Chapter 176: Report 156

Back to his Laboratory, Seya continued on studying the horse's anatomy, after giving him fresh grass and cleaning his poop from the floor.

By the end of the afternoon, Ryn arrived with the others and saw him writing on his notebook.

- Hello, we are back! What were you up too, all day?

Seya shrugged his shoulders while she kissed his left cheek.

- I had a talk with some people on Earth through the Gateway Arch. In the morning, one soldier in there tried to kill me but in the afternoon, I had a nice talk with some Representatives from different countries.

That alarmed Lionelia.

- No way! Somebody tried to kill you? What did you do? Did you punish him accordingly?

- Nothing like that, I just took their weapons. I can't kill anyone in there, or they will think that I am some evil being and avoid dealing with me. They could even destroy the Gateway Arch.

- But they were the first to attack! You had every right…

Seya raised his hand to stop her.

- Things are different over there, I told you. They are always afraid of differences and surprises. Imagine if it was the other way around, you were peacefully enjoying your life in your Castle and suddenly, a Gateway Arch that connects to another World appears in front of you and a strange being was on the other side, looking at you.

- I would kill him in a heartbeat, invading my room like that… Oh! I see…

- Yeah, it was just one soldier that was more nervous than the others, but on my second attempt, there was even more soldiers and some equipment that could easily destroy the Arch, pointed at it. In fact, it's about time to go check the news on the television, to see what the repercussions of my last visit were. Does anyone want to join me?

They all agreed and followed him through the hallways while he told in more detail everything about his conversation with the Humans on Earth. When they arrived at the Arches Cave, Seya asked Gaya while the others were going near the television.

- Any problem in there, Gaya?

- …||… No, Father. A soldier approached and took a photo of me. At least, he said it was that, to show to his son. Seems he's only eight years old and he likes Knights. I almost asked him about his son, but I remembered that you said to not scare them. …||…

- Yeah, it's too soon for them to know more about you. Don't worry, if all go well, you will have a lot of opportunities to talk to the Humans on that side.

Seya went to join Ryn and the others next to the television. The footage of his talk with the Prime Minister was on, during a talk show where some analysts and reporters were analysing everything he said. One of the analysts was more sceptic, he was convinced that there was a hidden threat on Seya's words or that maybe, he wanted to use Earth natural resources or Humans, for some strange plan. But the general consensus all over the channels and the interviews on the streets was that people were finding strange that up until now, only a man dressed in a dark Mage Robe and a Staff, was seen on that strange Arch, together with a silent Knight. Either he was lying and there was no other World on the other side, or worse, he could be a conqueror of Worlds, disguised as a friendly person.

Seya was thinking after another interview with a Japanese soldier that was at the back during his first appearance. Apparently, the soldier was just surprised but he never felt that he was in any kind of danger. Ryn was frowning and she looked at Seya, questioning him.

- Seems that they are suspicious about you. Shouldn't we do something about it?

- Maybe, but I don't know if that's a good idea…

While Seya was talking with Ryn, Lionelia was already in front of the Earth Arch, with her arms crossed, looking at a soldier on the other side.

- For a Human from Earth you are rather ugly, aren't you?

The Japanese soldier on the other side had his mouth wide open, looking at Lionelia's lion ears and tail.

- What… are you?

- A LionKind, from the proud BeastKind Race. And you? Your eyes are weird!

- I am Human… a Japanese…

Lionelia frowned.

- Japanese? Oh, you mean a man from that country where Seya put that Arch? Does everyone there have eyes like yours?

- Yeah… And in there? Are all women like you?

Lionelia laughed.

- Ahahah! No, of course not! I am more beautiful than most women in here! Hey, Ryn, come here! Take a look at this guy in there!

Seya looked to Lionelia and before he could say her to stop messing around, Ryn rushed to join Lionelia. Ryn waved at the soldier on the other side.

- Oh, hello! Funny eyes you have there! Are all men like that? Because the Humans in here don't have eyes like yours!

The soldier made a small smile.

- In Japan, we all have eyes like this. Your hair has a nice colour. Is it natural?

Ryn was puzzled and she tilted her head sideways.

- Natural? What do you mean by that?

- I mean, did you born like that? Or it's because of Magic? Or did you dye it?

- Oh, now I understand! No, all-natural. My mother has it too. It's not as common as you may think, my hair colour is very rare. I don't know why some Humans in here are born with different hair colours, maybe it really has something to do with our Magic, I don't know.

Near the television, Princess Heiji shouted.

- Ryn, you are appearing on this television!

Ryn looked at the soldier, surprised, and he pointed at a group of reporters behind the security cord.

- Maybe those guys over there are filming you. There's always a group of reporters with their cameras pointing at this Arch, trying to get a glimpse of someone on your side.

Ryn looked at Seya that was still seated near the television and slowly shaking his head.

- We messed up, right Seya?

- What do you think? Do you mind getting away from there, both of you?

Arys rushed to get in front of the Arch as soon as Ryn and Lionelia left.

- My turn! Hello, little Humans! Behold the amazing me, Princess Arys Denar'an, the most beautiful RabbitKind that you will ever see! Oh! Ryn was right, you really have weird eyes! I couldn't see it properly, on the television!

The soldier was looking at her, from the tip of her white long ears, until her feet, covered in leather boots. He made a slight bow.

- Hello… You… look like a rabbit, with those long ears… Which Race are you? What's a RabbitKind?

Arys looked angry.

- I saw a rabbit on the television just the other day, two men were hunting him with bows and arrows. Do I really look like one of those? Those things look really weird!

The soldier nodded with a smile.

- Yes, they are, but many people think that they taste good. You, on the other hand, are very pretty. If it weren't for those ears, you looked like a normal Human.

Arys placed her hands over her waist while making a slow turn.

- Why, in the name of the Goddess, would I ever want to look like a Human? And lose my beautiful ears and fluffy tail?

The soldier was looking in surprise at Arys' tail, that was twitching.

- You really have a fluffy tail! So cool!

Arys pointed her finger at the soldier.

- Careful, lover boy, I am already taken. But if you behave properly, one of these days I can introduce you to some RabbitKind single girls. I don't know if they like Humans or your eyes, but you can surely try to win their hearts!

The soldier had a shine in his eyes, thinking about Arys' words.

- I would love that, thanks…

Arys waved at the crowd in the back.

- Goodbye for you all, Princess Arys, out!

She turned around and went back to the television, to watch the news about her appearance. Princess Heiji tried to get up to go to the Arch, but Seya grabbed her.

- No, you won't! They did a lot of damage, already! The last thing I want, it's you go in there and throw a Fire Ball against someone, just because they annoyed you! Stay right here like a pretty girl and watch the television. If not, I will take you away from here and forbid you to enter again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Heiji sits at her chair again, scolding.

- Meanie… I just want to say hello…

- Sorry, you can't be trusted. Now, stay quiet, I need to see what was the damage that Lionelia and Ryn made.

Both of them were looking at the ground, embarrassed. On the television, it was repeating their appearance and a group of analysts were talking about it. It seems that they did more good than Seya imagined, because they changed their opinion, saying that since there were indeed different Races on that World together with Humans, maybe everything that Seya said on his previous appearances was also true. Seya put his elbows on the table, to rest his head while thinking out loud.

- So, it didn't go as wrong as it could be… But either way, it's best if you don't repeat anything like that, ok? Well, I need to keep watching this, to see if there are some important news that…

Before he could finish, a journalist was introducing the speech of the President of the United Nations, regarding the appearance of a Magic passage to another Worlds, in Japan. Seya asked them to stay in silence, he wanted to hear that.

- … regarding the latest events that everyone could hear and see during these last two days, a Magic passage to another World appeared in the National Park Fuji-Hakone-Izu, in Japan. From there, a man dressed in a dark Robe and with a hood covering his face said that he wanted to contact us, to achieve a treaty of cooperation between our Worlds. He also talked about two more Worlds and moments ago, a girl with short ears and a tail, appeared side by side with a Human girl with green hair. Some moments after, another girl appeared, with long white ears, and that proved without a doubt, everything that the man said, about different Races living in peace in his World. Regarding these events, a meeting in the United Nations Headquarters in New York City is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, where we are going to discuss what should be our next steps. Thank you very much, that will be all.

While the reporters tried to get anything more from the President, he left. Seya smiled, it seems that everything was going in the right direction. He just had to be sure that on that meeting, the countries decided to trust in what he said and agree in friendly relations. If not, he just needed to take the Gateway Arch from Earth and let them alone. Arys was smiling.

- You're welcome, cousin… Why are you looking at me like that? If it weren't for us, they were still suspecting you! You for sure know that you don't look like a trust-worthy person, especially if you hide your face behind that dark hood!

Seya was still frowning.

- Yeah, maybe you are right… I always had this problem, people either suspect me or they underestimate me…

- It's your fault, not mine! You really need to change your way of interacting with people. If you want, I can give you some pointers. For a reasonable price, of course.

Seya looked around, thinking. He stopped, staring at Gaya's Knight.

- Gaya, can you contact little Aria, Master Aku Kiro, Queen Titania, Queen Athena, King Barunger, the Elfian Prince Muryu, and Master Eridan, to come by tomorrow after lunch? I want to go with them, to Earth. Or better yet, tell them to come by in the morning, we must talk a little.

- …||… Of course, Father, I will take care of that. …||…

Ryn smiled, she could almost guess what he was up to.

- You are going to crash into that meeting, right?

- Yes, with you guys too. I may need your help, for them to trust me a little more. But remember, don't say anything about that Mountain that we turned into Magic Crystal. It could lead to some serious problems.

They all smiled and agreed, it would surely be fun. Lionelia was puzzled by one little detail.

- Why can't we tell them about that Mountain? Do you think they will be insulted because we messed with a sacred place like that?

- Some Japanese could be, but what could be worse, some crazy guy or a country, trying to destroy that Mountain because of envy or afraid of it. Some countries could demand to have a Mountain turned too so that Japan wouldn't be the only place to have one. I can bet that tomorrow, some country will wonder why I didn't place a Gateway Arch in more countries so that they can come here as they please. Like if I would ever allow that! Even though I want to trade with them, I don't trust them. Not even a single bit! Humans can be stupid, and politicians are way worse! They always have a hidden agenda. It will take a long time, for the Humans on Earth to change their ways. If you think that Humans on the Empire were troublesome, Humans on Earth can be ten times more. We must be very careful about the way we deal with them. But if we do everything right, we can learn a lot from this interaction.

Lionelia wasn't convinced.

- If they are as worse as you say, how can we learn anything from them?

Seya pointed to the television.

- Do you see that? They have one similar to it, but it doesn't use Magic, only electronics and electricity. Those are only two of the things in which they are experts, and we don't have any kind of knowledge.

- I see… Well, maybe it would be better if we made a list of things that they could ask, together with the best answers that we can give to them.

Seya opened his Compressed Dimension and they started to discuss what should be put on the list. Little Aria arrived and joined them. When they left for dinner, she stayed behind, watching television. After some time, she got bored with the news about Ryn, Lionelia, and Arys and she changed to Cartoon Network. When the others arrived, she was laughing. Seeing her so entertained, they left her alone and went to the Entertainment Room, to play some games while still discussing what they would do the next day.

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