he saw Rachael at the hallway. "What are you doing?"

"Well, actually I want to meet with my big brother. But, I think I change my mind."

"Why? I'm done talking to your brother. You can talk to him." Zoro said and passing by her.

Rachael immediately grabs his hand.

"Wait, I'm curious actually."

Stop his pace again, he turns to look at her.


"Why you want to follow me if you can choose to go with my big brother?"

"Huh? Is that what makes you curious?"

Rachael nods.

Knock her head with his knuckles, he said "You just a brat, how can you lead a group of people with a superpower? On top of that, they still new and inexperienced."

"Really? Is that the real reason?" Rachael sneering.

"What do you mean by using that voice?"

"Aren't you actually afraid that I might get killed in the mission so that you can't marry me."

Zoro almost choked on what he just heard.

"I think, your shamelessness can't be cured."

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

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Comments (8)

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Aslan be strong. Athena needs u and u have to come back safe with Athena. Can't wait for you two to reunite. Ohhh Zoro just accept it, u care about her, worry that she might get hurt and nobody will be there to help her. M glad for Zoro.

  • Palaso


    Oh I hope that Aslan would reveal it to her mom... so as to finally and officially close her brokenheart from the past.

  • nisya998


    So sweet

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