Chapter comments on the chapter undefined of the book Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin)


I really like this story! I didn’t expect to, but it’s going very well. Oddly enough, I guess because I’ve already started seeing V as this story’s Taehyung (I’m not a BTS fan, so I’m not very sure who Jin is, but I‘m familiar with V from Hwarang), I started visualizing Blackpink’s Jisoo and SNSD Sunny in the respective female roles, and I LOVE the real Sunny so I sometimes feel bad that I see her in this character, BUT I also think she’s perfectly cast in the role! Good, good job, author-nim! 👏🏼
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I don't trust Taehyung, he just wants to have Jin's girlfriend all to himself. But I have to admit that Taehyung and Jin's girlfriend would be great together because, they're both lying bastards!🤬😠🤬
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