14.28% Ravenna: Darkness Follows / Chapter 4: brokdale villige

Chapter 4: brokdale villige

ravenna's black carriage rode in on the uneven cobblestone street making her bounce around the cabin until the horses stopped. rubbing her head she opened the door for jason to be right there. "apologies milady. i forgot to mention the road is a bit uneaven." he rubbed a hand across his brown short hair to the back of his neck embarrassed a small blush coming across his tanned cheeks while his black eyebrows furrowed together. his brown eyes looking down ashamed, lower lip puckered into a small pout. ravenna couldnt help but smile at him. like a lost puppy she thought.

" its alright. some things happen to slip the mind jason. would you care to join me and be my escort while we walk through town?" she asked while he nodded. "of course milady. one can't be to careful and itd be an honor." he tied the horses to the carriage house and they started walking. ravenna looked around and was lost to what lay before her. most of the homes were in ruins, the roads were worse as she eyed the decent sized potholes. the venders that use to be in the street were no more, children ran past her in rags made to look like clothes. she shook her head and looked at jason.

"how long?" was all she could muster to ask him feeling tears in her eyes at the sight that lay before her. "the past ten years milady" he responded looking at her. he knew she had no part in this as much as the villagers knew. they had all been waiting for her nineteenth birthday sense that was what her mother told the villagers before she passed. they bore with her relatives giving them all they had but it never seemed to be enough. "lead me to the magistrate jason." she said trying to contain her anger. he led the way to the center of town to the only house that was not in ruins.

a white picket fence surrounded the property, green grass grew behind with lovely flowers planted right along side stone steps. huge pillers that were at least eight feet tall welcomed them at first glance. blue siding and four windows for the front of the house. opening the gate they walked in. ravenna didn't bother to knock on the white door as that would announce their visit. she wasn't here for pleasentries. walking in they were both met in the living room by none other then the magistrate himself. "wait here jason." eying the magistrate. "if you hear screams don't come. i will come back to you." she spoke quietly. "come mr. leroy higgins. we have business to discuss." and with that they disappeared into what could only be assumed as mr. leroy higgins study room.

upon entering the room mr. higgins went forward to sit in his plush black chair, his overweight bottom barely squeezing into it. greesy red hair with beady green eyes and crooked nose that was broken by her mother long ago. his thick lips and oily skin made him look like a roll gone bad. ravenna stared at him from in front of the redwood small desk that was stacked with paperwork of what the villagers needed but nothing was signed off on. "so leroy we meet again. still in the same boat i see." ravenna replied keeping her face schooled in her bored look so not to let him know how repulsed she was by him. "indeed it has been awhile ravenna. how have you been? your aunt and uncle must be keeping you busy with all the work they have you do. its a wonder why your here?" he asked in his slithering voice that would charm many but not her.

"you know why i am here leroy and they no longer have control of the brokdale estate or myself as they have been sent to exile. would you like me to break your nose this time as a reminder of who is suppose to be in charge?" she shot back starting to get annoyed. he was a snake. if she had to guess he thought of her as a mouse instead of the bird she was. he smiled. "good riddance. i never was to fond of them. as for why you came here i still don't understand ravenna. please feel free to enlighten me." "alright then. how about we start with the conversation of how my village looks to be in utter shambles. or how about we discuss how taxes have somehow increased from what was set years back yet here you are still a rich magistrate with a lack of intelligence. the people are suffering leroy. did you not think i would find out leroy?"

she spoke while walking to him. he started to turn paler and paler with every step she took twords him. he was about to stand up when ravenna moitioned to the abyss and shadows started surrounding him holding onto him. he screamed. she smiled. "did you really think you were going to get away with this again leroy? i am not my mother. she would let you live on the pretense of childhood friends. i only the other hand know what you have done and prefer to do my business clean cut if you know what i mean" she said an evil glint in her eyes. he tried to scream again but the shadows cut him off by going into his mouth. she turned to look at the shadow that was standing apart from the rest. "kill him nazerath. we don't need someone who thinks they are better at the game then we are. dispose of his body however you please. he's fat enough you all might be able to feed yourselves."

the shadow nazerath nodded and went to join the others. leroy tried to get free but nazerath snapped his neck as ravenna reached the door. a small grim smile on her lips. opening and shutting the door behind her she walked back to jason as if she didn't order someone's death. "get the villagers to meet in the village square. its time to elect a new magistrate and make some much needed changes here in brokdale." she spoke firmly. jason didn't question her not wanting to know what the young heiress did to the previous magistrate. he left quickly to do as he was asked. she breathed a sigh of relief. looking back towards the study room door she shook her head still angry with leroy higgins. to be so cruel and greedy when people were suffering right outside his door was something she wouldn't stand for. she sighed.

he was the first death she had ever ordered. the next one would be her relatives if they ever stepped foot back in brokdale. leroy had made his bed long ago. it was time he laid in it. walking out of the house she went to the villagers who were all out of their homes now. schooling her face to look normal she went to greet them by the fountain.

"to the village of brokdale! i am sorry for the years of hell you all have been through. im here to make up for that the best way i can. may we vote for another magistrate who will do justice and fix what is rightfully ours!" ravenna called out. her voice booming across the hundreds of people so everyone could hear. cheers erupted, some people danced while some cried tears if joy. their pain was over. quickly three candidates were offered up to stand next to the lady of brokdale. ravenna looked at the three men who stood before her. smiling at them she asked. "what are your names?"

the shorter out of the two with brown hair and hollow black eyes spoke first. "my name is andrew harvey milady. a vampire who has seen many things in this world. it would please me greatly to improve this village." his scrawny figure looked like it was going to break if the weather blew the right way. nodding politely she looked at the other two. the red haired man spoke next. his green eyes showing myrth. "i am rowan binkley milady and unlike these two i will see through changes happen immediately as i am a wearwolf." he stated proudly and had some cheers follow his words. he puffed out his chest to make him appear strong and resilient. she again nodded her head politely looking at the final man.

his blue eyes held kindness and understanding. hidden knowledge lurked behind those eyes. his black hair disheveled and his white skin and muscles held behind a thin cloth. "my name is zachary smith milady. i stand here humble before you and the villagers hoping to make things right. i don't promise it will all go away immediately but i swear i will make things right starting right now and going into the future. i am after all a witch." he spoke sincerely. figuring he would never have a chance against the other two. why they wanted him up here was beyond him. it was obvious who would be voted for. ravenna kept staring at him. turning her head she looked at the villagers with a smile.

"i have made my decision. out of the three men who were sent up here i am pleased to announce your new magistrate will be.... zachary smith! for being honest and humble i choose you to bring justice and happiness to this village." he stood there shocked as everyone cheered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

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