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Chapter 36: Assault

Long Wushuang continues her expedition.

"In all the stores I see they only sell very basic self-defense manuals"

Lu Luo nods "In, the most advanced combat techniques only have the martial arts sects, that's what I heard"

Long Wushuang agrees "It is understandable, techniques of such magnitude must be positions of those who can protect its"

Long Wushuang walks back towards the mansion, but feels something and stops.

"Your majesty, is something wrong?" Lu Luo asks confused by her alertness of his mistress.

"I felt a desire to kill for an instant, that desire was very strong… we had better get back soon. Servant Luo guide me along the same route we took. "Long Wushuang continues her return, but her steps increased speed slightly.

"Your Majesty, some kind of attack?" Lu Luo asks.

"I'm not sure, maybe it's just my imagination. But if something happens, we'll just be watching, "Long Wushuang answers. "Still, I wish I could stay quiet in my room until nightfall. Then I will train you and if you give us some time ... "Long Wushuang turns her head towards Lu Luo" ... have fun with your body"

Lu Luo blushes and lowers her head, when he remembers the caresses of his teacher, her eyes turn reddish. Lu Luo realizing this quickly shook her head to dispel those memories.

The duo quickly arrive in the room, even so, they couldn't avoid the gaze of curious observers while Long Wushuang carried a large spear without problems.

Long Wushuang puts the spear in a far corner.

"Ehh?, but Your Majesty, what if someone asks about the spear?" Lu Luo asks nervously.

"That doesn't bother me, even though you have seen my set of swords, I can also give the excuse of handling the spear" Long Wushuang speaks very calmly.

Handling multiple weapons is rare, especially very different weapons.

"Now Lu Luo goes to fulfill your duties, if you ask about me, just answer sincerely" Long Wushuang approaches Lu Luo separating herself just inches from her "I hope your sincerity is not too much"

"As ordered, Your Majesty" Lu Luo bows deeply and withdraws.

Long Wushuang takes off her mask and veil, revealing a face that would topple entire nations and her long silver hair with a bewitching glitter dancing in the wind.

Lu Luo walked through the halls and meets Chu Yue leaving a room.

"HEY?" Chu Yue notices Lu Luo, she quickly approaches and says something hastily "Servant Luo, is younger sister Wushuang back?"

Lu Luo bows slightly and responds, "Responding to the third young master, Lady Long is resting in her quarters."

Chu Yue nods and quickly heads towards the room.

Long Wushuang remains submerged in her thoughts, but the sounds of quick steps wake her up.

"Someone's coming, it's her." Long Wushuang quickly picks up her mask, but didn't have time to put on her veil when the door was slammed open.

"Welcome back, sister ..." Chu Yue stops speaking and is mesmerized with such beautiful and shiny silver hair.

Normally the hair of people with dark or brown color, there are even people with hair of a little reddish hue.

Someone with silver hair was something never seen or recorded before.

Long Wushuang covers her hair with the veil. "I thought someone like you would know the most basic tag on knocking on the door before entering. Unless you're someone with bad intentions, and now I'm seeing one. " Although Long Wushuang's tone is normal, he had a bit of annoyance.

"I ... I am very sorry, I think I lost control of my emotions. Once I promised you not to reveal your appearance and I will keep the promise firm, "Chu Yue responds, but even her voice stuttered a bit.

"I hope so, I believed that martial artists trained mentally to keep emotions and feelings at bay." Long Wushuang scoffed at Chu Yue's nervousness, but on the other hand it was also a clear example that his physical features were very striking.

('I have to hide my appearance until I'm strong enough to defend myself. Damn it, giving me this appearance')

"But that hair color, I've never seen anything like that, it's so beautiful." Chu Yue was fascinated by Long Wushuang's silver hair.

"I am not sure why this color, and I appreciate your appreciation" Long Wushuang answers without encouragement and asked a question to deflect the topic "Why of your visit?"

"Ahh, it is true, my father asked to see him, my older brother also wants to meet you" Chu Yue speaks cheerfully.

"Lord Feudal Chu? Why do you want my presence and at this time of night? " It was still a few minutes before dark.

"It is because of your achievement in achieving martial enlightenment and my brother also wishes to thank you for saving us that day"

"I'm seeing a person who likes gossip," Long Wushuang says ironically.

"Eh?" Chu Yue bows her head without understanding what Long Wushuang said.

"Never mind. Before I go to meet your father and brother, I would like to spend time here, I want to rest for a moment. "Long Wushuang sits on the bed and sighs.

"Okay" Chu Yue sits next to her. "The younger sister is a woman who keeps many secrets in addition to being very strong. Few men managed to get out of there alive and were only there for a few hours. But you have managed to survive for ten years, that is admirable "

"I'm sorry I disagree with that," Long Wushuang shakes her head. "I have to admit that several times I tried to commit suicide, but something prevented me, I couldn't do it, perhaps it was due to cowardice or perhaps I did not want to die"

"My existence in itself is peculiar" Long Wushuang says it with irony.

"I don't know what to say to comfort you, but thanks to you, we managed to get out of there alive. You have finally come out of that hellish place, now you have an opportunity that has changed your life. "Chu Yue speaks gently.

"Living this way is something strange for me, every time I wake up, I can't forget those days where I couldn't sleep peacefully; the sound of footsteps and the movement of the branches always kept me alert. When I wake up and see this room, I sigh heavily, trying to convince myself that I have already left that place. "Long Wushuang speaks with regret, but it is all an act.

"Younger sister ..." Chu Yue was left with nothing to say, she also woke up somewhat scared due to that event. She concentrates on trying to change the subject to remove the depressing mood until she sees a spear in one corner of the room.

"Younger sister, did you buy a spear from old Yun?" Chu Yue asks.

"Ehh, ah yes, I bought it to practice in the morning" Long Wushuang answers.

"But I saw your mastery with the sword in combat and it was very fluid, now you want to practice with a spear? I recommend that you abandon that idea. Now that you are a martial artist, improving your techniques with the sword is much more recommended than learning how to handle a very different weapon from scratch "Chu Yue speaks with concern.

Martial artists who use weapons generally always use a weapon to expand their combat capabilities and if they make changes they always choose a similar one with better characteristics. This makes it easier in time to learn other things, increase your level and improve your mastery.

Even if a martial artist uses a different weapon it would be one with characteristics that come close to that weapon.

The use of multiple different weapons brings more damage than benefit, since you must rationalize more time and even learn how to use that weapon from scratch.

Some martial artists who use multiple weapons are the use of simple weapons such as daggers or blades, which are faster to learn.

Long Wushuang takes her time to respond, but a feeling of discomfort makes her rise abruptly.

"What happens?" Chu Yue asks due to that abrupt change in mood.

"I'm not sure, but I feel something." Long Wushuang moves her body from side to side. Chu Yue frowns tightly and puts her hand on her sword preparing for an attack.

"Young sister, …"


Chu Yue couldn't finish saying when a loud explosion in the room makes the two of them abruptly fall to the ground.

A man in black robes approaches the hole in the wall.

"I told you that very soon I would come for you, little one. Now no one can save you. "The master puppeteer approaches Chu Yue.

Chu Yue stands up with some difficulty and unsheathes her sword.

"Useless effort" The master puppeteer strikes with his palm with tremendous speed.


Chu Yue is thrown violently against the wall forming cracks, her body falls to the ground, rendering her unconscious.

"Now you are mine" The master puppeteer shows a deformed smile and approaches her.


A spear is thrown at the master puppeteer and he evades it, the spear is nailed firmly to the wall.

"Uhm?" The puppeteer master turned his gaze, but had to evade again due to a rapidly targeting attack.

Long Wushuang stands in front of the master puppeteer with Chu Yue's sword.

"Who you are? Do you think with your miserable level you can stop me? If you don't want to die, you'd better get out. "The master puppeteer shoots him a withering look.

Long Wushuang stands firm in a fighting stance.

"Then don't blame me for being cruel." The master puppeteer prepares his palm for another attack.

"Wait" Long Wushuang speaks.

"What, now you're going to ask for mercy? It is too late to repent, girl. "The master puppeteer speaks arrogantly.

"Mercy? I'll just say thank you because now I can show my true techniques. "Long Wushuang in a slow, dark voice responds and suddenly disappears.

"What?" The puppeteer master is greatly surprised by her sudden disappearance.

Long Wushuang reappears at his side attacking with the sword, but the master puppeteer evades her.

"Damn bitch" The master puppeteer strikes again, but Long Wushuang disappears causing the strike to strike the air.

"Even though you possess a strange ability, do you think you can defeat me with your pathetic strength? If so, you are just a naive "The master puppeteer is somewhat frustrated" But, even so, my luck is quite good, once I capture you I will make you an excellent puppet "He shows a dark smile.

Long Wushuang reappears in front of the master puppeteer "You are naive, do you think I do all this to beat you?" Her speech is very derogatory.

"HEY?" The puppeteer teacher shows confusion.

Long Wushuang takes a lot of air and screams "Help! The real enemy is here! They are kidnapping the third master, Chu Yue! HELP!"

The scream echoes throughout the Chu Mansion.

A few seconds later, the running and jogging sound becomes clearer.

"Damn it, don't think this idea of ​​yours will work, I will take that girl with me." The master puppeteer frantically approaches Chu Yue, but Long Wushuang stands before him defiantly.

"Then die." The master puppeteer directs his palm with great force towards Long Wushuang.

Long Wushuang smiles coldly and uses the unconscious Chu Yue as a human shield.

"What?" The master puppeteer deflected the attack promptly, but the attack generated a blast wave that Long Wushuang collided against a wall holding Chu Yue in her arms.

"Now I know that she is very important to you, isn't she?" Long Wushuang tightens the hug.

"What was that? Did you use it as a shield?

The master puppeteer has lived through many battles in his entire life as a martial artist, killing his opponents mostly from behind or a sneak attack. When he worked in a group and he was in mortal danger, he did not hesitate to abandon his companions to save his life.

Most martial artists are very selfish, therefore they prefer not to be attached to people to avoid any weakness or discomfort.

"Your bone age shows that you are only a 16-year-old girl, but you used your friend with a shield without hesitation, this act intrigues me a lot" The master puppeteer frowns strongly.

"Friend?" Long Wushuang's tone is very arrogant. "For me, this simple human is just a tool"

"Tool? Human? " This word made the puppeteer master's expression chaotic. What the hell are you? It doesn't matter, with your pathetic power you won't be able to avoid capturing them; I will undress you and take all the information about you even if I must torture you "

Long Wushuang laughs "If you had captured me a little earlier I couldn't have avoided it, but now a few more tools have arrived"

"What?" The puppeteer master does not understand his words until he hears very strong footsteps.


The door was kicked out and Chu Yuanba watches her unconscious sister and Long Wushuang holding her, she also sees a man in black robes displaying a murderous aura.

"Unhappy, die" Chu Yuanba quickly approaches, his sword begins to surround himself with hugging flames.

The master puppeteer quickly retreats, but the underside of his robes is singed.

"Damn, I'll be retiring for now, but at least part of my plan was accomplished, enjoy your lives while you have some time left, HAHAHAHAHAHA" The master puppeteer laughs maniacally as he walks away, his figure disappears into the darkness.

"Do you think my Chu Mansion can be easily entered and exited?" Chu Yuanba begins his persecution.

After a few seconds several soldiers and maids arrive at the room and Lu Luo is present.

"Miss Third Master" The maids approach unconscious Chu Yue. Lu Luo approaches to help Long Wushuang.

"Lady Long, is she wounded? How is the third young master? " Lu Luo asks with concern.

"Don't worry, I'm just a little exhausted; As for the third young master Chu, she is only unconscious, she will wake up in a moment. "Long Wushuang responds with signs of weariness.

Both women are guided to Chu Yue's room where she is lying on the bed and her injuries are treated.

Long Wushuang rests on a chair and refuses some kind of attention.

Chu Yue wakes up, gets out of bed with some difficulty.

"Third young master, are you alright?" A maid asks.

"In, just a few minor injuries. What happened? Where's Little Sister Long? " Chu Yue asks something upset.

"Here I am, I'm fine. First senior apprentice-sister Chu." Long Wushuang raises her hand.

Chu Yue breathes a sigh of relief and asks a servant girl, "What happened? Where is my father?"

The maid responds nervously "Responding to the third young master, the feudal lord was wounded by the men dressed in black, now he is in his rooms together with the honorable master"

"What?" Chu Yue is stunned at such a revelation and runs without worrying about her injuries.

"Third Young master" The maids chase her. Long Wushuang also gets up to follow her.

Main room

"Father!" Chu Yue rushes into the room, what she finds leaves her completely pale.

Chu Xuan was lying on his bed, his face showed pain, and his right arm had a wound that was slowly starting to blacken. Master Yue Kai attended to him personally.

"Father!" Chu Yue quickly approaches, her eyes filling with tears.

"UGHH, little Chu, please don't cry." Chu Xuan touches Chu Yue's face with her hand trying to calm her down. "Where... is your brother?"

"My first big brother?" Chu Yue is confused, to which Long Wushuang responds upon arrival. "The first young master Chu went to chase the man who tried to kidnap the First senior apprentice-sister Chu"

"Eh?" Chu Yue is somewhat confused "You were unconscious when the first young master Chu arrived, let this one tell what happened"

Long Wushuang tells what happened, of the man who appeared brutally.

The master Yue Kai when listening to the story and the description of the aggressor answers "Yeah, it turned out that it was that detestable puppeteer teacher; it seems that he had planned this attack very well"

It turns out that the Chu Mansion was besieged by two attacks. One in the main hall where Chu Xuan and others were chatting and in another was where Chu Yue was.

Chu Xuan and his company clashed with several men dressed in black, causing the situation to turn in favor of the assailants.

Master Yue Kai joined the fight along with Chu Yuanba managing to suppress the attackers. When they heard the cry for help, Chu Xuan ordered Chu Yuanba to help immediately. Noticing that the men were being pressured, Chu Yuanba agreed to the mandate and left quickly.

Chu Xuan continued with his attacks, but a sneak attack reached his arm, the dagger was covered in an unknown substance.

Having successfully carried out the attack, the men in black left the scene.

Master Yue Kai examines the poisoned arm. "This poison seems to be a mixture of others, this is going to make it very difficult to purge it before it reaches the heart"

"Damn, that bastard has escaped" Chu Yuanba returns and quickly approaches "What remedy did he suggest, what is needed to save my father?" Chu Yuanba was agitated by what was happening.

"You need a moon fern flower, this type of flower is capable of removing many types of poison; but this type of flower is very special and only blooms on full moon nights. Fortunately, there is a full moon, now finding the flower is something else"

"Then we will look for that flower immediately, tell me what the characteristics of that flower are" Chu Yuanba asks something frantic.

"Its petals have silver-white tones, the stamen is bluish and its stem is a jade green; but be careful, this type of flower is very delicate and any sudden movement would destroy it. Also, in this city they do not have such an item due to its rarity. Only the sects would have them, but they will not offer it to foreigners "Master Yue Kai speaks.

"Search everywhere, perhaps in the treasury" Chu Yue despairs.

(Silver-white streaks, jade green stem. Is that it?) Long Wushuang thinks.

Long Wushuang speaks after a while in silence "Is it silver like glass? Each petal also had the brilliance of glazed glass-like crystals. The stamen in the center of the flower is sky blue and even shines. The stem of the flower that supports it is also a very deep type of illusory blue."

Master Yue Kai's eyes sparkle, "Do you know where there is one, or have you seen one before?"

Everyone present turns their gaze towards Long Wushuang with hopeful eyes. Long Wushuang replies "I have seen one before, but the place where I saw it is ..."

"What happens? Where have you seen it before? We will immediately go to that place, "Chu Yuanba asks with a bit of agitation.

"The place where I saw it is where I first met the First senior apprentice-sister Chu, plus the exact place where I saw the flower is in my village in the middle of the forest," Long Wushuang replies.

Those who knew the story of how Chu Yue met Long Wushuang understood what he was referring to, that forest, those monsters.

"This is getting more and more difficult." Master Yue Kai touches his forehead, Chu Xuan's condition worsens more and more. "Although the flower only blooms on full moon nights, before it fades it leaves its seeds so that a new one grows"

The environment becomes silent until a voice destroys that environment.

"I will go" Long Wushuang replies.

"No" Chu Yue quickly approaches her.

"I have lived in that place for 10 years, I know that forest very well. Of all those present, I am the most likely to get out of there alive. I just don't know how to get that flower without hurting him. "Long Wushuang responds.

"Then I will accompany you, I have read a little about the care of spiritual plants and herbs, I know how to be able to collect it without damaging it" Chu Yue answers firmly.

"If you go younger sister, I will go too, they need a fighter" Chu Yuanba is not far behind and declares with intensity.

"No ... don't be silly ... ughh" Chu Xuan tries to stop them, but the pain makes him shut up and writhe.

"Wait" Eunuch Wei intervenes "You are the pillars of this fief, you cannot risk your lives, if you are determined to go, then let me prepare an escort with the best men ..."

"No" Long Wushuang interrupts "Going with more people will be very problematic, especially at night, I don't think they like the number of those monsters increasing more and more"

After a series of discussions, it was decided that the three would be accompanied by an escort to the edge of the forest and they would stay away to wait for them.

"We will take the best horses and take the fastest route, we must hurry" Chu Yuanba speaks.

Long Wushuang watches everything that happened.

("A little interesting")

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