22.22% Arachnids Don't Cry / Chapter 2: Chapter two

Chapter 2: Chapter two

Obligatory Disclaimer : I do not own anything (except maybe OC characters) all characters, places, worlds, universes…etc mentioned here belong to their respective owners and/or companies.

This is purely a work of fiction. Not meant to offend or incite, but to entertain and maybe inspire.




The surprise you receive from knowing that you're alive again can be easily dwarfed by the surprise that slams into you like a truck going at light speeds, when you find out that you're in a world were fiction isn't fiction anymore. A world where it's the reality, as real as the breath you take into your lungs, as real as the clothes on your skin. As real as the taste in your tongue. As real as the color in your sight.

Do you know how crazy it feels to know that Robert Downey Jr is an actual Ironman? Or Steve Rogers is captain America? Or the fact that you're a Spider-Man? I honestly thought I was going insane, I spent a lot of time in shock and then panic and then acceptance and panic again.

I am Miles Morales now, I can't even say my previous name it doesn't even work.

"?&&#%" it comes out as an illegible mishmash of nonsense when I try saying it, &?#%# it's the same when I try thinking about it. It was as weird as coming back to life was.

Moving on, during my time in the hospital, I figured that I passed out last time because I was bitten by a gene altered radioactive spider when I went on a school trip to Oscorp science labs division. Oh, yeah Oscorp and a whole lot of other companies existed in this universe. This place was like the MCU, but it wasn't a 100%, because a lot of things that shouldn't be in it where in it. Such as the mutants. Yeah they were here alright. And they were mostly detested. But that's far from the point.

This Marvel world doesn't have a Spiderman. I checked, he never ever existed. Then I looked up the Pakers' wanna know what I found out? You will soon.

How did I find out the spider was radioactive and that I was now Spider-Man? Let's ignore the typical Superpower origin. Have you ever tried using a phone and then not only felt but visibly see electricity flow along your fingers, short the device and send it flying across the room (I can control it now).

How about the time when I clung to the walls and couldn't let go without ripping the wallpaper off. Then the extraordinarily increased senses that leave you with sensory overload since your brain isn't used to it yet.

Then the headaches, the ones that move in the rhythms across your brain like it's a disco dance floor, as it is being enhanced and adapted to properly utilize your newfound abilities.

Let's not forget the growth pains. You know in movies and comics they just painlessly sleep through it all, that wasn't the case for me.

Sporadic painful muscle spasms hit me in random intervals over the course of a week or sometimes a day. Feeling your bones being stretched out and rebuilt to be able to withstand the increased muscle mass your body was rapidly creating was another kind of pain in and of itself. It's like having the world's worst muscle cramp and bone ache all over your body.

Not counting the materials and objects I had broken when the spasms occurred in very inappropriate moments.

But in the solitude of my mind, I ask myself why am I here? Why was I given this chance? What is the purpose? I've read other works with similar premises to my current situation and the characters just accept it and not question it. I think I understand why now. Who do you ask? Who do you go to, to tell all this? You can't find any answers so you just push the question back and focus on what you can do, your immediate needs.

Like me right now. "ufff" the metal strained in defiance as I hefted the minivan fully over my head. This to me felt like lifting a very comfortable weight. I had the proportional strength of a spider this was barely even taxing. I slowly lowered the car back down to the ground and stared at my hands. I had so much power. In the grand scale of things it might not be that much but it was still great power. I've seen guys lift before, they had to have bulking bulging muscles to be able to. Take a look at me, I was on the slim profile side with compact dense muscles. You would only notice it if I pulled my clothes off, or wore really fitting ones. The point is, looking at my body, no one would expect me to be able to perform such feats. And don't get me started on the acrobatics.

I may be possessed by a god of parkour and inhuman acrobatics. My sense of balance and grace was so off the charts, that the charts for it just didn't exist.

My fingers flashed with wisps of glowing, yellow electric arcs. And when I brought my hands together I could create a small ball of arcs. I slammed the ball against the vehicle bmmm! It tipped over and slid on the ground for some centimeters,

bzzz crackling with yellow buzzing electricity over its exterior.

I never get tired of seeing this, but I had to get going now. I turned invisible along with every article of clothing in me and silently made my exit from the junkyard. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


Once you've died once, you'll find out that graveyards aren't actually so scary. I mean it wasn't scary before I died, I just hated coming to them. They reminded me of my sisters and how I couldn't do a thing for them. So why was I in a graveyard when it was 2am in the morning? To finally confirm something.

The fog lingered around the atmosphere, I hugged my jacket tighter, the morning was quite cold. The dew forming on the short sparse grass. The chirps of crickets and the early morning cries of birds sang to rhythm, the wind carried about. Rustling the leaves as an effect of its motion.

I walked to a white marble tombstone. The words engraved on it hammering the fact of my findings.

On the grave next to Benjamin Parker, was that of Peter B. Parker. The one who shouldn't have been here.

Both him and his uncle died due to a mugging. Can you believe it, Spider-Man died in a mugging like uncle Ben would've. Ben died in a heart attack from witnessing his nephew shot dead right before his eyes. May Parker was devastated, but she held on. The only remaining Parker alive.

I will help people. I know I'm not a Saint, I know I'm undeserving of this chance I received, but I will be a hero to others. Because without Spider-Man, the world isn't just right. And this all can't be a coincidence, something out there put me here for a reason.

I've lived through hell to know the ugly side of life, and if my acts can cause a difference. Then I'll do it. Because maybe out there is someone like the old me, someone who's about to lose everything to criminals, to circumstance they have no power over, someone who's out there crying for help. And if I can be that helping hand, that olive branch, that beacon of hope. Then I will. I know it seems sappy and maybe outright cringy, but it's my decision, my choice.

I know I can't wash away all the dirt I put my hands in, those sins are branded in my soul. But even sinners can shine, even the damned can bring redemption.

I silently paid my respects. Even in death, Spider-Man inspired. I don't have his optimism, I'm more of a realist. If I'm going to be fighting crime, then I'll do just that and I'll do it smartly. But I won't forget to live my life. This is a second chance at doing it all over again, I won't waste it. I know now, what I should know then, I've got the experiences. Although they mostly comprised of criminal acts.


"Good job, Mr Morales keep it up" the chemistry teacher said handing me my test results. I got a 98%, what else were you expecting me to get? This was the ninth grade and I wasn't dumb. I may have not be a super genius but ever since the spider bite that might be up for debate. Learning is easier than it ever had been. It's like I'd been using a broken to pull water out of a well, now it's like an automatic pump was connected to the well. It was just so easy and seamless. It might be due to my special circumstances.

I was also interested in chemistry. I needed to be for all the gadgets I'd be creating. Especially web fluid. I was clueless when it came to that one. I had absolutely no idea where to start when I began. Analysing actual spiderwebs and adapting it to suit my needs is way harder than it seems. But I recently got a breakthrough, it came in the form of the late Dr Richard Parker's incomplete research on a new type of adhesive. The research was just there online, no one even remotely valued it and Dr Richard did treat it like a side project while he was alive. It was just discarded.

I had a certain combination theory on paper that could work with it. The only thing holding me back was cash. I need money to purchase the substances and containers necessary. For the lab, I had to make do with the one here, in school. This was a charter school, their facilities were top notch so that wasn't a problem.

For now I didn't need webs, I used my pakour and wall crawling abilities to get from place to place.

"Uhmm!" crack! I groaned as my fingers spamsed. I kept my mouth tightly shut as unbearable pain and agony assaulted my senses. My fingers felt like they were being broken and restructured. The pen in my hand cracked to pieces.

"Miles you alright?" Judge asked. Judge was my roommate and friend. I forcefully smiled "Just excited" I replied. The pain subsiding and with it a new sensation. Something was set into place, a missing piece was finally added that's how my hands felt. There was no visible exterior change but I felt it.


"So you're saying he's stabilized?"  Norman Osborn sat comfortably in his chair, staring the screen before him. He folded his arms over his chest as he pondered what this meant for his company.

"What I'm saying is the deterioration effect that should've sped up has instead reversed itself. It is nothing short of a miracle. And not only that" The scientist in a lab coat explained. He clicked on a button to display graphs "It seems his physical attributes have all been increased. He's as healthy as an Olympic gold medallist"

"Hmmm" Norman Osborn stroked his chin. He had been prepared for the legal battle that would've come as a result of the spider bite. The boy should have died, that was the case, but now his blood was suddenly stabilized. This was a blessing in disguise. This proved that the ozserum was ready.

The ozserum was his result on trying to replicate the super soldier serum Shield had contracted him for. He had been met with continued failure, Shield was getting impatient and so was the board. And then all of sudden this opportunity comes for him, it looked bleak at first, the child was on a path to death, the chemicals in his system should have killed him days ago but it didn't. The serum was successful.

The boy was living proof of that. It enhanced him. He would have take care of the boy soon. He didn't need any a loose ends, and the boy would serve as the perfect specimen. That won't be a problem in the future.

"The serum is ready" he said to the scientist.

"Sir, it's not. This scenerio was nothing short of coincidences that led to an absolutely unexpected result. It is impossible to replicate" the scientist quickly warned.

"We will match the situation, control the environment and replicate the effects. The serum is ready."Norman was confident. He knows when to be. He didn't become the ceo by not recognizing when to take risks, well and also when to eliminate his competition. Why would he limit himself to Shield? He could rule the world, he would own the biological arms race.

"Brain pull up my file." he spoke to the man next to him. "Good bye Dr" he finished. The scientist dejectedly shook his head and walked out the door.

"Silence the Dr. And get me a replacement" he spoke to his assistant. A sinister smile spread on his face, his eyes as ravenous as a wolf's he stared ahead, looking at his imagined future. Changes are coming.


chapter two! Done and delivered. Enjoy.

Comments (12)

  • Firebird7599


    have his power evolve by braking his body's limits or have him use stuff like the oz serum as catalyst to forcibly evolve his spider powers

  • GRoy


    This could be the best fanfiction for Spider Man . I love ur ideas.

  • Anthony_Essex



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