37.5% (+18) Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Matriarch of the Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 8: The weak are only meat for the strong

Chapter 8: The weak are only meat for the strong

The heavy rains fell throughout the Crescent Moon Region, for major cities and large towns will have prevented and will have plans to mitigate the damage caused by torrential rains, strong constructions, gutters, etc.

But for the small border villages it is not more than a hell of water. Floods, rock slides and mud left many people homeless and without supplies; With the roads full of sludge and mud, the merchandise caravans can no longer reach the remote villages. They can only live on fruits,

vegetables, herbs and a few servings of dried meat that they kept, but even to collect it has been very difficult due to the rains and landslides, which has caused many victims.

Since then the citizens of the small border villages have done everything to survive, but due to the atrocious rains, unanimously have two options: either stay and shelter in their homes, with the risk that these can collapse or stay Without food; or go out to seek refuge in the nearest towns to get help.

Many decided for the first option, since the towns were far away and the weather did not seem to have a calm time, but worsened even more, but even so, at least they had a shelter and people with whom they can help each other in order of survive; those who left, do not know if they arrived, but what is known is that it is very certain that they died on the way and if by some miracle they arrived, it is very difficult to get shelter or to help a stranger; live in the streets of synonymous with death.

In the village Ymylol

"It's been 10 days since it started to rain"

Jiang Wushuang watches from the window the endless rain, in turn he hears the sounds of lightning and one that other types of distant conversations generated by the villagers.

It has been 6 years since I arrived in this world, according to your grandmother, this world is called Nether Double Heaven, this because there are two heavens on two continents, one inhabited by humans and beasts and the other inhabited by demons , both continents are separated by a great sea.

The region where you are is called Crescent Moon, this is ruled by the Feudal Lord Chu, a Lord who can not comment either good or bad, his government did not have any strong impact, the only thing that stands out is that he has sought the way of a ceasefire with the Feudal Lord Zhao, who was at war for 4 generations due to the land. The domains of the Feudal Lord Zhao are mostly rainfall, which has little land to cultivate, depending only on the mineral trade.

He could only obtain such information because the grandmother did not venture much when she was young and could not ask because of the unique characteristics she possessed.

Silver hair, skin as white as snow and soft as jade. If she is so beautiful as a girl, she will become an absolute beauty when she is a woman, but the most outstanding thing is her eyes. One crimson with the figure of a black dragon and the other bluish with a green triangle.

"I do not understand who was the one who decided to give me this appearance, he did it to bother me or give me some advantage or maybe he wants me to be some kind of unique main character"

Beauty can be a calamity for women if they do not have enough strength or a powerful background, there is never a lack of rapists and abusers disguised as knights.

"Apparently I have a lot of skills because of my race, but due to my age and the amount of Qi I have, I can only use it for a short time"

For example, the mist form skill, initially only lasts three seconds, now from three to 6 minutes with a rest time of 10 minutes if you use it to the end, but if you use it at regular intervals it can last longer without much Qi consumption.

As for the other skills at another time.

("It's taking a long time, at his age he should not leave, but these wretchs are still a bit resentful, but before it was even worse").

At first Jiang Xiaorou was practically ignored by the villagers, only the chief helped her, but for a very short moment and gave her a few rations of meat; at the time of the delivery of the tributes, her house was checked if she hid food. As for me I was hiding in a hole under the bed that was covered with boards. With the passage of time, although I improve the relationship a little, they continue with the hostile looks.

("I just hope that I can continue to live until I have enough strength to get it out, but if an emergency arises, I will convert it, but I do not know what will happen, since I never use it")

Each time he uses a skill or in a specific situation, a skill was revealed in his mind, but the only one he knows is the Fog Form and Blood Reading.

Thanks to the reading of blood, I can discover that there is no surprising inhabitant, although there is one or another of the Elemental Domain Body, which is of inferior quality.


While she was deep in thought, the door opens abruptly due to the strong wind and an old woman enters with a basket of fruits, vegetables and herbs.


Jiang Xiaorou closes the door and locks it with some boxes, finished sits in one of the chairs near bed, takes off the cloths she used to protect herself from the rain and throws a few sighs of weariness.

"I'll rest for a moment, then I'll serve dinner." Jiang Xiaorou says it with a smile.

Seeing the fatigue and trembling in her hands due to the cold, Jiang Wushuang approaches her and uses her little hands to warm them up. "Grandma, it is not necessary, better rest in bed, I prepare it, yes?"

Seeing the determination and care provided, Jiang Xiaorou nods "Okay, but do not take too long, it's very cold".

Jiang Wushuang immediately takes the basket and begins to prepare dinner which consisted of a hot soup.

("My granddaughter is very good, I would like to be able to take her out, but her appearance is too dazzling'. Although he had met many girls with normal appearance, nobody surpassed the beauty of his granddaughter").

("In addition to the bites she sometimes does, I'm worried about what she can do in the future, but I promised to be with her no matter what, and that's what I'll do until the day I die")

The bites occurred while sleeping, trying to pretend that she was deeply asleep, but this type of situation occurred twice a month and lasted no more than 5 seconds.

("Even though I let it happen since it can be its nature, every time it passes I feel satisfaction, euphoria, maybe pleasure ... @@@ ** ++, what nonsense I'm thinking")

Shaking his head to get such thoughts out, Jiang Wushuang comes over with a couple of bowls of soup.

"Here is grandma, to eat"

While the couple of grandmother and granddaughter enjoyed dinner, in the forest a young man ran at full speed.

("They are coming, they are coming")

In a cabin, Chief Tao was talking to some villagers about measures to mitigate damage due to the rains.


The door opens so abruptly as the young man uses his body to open it.

"Ye Ba, what happens to open the door like that?" Chief Tao asks about the young man's nervous and weird attitude.

After catching his breath, Ye Ba responds by shouting "Boss, I have seen a group of knights approaching the village, I saw the emblem of the eagle on its shields, the forces of the Feudal Lord Chen come to attack us".

The emblem of the eagle is the symbol used by the troops of the Feudal Lord Chen, while the troops of the Feudal Lord Chu is the deer.

After hearing such news everyone in the room pales with fear, they are just a group of villagers, if they stay they will die.

"Quick, warn everyone to prepare to go out and hide in the forest, warn men to take something to arm themselves to give time for women and children to hide, quickly" Chief Tao gives instructions and begins to look for his sword that was the only one in town.

The news reached the ears of everyone, immediately emerged in panic. But it was too late, the troops of the Feudal Lord Zhao disguised as troops of the Feudal Lord Chen came to the village. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Very well men, kill those who resist and take out all those who hide in those houses, CHARGE" The man in charge of the troops issues his orders.

Upon hearing the footsteps of the horses and the war cries of the soldiers, all the villagers flee either to the forest or to their homes to hide.

"We are going to fight to gain time, if we die at least kill a few. FIGHT! "Chief Tao encourages men to fight, but only a few obey; they were only armed with sticks, it is a suicide to face trained soldiers and with swords.

Jiang Xiaorou looks out of the windows of the window at the struggle and massacre that spreads throughout the village. "My good granddaughter, quickly hide."

Jiang Xiaorou quickly gets Jiang Wushuang through the hole; watching how she covered it with the planks she talks with anxiety "Grandmother, I can make space for you to enter". "Grandma, Stop, please" "GRANDMA"

Jiang Xiaorou ignores her plea, between tears she says "My good granddaughter, take care of yourself, and I regret not being able to fulfill my promise, remain silent, close your eyes, do not look".

Finishing to hide it, the door is thrown and two soldiers enter.


One of them throws her to the ground and pulls her by the hair.



Tired of his screams, one of the soldiers hits him in the mouth, his blood fills in his mouth and he spits many teeth.

"You, check the house for a hidden rat"


"Walk hag" The soldier dragged the badly wounded Jiang Xiaorou from the bleeding hair to the center of the village.

Jiang Wushuang observed everything that her grandmother has suffered to protect her, a fury filled her heart, her hands began to bleed because her nails pierced her palms.

"The law of the jungle prevails throughout the world, the weak are only meat for the strong, now my grandmother and the villagers will be killed by those soldiers."

Jiang Wushuang watched as the soldier moved furniture in search of someone hidden, while she heard screams of pain, agony and sounds of fighting and slaughter.

"Perhaps for you they believe that the villagers are their prey, but for me, you are my prey"

A murderous intention coming from hell itself emanated.

Her left eye shone with a crimson light equal to blood.

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

For the following chapters open bloody scenes. I will do my best to be as explicit as possible. Thanks and continue following this novel

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