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85.71% A Sorceress Struggle / Chapter 12: Chapter 12: The ruler of the crimson is a blood addict fool!

Chapter 12: The ruler of the crimson is a blood addict fool! - A Sorceress Struggle - Chapter 12 by Ares_Hide full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter 12: The ruler of the crimson is a blood addict fool!


{Notice, new quest [Mystery of the full moon disappearance] has started}

{Main objective: find out the truth behind the mysterious disappearance}

{Clues: unusual activities of low ranking monsters [Goblin] around the capitol. The main victims of the multiple disappearances are female citizens of the capitol. The main culprit is called the "ruler of the crimson" capable of displaying a whispering sound inside the forest near the capitol.}

The quest menu sure is detailed… it even showed the clues that I have gathered about that self proclaimed ruler with the lame name…

So in short the quest is to find the source and get rid of it? Alright that's simple one way or another, after all I do have 57 [Volatile type] familiar under my command, and they are right now scouting the area and sending me a 3d map.

I raised my hands and drew a circle in front of me; a trail of dark purple energy like a misty light followed the movement of my finger as I called forth Space mental and enchantment magic all together!

<Open up for me… [Orbis Chartme] show me this forest>

 I said as I activated my spell, the threads of the misty dark purple light drew a 3D map in front of me, the miniature forest just at my hand I could see the scales and the geography in the most detailed way!

I can even remove the trees or the water from the map if I want to, this skill is one of my favorite skills hoho, and it became a sub combination skill in my skill tree!

Alright now… let's see what we have here… the dominating geography is flat, there is a hill here and there but the forest sure is a plain… there's a ravine at the northwest and a mountain chain at the northeast all the way to the southeast… a waterfall that comes from the mountain chain and flows all the way to the center of the forest forming a river and a lake…the biggest and highest hill is close to that lake, the side that faces the pond, a cave entrance is in there…

I suspect that this so-called "crimson something" hideout is that cave… the ravine is more likely the location of the junk stones I am searching for…

Alright… Here is the plan! I'll send the [Stealth type] of familiars which are the rats and the spiders to enter the cave and give me a detailed map for that cave's structure and what is inside of that place…

I then sent a dozen spiders and a few rats to make a map of the cave… but upon entering a certain layer of the cave…

<I lost quite a lot of familiars… but it appears like I found the main protagonist of this quest!>

The connection master-servant with the familiars has been severed with those that entered that cave layer…  so  am suspecting that this "crimson fellow" has access to mental attribute magic… strong enough to break my connection with the familiars…

Should I just ignore this quest and leave?

{Notice, a [Penalty] shall be given upon ignoring the [quest]}

<Abyss you… fine! I'll do it! But if I die you better bring me back! I didn't come here to suffer!>

I started my preparation for the fight by collecting the weapons of the fallen goblins and preparing an escape plan when my eyes caught sight of something glowing inside the goblins open flesh, I used [Telekinesis] to draw it out of their bodies

The pretty stone is like a crystal glistering in a dim green-ish light… the [Evil eyes of clairvoyance] can see the flow of mana… and it seems like the core of mana inside those is coming from this thing…

Is this what they call a Monster mana core?

Suddenly the goblin's corpse started fading away without leaving a trace other than the blood stains and the dismembered parts…

<Whaaat? Were they made of mana all along?!>

So it was true, that monsters are nothing but "wild life forms" made of mana … I thought it was only a metaphor, but it was actually true!

Ii collected all the mana cores from the goblins body… two of them had none and they didn't vanish even though they don't have any… whaaaat… this is so weird… I should probably research more about it in the future

I then went to the cave' direction the spears and weapons in my possession, ready to raid the cave

Let's get in and slay the bastard that wasted my time!

I made up my mind and went inside, the inside was dark but thanks to my evil eyes it was as clear as if it was under the sunlight!

I explored the cave… slowly marched inside with all my senses in alert… I raised the lances and spears using my [Telekinesis] and prepared to launch the attack any moment now…  I also brought with me two shields that are too levitating around me in case I need to block an attack…

Upon reaching a certain cave room, the goblins inside found out about my presence and let out a war cry ready to attack inside the dim lighted cave

A dozen goblins, estimated number, nine cave goblins and three hobgoblins…

The hobgoblins are a higher grade of goblins, if goblins reach a certain level they would grow in size and in mass and somewhat become a little bit more intelligent and could easily be mistaken for super ugly humans... but they are as strong as a group of goblins…

Let's get rid of the small one first then deal with the big guys…

<Hey you! Bring it on!>

I used a low tiered heretic magic skill called [Peacock cry], like how a peacock's cry provokes other males, this skill's main objective is to instigate anger and provoke them.

This will make these already idiot creatures lose that fraction of reason and attack like crazy wild beasts! And to finish it… give a knock on their little consciousness and they will become empty flesh and bones!

I used [Heretic needle] to attack them, a low tier psychic attack that would only cause a slight disturbance to a human, but it will completely destroy a goblin's consciousness without a doubt! Moreover by using this skill, I can imprint the goblins with my mana and then use [Take over] on them!

<Bend to my will and heed to my call! Arise my familiars and be of use to me!>

The goblins that I have taken over are four out of the nine that I have attacked, the others are dead… I kind of forced it a bit on their fragile soul, but the remaining four are pretty much enough to be the tanks and decoy while I strike with my [Telekinesis] piercing and twisting the hobgoblins and successfully clearing this room!

At least that's what I thought until something was shot towards my direction … although I blocked it with the two levitating shields…

<Attacking from the back, so lame! Eat this you rude filth!>

I twisted that goblin's limbs while it shrieked in pain; the final blow was a strike from its own breed that is under my control, was that enough of a payback for sneak attacking me? I guess so!

I extracted the mana cores from the corpses on the floor and prepared to continue my exploration in the caves!

The other rooms were particularly empty of any monster except for a few stray goblins that I had all of them hunted down and become my experience points…

One of the cave rooms was a storage room of stolen goods. Weapons, gears, artifacts all were stored there. I of course equipped the [Goblin familiar] squad and took as much as I could of weapons and gears leaving the gold and artifact to after I clean up these caves of the goblins completely

And during that time… I heard the sounds of the whispers once again… those sounds that called for the victims… Now that I am close to its source I can clearly say that it's a very mental type of magic… just what kind of creature is inside there? Able to attract victims' trough that creepy whispering…

Speaking of victims… human girls and women started entering the cave and heading toward its source at the depths of the cave… girls of young age to adult woman… they were all walking toward the source of the sound…

That's when my eyes caught sight of a person that I know

<Bloody hell… is that Sile?! What is she doing here!>

The shock… my attendant that I had taken a leave after mysteriously disappearing during an errand, is actually one of the victims!

Don't tell me… she became a victim during the errand?!  That means, I am responsible for what happened to her… the main cause for her to be in this state…

No… calm down! I need to keep my head cool and think of a way to put an end to this once and for all!

Wait… I can blend in with the victims and strike when I have the chance to… but if I do so, I won't be able to bring the weapons with me… no, there is a way! If this works, I will be able to end the battle before it could even start!

I made up my mind and blended with the victims, determined to strike down the one behind all of this!

The group of girls entered the cave; it was dimly lit by scented candles and well decorated like a room of a human…

A big bed in the room, tissues and fabrics decorating the rooms… and on the bed… there sat a half naked long haired man with a pale skin and blood red eyes with the white and the iris reversed in his eyes… he's wearing a white tissue fabric barely hiding anything

Its body was well sculpted but the pale skin color was that of an already dead person…

I secretly behind the crowd scanned him with my Evil eyes… and it showed me something you would only see in movies!

The man in front of me is a Vampire! The system describe it as [Enchanted human, Vampire]

Wow… that kind of humanoid mosquito with nice bodies actually exists?!

As if he was responding to my questions, he pointed with his finger toward one of the girls

<You, come here to me, don't be afraid, I'll make you feel very good>

He then started stripping her of her clothes while kissing her…

Is he seriously going to do it in front of me? Am I going to stand by and watch this? Heck no!

Before I could do anything, he then pointed his finger towards me and called for me with his low voice

<Come to me little bird, I will take good care of you, now give me a taste!>

He was using his charm ability whenever he spoke… it almost became hard to focus, his strength was inhuman, he pulled me like I was a paper towards him and stripped my neck ready to bite it…

When suddenly his body was injured and body gushed out of him.

He fell on the floor coughing

<What… KOF KOF the… urgh… hell?!>

<Keep your filthy paws off me, you trash> said Satiana as she clenched her fist while her eyes shimmered in a crimson red light

Another sound of flesh being torn and blood spilling resonated the moment she clenched her fist tighter

Suddenly the truth behind the injuries was revealed… a dozen of swords and daggers were slowly digging deeper and inside his flesh.

The truth is that I carried the swords and spears with me all along, and they were all under an illusion spell that made them invisible

<You…what the hell are you?! Do you think I will let you kill me that easily, I am immortal!>

<We will see if that's true very soon> I grinned as I swung an invisible blade and cut his neck in one fell swoop while he stared at me with a somewhat panicked expression

His head rolled on the floor and blood gushed out, for the sake of not getting stained by that filth's blood I was covering myself inside a force filed that would repel anything that touches it sideways Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_54584600399245353">!_54584600399245353</a> for visiting.

The head that rolled on the floor and the stabbed body remained immobile, I used my [Evil eyes of clairvoyance] to make sure that this thing is really dead.

<Quite your acting, if you really like playing dad then perhaps I should help you with that?>

I swung the invisible blades and stabbed him over and over as he screams and shrieked in pain.

<Stop! Argh… ah! No! Please stop! PLEASE!>

<Wow! Still alive even after all of this, that's a vampire for you>

No matter how many times I stabbed him, he would only regenerate over and over again… the hell is with this cheat ability! His survival rate is very high…


The vampire kept creaming over and over again, begging for me to stop torturing him, but I didn't. I had neither shred of compassion nor a fraction of mercy to spare to this… Thing!

Yes… because for me, it was not a living soul that I see in front of me, no… what I am seeing in front of me was… something like trash… and yet I am being rude to trash right here!

<It's fun how you beg for mercy… I wonder just how many victims did you prey on? Hein? Answer me you trash!>

<I am sorry! I said I am sorry! So please! Please spare me!>

<Wrong answer, here is your punishment! I'll make sure to re-educate you with both sweat and blood!>  she said as she pierced his flesh with a sword again


Before he could finish his talk another sword pierced his forehand

<Now, now, you should not call people like that; it hurts my feelings you know? Especially when it come from the mouth of an actual monster>

<Arrrgh please… please! I am sorry! Stop it please! I won't do it again so please…> he said with his voice and body shaking, tears and other disgusting body fluids flowing from his nose… the sexy predator is no more!

<OH you certainly won't do it again, didn't I say it already? That I will be disciplining you that is. So don't worry alright? I will make sure you get retribution for all what you have done, so rest assured, alright? Little bird>

That night the sounds of his screams inside those caves didn't stop until dawn.

<Oh my! Time sure flies by very fast… well it can't be helped, should I perhaps end this? Hmmm? You passed out? Don't even think about it, after all I need you to be awake to witness what I'll be doing to you after all>

I shook his consciousness awake using my mental powers and then I prepared for his final blow

One of my attributes is called "Corrosion"; it's a very rare attribute that only a handful of creatures have access to, this affinity is a very dangerous and lethal one, after all it's the affinity of Death!

I used it only once and I witnessed its power… it was something that you would easily get addicted to! Only by touching a flower… it withered and crumbled without leaving a trace as it was stripped from all its life force…

This power that kills and destroys anything it goes in contact with… is the perfect affinity to get rid of something that is as stubborn as a cockroach!

<I call upon thee to manifest from the deepest depth of earth and sea, lend me your power as you awaken, to break the one who can't be broken, to bring an end and to bring peace!>

She whispered the spell as she called forth a combination of enchantment magic and corrosion magic to inflict a curse on her target.

A shadow like energy danced like fire and lurked slowly towards the vampire like a silent shadow…

The coat of darkness swallowed him whole without leaving him a chance to scream or beg for mercy… All that was left of him was an apple sized Crimson crystal core.

<Phew! If not for the detailed description in the enchantment I probably would have destroyed the crystal as well…>

After that I collected everything that was valuable and sent the victims after ripping out the charm they had inflicted on them.

Memories of that night was forgotten and the incidents stopped, no one knew who saved the lost girls and women and they all moved on

{Notice, Quest [Mystery of the full moon disappearance] successfully completed, a [Reward] will be given}

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