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Slow in the storyline as we have keep in mind our MC Meifang has no memory. While the cold brutal telling so far is outside my preference, will give it a shot and encourage those that like a cold brutal smart killer female as our mc and a dumb system that kerps getting outsmarted.
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Hello, author here![img=recommend] I know I shamelessly rated this book a perfect 5 stars, but I think this is a really exciting story and I hope you guys will like it too. This is a story based in ancient China featuring a system, but it has a twist. In this book, readers can expect: -dark/amoral protagonist -political intrigue -palace drama -harem fights -wicked ML -satisfying face slapping -conspiracies -and more! So please add this book your library. I always update at least once a week, although it could also go as high as 10x a week depending on my mood, lol.
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