80.15% THE LONG LOST LOVE (T3L) / Chapter 105: Make Him Kneel Before Me.

Chapter 105: Make Him Kneel Before Me.

"Sir, we almost reach the location. They request identification for landing request." Kevin spoke while peeking at Aslan who in the seat looking at the outside of the window.

"Tell them my name." He replies to him and not looking at the voice's source.

"Understood." Kevin turn back to look ahead. He pushes the button on the aviation headset.

"This is Alpha one, requesting for landing. The guest is Mister Aslan Smith and this is his pilot, Kevin Clam. I repeat the guest is Mister Aslan Smith."

"This is private air tower, your request for landing is granted. Use the second lane airstrip." A man with a bit hoarse voice said through the intercom.

"Ready for landing."

The jet flies through a small passageway in the mountain of rock and ice. Once they landed, a group of a man with full armed surrounding the jet.

Kevin put his hand on the air while Aslan still composed with his hand holding Athena's katana and they went out from the jet.

"Hold up!" One of the men which looks like a leader of the security team said with a bit loud voice.

Both of them stop and the leader signals his team to check on them. Aslan just keeps his calm and let the man search his body.

When one of the men want to take the katana from his hands, he immediately punches the man on the head and he kicked him on the stomach makes the man spurt blood from his mouth.

A few of them rush to Aslan and ready to shoot him. But the leader holds them up from doing anything unnecessary.

"Let him have his katana."

The security team immediately lowered their weapon and the leader lead Aslan to the 'palace' followed by Kevin.

Once they inside the main hall, Aslan a bit surprised seeing the huge hall with a big-throne chair at the end of the hall with a three dragon head carved in a wooden wall.

Beside the hall, there are a few passageways to the lab and to the rooms and they even have a place for the army to training and stay.

This is like a hidden base for a group of villain army.

"Stay here." The leader said and left them both at the hall. After a few moments, there's an old man walking from one of the passageways to the hall.

"Aslan! My grandson!" Eric Smith greets Aslan with a wide smile on his face.

"Where's my wife?" Aslan asks with a cold voice.

"Oh come on..let have a couple of tea first." said Eric and he shows a very friendly attitude.

"My wife." Aslan still sticks on the ground, did not move an inch.

"She'll be fine if you follow what I say. She just wakes up. She looks like she was looking for you." He smiles assuring him.

Moved by what he said, Aslan's heart feels like he wants to run to her right now. He finally nods his head and follows that old man.

They went to a rested area in the second floor where there's a little garden inside the lounge complete with a kitchen and bar counter where there's a servant serve them and a huge glass window not too far from their table.

Kevin was standing at behind Aslan and there's a man with a black suit who also standing behind his grandfather. That man is the one who kidnaps Athena last night.

"Your drink, sir." One of the servants serve a cup of coffee on their table and also a cup of Espresso for him.

Aslan just looks at the cup without touching it. He then diverts his eyes back to the man in front of him.

"What reason did you abduct my wife?" He asks again. Still with his cold voice.

"Well, I want to meet you and unexpectedly I heard that your wife has some problem without a cure..so I thought I would like to offer you the cure. Do you interested?" He sips his coffee.

"What cure?"

"Cure to a Golden V's substance."

"I don't know what are you talking about."


Aslan silent. Of course, he wants what best for Athena. But, he can't just agree to this offer without properly check it first.

Eric Smith smiles when Aslan did not say anything at all. He then instructs his men to roll up the surprise that he already prepared for him.

"Then, how about this?" He turns to look at Aslan with a cunning smile on his face.

Aslan scrunches his eyebrow for a moment before he divert his eyes to the glass window when he heard a sound of the machine at the outside of the glass window.

His eyes turn wider when he sees there's a rectangle room with all white color and in the middle of the room, there is Athena who is tied up with an electric cuff in the middle of the rounded shape device.

Aslan stood up and throw the coffee table to the side with rage.

Bam! Tzing!

Aslan takes out the katana and lay it on the neck of Eric Smith. "Let go of her."

Eric still composed and still with his smile on his face. He lifts up his eyebrow.

"I am intending to let her go. She's not my goal. However, she is my key for me to get you."

"I'm not your grandson. Even though I might be in your bloodline, I refuse to follow your order."

"Okay..suit yourself." He signaling his men.

Within a second, there's an army jump down from the attic and surrounding Aslan in a circle.

They don't have any equipment in their hand, but all of their eyes are colored with a red glittering color.

"Make him kneel before me." Eric said after they surrounding him.

"Shit!" Aslan moves his katana when one of the men try to grab his shoulder. Kevin also immediately take out his gun and start to shoot at a bunch of guys who circling Aslan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

None of them went down. Instead, their muscle who just been shot, emerging back and it makes the bullet fall out from the muscle.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

One by one the bullet falls on the floor.


Aslan moves his katana and swings it to one of the men who try to grab his jacket.


He slashes the hand of that man and kicks his body hard. Another one tries to hold him from the back but he manages to duck his head and turn his body around and struck that man with katana before he retracts it back and kicked his face makes him went down on the floor.

He kills most of them but it seems like none of them reduced the number of the man who attacks him.

While Eric still waiting at the chair, looking at the fight between his grandson with his army.

Half an hour pass by.


One man manages to kick his katana away from his grip and they start to fight him with a bare hand. Three of the man held up his body tightly before another man shot him with a palsied solution.

Kevin also has been defeated by the army of the superhuman. He has been beaten up pretty bad, even though he is quite good with the fighting skill.


Aslan kneels down on the floor, helplessly. His body has been paralyzed with the shot and he's been dragged to the front of the window glass by two of the man.

voiletevergarden voiletevergarden

: ) one another? hmm..20 comments..at least..heheh..

Comments (34)

  • vanessa88


    I hope they will get out quickly😥

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Oh your profile picture..... He is one of my kid in Comics.....

  • Loveleen_Sabharwal


    Ohhhh Aslan!!!! I hope Aslan nd Athena get reunited again. This Grandpa Smith is that how u treat your Grandson then u want him to be with you.

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