78.12% (+18) Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Matriarch of the Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 21: Leaving behind a nightmare to face one more

Chapter 21: Leaving behind a nightmare to face one more

"Why are you still wearing the mask?"

Because of the serious conversation before, the other two also missed the mask.

"Little Xin, do not be rude!" Chu Yue rests and gives her a soft blow on her head.

It is not uncommon to hide their appearance among martial and higher level artists; the use of veils, masks, costumes, etc. They are used by them in different situations or by the desire of the person in question, some even use concealment skills to not be able to see their facial features.

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The master Yue Kai had known many disciples of the sect or others who used masks or veils to hide, even he himself disguised himself when he was young; Long Wushuang wearing a mask does not matter much to him.

Chu Yue does not care much either; she and Wei Xin wore veils to hide, but they lost it on the way.

After being hit Wei Xin gets upset while doing a pout "Big sister, do not you tell me you're not curious? Now that she is a disciple of the teacher, should not she show her face? "

Obviously Chu Yue is curious, but she thought that there must be some reason why Long Wushuang still wears the mask, although she had to take it off to pay her respects to the master Yue Kai.

"Whether she uses it or not, I do not care" Master Yue Kai simply crosses his arms and looks out the window.

Long Wushuang looked into Wei Xin's eyes, that curiosity increased.

"Curiosity killed the cat" * Long Wushuang continues with a soft voice "If I use the mask, it is because of the customs dictated in my village"

"Customs?" Wei Xin asks tilting her head.

"Exactly" Long Wushuang continues "In my village, the inhabitants believed that they had the most beautiful women, but it was a humble village and men could hardly defend themselves with normal people, not soldiers or bandits. So the chief of the village decreed that the women get dirty a little, wore thick clothes and covered their faces with masks or veils that covered not only the face, but also that covered their hair. They believed that the beauty of the woman should only be shown to her husband. As the last survivor of the village, I want to keep this custom. "

"The beauty of a woman can be a double-edged sword, can help us in many things and increase our pride and vanity, but if you do not have enough strength to protect yourself, you will simply become prey to depraved or hypocrites disguised as gentlemen. You can not depend on your family, because even they can offer their daughters as simple gifts to strengthen their power and prestige. "

The first part was a lie, but thanks to the power of manipulation, the eloquence of her words and her way of expressing herself, she manages to convince them. The true vampires are very gallant and great orators, the fluidity of their words can convince even the most persistent minds, that black is white and modify in its way the firmest beliefs.

The second part does not need much explanation, beauty is a curse for women without power or strong support; Without force simply such women will treat them as mere sex toys.

Chu Yue and Wei Xin fall into their deep thoughts, Wei Xin remember that incident where she was harassed by a disciple, but by her older sister Chu Yue only the gods would know their fate.

Chu Yue also understands it. Her father had received letters of commitment for her with some son of the nobles, thanks to her father loved her very much and wished her happiness, she could concentrate on his training, but there were rumors of a commitment to someone unknown.

The news of the war with Lord Feudal Chen had come to her very late, as if someone was playing with her from the shadows.

The carriage continued its path.

The three girls chatted about different topics until the driver's voice interrupted them

"Young master Chu, we managed to get out of the forest"

Wei Xin opened the curtains and managed to see a free field, illuminated by the sun.

"We finally left"

Wei Xin throws big exaggerated sighs feeling the peace and tranquility.

"Yes, finally a little fresh air"

Chu Yue also lies in her seat while exhaling sighs of relief when she sees the illuminated fields.

Leaving behind the blood terror disguised as a quiet forest full of life, even Master Yue Kai also feels some tranquility

"Are you sure those monsters will not leave the forest at nightfall? Master Yue Kai asks.

"Nothing is certain, but during the time I was there, they have not left the forest, I think"

Long Wushuang answers with some seriousness, the Ghouls to separate from the control range of her mistress enter a state of hibernation, so I take them to caves to keep them safe in case you need them for something.

Chu Yue continues "Now that we get out, the next stop is a small town, in that place we will leave the carriage and buy horses to get to the mansion, we will arrive around midnight, younger sister Wushuang we will have to share a horse since... "

"It will not be necessary" Long Wushuang interrupts her and from her clothes pulls out a small bag containing several copper, silver and gold coins.

Chu Yue and Wei Xin are surprised by how much money they have.

Master Yue Kai crosses his arms and speaks a little shrewdly. "By chance, you are not that mysterious entity that attacked those who entered the forest"

Although he had many suspicions, he decided to shut up, since it was not his problem.

Long Wushuang replies as if it was not a problem. "It's true, anyone who came in killed them, since they started. It did not discriminate against anyone even if they were soldiers of the Lord Feudal Chu, but most of them were deserters. "

Chu Yue gets upset a little when she hears the word 'deserter' ("They vowed to protect the Chu family, we gave them food, shelter and a comfortable life, but now they prefer to flee than defend their homes, ungrateful hypocrites")

The human heart is very changeable, depending much on whether or not somethings.

While the carriage was moving away from the forest, in the treetops people dressed in black observe them.

The master puppeteer suffered a great loss due to the attack of the ghouls "Do not think this is over, I will return for you woman" his body gives off a cold aura, but he sees that the sun is about to disappear and does not want to have problems with the ghouls and disappears together with his puppets.

It has been several hours since they left the forest, first they went to a small town to leave the carriage and pay the soldiers, they bought horses and left quickly without even stopping to eat.

In the distance Long Wushuang managed to observe a 6-meter wall with a large door firmly closed and guarded by many archers in the watchtowers.

The archers prepare their bows at the arrival of the 4 horsemen, the captain in command shouts. "Stop, identify yourself immediately or open fire, archers aim" the tips of the arrows point to the 4 people.

Chu Yue jumps from her horse, looks up and speaks with a solemn and strong voice "I am Chu Yue, third daughter of the Feudal Lord Chu Xuan, here I show you the family medallion to demonstrate the authenticity of my words, I demand that the "Chu Yue lifts a silver medallion and its brightness is much more intense by the light of the moon, in this you can see the design of a deer with horn.

"The medallion of the Deer Silver Horns, the third young mistress returned Open the doors! Organize an escort immediately! "The captain quickly orders his soldiers.

The doors open and an escort receives them bowing before her in a servile manner "Welcome back, third young mistress"

Chu Yue climbs his horse "Lead the way to Chu Mansion"

The escort does not waste time in courtesy and they quickly head to Chu Mansion.

Long Wushuang observed everything while on her way to the Chu mansion, the inhabitants had turbid and depressing expressions, many lost relatives and their homes and farmland, the enemy forces have been gaining land while the forces of the feudal lord have been having defeats in a row, the hopes of victory little by little became an impossible dream. Through the corners and alleys there are homeless people who asked for money or a piece of food for their children, it can be assumed that food is scarce there are not enough homes for the refugee soldiers coming and going trying to maintain order in the streets.

("If the war continues longer, this fief will fall quickly, the morale of the population is very low")

Chu Yue sees the picture and holds the reins with great force while trying to hide her face of frustration, her people suffer and can not do much to help them.

After a few minutes they arrive at a large mansion where many guards guard the front door, they have already been notified of the arrival of Chu Yue.

"Welcome, Third young mistress, the feudal lord is waiting for you"

A eunuch is kneeling while welcoming her.

Chu Yue approaches to help him get up "Uncle Wei, there is no need for so much courtesy, this is a teacher and these two are my younger sisters"

Eunuco Wei approaches and bows "I thank you for accompanying the young third teacher, Mr. Feudal Chu is waiting for you"

The four led by eunuch Wei go to the central hall.

* Curiosity can cause problems

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